Even More Agartha Synchronicities

Lately I have been a little stressed out due to the last day of work approaching (June 28th). Most of me is excited to see what happens after that part of my life is left behind with love. But there is a very small part of me that isn’t so optimistic. Perhaps this is ego, struggling to think it can control what is happening. But really, ‘they’ are in benevolent control and have been this entire time.

In any case I would like to share some more Agartha-related synchronicities that I have found after continuing to play around with the gematria calculator.

I went back and typed in the phrase ‘What Does the Future Hold’. This was on a religious booklet I walked past some days ago when walking down the street:


The gematria value of this phrase using the Jewish cipher is 1944 and 820 (this is the result of 410 + 410, my birthday):


This number 1944 has been popping up a lot lately. It is the year that a prophecy about Earth changes was written and Corey Goode was divinely guided to share it on Facebook:

After entering in 820 into the Pi calculator I found a couple of interesting values:


Above we see that at the beginning of the string of numbers, we have 288. Entering 288 will give you position 33. And at the end of the string of numbers is the date of my last day of work 628.

Entering in the phrase ‘Invitation to Inner Earth’ has manifested several numbers of interest:


The first number we see is 280. This appeared before in a previous post. 213 is the gematria value of ‘Shamballa’ and entering 213 into the Pi calculator gives us 280. 213 is also military time for 1413 which is Pi backwards:



(This next piece was added later)

I have just found that the gematria value of Compression Breakthrough is 280 also:


The next number in the series of numbers for the words ‘Invitation to Inner Earth’ is 1756. This number appeared long ago and originally I thought it had to do with Mozart as this was his birth year. 1756 appeared on a light pole not far from me. 1756 also happened to be the gematria value of ‘Four Ten Jesus Christ’.


The next number is 1050 which has just been mentioned yesterday as of the time of this writing and this number indicates a possible happy move to a new place:


After that we see one of my favorite numbers and that is Pi = 314. Pi is one expression of the infinite nature of the Universe and appears very frequently throughout these works.

The next number that holds the gematria value of ‘Invitation to Inner Earth’ is 1576. Everything in the Universe is a mirror of itself, and this applies to the jumbling around of numbers. 1576 is the same digits as 1756 which has been listed above.

The final number to appear is 888 using a cipher which uses only prime numbers that are assigned to letters. 888 is a number with many meanings, especially related to Jesus.

I would add here that this is post number 22755:


227 can be seen as 22 divided by 7 which is the approximate value of Pi. And 755 indicates big changes:


And the view count had 161 in it which takes position 1610 in the Pi calculator which is military time for 410:



And the opposite of 755 = 557 takes position 1101 in the Pi calculator:


1101 happens to be the gematria value of Wolf Totem (the wolf is my spirit animal). This is indicating that these changes are divinely guided and that everything is going to work out. Wherever the wolf appears, that is a good sign.


Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love!

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