I have resisted this part of this whole blog/YouTube/MeetUp group accounts I started as a part of my awakening. I am fortunate enough to have a full-time job but this only allows me so much money to do the things I wish to do to be in service-to-others. Ultimately I’d love to quit and just do this full-time because it helps others and I’m sure it helps to have another voice and perspective on this whole process we are going through.

Most of my spare money goes towards making and gifting Orgonite (I’ve made hundreds of pieces and spent thousands on supplies), buying supplies for homeless folks and other various ways of giving back what the Universe has given to me. I am learning to accept abundance and to be okay with others sharing with me in various ways.

Anything that is donated to me will go back to humanity in some shape or form and I would be grateful for any penny. Much love and victory of the light!

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