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More Disclosure in Television Shows

What would be the best way to convey a secret or idea to the mass population in our current paradigm without freaking them out after sharing it? Why, you change a few details and disguise it as entertainment! Here is … Continue reading

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Situation Update from Cobra and Intel Update From Corey Goode!

Hope everyone is doing well! Cobra has just posted an update on his blog which I will post below. Corey Goode has also posted an intel update of his own on his blog which is too long to post in … Continue reading

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My Life as a Vegan and How You Can Become One!

I realize this article is going to hit some nerves, and since i’ve been doing that my entire life as an LGBT person, i’m prepared for the slack I will get after publishing this. Being a vegan is not easy. … Continue reading

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New Interview with Cobra and the PrepareForChange Team, Video Update from David Wilcock and Corey Goode!

Hey everyone hope you are all doing well! The Prepare For Change team has completed an interview with Cobra for the month of July. They touched on a lot of good points in the geopolitical sphere. Here are some highlights: … Continue reading

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