Traveler Dream, Jesus/Second Coming Synchronicities, Timeline Synchronicities, Prophetic Dream Comes True, Positive Secret Space Program Reveal Dream, 410 Appearing & More

So this report will feature some synchronicities and a few dreams which will be shared below. As always discernment is advised.

The first dream was about experiencing a situation where myself and others were Travelers like from the TV show. In the show people from the future implanted their consciousness into the mind of individuals who were about to die in the past, take over their bodies (called ‘hosts’) and use them to create a better future for themselves in their future:

July 14th, 2020 05:51 AM

Had Traveler dream. In the dream I had arrived there in a body that I don’t recall now. There was something else who came in and did the same.

What was amazing was the other traveler was in a body that I had occupied at one time. It was a female’s body. I think there was some drug addition or hosts and I think another host may have been a pedophile. I think we were outside of someone’s house. Details are fading.

I think in another dream which may have been a continuation of this dream, I was in a store I think, perhaps a video game store, and someone was playing a video game that I was just playing and I think it was like a traveler video game. I think they were playing my character. Then I remember talking to them about other video games there I think.

 I was guided to create an announcement video regarding the Jesus Synchronicities and sharing with the subscribers of my YouTube channel that it is being divinely communicated to me that I am the reincarnation of Jesus/Yeshua. The video was uploaded around 5:02 AM and this is likely because I received a copyright notification at 5:02. At least to my knowledge, the new YouTube user interface doesn’t share what time the video was uploaded, only the date.


So if 5:02 is the actual upload time then this is interesting because 502 backwards is 205 and this is half of 410. So here we see this magic number appearing again in connection to these Jesus synchronicities.

While at our little general store up here I was guided to get a photo where 205 appears as part of a construction permit which is displayed on the window:


Under the bench on the deck in front of the store was an uplifting biblical message:


I was recently guided to go tell another relative while they were in their bedroom about these Jesus Synchronicities and what has been happening and another relative dismissed this attempt so I was guided to text them inside which I did. And after I did this I was guided to go into the video editing program I use and modify the timeline a bit. So I was guided to move the video clip up further towards the beginning of the timeline on the screen. I then realized that the Higher Ups were communicating that because I did these things, including making and publishing the announcement video, the timeline had moved closer to the present:


Before the guided modification.


After the guided modification.

Interestingly on July 13th I had a dream where I believe I saw the video I worked on with M Pike ‘Message from the Stars 432Hz’ becoming more popular:


And amazingly Cobra just shared it in his most recent blog post on July 21st:

mike video

While checking on the video in the YouTube Studio app on my phone I noticed that the view count was 2359. This seemed to be another clock is about to strike the hour synchronicity as 2359 would be 11:59 on a 12-hour clock. This is amazing because the lyrics talk about the Galactic Superwave coming and the end coming for the darkness:


Interestingly I got a notification on my phone about a video being uploaded to YouTube at 11:03 AM with the title ‘Towards the Sun’ and 11:03  happens to be my birth time:



I was recently guided to go to town on July 19th and head to the store wearing my all-white outfit. When I first got there I was guided to stand in the front of the store and just do that. Eventually I was guided to walk over to the lottery vending machine and try to purchase a ticket. Interestingly the numbers 4, 10 and 20 appear together and this was one of the signatures of a QAnon intel drop towards the beginning of when they started posting which appeared along with a quote from the bible about Jesus:



The time on the ticket would have been 04:46 PM and I am being guided to include that the word assigned to this number in Strong’s Concordance is ‘Eliab‘ which means ‘God is Father’.

What was interesting what that I was just guided to start talking to people. The energy which provides me guidance would simply point at someone and keep pointing at them until I talked to them.

I was guided to ask to get a photo of a man who had the word ‘Triumph’ on it and he kindly agreed:


And amazingly the gematria value of ‘Triumph’ is 33 which is how many years Jesus allegedly lived:


After doing this for a while I was guided to buy some things and check out.

I recently had a dream where I saw a positive reveal of a secret space program in an episode of Key and Peele. They are two comedians who have their own YouTube channel which is popular so perhaps this means that the reveal will be mainstream and positive:


‘Rhey’ should be ‘they’. ‘Tries’ should be ‘tried’.

Recently I was guided to head to a small city to pick up some food for my relatives and I was guided to stop at a store there which had the address 22925:


Interestingly if we plug 22925 into the Pi calculator we see the magic number 410 appear in the string of numbers:


And the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’ is 925:

jesus christ0925

On July 11th I was guided to head to town and stay late there and at one point I was guided to pull into a parking space and get a picture in front of a sign post which had some numbers on it, 380480:

If we add these digits together we get 860:


And amazingly the gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘taklith‘ (תכלית) is 860 and this translates to ‘end/completeness’:


The number assigned to the word ‘taklith’ is 8503 so here we see the digits of 358 which is the gematria value of ‘Messiah’ (משיח) in Hebrew:


Yesterday I was guided to go to town but first I was guided to stop and replace the flowers on a roadside memorial:


And then after this I was guided to a sign post which had the number 560 on it:


This turned out to be somewhat of a puzzle to figure out. I was guided to take the stick and plant it into the ground and the energy was pointing towards the top. I had to ask several questions in order to figure out what this meant:


I was able to figure out that the top of this post represented The Event. The first line (added to mark where I was guided to make a mark on the post) from the top represented my Ascension and the line below that represented where I am right now.

The number on the post is 560 and this number has appeared in the past in a similar sort of fashion and it is the gematria value of ‘The Son of God’:


Now whether this actually represents a timeline of real events will remain to be seen. I don’t know what’s going to happen or when but it will be interesting to see if this actually manifests.

After this I was guided to an amazing synchronicity while continuing to drive towards town. I noticed a tarantula in the middle of the road that looked like it got ran over so I was guided to turn around. I stopped and grabbed a couple of rocks and picked up the half-dead tarantula and carried it over to the side of the road. I did a prayer on it asking the Higher Ups to help it transition out of the body as painlessly, quickly and as easily as possible. Within a few minutes it didn’t move anymore.

So then I was guided to just stand around for a while and after several minutes my next door neighbor drove by and stopped to say hi. I told him I follow my spiritual guidance and that it guided me to stay there and then he showed up! These synchronicities are great because they help others see that there is a divine order to things and that following spiritual guidance can lead to amazing experiences.

Recently the Higher Ups have been having me stay awake as long as possible every night and even staying up for a couple of days more than once in a row this last couple of weeks. It has been intense but I know they have a reason for this.

I am also amazed that they have allowed me to purchase and drink alcohol recently which I have been guided not to touch for probably 5 years or so (except for the alcohol in tamari which is similar to soy sauce). I was guided to get some wine at the store in the last couple of weeks which was interesting to have. It hit me really fast since I haven’t drank anything in so long! I considered the possibility that the Higher Ups are allowing me to experience various things before the Ascension/Breakthrough occurs since I won’t be doing it again after that.

They are encouraging me to loosen my intentional dietary restrictions which has been fun of course. I am still vegan but am having various things that I had placed off limits for myself including processed sugar, gluten (wheat products) and some other things. Just the other night I was guided to go to Denny’s and order pretty much anything I wanted! It was wonderful! I got a beyond burger (obviously not that great for me), wavy cut fries, some fruit, BBQ sauce and orange juice. The experience was wonderful and I was the last customer of the night. I was guided to leave them a large tip for their great service.

I am being guided to cancel my other phone line which I was guided to get just for my orgonite business.

I am being guided to clean things in great detail, repair things and seemingly prepare for a conclusion which has been quite intense. Many things are being rushed and the to-do list the Higher Ups have for me seems to be quite long. But everything for a reason.

Since the completion of the last mass meditation (Age of Aquarius Part II) everything has been going so very fast, much faster than before.

There is currently a strong emphasis on the subject of Ascension which I have been discussing in videos I have been guided to make on my YouTube channel.

Since we are getting closer to the breakthrough I think the Higher Ups intent for others to become more aware of this and encourage them to seek the path of Ascension. Of course no one can be forced into it but they really seem to want to get the information about it out there so that as many people are exposed to it as possible. Casting a wide net, so to speak. It would be wonderful if many people took this path that way there are as many Ascended Masters returning to the Earth as possible to encourage others to take the path (3 waves of Ascension as described in The Crystal Stair by Eric Klein which was recommended by Cobra).

You can read the transcripts of a couple of videos (unavailable now) of Eric’s channeling sessions here.

You can also check out this compilation video which features clips from various TV show depicting Ascension:

This is everything I am being guided to include for this article. I thank you for your time and wish everyone much love!

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