Some More Possible Entry Protocols Synchronicities

This post will be for those who feel guided to continue to read about this completion/transition journey that has manifested over the last month or so after experiencing my Dark Night of the Soul.

Quitting my job has created a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. Most of which I was not prepared for, but am now excited about.

As throughout many of these changes there are big synchronicities. Most of which usually come BEFORE the change, which is always interesting. However, many appear afterwards, confirming the change (to borrow Q’s saying, ‘Future proves the past‘). It goes to show that ‘they’ are indeed guiding this entire process for all of us and our families (especially the sleepers).

My last day at work will be June 28th or 6/28. I decided to ‘randomly’ (is anything REALLY random?) put this into the Pi calculator (I believe all information can be found in the infinite string of numbers that is Pi). And I found some very interesting synchronicities.

First off, let me share this amazing one right off the bat. This post happens to be number 22620. So 620 appears in the number identification for this post:


Some might recall that Cobra posted Entry Protocols at 6:20 PM. I just happened to have $6.20 in the bank account the day he posted this. The $25 is for my savings which I am not allowed to withdraw:


628 happens to take position 72. 72 is an important number related to sacred geometry. (72 + 72 = 144). And it takes 72 years for the Earth to move 1 degree on its axis:


At the beginning of this string of numbers we see 820 (PS if we add 1 in front of the 820 we get 1820 which is military time for 620). 820 is the result of 410 + 410 (my birthday). And of course right next to 628 in the string of numbers (which will be my last day at work) is 620.

Amazingly, if we enter 628 backwards = 826, we see similar numbers appear:


Above we see 620 appearing in the beginning string of numbers. Then we see 826 taking the position of 2058. 205 happens to be half of 410.

The following may or may not be connected to this but after entering in the words ‘Six Twenty’ I found a couple of interesting values:


Some of you might remember that 1944 was the year a prophecy about current Earth changes was written and Corey Goode was asked by Raw-Teir-Eir to post in on Facebook:



The number 155 appears using the ALW cipher which assigns every 11th letter a number. 155 in the Pi position calculator is Pi = 314:


This one I am adding after posting this article earlier (they are having me add this and that). The gematria value of ‘Six Twenty’ is also 159:


And the Angel’s Numbers website defines the meaning of 159 as being a number indicating a closing out of a situation and opening of new beginnings (do these beings ever take a day off??):


And I would excitingly (and calmly) add here that Cobra posted Entry Protocols on May 9th which would be 5/9:


The gematria value of the phrase ‘Let Go’ happens to be 59 (this piece of information was added after the article was completed and is synchronistic with the ‘randomly’ playing song titled ‘Let Go’ while finishing the original posting of this article which the reader will find at the end of the article):


This next thing might be something and it might be a coincidence but if we look up the Angel’s Numbers meaning of 620 we see that it was posted at 11:38 AM:


And the time Cobra posted ‘Firing the Grid Update’ (which was posted the day after I experienced the Dark Night of the Soul which caused these changes to happen) was 11:38 PM:


Among countless other synchronicities there is one that deserves to be included here. They have been showing me the number 855 recently (on clocks, license plates, addresses etc). 855 happens to be position 1138 in Pi:


Interestingly we find the mirror of 855 (558) as the posting time for the Entry Protocols Update:


And the message of 855 appears to be right on point. I would also note that this number message was posted at 12:21. 12/21 also happens to be the last day of the Mayan Calendar (December 21st):


The gematria value of the number 25,920 spelled out (which is the amount of years it takes the Earth to complete a full-precessional cycle) is 471:


471 happens to take position 1221 (the last day of the Mayan Calendar) in Pi:


I would now add that the 12th prime number is 37 and the 21st prime number is 73. 37 and 73 are reflective numbers just like 12 and 21.

Some might remember that 37 x 73 = 2701. 2701 is the gematria value of the the first verse of the bible in Hebrew and is found directly after 410 in Pi:



This is everything for now. It seems that this Leap of Faith that I have taken by quitting was not only planned at least before this incarnation but is possibly part of something bigger. This trust fall I am currently in seems like it might have a soft place to land after all!

Image result for trust fall

Just for laughs

Thanks for following this journey with me and I wish each of you much love as always! ❤

PS While touching up this article the following video came on in the list of automatic next plays on YouTube:


PPS I would also add that today June 18th is the 169th day of the year with 196 days remaining. So here we see the 6 and 9 reflecting each other:


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