The Number 10 Manifesting, Other Synchronicities & More

Some amazing miracles/synchronicities (in my experience these words are interchangeable) have been manifesting recently.

The number 10 has been appearing in the most amazing and biggest ways. We use a base-10 counting system for many things in our daily lives and 10 indicates completion. In the case of these synchronicities I don’t know if it implies completion but there are so so many amazing things which have happened recently which I will share below.

In Prescott Valley, which is the next city over from Prescott, there is a plaza which features an arcade (lots of pedo symbols everywhere which was disturbing) which I was guided to go to once before. I was guided to a prize game called ‘Psychic Chicken’:

So I swiped my card and got an egg and the text on the message inside was 10 words long = “It is up to you to create your own adventures.”

When I went to look up the number 10 on an angel’s numbers website I found another website than I usually use and amazingly the number 410 appeared in the description of the meaning of the number 10. Interestingly the website title is ‘trusted psychic mediums’ which has manifested recently in other synchronicities:

On another website I usually use, the time the post was made was 1:01 so here is 10 mirrored into itself:

At one point I was guided to play Space Invaders:

Perhaps this was a synchronicity related to the recent events regarding the clearing of the Draco/Chimera group.

Then I was guided to play this game where you throw ping pong balls and try to get them into the containers. My score landed me in a category/range which featured the number 410. The high score was 1010 so here was the 10 appearing again:

When I went to the bathroom there was a dime (10 cents) in the urinal so here was the number 10 appearing again. I got a picture of this but perhaps it won’t be the best idea to share this lol.

While walking past another area of the arcade the number 10 appeared twice in the form of a message scrolling across the screen:

The number 10 appeared in the invoice number when I put money on the game card. The name of the location is In The Game Freedom Station, so here is the word freedom appearing again which has been manifesting lately:

My phone doesn’t take very good pictures so some of them are a bit blurry.

While playing a Willy Wonka game there was a nice young kid that came over and told me about how he won all of these cards from the game. I was impressed because I could barely make any progress with the game! I got up and told him he could play if he wanted and he said he would win me some cards. I went to play some other games nearby and while I was doing that he came over after a short amount of time and put an Oompa Loompa card down in front of me! Good job! I left my card with the tickets on it with the person working there and asked him to put it towards the kid’s ticket balance when they came up after they are done. I don’t know if they did or not but I thought it was the least I could do. I was going to give the card to him myself but the mother was there and I just didn’t feel comfortable interacting with other people’s kids honestly.

Thanks little man you’re the best!

At some point I went outside and saw one of the movie posters on the movie theater wall had Wolf in the title so here was my spirit animal appearing again:

On the way back towards Prescott I was guided to get a picture in front of a gym with the name ‘Fitness for $10’ which might be to emphasize the number 10 which was so front and center yesterday:

I also forgot to mention that I went to a restaurant before going to the arcade and at the top of the check was #10 so I think I was the 10th customer to come in after they opened. I didn’t get a picture of this as I didn’t think it was important at the time.

I spent a total of 10$ at the arcade and was not guided to spend more.

The number 410 is continuing to appear everywhere. Last night while watching a video on YouTube I saw in the description that the first video they filmed was dated for April 10th, 2007:

It appeared in the UPC code while I was buying a case for my phone:

Another interestingly thing that hasn’t happened to me before is seeing shiny new pennies and other coins on the ground regularly. I’ve read various things about this and it seems that it could mean many things, which all seem to be positive.

This is everything for now, much love all.

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  1. LongStar117 says:

    I go through phases with the 10 10 and 410 showing up daily, similar to phases with 11:11 or 12:12. Lately its been 1:17 though.

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