Amazing Synchronistic Experience I Was Divinely Prepared For

I am being guided to write about an amazing experience which just happening which I was divinely prepared for over the past several days.

I was recently guided to stay up as long as possible for the past several days and although I didn’t know why, there is always a reason.

So in this case I was sitting on a bench in a public area where I live and various people had come and go and at one point there was a gentleman who sat down who I started talking to.

Eventually we starting talking about this and that and ultimately the conversation steered towards every kind of subject that one could research. He is aware of QAnon and so many other things.

We eventually talked to the point where the sun had gone down and it was getting late so he offered me a ride home which I was guided to agree to. After we got to my place we continued to talk in the vehicle until about 3 AM and I suggested it would be a good idea if I went to bed. He agreed and we departed after that.

As we were talking so late I realized that the point of staying up for the past several days was to prepare for this experience which was very amazing.

Amazingly, this person was 82 years old and if we multiply 82 x 5 we get 410 so here we see this magic number appearing again.

Here is a video explanation I was guided to create for those who feel guided:

This is everything I am being guided to include, I thank you for your time and wish each of you much love and light!

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