Disturbing Scenes in Animated Adult Cartoon ‘Mr. Pickles’; Cannibalism, Satanic/Luciferian Rituals, Human Sacrifice, Rape, Torture and More

I have found out about this disturbing show called ‘Mr. Pickles‘ and thought it should be brought to the attention of those in the truth community. There are few shows that I’ve ever seen which depict such disturbing images and scenes as this one. Before I go on I must warn you that what you will see is very disturbing. I don’t intend to hold anything back here.

The show follows a family and their ‘evil’ dog Mr. Pickles, who no one knows or believes is evil, except for the grandfather:

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Opening Scene from ‘Mr. Pickles’

I saw the season 3 finale (episode 10) which featured countless depictions of the most disturbing scenes one could imagine. This is just from the first scene and intro to this episode:

mr pickles.png

Grandfather Being Raped by a 2 Goat Headed Being


The Next Scene with the Two-Headed Goat Thing Raping Grandpa During the Full Moon


Mr. Pickles the Dog is Masturbating to the Goat Headed Corpse Thing Raping Grandpa While Sitting on Top of Three People in Leather Fetish Outfits


Mr. Pickles is Outside on a Large Flaming Pentagram


There are Tons of Inverted Pentagrams Throughout the Show


Here is Grandpa Being Fondled and Likely Raped by Masked/Robed People or Possibly Real Animals


Here is Grandpa in a Room Surrounded by Robed People with Bull Skulls on their Heads with Mr. Pickles Watching


This Scene is Pretty Self-Explanatory (Notice the Cut-Open Body Mr. Pickles is Standing on)


Mr. Pickles Having a Flashback to Explain Why He is Evil

These scenes depict what survivors of this type of abuse have endured and experienced based on their testimony. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) survivor Fiona Barnett shared her drawings of the abuse she endured and witnessed:


Picture Drawn by SRA Survivor Fiona Barnett


Another Picture Drawn by Fiona Barnett


Depiction of Satanic Ritual by Fiona Barnett


Another Disturbing Picture by Fiona Barnett of a Cannibalistic Event

Another episode (season 3 episode 9) involved a TV show writer who tried to get a group of kids to do drugs to help come up with ideas for a show:


Of Course All of the Kids are Down to do Some Drugs


Now the TV Show Writer is Having the Kids go to the Bad Side of Town to Find Some More Drugs


The Art Teacher is Making a Painting with Paintbrushes on his Nipples and Through his Underwear in Front of the Students (Reference to Child Porn being Disguised as Child ‘Art’?)

In another scene we see a possible reference to Project Monarch with several butterflies on a wall behind the kids:


Several Butterfly Pictures on a Wall Behind the Students. The Other Pictures on the Wall are Not Any Better

I have no intention of watching this show Mr. Pickles any more than the few episodes I watched. Honestly I just felt sick because I am certain these scenes are probably based on actually events.

If you feel guided you can watch full episodes at the following link:


This is everything for now everyone, much love.



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  2. truthearth says:

    If you feel guided you can see some full episodes for free at the following link: http://www.adultswim.com/videos/mr-pickles/

    Fingers crossed that it’s just someone doing it for fun =o


  3. Brian in Chicago says:

    I’d have to watch this show to get more context, but having watch my short share of “adult” cartoons, I’d have to wonder if this is a way to get the ideas seeded into human consciousness, in that when the truth does reach the light of day, it’s not as severe a cognitive shock.

    Or it could just really people who are twisted that way. I don’t honestly think someone could that out of just bad taste. At least I couldn’t.

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