The Final Battle 432Hz Video Synchronicities & More

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these reports and I don’t intend to do many more of them. But in this case the synchronicities related to this video were amazing and I thought they should be shared.

The video was created on October 7th, 2020 which is the 3-year anniversary of the original dream I had where I was shown bible verses.


Interestingly, Cobra did a post with the same title ‘The Final Battle’ 3 days later on October 10th which included some pictures and this was done at 3:32 AM which was the same time the above dream was documented:

Now YouTube’s new interface doesn’t tell me what time videos are uploaded but I do get copyright claim notifications as soon as it uploads so if this is an accurate upload time then there are some synchronicities which manifested from this.

The time of the copyright claim was 16:54 (4:54 PM) and this (454) is a number which has appeared in the past:

The magic 11:11 appears twice in these synchronicities as you will see.

If we plug 454 into Pi we see it takes position 271:

2.71 is also known as Euler’s Number and is a mathematical formula which is used to calculate compound interest and growth and appears as ‘e’ on scientific calculators. The magic number 410 connects to Euler’s Number very well:

So there is the first 11:11. The second one manifests when we see the position number of the second instance of 454 in Pi which is 1111:

Since making the video I’ve been experiencing some of what appears to be extremely unpleasant symptoms which start suddenly and only stop when I ask the Higher Ups for help. This includes feeling extreme rage, nausea, stomach pain, disorientation, confusion, dizziness and just generally feeling like garbage. Just a few moments ago while writing this I suddenly felt nausea. I’ve also been experience a sharp piercing sensation in my skull which is also very awful. All of this ramping up after making this video. If anyone feels guided to share some positive thoughts and vibes I would be grateful.

I haven’t been writing my dreams down as I hadn’t planned on doing more of these reports (the Higher Ups want me to do more of them) but some of them have been interesting. In some rage episodes I’ve broken my other cell phones which had dreams on them. So the special dreams have slowed down as I think the Higher Ups or my subconscious doesn’t think there would be any point.

Jesus Synchronicities are continuing to happen even though I have demanded that they stop. As usual they don’t stop, no matter where I go or do there is some reference to Jesus manifesting in ways that I can’t avoid which happen in the most synchronistic way.

One amazing dream I had the other day which made me feel so happy was where I was in some location where there was other people, including myself, who needed to take some patients’ vitals. Eventually I ended up in front of a small building where there were several kids there and I was teaching them about their third eye. One of the kids was saying such funny things and making me laugh it was really nice. I didn’t spend much time with them before I woke up but it really raised my vibes for the day.

I’ve been very interested in psychic mediumship recently and have been watching a lot of videos where people are giving readings. One night (I hadn’t watched any of those video in a little while which made the dream interesting) I had a dream where I had given a young man a message from his deceased grandmother. The message came through so clearly (similar to my guidance) and I thought, Oh maybe I could do this!

Then I had another dream just recently which had to do with psychic mediums and myself but I don’t recall it now. So maybe something like that is in my future although I don’t think I would do a very good job at that.

I think I saw a ship the other night after returning something from the store. I was strongly guided to turn around and look the opposite direction and at first I didn’t because I didn’t think there would be anything important there to see. But I did anyways and there was a light hovering in the sky and within a few seconds faded to black and then it was gone. It was a yellow light which resembled a star but much closer and hovering in an usual pattern before fading out. If it’s our galactic brothers and sisters I wish them much love and hope that we can see them soon in person.

Anyways this is everything for now, thanks for reading everyone and I wish you all much love.

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