Laptop Screen Broken, Posting at the Library!

So it seems that there was a reason I was being rushed into doing so many of the previous synchronicity reports in such a short amount of time. I’ve learned that ‘they’ can see everything and make sure I do what needs to be done before it happens. This has happened so many times now I know it is ‘them’ who are guiding things the way they need to go at the right time.

Acer didn’t make my laptop very well…The speakers went out before warranty, the hard drive failed and now the right hinge is broken, which is a common problem I am finding out *cough cough planned obsolescence*. So after that hopefully there will be no more problems!

What’s funny about this story is that our little cat (only like a couple months old) was playing around my mom’s TV in her living room and knocked it over. This caused the right side of the screen to crack and blacked out part it and all the little colored lines showed up where it was cracked. It worked for about a day before it crapped out even more. She’s a real bundle of joy…

Image result for cat breaking things meme

This happened literally like 2 days ago, just before my own laptop screen breaking…Strange…In any case I will be working on fixing it. Until then it’s time for a laptop and blog posting break!

Much love all!

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