Synchronistic/Divine Adventures, Jesus Synchronicities, Jesus/Second Coming Dreams, Pig Flying Prophetic Dream, 410 Appearing & More

Please forgive the length of this post as there are many things that will be included. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here.

I will start with sharing the dreams that have manifested recently. Two of the dreams are Jesus-related:


Interestingly the next day I picked out a scratcher and it was ticket number 59:


The number 59 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’:


And if we plug the time the dream was written down (00:22/12:22) into the Pi calculator we see it takes position behind the sign post/dream number 659. This number appears in the waking and dream world as a ‘sign post’ that tells me the correct path is being taken:


The digits of 4 and 10 continue to appear together:

The next dream was a Second Coming dream:

June 28th, 2020 06:46 AM

Second Coming dream. I was in this cafeteria at a place where I think I worked. I don’t where but it was a decent size with a variety of options.

Some of the options looks the same or were variations of the same thing. It was a breakfast buffet kind of set up.

After looking around I think I got half of a breakfast bagel or bun. I avoid the butter because I am vegan in the waking world and dream world. I think my brother was there too picking out things at one point.

Then I was with a tall young man who was a co-worker I believe and we were walking back from picking out some things to eat and the topic of the Second Coming came up.

I don’t remember how the conversation started but I think he had said something religious and I brought up the Second Coming and I think he agreed with it in an excited way. He was happy that I brought it up. Like he wasn’t sure if I would believe in that so he didn’t fully go into it at first.

I remember it being a positive conversation. I don’t remember anything after that.

If we plug the time the dream was written down (6:46 AM) into Pi we see it takes position 1279:


Amazingly, the word assigned to the number 1279 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘biryah‘ which is Hebrew for ‘food’, which was part of the main theme of the dream.

The last three digits of this particular number is 178:


And if we plug 178 into Pi we see it takes position 646 which was the time of the documentation of the above Second Coming dream:


Interestingly, on June 19th I was guided to text a close relative and ask if they had been experiencing any Jesus synchronicities:


The morning of the Age of Aquarius Part II mass meditation (for my time zone here in Arizona) I had a dream about a flying pig:


The meditation took place at 10:48 PM here in Arizona and the next day Cobra had reported that the critical mass had been reached:


The commonly known saying of ‘That will happen when pigs fly’ seems to apply here, indicating that the impossible had been made possible by reaching the critical mass.

And now some other synchronicities. While being guided to go get a few scratchers at the gas station I noticed the number 410 appear in the form of a lottery prize amount on a screen there:


This next synchronicity is going to be a doozy (at least I thought so!) so prepare yourself.

There is a place that sells vegan burgers in town (Brown Bag Burger) which I have begun visiting for and there have been some amazing synchronicities happening there with the receipts.

On June 22nd I got a receipt on the bag with check number 140401 (the digits of 410):


Yesterday, July 1st, after experiencing some divine testing many miles away and not regarding the time very much I was shocked when I realized a similar combination of digits appeared on the receipt of a visit to the restaurant (in addition to the check number):


The amount of time between these two receipts are 9 days and 49 minutes:


If we plug 949 into Pi we see my birth time (11:03 AM) backwards behind it:



496 is the gematria value of one of the ways to spell ‘prepare’ in Hebrew (והכינתה):


496 is a jumbled version of the other sign post number which appears to me, 946. It appeared yesterday on an ambulance I was guided to get a photo of:


946 appears on a flier in the British sci-fi reboot of Doctor Who which is about an extraterrestrial who goes on adventures through time and space with his companion. The following screenshot is from Season 01 Episode 04 so here we see the digits of 410 again:


While changing out the RV roof vent with a new one I couldn’t get the motor for the fan to work so I tried integrating the old one and noticed that it was manufactured on 8/20 (August 20th) and 820 is the result of 410 + 410:


Just the other day we got a delivery box with the date April 10th (4/10) on it:


410 appears in the zip code for the Patreon headquarters:


I was recently guided to pick up trash on the property here and after a while I discovered a real estate document with the number 410 on it:


After a while into this clean up I came across a blue feather on the ground (Blue Avian presence?). My avian friend was keeping me company the morning after the clean up:

I am being guided to include a picture of a stick bug that was hanging out on a window on the house recently:


I was taken on an unexpected journey/adventure yesterday while going to bury some orgonite near a death tower on the outskirts of Prescott:

Soon after burying some orgonite around this tower I was guided to park the car and then bury some more pieces along a fence line. On the other side of the fence were several unused light posts. One of them had the number 25 on it:


Interestingly the word assigned to the number 25 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘agapaó‘ which is Greek for ‘to love’.

After this I was guided to a strange looking plant which seemed to be one of the only ones which looked the way it did. I was guided to bury a piece of orgonite by its roots:

So then I was guided to walk up this trail which led up to another death tower station. I didn’t know why I was going up there as I didn’t have any orgonite left to gift this tower. It was a bit of a walk and amazingly when I got there I found the address of the station had the digits of 410 in it:

So after this I was guided to start walking back. But then they (Higher Ups) guided me to do something really wild. There was a rock face which was nearly vertical near by and they wanted me to climb it:


I did so at a part which wasn’t too bad to climb. But after this they guided me to climb it at a taller height. I was supposed to do this with no equipment or anything. No one was around. So I did it and even though I almost fell I made it to the top.

After this I headed back to the car, dropped off the recyclables and headed towards town. While driving though I was guided to get a picture of the back of a garbage truck which had the number 1525 on it:


Amazingly, I have been getting 1s and 7s a lot recently and this means ‘good job‘, per the numbers website I use. The above picture was taken on July 1st (7/1) and when we plug 1525 into Pi we see it takes position 11171:


It was after this hike that I went to get the vegan burger and obtained the receipt with those synchronicities which were previously mentioned in this post.

After this I was guided to go to the Dollar Tree and take pictures of various things including items with positive affirmations on them. They also gave me the energy of ‘stay/wait’ while walking around the store, as in I needed to stay there and not leave. There was a sign outside the bathroom of an invitation to a women’s group which focused on spiritually. This was really encouraging to see!


The digits of 410 appeared while looking around:


So then they wanted me to go over to the candle section and after giving me the energy of pointing at these candles I was trying to figure out what I was supposed to do there. I asked them if I should buy some of them. I got no. So then I asked if they wanted me to smell every candle and they said yes, every single candle on those several shelves. Well I didn’t end up smelling every candle but was eventually guided to checkout. I was guided to wait in the car and not leave. After a while I was energetically guided to go to Burger King which was in front of me. So I went to Burger King and ordered what they wanted me to order (the Higher Ups can use my eyes to point at things that they want me to get).

I had no idea who this food was for and after driving down the street I saw a man holding a sign and realized it was for him. I believe there was some synchronistic information on the receipt but it didn’t print right so the information didn’t show up.

After this I was guided to head back towards town. Although they wanted me to stop at this book store I hadn’t been to but unfortunately it had just closed before I got there. Interestingly though I was guided to go across the street to another parking lot, having no idea why I am supposed to go there. I found myself next to a car with the QAnon signature, WWG1WGA!:


They had me pay attention to this wooden post which I was unable to figure out the reason for. There was a sign on it which said ‘Designated Smoking Area’:


While writing this I was guided to put the text of the sign ‘Designated Smoking Area’ into the gematria calculator and the value happens to be 82:


82 x 5 equals 410:


They also had me stop at a locksmith possibly to see how much it would cost to get the trunk open as it doesn’t open right now (my fault). But they were also closed before I got there.

So after this I was guided to head towards home. On the way out of town there is a small motel complex that I was guided to stop at. They wanted me to get a picture in front of room number 33 (Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years):


I look a bit rough here, it was a long day.

So after this I finally headed back home.

This is everything for now, much love all!

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