The Last Orgonite Pyramid I Will Pour

Some of you that have been following this blog for the last few weeks might know that I was divinely guided to give away almost all of my possessions. This included my Orgonite pouring supplies.

Just before this point though I was guided to pour one last piece. A pyramid with a layer of 24k gold and several occult/metaphysical concepts and knowledge poured into it, some of which I didn’t realize I had done until after I took it out of the mold.

After I had poured it, something or someone gave me the impression that the piece should have a name. Which is unusual considering the countless other pieces didn’t get this kind of attention.

The name that I was guided to give this piece is ‘The Invitation’. It is an invitation to anyone who seeks the path of enlightenment to learn about the secrets of the Universe that are both hidden and shown in plain sight. The adage ‘For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear”, applies here.

I suspect it has to do with the Freemason’s lodge that I have been getting synchronicities about over the last couple of months but I am not 100% sure. Time will tell what its purpose and final destination will be.

This pyramid displays several symbols and mystery school knowledge that are used by Freemasonry and The Brotherhood of the Star.

In the above photo we see a compass with East pointing upwards instead of North. This is to represent a focus on the Eastern Star AKA Sirius. The same illustration can be found in the Freemasonic painting below:

Image result for freemason sirius

The color blue was used to illustrate the Blazing Star of Sirius AKA The Dog Star (which is blue) which is a keystone piece of knowledge used in Freemasonry and by the Brotherhood of the Star. The aluminum shavings gives the pyramid a sparkling or blazing/brilliant appearance:


“Brotherhood of the Star is a planetary oupost of the Blue Lodge of Sirius that is connected with Sirius via Jupiter and Jupiter Command…”

One unintended piece of knowledge that made it into this piece was the 7 lines which are counted from the center of the solid copper coil at the bottom. According to several sources there are 7 densities in the Universe, we know there are 7 colors in a rainbow and 7 keys in an octave on a piano, to name a few examples.

The spiral in this pyramid also represents the beautiful spiraling arms of galaxies. We could even see it as a 2D representation of the 3D torroidal structure which is ever present in everything in the Universe:

Within this circular spiral of the copper wire and square shape of the base of the pyramid we can also find the metaphysical concept of Squaring the Circle which has been known by Gnostics for a long time. David Wilcock has done at least one episode talking about this on Wisdom Teachings:


Image result for vitruvian man squaring the circle

We also see the two main symbols from the Freemasonic Square and Compass built within this piece in the form of the Compass at the top and also the square shape of the base of the pyramid.

One of the most important principles that one can discover in the metaphysical Universe is the Law of Free Will. The name of this pyramid is congruent with this crucial concept which is the foundation of the nature of the Cosmos. The pyramid is not forcing anyone to seek out its symbols, but inviting the viewer to learn more about them with their own free will.

At this pyramid’s heart are 3 Rose Quartz stones. These stones were going to be used for other pieces but were ultimately divinely ‘saved’ for this piece.

Rose Quartz holds and encourages the energy of unconditional love and positive Goddess Energy. Three stones were chosen to emphasize the importance of this sacred number which appears in nature endlessly.

The pyramid itself consists of three layers all together. The clear layer at the top, the gold layer and the blue layer.

Also at this pyramid’s heart is a medium-sized quartz crystal which will be doing the transmutation of DOR (Deadly Orgone) into POR (Positive Orgone).

This pyramid also encourages healthy sexual energy as the name Orgone (Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s name for this energy) is made up of the word ‘orgasm’ which was a fundamental part of his research.

The layer of gold is real 24k gold leaf that I had sitting for a long time from a previous project. Gold is one of the best metals to use in Orgonite as it absorbs a lot of the Orgone Energy which is transmuted by the quartz crystal within the piece. Gold has been used as a symbol for light and brilliance by ancient cultures:

Kirilian Photography demonstrates its energetic output quite well:

Gold Orgonite Pendant

Brass Shavings in Pendant

You can see more of these photos with various metals and materials at the following links:

One other piece of information contained with this pyramid is the all seeing eye at the top. This represents the pineal gland which is our connection to other dimensions and source of psychic abilities:

This eye could also be a sideways illustration of the Vesica Pisces which is another metaphysical concept given to us long ago which shows a simple segment of the Flower of Life:

It even appears in galaxies, just to name a couple of meanings:

On the back of this eye pendant piece was the word ‘Seek’ which can only be seen if you hold the pyramid at a certain angle. This pyramid and its symbols are an ‘Invitation to Seek this Knowledge and Ultimately Discover Yourself’:


Which leads to the next unintended piece of knowledge included in the piece which is that if you look at the word ‘Seek’ you will see that the ‘E’ from the compass is right underneath it, almost supporting it.

The gematria value of the letter ‘E’ is 5 using the most simple cipher (A=1, B=2…) So here we could see three ‘E’s which would equal 555 which according to various websites indicates huge changes. Learning about metaphysics does change someone for the better  (changing yourself changes everything around you and activates DNA) and so this unintended synchronicity would align perfectly with ‘The Invitation’s’ symbolism and purpose.

I have discovered that gematria is a critical tool for seeking truth and understanding the Universe and so it would be most appropriate for this to be built into this piece.

The pyramidal shape of this object also teaches us about the profound importance of this specific shape in our reality. David Wilcock has done extensive research on this which he has released through his blog and his show ‘Wisdom Teachings’:


In addition to containing several occult symbols and metaphysical knowledge this pyramid is also transmuting DOR (Deadly Orgone) into POR (Positive Orgone). It is not just a nice-looking paperweight but an energetically alive object.

Of course it is not perfect! Due to adding too much catalyst some parts of it cracked and one corner has a few stress fractures. But all in all everything else turned out okay!

As I mentioned before I am not sure where this piece will end up or whom it is for, but ‘they’ have prompted me to pour it before giving away all my pouring supplies so I am guessing its destination is already determined.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always ❤

PS Below you can see my videos on what Orgonite is and how to make it:

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  1. lmamer says:

    Awesome 🙂 The orgonite pyramid that I was guided to receive from you (last year I believe) is one I use daily with much love. Thank you dearest XO

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