The Synchronicity Series

Due to the amount of synchronicity posts I have been guided to write I will be including them in their own list here at this time. Some of them may sound unbelievable but it is my intention to provide the truth as often as possible without distortion or negativity. I hope those who feel guided to see these will enjoy them. The following reports are listed by date with the most recent being at the top.


Biblical Tarantula Dream/Spider Spirit Animal

Huge Synchronicity Report (Visit to the Freemason’s Lodge)

Prophetic Messages in the Mail?

Strong Freemason/Agartha Related Synchronicities/Dreams

Short Synchronicity Report

Personal/Jesus/Cobra/General Synchronicity Report

Personal/Jesus Synchronicities

Jesus/Ra Synchronicities Everywhere

The Mozart Synchronicities

Blue Sphere Synchronicities

Cobra Code 504 Synchronicities

Jesus and Personal Synchronicities, More Bible Verses Appearing

Personal, Jesus, The Matrix Mayan Calendar Synchronicities

Personal, The Matrix, Ra, Star Trek, Jesus and Other Synchronicities Report

Some Blue Avian Synchronicities

Some Q Synchronicities

A Quick Update on the Jesus Synchronicities

The Jesus Synchronicities March On

The Initiation/The Matrix Synchronicities

Prophecy Synchronicities

Big Jesus and Personal Synchronicities Report

More Synchronicities and Gematria Related to Ra

More Jesus Synchronicities/Pleiadian Initiation Dream

More Pi Day/Countdown/Personal/Jesus Synchronicities

More Jesus Synchronicities

The Jesus Synchronicities Continue

Major Synchronicity Report

The 11:11 Synchronicities

The Synchronicities Continue

The Stargate Synchronicities

The Star Trek Synchronicities

The Day of Love: Synchronicity Report

Major Synchronicity Report

More Fun With Numbers, Other Synchronicities

The Seraphim Synchronicities

Epic Synchronicity Report

The Jesus Synchronicities

Another Epic Synchronicity Report

Amazing Synchronicity Report

Epic Synchronicity Report

My Entire Life is a Synchronicity

Synchronistic Native American Contact

The Wolf Synchronicity