More Synchronicities, German Civil War Dream & More

So this post will feature some information about personal things going on among other things.

Strangely enough the Zebra print pattern is continuing to appear everywhere I go in addition to being interestingly connected to psychic mediumship. For instance I was watching some more of the Long Island Medium videos on YouTube and I was surprised when the medium went into a little girl’s room, who apparently had the gift of communicating with those who have transitioned, and the pillow on her bed had a Zebra on it. It was also found out that the medium and the little girl shared the same birthday!

I’m not sure exactly what this means yet but I’m sure there is a reason it is happening. While watching the same kind of videos my birthday 4/10 appeared in one of them:

I’m still trying to find balance between asking for guidance and making my own decisions. But there have been times when it is crucially important for the sake of others to listen to the Higher Ups as I found out yesterday morning.

After waking up I wanted to drive to a certain place to warm up and get some decaf coffee and I was strongly guided to go to a nearby Starbucks instead. I almost ignored this guidance as I didn’t see any point of going there. But I went there anyways and ordered a hot tea and sat down for a little bit.

I don’t remember if I had gone to the bathroom before this gentleman came in on his power wheelchair but not long after I came in I remember seeing him trying to pay for his order barely able to speak or handle the change he had in his plastic bag as he was so cold. No one was helping him so I told the cashier I would pay for his food and whatever else he wanted. I had helped him and talked to him before so it wasn’t a new meeting with him here but it was obvious that the Higher Ups knew he needed help badly and the people around him weren’t going to do anything about it. It’s possible they didn’t have the means at the time so that I would understand of course.

In any case we talked for a while after that and I gave him some hand warmer packet things you can buy for cheap at the store that I was guided to buy the night before. Most likely they were for him in the first place. The Higher Ups have me buy things/get cash back in advance for someone they will guide me to help sometime later on.

This happened recently while I was going into Target for something. Earlier in the day I was guided to get some cash back and as usual I had no idea what it was for and I never do until the moment happens when they guide me to give it to someone.

So before walking into Target there was a rough-looking gentleman with a backpack on sitting on a bench and I was immediately guided to give the money to this man. He was very grateful and I was guided to talk to him but I didn’t feel like doing that this time.

I am being guided to include a strange dream I had the other night on October 27th I believe which I am unsure will mean anything or if it’s prophetic or otherwise.

I didn’t write it down but basically I found myself in a civil war situation in Germany. It seemed to be the times we are currently living in and not set in the past. It was very chaotic and people were killing each other left and right. I remember the situation being very black and white, in that if the person found out you were on the ‘other side’, they would not hesitate to kill you and not give it another thought. I don’t know where in Germany I was but the scene was that the area seemed to be in ruins:

Ruins of Greenwood District after Race Riots, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA,  American National Red Cross Photograph Collection, June 1921 Stock Photo -  Alamy
This was as close to what I saw in the dream as I could find.

I sincerely hope this dream was just some brain junk instead of something possibly prophetic.

My spirit animal the Wolf continues to manifest in many forms to help guide me in what seems to be a very crazy and unpredictable situation. For instance when I first left to live out of my vehicle I planned on getting a mailbox so I could get mail there. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing or not and was very nervous about doing all of this but when I finally went into the store I heard the song ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ playing overhead on the radio. Then I knew that’s where I needed to be.

The spider spirit animal has been manifesting a lot lately (not just because it’s almost Halloween). This creature became a spirit animal some time ago before I moved out of my last apartment. There was a small spider I would talk to at the top of a staircase at the hospital I worked at almost everyday. It didn’t seem to move but it was alive and I know it sounds silly but this helped a lot as I was able to vent about what was going on at the time. The spider continues to appear here and there in various forms similarly to the Wolf.

I’ve been seeing the word ‘Freedom’ a lot lately also including in song lyrics when I was making ‘The Final Battle 432Hz’ video at Starbucks. I see it on shirts and hear it in lyrics of songs when I go to the store. Maybe this is a personal sign a collective positive sign.

This is everything for now, thank you for reading and I wish everyone much love!

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