Personal Update, Donations Kindly Requested

Life has definitely been crazy lately. I just wanted to share a personal update and kindly reach out for those who feel guided to help out with a donation of any kind. I am currently on my last 20$. *Visualizing lots of abundance for myself and all of you!* I wanted to thank those who have been sending something here and there. It has literally kept me fed and helped me turn my phone back on.

I am currently staying at a relative’s place right now (where my laptop is) and will be going to stay with my mom later tonight which is where I will stay from now on. I (or my ego) was planning/hoping on being invited to Agartha or ‘something’ by the end of last month (yesterday July 31st, the day my apartment lease is up). And after a pretty bad melt down (I thought I was going to be homeless) from realizing this wasn’t going to happen I reached out to my family and they have kindly come to help out.

For weeks ‘they’ had given me several synchronicities saying that a ‘blessing in disguise’ was going to happen. And when I think of blessing in disguise I immediately think, uh oh…That’s usually a bad situation…And this situation was definitely bad. But ultimately I think it will be positive. My mom lives in the middle of no where with a small collection of adorable animals (I call it a petting zoo lol) so I think it will be a nice change of pace and will be a time of reflection and relaxation.


I also continued to purge my apartment of what was remaining there. This also appeared to be part of ‘the plan’ as it felt ‘right’ to do it. When I looked back on the timeline of what has happened so far they have been gradually having me remove and de-manifest my entire old life down to the smallest detail.

Every single thing that I have manifested from the ‘old world’ has been in a process of being removed, recycled, re-homed, thrown away or otherwise. (‘They’ recently killed my iPod when I was out on a walk and it began storming and raining very hard. The iPod got drenched through my pocket and that was it. Although for a couple of weeks they had told me to detach from a particular material item.)

On another note I am hoping that those reading this will participate in the Solar Eclipse meditation on August 11th that Cobra posted on his blog recently and that Corey Goode is supporting. It will be a great opportunity to help make a breakthrough happen. I’ll do a separate post for it.

Thanks to those who felt guided to check out this post, much love all!

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5 Responses to Personal Update, Donations Kindly Requested

  1. truthearth says:

    That’s okay Moon Mama I might consider getting a Patreon but I will work on this later. Please accept my gratitude for offering your assistance 🙂


  2. Moon Mama says:

    Jonathan, I just went to make a donation, thinking there’d be a credit card option/bypass paypal..but there wasn’t.😕
    I don’t have a paypal account! Haven’t had one in years and don’t want to deal with them. Sorry 😔
    Is there another way I can get some money to you? If so, please feel free to email me.

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  3. Moon Mama says:

    Hi Jonathan😊
    So good to see you post and to know you are ok! Your mom’s place sounds awesome. I love goats and chickens and miss having them around (I live in a small city now 😕)…

    I’ll be sending you a few bucks later this evening, after things settle down. Wish I could do more!

    Take care, sweet soul!
    Sending you Love and Light ❤️✨

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  4. truthearth says:

    Thank you for the kind words as always Laura 🙂 I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help dear sister. I am always inspired by your kindness and positivity! Thank you again for this donation that you just sent. I am still in a bit of a shock. I will take your advice and enjoy the countryside 🙂 Much Love ❤


  5. lmamer says:

    Stay in your heart dear Jonathan. Love and continued blessings! P.S. I live near ranches and farms and have a small amount of land around my home and it is definitely a blessing every day. Enjoy yourself!

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