11/11 Synchronicities, 555 Synchronicities, Biblical Synchronicities, Masonic Synchronicities & More

I am being guided to share some more synchronicities which have been manifesting for those who feel guided to check this out.

One that recently just happened was when I had parked in a parking lot and noticed my speedometer ended in 702 along with a vehicle that was parked not far from me with the license plate also ending in 702. What was interesting was that I wouldn’t have seen their license plate if they had parked correctly in the parking space, their license plate was facing me:

And amazingly when I went to look up the number 702 on the Angel’s Numbers website I saw that its meaning was posted on November 11th, 2011 = 11/11/11 and November 11th happens to be tomorrow (along with the timeline correction meditation):

On November 7th I was guided to go to the store and pick out a few things. Amazingly, the total came out to $27.01 which is the gematria value of the first verse of the bible in Hebrew, Genesis 1:1, (not big on the bible personally or anything religious but these biblical synchronicities continue to happen without any effort on my part):

I also happened to save $3.14 and the appearance of this number 314, in my experience, is connected to Source as Source is Infinite and Pi, 3.14, is also a representation of the Infinite/mathematical nature of the Universe:

Speaking of Source I was at the grocery store on November 9th and I don’t remember if there were any synchronicities but I was guided to get a photo of a standing kiosk which had Source in big letters on it:

Perhaps the words above Source, Live Unstoppable, was a message?

I was guided to go to Prescott Valley the other day and go see the Psychic Chicken at the arcade where I was given an amazing synchronistic message which read “Your imagination is a great asset!”

I immediately thought of the video I recently made titled ‘Pure Imagination 432Hz’ (where making it required quite a bit of imagination).

The appearance of the number 5 keeps appearing, among countless others everyday of course. Just before writing this article I was guided to click on Cobra’s blog and check his Blogger profile where the amount of profile view ended with 555:

Amazingly, I was guided to go to a pizza restaurant and get a pizza. I needed time to look at the menu so I let a couple of people go ahead of me and when I got up to the front the woman working there was on the phone and she said their pizza would be ready at 5:55 PM. I couldn’t believe my ears!

While on the way to the pizza place though I had another Freemasonic synchronicity. For some reason which I don’t understand I am sometimes divinely-guided towards Freemasonic locations and symbolism. This includes dreams I’ve had in the past where Freemasonry was part of what was going on.

So this time I was guided to drive down this road and while I was looking for a parking spot a car was literally just pulling out as I was approaching and it was the spot directly in front of Prescott’s original Masonic Temple:

The number 10 manifested once again when I went to get coffee the other morning to Circle K and the woman scanned a rewards card and offered it to me. This had the number 10 on it:

Also found a dime the other day after opening the door to the backseat, and today happens to be the 10th of November. So whatever this happens to mean is not understood by me but perhaps the meaning will become soon eventually. Perhaps it is a way for others to realize the divinity of the Universe and that the Higher Ups are real and they can work miracles in people’s lives.

Another interesting thing that happens is appearance of Cobra symbols and this has so far precluded blog updates by Cobra. So now when I see something with the name Cobra or anything resembling a Cobra there might be a blog post coming up.

This morning I was walking out of somewhere when I noticed a Cobra snake on a man’s sweatshirt so I thought perhaps we might have an update at some point soon. I don’t know if this will happen for sure of course.

Some might enjoy this video which contains some very sacred knowledge for ‘those who have eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love.

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