Entry Protocols Synchronicities

The day Cobra posted the Entry Protocols post was a day of a few interesting synchronicities which will be shared in this post. It appears that this may have been planned long ago. He posted it on May 9th  (5/9) at 6:20 pm.

Before starting I just want to say, I am not 100% certain of what is going to happen. If an invitation is extended to me, that would be amazing, if not, then that’s that. I am just following my guidance and pointing out some interesting connections and synchronicities.

Now I just happened to have $6.20 in my bank account that day (yes I am poor lol):



The Lifecare Center next to the hospital I work at has 620 in the address:


While going through some old family photos I found a photo from January 1992 with some interesting numbers on it, one of them was 620. This may or may not be a coincidence but I wouldn’t put it past ‘them’:


It’s interesting to note the 756 in the address as this is the result of adding all of the divisors of 410 together:


This might also be a coincidence but the last four digits of the phone number in the photo is 1815. If we converted this into military time is would be 615. When we add 410 plus 205 (205 is half of 410) we get 615:


And there is a day care center with the address of 5911. We can reduce the year 2018 down to 11 (2+1+8=11) so here we would see 5/9/11 which was the day Cobra posted Entry Protocols:


On the way to take the above picture I found a few interesting things on the ground which may or may not mean anything (although I personally believe they do):



And on the way back I walked by a car with 410 in its license plate and was able to snap the photo at exactly 14:13 which is of course Pi backwards:


1413 also shows up at the end of the zip code where I live at the moment:


1413 also happens to be the gematria value of the verse in the bible where Jesus encourages a wealthy man to sell all of his belongings:


And to top off this post, today is the 161st day of the year (June 10th, 6/10):


161 in the Pi position calculator is 1610 which, if converted into military time, is 410:


Thank for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love!

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2 Responses to Entry Protocols Synchronicities

  1. lmamer says:


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  2. Edward Nelson says:

    It is absolutely messages from your Angel’s, very nice work, hang in there my Universal brother, were almost home.

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