The Number 5, Divine Encounters & More

Some interesting synchronicities have been manifesting lately which I will share here for those who feel guided to check this out.

Today I was guided to go to the gas station and get some cash back to do laundry. After going back and forth deciding whether or not I wanted to follow this guidance I realized at one point my debit card was missing. When I retraced my steps I found it on the ground, thankfully.

Then I was guided to get a couple of bags of pistachios along with 20$ in cash back. The number 5 has been appearing a lot lately and it did so in the form of getting four 5 dollar bills back, 5555 (repeating 5s indicate big changes, usually personally). This is why I used the 5:55 on the clock in the video ‘Pure Imagination 432Hz’.

There was a man hanging out behind the dumpsters and we made eye contact a couple of times when I was going back and forth to my car. I’ve read that when you make eye contact with someone it usually means one of you has information the other needs on their journey and that you should speak to them.

In this case it seemed to be a religious synchronicity for this man as I was guided to give him 10$ along with a bag of pistachios (he said pistachios are his favorite!). He expressed how grateful he was for it and I told him my spiritual guidance guided me to help him. He sounded astonished because he reached into his jacket and pulled out a necklace with a cross on it and said he had just prayed:

He was nice enough to let me get a picture of his necklace.

Also, for those might be interested to know, when everything goes smoothly, generally, that is a strong sign that this is what is meant to be happening. Smoothly and easily occurring events are the trademark signs of divinely-guided experiences. Of course the darkness will try and intervene and stop it. Sometimes it’s hard to determine whether the obstacles are of the light or dark, as the light will sometimes throw things in your path to make sure things go smoothly. Based on personal experience, it just depends on the situation.

The next synchronicity happened after finishing the laundry and I was guided to go towards Goodwill. When I went to turn into the parking lot I saw a man flying a sign and knew that I was guided to him. Interestingly the sign he was flying had the number 10 on the back so this seemed to be a continuation of this number appearing.

After asking him what he wanted he requested a few things from Burger King and then I left to go get it for him.

What was interesting was that the order number was number 5! So here was another synchronicity where the number 5 is appearing in divine ways.

Here is a close up of the date and time so you can see it was today (the 5th of November interestingly) when this happening. My phone camera doesn’t do close ups well or auto-focus sadly:

The extra synchronicity was that his name was Jonathan, too, and our names are both spelled the same way! Woohoo!

The Zebra animal print has continued to appear in various forms, this time in the form of a work truck across the street:

I’ve yet to figure out the purpose of the Zebra print appearing. There are many reasons I’ve found online so it’s hard to say exactly what it means, but for sure there is a meaning.

This is everything for now, thank you for reading and I wish everyone much love.

PS I was guided to conclude my session on this computer at the library (only 1 hour allowed per day due to the Plandemic) and then go downstairs and was directed to a section of the DVD area. The Higher Ups pointed directly at a DVD titled ‘Heaven Knows What’ and guided me to get a picture of it:

And amazingly, the original release date of the movie was 5/5. So here we have the number 5 appearing again in the most divine way. If anyone doubts the Higher Ups are real, this should be something to consider. The movie itself is sad but I think the importance/emphasis was just the title and the release date:

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