Last Day of Work/Personal/Agartha Synchronicities

This group of synchronicities will be ones that are from varied subjects that have been manifesting recently. I don’t really have any organization or category matrix for these since they are all over the place sometimes although intimately interconnected.

My last day of work will be June 28th (in two days woohoo!) and this will be the 179th day of the year:


If we enter in 179 into the Pi calculator we get position 438:


This number 438 has appeared before and it also has a place of interest in Pi:


1681 is the root number when you multiply 410 times 410:

1681681.pngTo me this is evidence that everything is going according to divine plan. We even see 438 appear for the phrase ‘Jonathan Carty is Going to Shamballa’:


We get 438 if we add my birthday 410 and my current age 28:


The next synchronicity is my last day of work spelled out = ‘June Twenty Eighth Twenty Eighteen’:


The first value 4201 takes position 701 in Pi:


701 plus 410 equals 1111:

111111111111111111.pngAnd the meaning of the number 701 on the Angel’s Numbers website was published on 11/11/11:



701 is also the gematria value of Operation Cobra (Compression Breakthrough AKA The Event):


And the second and third values of the last day of work spelled out are 524. This is also the gematria value of my full name and birth date:


The number 325 has been appearing recently also and it does have a place in this collection of synchronicities. Like just now when I went to look down at the clock:


I was debating on whether or not to add this portion but due to the real time synchronicities I will do so. It is a declarative statement (I just wanted to see what would come up) = ‘Jonathan Carty is Going to Agartha’:


As I was taking the above screenshot I looked down a noticed it was 3:21. The same value of the phrase. But oh, it gets better!

The Angel’s Numbers website has a correlative message to go along with these synchronicities:


We even see this post for 325 was posted at 2:05 PM. 205 is half of 410.

I was also guided to change the phrase to ‘Jonathan Patrick Carty is Going to Shamballa’ and got four 2s using the Jewish cipher:


And now for the last of this particular batch of synchronicities:


288 = Position 33 in Pi

333 = Synchronistic number

1728 = Military time for 528 = Love Frequency

918 = Time on Neo’s alarm clock in The Matrix

1101 = Gematria value of Wolf Totem

So here we see several synchronistic numbers both personal and universal. I am not sure if they mean exactly what they seem to mean but I just wanted to share them anyways.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always!

Image result for agartha

PS I have been archiving these synchronicity reports as I do not wish for them to be hacked and lost (these reports are a lot of work to put together). And when I went to archive this particular post it did so at 10:50 (the time of the website):


And we might remember that 1050 on the Angel’s Numbers website indicated a possible residence change soon:


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