Age of Aquarius Promo Video Synchronicities, Goddess/Divine Feminine Synchronicities, Gaia Portal Synchronicity & More

I was guided to go right to Starbucks this morning not long after waking up and begin working on the promo video for the Age of Aquarius Final Activation Meditation coming up on December 21st.

There were some pretty amazing synchronicities which manifested from this video which I believe the Goddess/Divine Feminine was involved with helping me make it. Although interestingly a couple of nights ago I went to the store and noticed an out of place bottle of ranch which had Green Goddess on it:

In this video I included using the symbols for the Divine Feminine and Masculine for the scene transitions. The upside down pink triangle is one of the symbols for the Divine Feminine which was used by Nazis to identify gay men during their Satanic Mass Sacrifice during that time (Nazis were very big into the occult and esoteric knowledge). As a gay man myself I do feel a more feminine presence with me. A few times I’ve had a passing thought that gay men are Goddesses in disguise!

6 upside down triangles were used as a marker by a High Priestess in the British TV show ‘Merlin’ (666 originally being a Goddess number):

From ‘Merlin’ Season 5 Episode 10
From ‘Merlin’ Season 5 Episode 10

One of the symbols for the Divine Masculine is the right side up blue triangle:

Interestingly the time the video may have finished uploading (based on the time of the notification of a copyright claim on the video which is generated when the video finishes uploading) was 9:38 AM.

And when I went to see if there was any connection to the number 938 in Strong’s Concordance I found that the word assigned to this number is ‘basilissa‘ which translates as ‘Queen’. So perhaps one could draw a comparison to the idea of a Queen and Goddess since they are both feminine.

Additionally as amazing, if we plug the number 938 into Pi we see it takes position 122:

And if you can believe this, the gematria value of the words on the ranch bottle ‘Green Goddess’ is 122:

This includes that there are 12 letters and 2 words so here we see 122 appear again. |

Another synchronicity is the magic number 410 appearing as the time the newest Gaia Portal message was created:

I got the e-mail notification of the copyright claim for the promo video 28 minutes after the Gaia Portal Message e-mail notification:

If we plug 28 into Pi we see it takes position 33 which is how many years Jesus allegedly lived so perhaps this is another Jesus synchronicity.

Interestingly I’ve been seeing the word ‘Magic’ a lot more frequently lately. This includes brand names or advertisements or anything else. I’m not sure why this is so but perhaps it is the beginning of a synchronicity of some kind.

The Zebra print synchronicity struck again in the form of an upside down umbrella at the store on November 14th:

Anyone care to take a guess as whose idea this was??

This is everything for now, much love all!

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