Prophetic Cobra Info Comes True, Dreams, Solar Flare Synchronicity, Jesus Dreams, Valiant Thor Synchronicity, George Washington Synchronicity & More

For those are interested there are some more interesting dreams and synchronicities happening which will be shared here along with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment.

The due date for this laptop and hotspot was October 11th and when I returned it on that day I asked to put a hold on the next available laptop/hotspot so I could have it again as soon as it became available. Amazingly, when the librarian went to put my name in the list it triggered in their system as being ready to checkout. I was confused but it turns out the hold I just asked them to put on a laptop/hotspot had somehow become available at that moment so I just took them right back.

The first is an interesting dream about seeing some gold wires that were being prepared to be installed in my mouth. They would be made from gold bars and I was worried about the pain from the drill they would use:

October 12th, 2022 1:31 PM

Trying to recall strange dream where there was bags of red liquid and blue liquid wire IV lines I think going here and there.

I don’t know if this was blood or some kind of drink but they looked like IV bags and they weren’t full. I think they were drained to a degree.

I think the next part is part of the same dream but I remember these pieces of gold were being prepared to be put into my mouth.

They were shaping them and modifying them and I saw they were bars and wire. They were small.

I remember thinking about how painful this was going to be be to install them because they were going to use a drill I think.

I was really worried about the pain but I think I woke up before they started to put them into my mouth. I think it was a woman who was going to do it.

I think this dream has come true over the past couple of days because the Higher Ups have been keeping me awake and urgently getting me to look into the information they are providing. The pain might be not being allowed to sleep in order to do this work. It is now 3:12 AM here and I have been guided to start this article ASAP. When this is all said and done there might be an unpleasant conversation about forcing me to do this and that with whomever is involved in this.

On October 12th I was guided to season 4 episode 10 of the British sci-fi show ‘Merlin’. The title of the episode is ‘A Herald of a New Age‘ (clicking the title will lead you to the episode for free). I also got the word ‘sun’ and the number 545:

83 minutes later we had an M-Class flare at 5:19 PM Arizona Time:

I was guided to include the number 545 in the email and the Higher Ups had me multiply those digits together and this equals 100:

We know April 10th is the 100th day of the year so the season/episode number 4/10 goes along with this very well:

I felt like I was dying again and decided to document it:

I’ve learned that the new King, Charles the Third, is a ‘heartbeat’ away from dying’ which could happen at any moment. I’m not sure if these things are connected but they were connected to the Queen but if the King dies it won’t be a big surprise.

On October 12th in the evening I got a physical sensation along with ‘M-Class’ and ‘huge’ in my mind’s eye. The energy was big and intense:

A couple of hours after the above e-mail I think I got in my mind’s eye that an important dream might be coming up, if I remember correctly:

The day before the upcoming M-Class flare I had a seemingly important dream regarding Jesus:

October 13th, 2022 6:45 AM

Details fading quickly. Dream that didn’t seem like a dream about or connected to Jesus.

I saw myself illuminated around the outline of my body but I was looking at this and it looked like a small figurine.

It was a golden light surrounding myself but couldn’t see the rest of myself within the outline.

Details slipped away, don’t remember much else. I thought about how it reminded me of the John Doe from Star Trek who Ascends.

A couple of days later after the M-Class e-mail on October 14th, we had a long-duration (huge) M-Class flare at 2:44 AM Arizona Time:

The next few things seem to be connected to Cobra’s most recent post about Spider-man which was published October 13th. The title translates to ‘Spider-man’ and the name of the song is ‘They Killed Spider-man’:

About four hours before Cobra’s post I got words and visuals again and this time they were of Benjamin Franklin and Aretha Franklin which seemed so random:

I had somehow ‘accidentally’ sent it with the words in the title instead of the body of the e-mail and in retrospect this is probably not an accident. I sent it at 7:20 AM and then Cobra published the Spider-man post at 11:49 AM, more than 4 hours later.

Spider-man AKA Peter Parker’s uncle’s name is Benjamin Franklin Parker and we know Aretha Franklin is a great singer. I accidentally sent the e-mail to myself as the title/subject and this seems to be prophetic as Cobra posted a Spider-man (Benjamin Franklin Parker’s nephew, Peter Parker) music video (Aretha Franklin since she is a singer). Since members of the Chimera Group are arachnid beings incarnated into human bodies hiding among the surface hostages to protect themselves, maybe this means one or more of them is dead. This is just speculation, though.

I would add here that the run time of the above song has a few variations but one of them is 4:10 (album version):

And now an interesting story about Divine Timing which happened the other night:

October 14th, 2022 10:35 PM

So I was waiting on someone to come over and just before 10 PM I got ‘soda’ in my mind’s eye which meant I should go to the store and get some.

This was confusing of course but the Higher Ups have done this before although I didn’t think of it like that this time.

So I leave and start walking to the store and I got ‘healthy soda’ in my mind’s eye which meant I should cross the street and go to another store.

 I am walking up the road and got to the beginning of the plaza when I saw a vehicle pull in and pull over. The gentleman got out and looked like he was looking for something.

I asked him if he had lost something and he said he left his phone on top of his vehicle and drove off so it must have fallen off some ways back. 

I suggested that I could go back and look and he said it was a ways and I asked him if I could get a number to contact him as I would look for it on my way back home.

He said that was fine and he mentioned that it was like 100 meters back and I suggested that I should just go look for it now since we are all here. He agreed and I looked on the road.

I didn’t have my phone and I was depending on the moonlight and cars driving by to illuminate the road so I could see if there was a phone there.

Eventually I saw something blinking on the road and ran over to get it. It was the gentleman’s phone and it was in bad shape.

The case and glass cover didn’t save it but the SIM card was probably good. I returned it to him and he seemed surprised that it was found. He said he had a lot of numbers on there so it was good that it was found.

He offered me a nug of very potent weed which I accepted because I can give it to someone I know who will smoke it.

It’s funny, I left the stove on the lowest setting because I was making the same soup as the last time this happened at the last place I lived!

Amazingly I made it to the store with a little bit of time to spare:

I took this photo with a better camera (new phone).

Another quick manifestation story here, pun intended. I have been needing shoes very badly as the ones I had were giving me sores on the back of my feet. They were put to very good use for a while and I kept saying out loud I need to get new shoes over and over again for a couple of days. The second day or so (October 8th) when I was saying this I got a text from my neighbor asking if I wanted to go to Goodwill with them and I was so amazed because that’s where I’d go to get shoes and I got a pair there which are great:

On October 15th I got a vision on my mind’s eye where I was rising up past the clouds very quickly:

Strangely, on October 16th, I had a dream or two about film director, producer, screenwriter and actor, Martin Scorsese:

He directed the movie ‘The Last Temptation of Christ‘ in 1988, among many others. It’s basically about the time before he gets crucified (allegedly). I don’t know for sure if this was what was intended to be found.

I had gotten some words in my mind’s eye one day recently which I ended up deleting but I am being guided to include some of what I had found when looking into it. It was about Valiant Thor. I wasn’t going to include the picture but I got in my mind’s eye that I should include one and I also got ‘handsome’ for some reason which he definitely is and maybe this was some kind of moment of fun/humor:

An alleged photo of Valiant Thor.

Valiant Thor is a benevolent extraterrestrial being that came to Earth and had access to the Pentagon for a few years and met with Dr. Frank Stranges. This was during the Eisenhower administration. Dr. Stranges wrote a book about him titled ‘Stranger at the Pentagon‘ which has also been made into a 24-minute film which you can rent for $5. I would highly recommend it for what it’s worth:

Interestingly, Martin Scorsese’s birthday is November 17th, 1942 and Dr. Frank Stranges died on November 17th, 2008. The amount of time between these two years is 66.

If we follow this number and plug it into the Pi calculator we see it takes position 117:

And we know that the meaning of the number 117 on the Angels Numbers website was published at 4:10 PM:

[Adding this next part after 1 AM on October 20th.]:

This is amazing. The Higher Ups have been strangely urging me to research more on the internet and so I decided to look more into Valiant Thor because I was getting his name in my mind’s eye. The importance of this was very high and I didn’t understand until I stumbled upon a PDF copy of Dr. Frank Stranges’ book about Valiant Thor, ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’.

This is going to sound very silly but when I found the PDF I felt a huge wave of happiness and disbelief because I had found a book I have been wanting to read but didn’t really look for it in the PDF form. It was actually an unusual rush of joy and tears of happiness which told me this was something important. I just thought “oh my gosh, I get to have the whole book?” And this is how you know someone is really a nerd; when they cry over getting a hold of a book…

After reading more of the book I think I found a reason for the emotional rush on page 53:

“..It is amazing to watch the faces and reactions of people when these Angelic beings come into the presence of Earthlings. Some will feel a strange sensation throughout their bodies, some will giggle and not know why, some will become very emotional, perhaps tears will well up in their eyes. Others still will be totally unaware that there is someone present who is not of this world…”

I got to page 66 and knew immediately this was what was intended to be found. On page 66 of Stranger at the Pentagon was a black and white photo of the Eiffel Tower whose base measurements are 410 feet on each side and some saucers making a visit:

So the dream of Martin Scorsese led to the 66 years between himself and Dr. Frank Stranges who share a common date in birth and death, which led to 117 (these are the digits of their birth/death dates) and then to the magic 410. And it wouldn’t have happened (or it would be extremely unlikely) that this would have happened without Divine help.

In the book I am learning that Valiant Thor was very interested in Christianity and spoke highly of Jesus. As you will read below, Valiant Thor says Jesus is the Alpha and Omega and now that I’m thinking more about it, the common birth and death date of Martin (born November 17th) and Frank (died November 17th) might be an example of exactly that.

(Stranger at the Pentagon)

“…Vai does not minimize the fact that Jesus Christ is the first and the last, the alpha and the omega, and the beginning and the end…

…In answer to my question of what he thought of Jesus Christ, he said, “I know that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega of yours and everyone else’s faith. He today has assumed His rightful position as the ruler of the universe and is preparing a place and a time for all who are called by His Name to ascend far above the clouds to where His Power and Authority shall never again be disputed.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the wonder of wonders and changes not. No, not forever and forever…

…Within a brief time, The Master [based on the context I think The Master is Jesus or perhaps the Source] announced a special RING OF FIRE ceremony that was to be performed by Vai and others BEFORE they would set foot on the planet Earth. This RING OF FIRE would protect him and all the others permitted to serve with him. Their mission was under the DIRECT guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ and remains so to this day…”

I think the main point here is to help validate that this Jesus thing is real, as is Valiant Thor.

[End of additional information.]

Eventually I found a radio interview with someone regarding Thor and this was published on April 10th, 4/10:

I was recently guided to the movie ‘Prodigy’ which is about a boy who predicts future events and is hunted down by various people with varying agendas. His estranged father goes to see him and ultimately ends up on the run with the boy and a third prophetic message was expected of him at some point. Long story short, the message is one we’ve heard so many times and was pretty much common sense, people who will listen need to be more loving to one another. The ending isn’t great but I will include the link here to watch it for free if you want.

A couple of scenes really hit home because the boy saw these vision/abilities as a curse and didn’t want them. I remember telling the Higher Ups I do not want to know what’s going to happen before it happens because to be honest seeing the future is not what I would have expected. It might sound nice on paper and in theory but the reality is that it’s a pain in the behind and it doesn’t turn off. But apparently this is one of the abilities you get when you are on the Ascension path.

And finally I got a specific melody in my head and after a lot of searching I learned it’s an American March by John Philip Sousa titled ‘The Thunderer’:

It is unknown exactly who the Thunderer is but one website speculates that it was definitely a Mason, as John was initiated into the fraternity and dedicated the song to the Knights Templar in Washington D.C.:


“Other than the fact that Sousa’s “thunderer” was undoubtedly a Mason, his identity may never be revealed. “The Thunderer” march was dedicated to Columbia Commandery No. 2, Knights Templar, of Washington, D.C., and it was composed on the occasion of the Twenty-fourth Triennial Conclave of the Grand Encampment. The conclave was held in October 1889 and was sponsored by Columbia Commandery No. 2. Sousa had been “knighted” in that organization three years earlier. “The Thunderer” was Mrs. John Philip Sousa’s favorite march…”

[Adding this next part later in the day in evening]:

After going to the store not long ago I believe the Divine Timing really showed itself. I was going to go to the pharmacy and pick up some meds to make me sleep but the more I walked in that direction the more I got ‘failure’ in my mind’s eye. When I decided to walk back towards the store I got ‘congratulations’ and also saw this word strongly after leaving home. So I abandoned my plan to go to the pharmacy and went to the store. I picked out some things and the Higher Ups helped. I went over my budget when I checked out and had to put something back. After all was said and done I got transaction number 1027:

I took this photo with a better camera (new phone).

I got the song ‘The Thunderer’ which was published on this blog early this morning and the word assigned to the number 1027 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘bronté‘ which is Greek for ‘thunder’.

I would add here also that the song I was guided to include at the bottom of this article was ‘How Great Art Thou’ which has lyrics which use the word ‘thunder’:

“Oh Lord, my God
When I, in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder…”

[End of additional information.]

[Adding this next part on October 26th]:

It seems the ‘thunder’ synchronicities were prophetic in that they happened a little more than a week before Russia notified the US about its annual ‘Grom’ (Thunder in English) military exercise per a press briefing on October 25th:


“…Q:  Hey, thank you ads, there been any notification for the Russians? About the Grom exercises?

GEN. RYDER:  Yes, the U.S. was notified. And as we’ve highlighted before, this is a routine annual exercise by Russia…”

[End of additional information.]

I was guided to look more into George Washington and found out that one of the first memorials for him was done on April 10th, 1880. He died December 14th the year before:


“..W.S. Baker’s standard reference, The Engraved Portraits of Washington (1880), number 389, notes a London imprint for Roberts’ engraving dated April 10, 1800. It describes the print as “Rare.”…”

Very interestingly, the highest elevation in D.C. is 410 feet above sea level:


“…The highest point in the District of Columbia is 410 feet (125 m) above sea level at Reno Reservoir in Tenleytown…”

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

I was strongly guided to include the following song:

PS This entire time the Higher Ups have been communicating that Diving Timing has been at play here and the time I ended up publishing this article was 5:47 AM:

547 is the 101st prime number, interestingly, and we know Neo’s apartment number in the first Matrix movie is 101:

With the magic 410 appearing at the end of the first movie directly to the right of the words ‘system failure’:

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