Some More Agartha Synchronicities

Last night I felt a sudden impulse throughout my body. It said/impressed ‘AGARTHA’ quite strongly and for several minutes. It is the same impulse that has been guiding me for many years and the one responsible for generating the impulse which prompted me to create three videos related to Agartha:

Video 2

Video 3

I was then prompted to seek out information related to Agartha and I was surprised to find a Japanese anime film titled ‘Journey to Agartha’:

Image result for journey to agartha

The above YouTube video has most of the movie and with English-dubbed voices. The part of the movie that ended up in the above video was full of proper metaphysical information and knowledge and even had some Stargate SG-1 connections as well which was surprising. They referenced the Nazi’s attempt to gain entry to Agartha, reincarnation, Archangels, the Astral Plane, the Tree of Life and much more.

The movie follows a man who desires to seek out his dead wife using knowledge kept by the Agarthans. A young girl accompanies him on his journey. It cuts off before the movie is over so I am not sure how it ends. It might be something I will end up buying.

In any case, I was playing around with the gematria calculator a little while ago and found some interesting possible connections.

There were three different ciphers giving me the same values for my name and for the words ‘Kingdom of Agartha’. All of which are numbers I have been ‘getting’ weeks/months, especially 150. It is rare that such words and phrases are the same value for multiple ciphers:



For months ‘they’ had been showing me 150 over and over. I was very upset when I read the meaning on the Angel’s Numbers website:


After reading this months ago I reacted with fear and told them not to dare move me anywhere. I had an apartment full of stuff, critters to take care of and a job at the hospital that needed to be done so I didn’t see how moving was going to be part of my life at the time. It’s possible that this was just a long-term preparation for a change of scenery (Agartha/RM?) that would be benevolent.

I decided to add two of the ciphers’ values together and check that number just for fun. That would be 150 + 900 = 1050. So almost basically the same number. This was met with an 1111 and even a 33 in the page view count:


1050 carried the same meaning:


‘They’ had also been giving me the number 1250 (including 250, 500, 750) for the past several weeks and this happened to be the time the page for 1050 was posted:


And so I decided to check out the meaning of 1250 (which I had already done before since they had shown me this number previously) and this time we got a 202 in the view count (same as the gematria values earlier):


And a possible connection with some information on this page:


Interestingly after just combining the two phrases (my name and Kingdom of Agartha) it gave me 1828 using the Jewish cipher:


If we see 1828 as time on a clock, it would be military time for 628. 6/28 (June 28th) is my last day of work at the hospital and has been appearing synchronistically throughout these works so far.

Now I still don’t know for certain what is going to happen. As far as I can tell I am seeing blank in front of me. It looks and feels like this picture:

Related image

I know something positive is going to happen, I just don’t know what for sure. Time will tell of course. I have faith that ‘they’ are watching over me though, as they have ALWAYS done, even long ago when I didn’t give two craps about myself, my family or anything else in the world for that matter. They always protected me and I know they are doing the same now. And I couldn’t be more grateful!

Image result for guardian angel

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love!

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