More ‘THE FINAL BATTLE 432Hz’ Video Synchronicities & More

I know I said I didn’t plan on doing anymore of these posts and that is still true, but there is another miracle/synchronicity which occurred yesterday as of the time of this writing which I thought should be shared.

While driving to get the mail at the mailbox I rented I noticed a man sitting on the corner with a backpack on who looked rough, as in he needed help (it turned out he was homeless). He wasn’t flying a sign but I knew I needed to ask him if he needed anything.

So I approached him and asked him if I could buy him something to eat or what have you and he said he could use some money and so I said I would go to the store to get him that and whatever else I thought he could use. He asked to come with me and I said yes of course!

So I told him to pick out some food and a couple other things and after checking out we went outside and just went to the corner on the sidewalk and talked for a while. He is an interesting character for sure and I enjoyed the conversation with him.

But the amazing synchronicity happened while I was talking to him when I finally noticed the words on the upper left hand corner of his shirt. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it was the words ‘Strength’ and ‘Honor’, just like the beginning of the video:

410 is continuing to appear everywhere I go (including Jesus Synchronicities and dreams which I am trying not to pay too much attention to):

I also find it amazing that in the video I included a part of it where I edited the Star Trek footage crew to engage Project Arachnus, which I just made up on the spot (or it was a divinely & positively-influenced idea, like so many others in the past), and it was targeting hidden Archon/Chimera members. Then Cobra included in his intel report that Chimera members were hidden in quantum superposition state in sublunar space…


The Light Forces have also begun the full force operation of clearing the Chimera fleet that was until now hidden in quantum superposition state in sublunar space.

And then the weapon discharges into an area in space where there appears to be nothing but it turns out there is something negative hidden there.

This incarnation of Star Trek, titled ‘Star Trek: Picard’, whose scenes were used for the Final Battle video, manifested some amazing synchronicities and a dream which was written about in the past.

I had a strange dream where there was some kind of storm happening and suddenly I was given the strongest impression of the Queen of Hearts. I wrote this down:

January 11th, 2020 07:06 AM

Huge weather storm related to following Jesus Synchronicities manifested. It was getting extremely intense just before waking up. I was in a car with some people I knew, I think there were numbers related to this but I don’t recall now. I think I saw the time 10:48 at some point.

I was traveling into another country and I wasn’t supposed to be there, then I think there was something having to do with the Queen of Hearts which was part of the storm. I think there were some things I was trying to take back with me but this wasn’t allowed.

The storm got so bad and windy and dusty the driver in the car couldn’t see. Queen of Hearts very important.

And incredibly, this dream occurred on January 11th, 2020 before the premiere of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ which aired on January 23rd, 2020. When I went to watch the first episode I saw the opening scene being Picard playing poker with Data. At one point Data reveals his hand as 5 Queen of Hearts. I couldn’t believe my eyes!


Then it was revealed that Picard was experiencing a dream, which is what I was experiencing when I was given the impression of the Queen of Hearts. You can read more about this at the link below:

So many amazing synchronicities have occurred recently including when I was parked outside of the gym on the hold on the phone. There was a woman who was reading out her e-mail address to someone and in the e-mail address was 1111. So here was another 11:11 synchronicity. These are the most miraculous ones in my opinion, the ones that occur in real time without me trying to make them happen.

This is everything for now, thanks for reading everyone, much love.

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