Speaking at Prescott Valley Town Council Meeting and Talking About The Event, Liberation & More!

For those who are interested I was very spontaneously guided to speak at the Prescott Valley Town Council Meeting on November 10th.

For a few days before this I kept getting ‘speech’ in my mind’s eye along with ‘410’ which I believe was referencing the room number that the town did certain meetings in so I interpreted this as having to do with a speech and the Town Council.

I got a ride to the library where the laptop and hotspot was available for checkout which was great. It was around 3 PM or so when we got there and that’s when I started putting the pieces together; what the Divine had planned for me that day.

I looked up the info on the Town website and saw they were having a meeting that day, November 10th. I thought, oh okay, so maybe I’ll catch the next one which is December 8th.

Then I learned what time the meeting was going to take place, which was in about 2 hours and it would be taking place in the library where I was.

I told the Higher Ups that Town Council wasn’t going to let me say those things here and I got ‘will allow’ in my mind’s eye. I guess the worst thing that could have happened would be that they stop me, which they didn’t.

If anyone feels guided to share a donation I will leave the links below:



Here is the original source where I got the above clip from:

And here is the link which shows the people who were in attendance:


Thank you very much for your time and attention and Victory of the Light!

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