My Dream Journal

It has been suggested to me before by various people that I publish my dreams. I know what you’re thinking. Why should I care about this random person’s dreams? Who is he and why are his dreams of importance? Well that’s up to you to decide. I can tell you I’ve had some crazy experiences on the Astral Plane. I’ve met extraterrestrials, been aboard space ships, been to other planets, conducted experiments for the military, went on missions of exploration, gathered information on past lives, received future information and experienced things that have totally changed my life in 3rd Density.

I wrote an article that went into detail about some of these dreams. I included photos that were as close as possible to what I saw and experienced. The experiences i’ve had has risen exponentially since my awakening. I have no doubt now that I ‘have to believe it to see it’. The more I believe these things are possible, the more they are presented to me.

My Astral experiences go into four possible categories:

  • Past Life Memories (Not 100% Confirm-able)
  • Regular Life on the Astral Plane (Doing Regular Things Like Hanging Out W/ Friends and Family)
  • Future Information
  • Subconscious Messages

I will be categorizing these as I go. I have written down many dreams on my iPhone/iPad so it may take a while to get everything up here.

  • September 14th, 2017 (Regular Life) (Contact with Dolores Cannon)

Had a wonderful meal and talk with Dolores Cannon. We ate in a library. We discussed how people were giving her credit for ascended abilities they already had. Her and I both had ascended abilities there. We had a traditional meal with meat and mashed potatoes and it didn’t bother me. After a while we got tired of eating and I recommended she go outside as it was beautiful out there.

I also saw that my videos become more popular. People were asking about them and wanting to see more of them.

  • October 13th, 2017 (Regular Life) (ET Contact with Elephant Beings)

Later on a friend and I were in this small town and we were watching all of these volcanoes erupt. There were like 5-6 going off at the same time.

Then we saw elephant-headed people across the way, I was amazed that they were making themselves public. They felt very benevolent. They didn’t speak but we got to meet with them up close.

They were our height and very calm. We were trying to explain things to them and where to find healthy food for them to eat. I was trying not to cuss in front of them so they wouldn’t learn these words.

They never said a word but just remained as we talked to them. Their skin color was a dark navy blue/gray. And I don’t remember much about their trunks. I don’t think they were very long. (Perhaps they were telepathic?)

I remember explaining to some of the people that they are people like you and me, beings that feel and have experiences in their daily life. They just have a different body, just like I was in a woman’s body for this dream.

They are beautiful people and I hope to meet them again. And being an older woman was great! Also we saw a list of people who had died in the volcano eruptions. The numbers were in the 10s and 20s.

  • October 10th, 2017 (Regular Life) (Underground Cave Meeting with Saint Germain)

Dream 1) This meeting occurred just recently and was incredibly exciting. I saw what I believe to be the story of Die Zauberflöte or something similar being completely played out in a massive massive massive underground location with Saint Germain. I can’t describe with words the size of this underground city. I looked up and was seriously blown away.

I don’t remember what was said between us but I knew he was there. I recall seeing a small group of people in the white robes, like from Mozart’s opera that I mentioned before.

Dream 2) Another dream I had, which I am still trying to figure out, is one about a possible astrological alignment that I saw in the sky. I looked up and saw a big massive Saturn-shaped cloud and two scorpion clouds next to it. Then after a short time I noticed a beautiful view of space filled with bright stars with rainbow hues across it. It was beautiful!

I thought, okay, I don’t know that much about Astrology, it’s over my head, what could a Saturn and two scorpions next to each other indicate? Scorpio in Saturn? I didn’t come up with much. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could chime in if they felt guided.

  • October 7th, 2017 (Regular Life) (Bible Verse Given, Negative Mantis Being)

Dream 1) One of the first of the strange dreams was a bible verse I saw when I looked down to my left. It read John 4:4 – 4:10. 4/10 is my birthday and Jonathan is my name so I thought the correlation was interesting. Now as many of you already know I am not very religious and haven’t studied the bible or any religious text in-depth. It is interesting that this message was given to me via the Christian bible and not any other of the many religions around the world

Dream 2) The second dream involved a negative experience with a mantis being (praying mantis for those who aren’t familiar with them). I was walking outside and saw the being some feet away from me to my left and I immediately felt a negative presence from them. This is everything I remember about the experience.

  • September 13th, 2017 (Regular Life) (ET Contact)

I had a dream that I don’t really remember much of now where I had a wonderful contact with these extremely benevolent Ant beings. I have had contact with them before, but the encounter was neutral. I don’t know if these were the same beings but the experience was so positive and incredible. I was hanging out with many of them.

  • September 11th, 2017 (Regular Life) (ET Contact)

Dream 1) I remember hanging out with these beautiful dark-skinned African beings. They were all female. They spoke a language I’ve never heard before. It was like an African type of language but different. We explored the city.

We experienced some danger when trying to get gas. Someone didn’t like the way they looked and pulled a gun on us. The situation resolved itself. I recall us being in a hotel where we seemed to be waiting for something. They attire was different looking.

Dream 2) I also recall spending time with an older Hispanic looking woman who was form another world. She was so kind and interesting. I could feel that she was from somewhere else Her presence was enlightening. She reminded me of someone I used to work with.

I also recall being shown a scene where people materialized in a field somewhere. I am unsure of where. I was trying to show her how to remove and apply content lenses. It didn’t go well and I lost sight in my right eye. I was told it was from a pressure flu or something. I saw this as text.

In any case I got my sight back shortly after that. I believe the woman and I spent time together. It felt like I was hanging out with these people for days.

  • July 30th, 2017 (Regular Life) (Archon/Non-Physical Dream Manipulation and Attack)

Dream 1) I recall parts of the first dream playing out where I was traveling around town at night and I ended up in a restaurant where the people there ended up staring at me and walking towards me at the same time like zombies. Something kept trying to get me to eat poorly; oreos, chicken strips and trying to get me to take some kind of ‘bait’.

I recall stating “I manifest love to you” a few times at a man who was right in front of me. He didn’t like that but he backed off. I felt like I was battling off an attack energetically. I then tried to get away from the restaurant and went to a bus stop. I saw a the regular bus pull up and then another one that superimposed itself on the regular bus to trick me into boarding that one.

I had my driver’s license in my pocket and was prepared to give it to one of the people standing next to me in case I never came back. I woke up from this dream finally and I was so scared. An important piece of information came to me when I was in the restaurant. I remember thinking “they must be so near defeat because they are putting so much into this attack/nightmare/manipulation/threat“.

Dream 2) The second dream involved me being at my apartment. I was at a neighbor’s apartment first and then I came home. I went into my room and came out a little while later and everything in my apartment was gone. Everything. My laptop, my furniture, all of it. And it felt so real. There was a guy that climbed the wall of my patio and was hanging out on my patio. I told him to go away. I woke up from this dream thinking that this really happened. Then I fell asleep again.

Dream 3) I remember trying to write everything that I experienced down on my blog and I was being blocked and things were being deleted and I was experiencing so much difficulty. It was a series of three really effed up dreams that were obviously a massive attack on me.

  • July 5th, 2017 (SC Messages) (Meeting the One/All)

Had a very interesting yet stressful dream about reintegration with the One. Every time I would try and go to it I would integrate with it and then I would come back out of it. I saw the Universe as one being, one single mind. I saw it as a dark human shaped silhouette. And the 432Hz frequency was a big part of it. I kept seeing that a lot.

  • July 4th, 2017 (Future Information) (Disclosure of ETs Through MSM)

Had a dream that Jimmy Church was on the MSM narrating this disclosure piece. They talked about ETs and other space faring endeavors that they were embarking on. There was a lot of footage of space. There was a planet with a blue butterfly logo on it. They were seriously getting everyone ready for a big disclosure. It was amazing I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

  • July 1st, 2017 (Future Information) (Disclosure of Technology/Becoming Well-Known)

I was part of a group of people who were just discovering that our government in massive numbers was traversing the solar system, experimenting with the most incredible technology possible and witnessing stellar events and natural phenomenon that puts Star Trek to shame.

A woman announced to us that our solar system in a very busy place. They showed us footage of incredible multi-colored geometric patterns on the surface of one of the large planets, Jupiter I think.

I became enraged I couldn’t help but get mad at the fact that this has been going on under our nose this whole time. I noticed that one of my articles was published by the MSM. It was the ‘Secret Space Program You Are Breaking Your Back to Pay For’. I had a dream recently that basically showed me that I would be well-known and famous for the work I have been doing here. Is this another possible confirmation? We will see.

They went on to say that they used deception for money in their budget and other ways of hiding what they were doing. Our solar system is an incredible place and if even a little bit of what I saw was real then we are in for an epic revealing.

Interestingly, the images I saw were in a Hollywood movie type of format. I was very in a drama/comedy film which was showing us how everything worked and how it has been going on for a long time. There were jokes and punchlines and everything a movie would need to be view-able. This dream makes me excited for the neat future.

  • June 25th, 2017 (Future Information) (Becoming Well-Known Soon)

Had a very long up and down dream emotionally. I recall being at a house, a nice house, and the President had just died somehow. The Vice President had assumed power and he was an evil evil man. He was in the living room when he pulled out a gun, a musket looking gun and threatened to kill people. It was night time and it appeared to be a party of some kind we were at.

He shoots his first victim. My friend *****. At first I didn’t realize what happened. Either from shock or terror I didn’t catch on until moments after she’s on the ground. A bunch of us men were in the kitchen. I said to them quietly while running towards the living room ‘let’s rush him, let’s rush him’. So we did and he tried to shoot me but he missed and we took him down.

We were scared for our lives because we know this man had connections to very bad people and we thought the bad people would come for us. But they didn’t. I tended to ***** who was almost dead. She was bleeding profusely. She was still alive though and shied away from me when I tried to help her. I felt bad, but I did what I could. It didn’t feel like enough.

I then found myself walking through a mall-type setting and I realized there were a bunch of people looking at me. I was surprised and confused. They found out about my idea to rush the VP and take him down. I remember thinking about the huge shift in power that occurred that day, in those moments.

These people thought I was a hero and now it appeared I was famous. I began walking around and the first thing I saw was a kiosk that was selling food. I grabbed some nutter butters and several people offered to pay for it. I refused and gave the cashier my badge to scan to pay, which is how we do it at the hospital.

I was uncomfortable with all of this attention but I understood why it was happening. The world was a free place because of those few moments at the house. This is all I remember. I woke up at 4:10 to document this dream, which is my birthday, April 10th.

  • June 3rd, 2017 (Regular Life) (Organic Matter) (Trump Briefed on Top Secret Info)

Dream 1) So I had a dream where I was shown organic matter that was alive but could be shaped into anything. One of my friends decided to prank one of our other friends and turn it into a small device. When the unsuspecting friend went to use it he found it started moving and was very surprised!

This matter was conscious, biological and could be used to form anything, including electronics, at least that’s what I gather. It was beige in color and was very happy to play along. It was like living putty.

Dream 2) I also recall Trump being briefed on something important and top secret in a parking garage. There were a lot people there.

  • June 2nd, 2017 (Regular Life/Future Event) (Disclosure Episode of Simpsons)

I dreamt that I was in an apartment with my family and an episode of the Simpsons came on. They started doing disclosure. They featured a scene where our moon started rotating. You could see the very bright parts on the northern part of it and just below the equator.

It was rotating clockwise. Then I saw a blue and red dot of light appear in the middle of it several times. It was amazing. I took out my camera and recorded it. I put it on YouTube and wrote an article about it. Then the light dimmed and the episode continued on.

But I was so happy I got the footage. I woke up only to realize I hadn’t actually recorded anything in this reality. Bummer! The government then came up with a plan to make everyone feel like they hadn’t seen anything. I remember eating a bagel.

  • April 21st, 2017 (Past Life/Regular Life) (Being the Captain of a Starship)

This dream was very interesting because I recall being the captain of a large starship. I had a second in command at my side and we traversed the Cosmos looking to help people whenever we could. I remember feeling like that was my place and what I was supposed to do. I was very good at it. I don’t remember much else other than that.

  • April 16th, 2017 (Regular Life) (Mass Produced Space Craft for Public Distribution/Advanced Assassination Weapon)

Dream 1) Had dream here space craft have been or are currently being made for people to obtain, along with free energy devices. The ships looked like they would be transportation for at least 2 people. We were working in a huge manufacturing facility. We were testing food safety and logistics of how to distribute them and how to introduce them to the public.

It almost seemed old as I’m sure this has already been going on. I remember saying to myself, is this really happening? Yes another worker told me. There were issues, like food storage and energy requirements and space needed to complete construction of the vehicles. There were 5-6 designated spaces that were used to experiment with the various aspects of this operation, as I mentioned above.

There were as least a dozen workers there all working as hard as they could to get this done. Each ship doesn’t take that long to make. They look like the Jetson’s craft, the family-sized one. I woke up at a synchronistic time on the clock.

Dream 2) I had a dream where I recall being with a partner who was spending the night with a gathering of people int he middle of no where. This home and place was owned by the Rothchilds. I remember everyone suddenly going to sleep outside on the ground during this movie we were watching.

Then I recall another dream I had where I saw someone who was strangled to death with no weapon found at the scene. Turns out the assassination was carried out with intelligent beer bottle caps. They just sit on the ground and wait for the target to fall asleep. Then they slowly coalesce and quickly wrap around the person’s neck and tighten to strangle them. I’m not sure what happens to them afterwards but this is apparently something that has been used before.

  • March 21st, 2017 (Regular Life) (Underground City Exploration)

So I had a dream last night where I was with a group of people I knew here on the physical plane and we were exploring these underground sights and places on a small train which used an older type of rail system. I’m not how it was powered but it was sort of like an Indiana Jones-type of set up. The underground area we were in was absolutely HUGE. Just the height from the ground to the top of the cavern was mind-blowing.

Everything was brown like you would expect an underground area to be, it hadn’t been totally developed yet. But there were buildings and other architecture down there that were part of a tour that we participated in. It was beautiful. We were down there for quite a while and we did enjoy the sights very much. Where ever that place is I would like to visit again.

  • March 19th, 2017 (Regular Life) (ET Contact)

So last night I dreamt about a contact experience with a reptilian being I’ve never seen before. They appeared to be like a big green fluffy marshmallow. They were benevolent and so kind, their energy was incredibly pleasant to be around. We interacted and touched each other’s hands.

I felt their hands and they were okay with this. The being was smiling very big and giving off a lot of love energy. I don’t recall a name but we hung out for a while. I feel like I made a new friend. I also recall telling some other human friends that if you want to make contact you must specify the kind you want, otherwise you will be inviting anyone from every neighborhood, good or bad.

  • February 27th, 2017 (Regular Life) (Tiger Humanoid Being Contact)

So last night I had a dream about being in this dark dreary house and while I don’t recall much of it, as it was unpleasant, I do remember there being a tiger-headed man there in dark clothing but he was illuminated. I think he was there to protect me. There were definitely some other extra-terrestrial beings there because I felt they were there. But I remember looking up at him and he was glowing and standing out from the rest of the darkness in the room.

  • February 25th, 2017 (Regular Life) (Atlantic Ruins Tour)

Had a very exciting dream about exploring underground touristic ruins of Atlantis. Not sure if Antarctica was part of it but it was mostly underground. It was beautiful. Symbols were flying around at us, mostly that swirl one from the Disney movie. I was with a group of co-workers and family. Technology would just turn on when we entered a room and it was the Atlantian technology that was already there, we just built it into a tourist trap lol.

It was incredible to see and experience though, lots of blue, beauty and mystery. I was trying to create two videos which I shot successfully and I felt like they were very important. Also I recall trying to take a picture or two with my camera. I guess photography and video were permitted. Almost seemed like a birthday party. It seemed pretty mainstream.

  • February 6th, 2017 (Unable to Categorize This One) (Doctor Who Synchronicity)

This is going to sound crazy. I had a dream where I am the result of events I did in the past. I remember being in Arizona I think and I had seen this huge explosion on the highway. There was concrete and rubble everywhere. I remember being evacuated and remembering that everything I did up to the point where the guy evacuating us pointed out me and my beard had led to this explosion happening.

It was incredible. It was a real Doctor Who moment. It made sense but then it didn’t, a paradox. I think I was trying to stop it, but perhaps it was a fixed point in time. The entire experience was so surreal. I am on day 8 of a juice fast and have been meditating a lot. Perhaps that has something to do with this. I also remember thinking of Britain and the British also. That seemed important.

  • February 4th, 2017 (Past Life Memory?) (Exo-planetary Soldier Combat)

In this dream I remember being a soldier on this planet fighting E.T.s. I recall exploring caves and dwellings. I don’t know for sure what planet we were on but it was a desert. I was on a team with various people carrying out the same mission. I remember us fighting against some E.T.s and I think we won. The battle seemed intense. I don’t remember a whole lot other than that.

  • February 3rd, 2017 (Past Life Memory/Suppressed Memory?) (Illuminati Ritual Abuse/Elite Torture of People)

Dream 1) So I just had two very disturbing dreams. I remember being in this very wealthy neighborhood and being at a round table of people outside in the front yard. It was about 7-8 people and they were discussing calling the police based on some PizzaGate stuff that was going on. They talked about it for a minute and one of them said there’s no way we can call the police now because they all participated.

One girl with dirty blond hair in a bun said well I guess that’s true. Just regular looking people talking about sacrificing someone and how to cover it up. The next thing I know I am on a table outside with them and my insides are being pulled out of me. They were pulling out my intestines and examining them. One lady held this braided thing from my abdominal area which was totally surgically cut open and exposed and explained what it did.

I was alive and conscious for the entire thing. I felt this horrific sensation in my stomach as many of my intestines were now external. I think I died after that.

Dream 2) I recall being inside this wealthy person’s house and seeing several older people sitting around playing card games and just hanging out. They looked bored or were waiting for something to start. Then I remember there being a room with dogs that I was supposed to have sex with. I also remember one of my friends going missing.

He was older, I think an adult. He just disappeared and I knew ‘they’ got him and took him. I remember seeing celebrities at these parties and get together. I saw Kramer and Jerry Seinfeld there. Kramer was taking off his shirt for something and was very excited. I knew what was going to happen.

  • January 31, 2017 (Future Information?) (Post-Disclosure World/Reptilians)

I just looked at the clock after contemplating writing this dream down for a while and saw it was 4:10 (This is my birth-date and a big synchronistic number for me). I dreamt that we were finally in a post-disclosure world. Everything was computerized but in a good benevolent way. I think we were still transitioning from the old world though. I remember knowing of reptilians who lived listening to Chopin.

They were just like regular people like you and me. I walked by this indoor parking lot and every space had its own computer. I don’t know where I was. But I was so excited! But then everything had to be put on hold. The population I was with had to pretend that this world didn’t exist and we had to go back to using money and putting gas in our vehicles. But only for a short while.

Everyone was upset. We were there and then we weren’t. This is all I remember, it was amazing though!

  • January 27th, 2017 (Regular Life/Past Life Memory?) (Exploration of Caves and Tunnels with Spacecraft and Crew)

So I had a dream about being with a team of explorers. We were visiting this planet when some wild things started to happen. There were crazy thunder storms but no rain. We entered into some tunnels and caves. The lightening was purple and very large but with no sound that I remember. We eventually stumbled into another cave or tunnel system but we could still see the surface.

At one point we discovered some very advanced technology and architecture there and it perceived us as a threat. This technology or possibly some unseen beings used a very sophisticated jamming tech to shut down our weapons, propulsion, navigation and all of our ship’s systems. I think we were invaders. It reminded me of the tech I saw in the movie Prometheus.

The color and cave system was similar. It seems like we were dealing with an AI that we activated but we weren’t certain. I believe I had small crew of 3-4 people. I remember it feeling like a T.V. show or video game.

  • January 21st, 2017 (Regular Life/Past Life Memory?) (Meeting on Astral Plane as CIA Agent)

I had a dream about working at the CIA and having to visit another agent on the Astral Plane for certain important meetings. We were working on completing a mission this way and we were successful. I don’t remember how we did it. My co-worker was in a wheelchair and I recall taking an elevator to see him. I think the elevator had to do with traveling back and forth between Densities. I’m not totally sure. My assignment was to gather intel and information about someone, a man. I don’t remember much else.

  • January 13th, 2017 (Regular Life) (E.T.Contact/Warped Space/Time after Crash)

Had a dream where I saw some E.T. friends crash and try to get us to help them with their situation.  There was a problem with the area as time and space must have warped because certain technology was required to move to various areas. There were rings that allowed the pass of time to remain the same throughout these areas. I got a ring or something else that helped with this and there was a big problem.

The other person and I would reset and forget what happened as soon as we left the field. There appeared to be a problem with the technology. So my friend and I would leave an area, forget about the situation and have to piece piece together what just happened. The situation escalated and my friend started becoming jealous and I think I started labeling things to try and get a better hand on what was happening. It was tragic. Then I woke up.

  • January 12th, 2017 (Regular Life) (Reconnaissance Mission/Telepathic Messages about The Event)

Dream 1) I had a dream that I was doing a recon mission. During my dreams I was being given telepathic memes of information about disclosure, current events, The Event, Corey Goode and other packets of information relevant to the current situation. I was also gathering information about a group of people who are distorting information about our current planetary situation.

They are a group of people who claim to be helping others figure out how the world really works and have a small blacklist of website that they are watching and attacking. They included The Event Chronicle and about 6-7 other websites that I read on one of their documents. I played along with their spiel to get as much information about them as possible.

They believed they are doing good work. I’m not sure if they are answering to someone higher than them. But I wanted to confirm with whatever sources sending me this information that it is successful and I found myself reviewing telepathically knowledge and intel that I had read about here on the physical plane.

Dream 2) Had another dream where I was living with my brothers but felt so lonely despite them being there. I went to the closet and there was a T.V. in there and one of the buttons on the front was labeled The Wolf Synchronicity. I smiled and it made me feel a little bit better.

  • January 10th, 2017 (Regular Life) (Lesson for Humanity)

So I had a dream that involved a lesson for humanity. It was very vivid and strange. I was leaving a party with friends and it was night time. I went to the parking lot to drive home and saw a bunch of ids and people down the way picking up these beautiful rocks. They were these massive tumbled colored stones. The stones were of every color; blue, red, green and so on. I admired the red one.

Something told me to tell the kids to stop taking them as there would be none left for other people to view. But right after scolding them I picked up a red stone I liked. When I went back to the truth a war veteran appeared and wouldn’t let me leave. He got up to my driver’s window and got really close to me to ensure I wouldn’t make an exit. Somehow I was able to drive off and I eventually took a few wrong turns.

The next thing I know I was observing myself in a large coat and had to sleep outside, the coat was covered in wood chips and looked very uncomfortable. Then this space ship came and transformed him/me into a person with a regular-sized head and a teeny-tiny body and put me in this jar of fluid. Then all of the sudden I was back at the exact moment and time in the parking lot before I had left. I was looking directly into my own face. I understood what I had learned.

  • January 8th, 2017 (Regular Life) (E.T. Contact/Meeting)

Dream 1) I just had a dream where I was hanging out with a few people in a resistance-type of organization. We were hanging out in our home when one of the men there said they are one deep state away from taking up arms. Then this huge rush of E.T.s walk in to our apartment in single-file form. They were short with human faces with space suits on and I could see their saucer outside hovering over a body of water, a lake perhaps.

They were benevolent and happy to see us! We were elated that this contact was finally happening, after almost giving up or going to war. There were males and females. They were so friendly and kind. It was a part at our place!

Dream 2) The second dream was of being in a hotel dining room and having this meeting with dark E.T/E.D beings. There was a red-eyed Reptilian, a dark shadow shaped like a person and a few others that I don’t remember the appearance of. There was a mutual exchange of information as I didn’t feel like I was in danger but I knew what I was dealing with.

Extra Note) When I woke up from a different less important dream than listed above I stared at the wall for a while and turned my clock around and saw it was 5:55 am.

  • January 4th, 2017 (Regular Life/Past Life Memory) (Ritual Abuse, Lucid Dream Space Exploration)

Dream 1) Had horrific dream where I was walking around this beautiful rural town. I was hanging out with this nice lady and her friend. The lady was chopping and trimming her bushes and garden. I then realized what was going to happen. I had seen this before. I looked away before she could do it, the ‘nice’ lady was happy with her friend and slit her throat with the bush trimmer.

I ran away as quickly as I could. I ran into the town and hid. I turned on the T.V. and there were pedophile versions of the cartoons I loved. I remember trying to turn off the T.V. before I left and I saw the screen change to an inverted pentagram with a slice of pizza on it and some other Luciferian symbology. I knew people were coming for me.

I knew I would be raped and addicted to drugs. I remember punching a woman in her stomach so I could run away. I then realized I was in a small town and had no where to go if I escaped. But I kept trying to find different hiding spots. Some of this I have seen before. I was quite frightened when I woke up, I thought that world would carry on into this one.

Dream 2) I had a lucid dream after the previous mentioned dream where I flew up into space the second I become lucid. I traveled around to see what was out there. I ended up seeing moons, asteroids and comets. I felt a wave of water wash over my hand at some point, which wasn’t a human hand, I had 4 long bony fingers.

I forgot the color. I crash landed on a planet, a large one. It had a city like Earth, it was polluted and unpleasant. I landed near some railroad tracks. A train came and almost hit me. I tried to me it as lifelike as possible and I made it extremely vivid at one point. The planet was in this solar system and it had digits in its name like g3c or something.

  • January 3rd, 2017 (Regular Life) (ET Contact, Foreseeing Future Movie?)

I had a dream this morning where I was watching a comedy movie play out. It had Shia Labeouf as this buff robot who was a boxer in this ring that about to fight with someone less muscular tan him. There was a scene with Katelyn Jenner and her daughter (movie daughter, not her real daughter) was sitting at a table at a nice restaurant. The waiter humorously asked her to try the appetizers because her mom was taking so long to get ready to join her. Katelyn finally runs down after her daughter has eaten a bunch of food.

Then there is a scene, at a different location, from what I thought was Game of Thrones where these very wise Galactic being converse with each other. One is made of light and is difficult to describe. I’ve never seen beings like this before. They were short and had a frog-like shaped head and they were luminescent, sort of like the being from the movie Cocoon. There was some drama also in this movie, then I woke up.

  • January 2nd, 2017 (Regular Life) (Flying/Spaceships/Men in Black)

Dream 1) So in the first dream of a few I had last night I was in a backyard with a friend when I decided to try and fly, which I did with mixed results. It’s all in the power of the mind. If you believe for even one nanosecond you can’t fly, you won’t. So you must totally believe you can. I flew up towards space, I felt the clouds as I passed above them when a saucer craft approached me. It was curious at what I was doing. It hovered a short distance from me and wobbled a bit. I almost left the atmosphere when I woke up.

Dream 2) I don’t recall this one that well but I do remember attempting to join a ‘Men in Black’ type organization and one of my last tests involved a real world situation which I some how passed. We ended up in this building to complete the task but I don’t remember now what I did.

  • December 30th, 2016 (Regular Life) (Trip to North Korea/Visit to Royal Family)

So I somehow earned myself a trip to North Korea, as a visitor. I had an idea of what to expect; a strict and supervised itinerary. I recall being with a friend or two. We ended up going to a mall which was beautiful and well-kept, much nicer than the malls here. My guide instructed me to remove my March for Monsanto shirt (which I actually own in this reality). I told the guide I only had a tank top on underneath. This apparently wasn’t an issue.

So we ended up in this V.I.P. lounge with these North Korean royal families. The men were tall and muscular and the women were petite and well-dressed. Nothing was out of place. The room we were in was a bit small and the lights were dim. Apparently there was going to be a performance on a small stage in the room. A woman there told us to grab a plate of and silverware to prepare to eat and I did so but someone came in and said no put that down it’s too early.

I sensed that the girl who instructed us to grab our dinner things was going to be punished. I instantly felt for her. Almost the entire time I was there I felt fear. Although the architecture I saw was beautiful but the feat among the citizens was so palpable you could cut it with a knife. It overpowered the experience immensely and my friends and I weren’t totally able to enjoy being there.

  • December 5th, 2016 (Regular Life) (E.T. Contact) (I had just read the Law Of One the night before this dream occurred):

Dream 1) Had dream where I was at my house and a friend and I went outside to look at the stars. I had my iPhone and we noticed the stars were moving, I immediately opened up my camera and changed it to the video setting and started recording.

There was one big blue bright light point in the night sky, it starts to move and converges with two other moving lights and then forms a rock that lands in our driveway. I was still recording. The light appeared in the sky again as it did before; big, blue and bright. It lit up the clouds around it.

We excitedly checked out the meteor looking rock that just landed on our doorstep. It had beautiful hieroglyphs on it. The front had a smooth, flat surface with a beautiful gold animal on front.I didn’t see the rest. The rock opened and inside there was paper origami creatures. I tried to identify them.

I saw many creatures, some of them I didn’t recognize. Dragons birds and so on. There were other things inside but we were in such amazement that we didn’t see everything. I remember there being a white binder that contained much information. I didn’t look inside. The rock was probably 3 feet high and dark grey with craters all over it, besides the glass smooth flat surface.

My phone had stopped recording after about a minute and went to my room and e-mailed it to myself. I typed in my blog name to have it sent to that e-mail. Part of me hoped the video was there as I captured much of the whole event. But in reality I didn’t care because the experience was amazing and I don’t care if I had proof.

Dream 2) Had another dream where I recall being created and used for a purpose that may not have been entirely positive. I was among 6 others who were genetically-engineered to do a job or serve a function that would suit my creators. I remember standing and darkness then turned into a small amount of life as I perceived myself manifesting slowly. The others were male and female.

  • November 18th, 2016 (Regular Life) (Underground Facility Experience)

So I had a dream where I ended up in this underground facility. I was running from the cops. I was using an advanced technology to speed past them to get to where I was going. It was dark and raining. I ended up in this small office with some people I knew. We caught up with them and one lady told me I could keep a wing on me, meaning i’m not too skinny. She was nice.

There was this arcade game I played for a short time. Then I found myself in an underground facility. It was large inside and I was with Corey Goode and someone else I don’t know now. We were watching something happen below us; there was a lower deck where several people were sitting and watching these beings go through a transformation.

I don’t know if they were E.T.s or tiny humans but they were small and lying on their backs wrapped in a blanket. I asked Corey a question, which I don’t recall now and he said something about a Pleiadian. So I knew I was in an underground secret facility somewhere. I asked him another question and he answered it and then said I am going to be selfish and sped down to see what the being were going to do.

I went down with them and sat next to this one being wrapped in a blanket with its head showing. He was Caucasian. There was a lady that was upset that we were there but then just let us be. We weren’t supposed to be down there I guess but it obviously wasn’t strictly enforced. I looked down at the being and said it’s okay i’m gay I understand, the being smiled really big and then I looked up randomly and thought of how high the ceiling was.

The whole room was like a metallic grey color and I didn’t see any light fixtures. I woke up after that. This dream felt significant because I was about to watch a being going though an extraordinary change.

  • October 26th, 2016 (Regular Life) (Hacking the N.S.A.)

So the first dream I had involved getting a couple of nerd buddies of mine to help me get into the N.S.A. building and help hack the information there for whatever mission I could do. We actually got into the building and find this small room where we have access to everything we need. I used my iPhone to get into the system, I hook up two things to my phone.

Then we are in, we begin to play around with the data. On several screens in the room we see the face of the being that is in control. It is scary and very dark. One of the screen had what I though was the Orion constellation, I saw the consciousness in the photos. It was so dark and evil I felt very uneasy. The amount of hate and potential anger was intimidating. At one point my battery charger got disconnected and the phone dies and we lose our connection to the data but as soon as I plug it back in it works.

It requires a ton of energy to do this so the battery charger was quite large. Someone tries to get int the room and we somehow shoo them away. Then a boss man comes in and realizes what’s been happening. The next thing I know we are outside and it’s dark and raining. We are outside the N.S.A. building. Somehow there is a protective force field around me and another person, one is excluded.

I think there was a betrayal. Anyways I get home and one of the guys is dead in my house, the skin was burned off like acid. It was a warning and big threat. I was very upset. I think he might have been hanging outside one of my dresser drawers. If this is what Edward Snowden went through then it was nothing short of horrific.

  • September 14th, 2016 (Future Information) (Piano Lesson)

Had a dream last night about being at someone’s house and bring on the couch and these two dogs coming to me and cuddling really close. They were being very affectionate. One of them was black. When I got to my piano teacher’s house in reality I was greeted with a big black Labrador that was very cuddly and affectionate. The living room was very similar.

  • September 12, 2016 (Regular Life) (E.T. Contact)

Had a dream where I was in a room with my mom, she was sleeping and her face turned into the face of an E.T. woman. She was very caring and wanted to send me a message to write down, it was an address to meet her, for contact. I don’t remember the address and think it was some alley way. There were other negative beings there that were trying to interfere.

They didn’t want me to contact her. She tried to communicate with me through my mom at least 3-4 times. I tried to write down everything she said but I don’t remember it much. I also remember going to this place where people gave me as much money as I wanted if I did what they wanted for them. I immediately thought of the Illuminati, there were some very negative feeling beings running this place.

But this female E.T. was there and I think she was trying to help me. Her face looked like the one from the Katy Perry song E.T., the one in the very beginning. This being felt wise and compassionate. The other felt either neutral or malevolent.

  • August 30th, 2016 (Regular Life) (Staying in Hotel with E.T.s)

Had a dream where I saw many E.T.s. A blind friend and I were staying at a hotel, there were many different beings from other planets. Some you haven’t seen on television. There were even some gay ones like me! They were in a relationship. It was so cool. My friend was stubborn. She would get frustrated easily and wander off. She did so and luckily she was around good E.T.s.

There were no bad ones, but some of them were mischievous. There was a small orange-colored one with one eye sticking up out of a protruding eye socket on the top center of its head. There were the two gay males and I am having a hard time remember the others. But they were just as nice. Just like us but from elsewhere.

This hotel seemed to be a nexus point for people from other places to stay. I think at some point the gov’t got involved and questioned my friend but I only remember this briefly. My friend had tried to read the braille on a door but I forgot what it said. I told her not to run off again.

  • August 29th, 2016 (Past Life Memory) (Time Experiments/Exploration Mission for Military)

Dream 1) In the first dream I was with some friends and we were at this house which wasn’t ours. We went to the backyard and found a device and started experimenting with it. It was a time altering device. It levitated a long shotgun bullet. Then the experiment got out of control and some creatures began to evolve from some of the animals there. They became dangerous, we were in danger.

Dream 2) I was in the military and with a team that was exploring a cavern. It was moderately sized, had a breathable atmosphere and running water. There was some buildings down there. There was a pregnant woman and two men there. I was observing the whole scene take place. The suits we wore were beige except for the woman’s, who wore different clothes. We had weapons.

There was some group of people who found us and wanted to kill or capture us. So the woman there suggested we use our time technology to slow them down, except the tech we had could only generate a small time altering field. I found some tech to extend the field, it looked like a gun with this long plastic looking tube with balls going down the tube. It was above 3 feet long. This generated a large enough time disruption field which would allow us to escape. Except we were unable to.

The people were coming in from the exits and entries so we ended up being stuck there for 20 years. Some of us started to have mental problems. At some point before all this we were under attack, so we had to act quickly. Then one of the guys was having thoughts about sexually assaulting the woman. The woman got worried and threatened him, he had lost his mind at his point. I saw someone else threaten him with a knife if he tried anything.

  • Date Unknown (Regular Life) (Illuminati Ritual Sacrifice)

This dream was very disturbing. I don’t believe I documented it, but I do want to share it now. I remember being in this big room, it was dim and there was a person in the middle who was about to be sacrificed by people who were wearing robes. I don’t remember the color. I remember seeing around 3-4 people stabbing the person in their chest area repeatedly. There was blood everywhere around them. I was watching from a short distance. It was very horrific and I wanted to forget I ever saw it.

  • Date Unknown (Regular Life) (Disneyland Sexual Assault on Children)

I also didn’t document this one because of the nature of what I witnessed. I don’t recall all of the details as I didn’t want to remember them but I do remember observing a gathering of men at Disneyland after the park closed, it was the evening. I believe they were wearing suits, dark colored business suits. There was a row of children between the ages of what appeared to be 6-11 or 12 years of age. I was about to witness these men rape these children. I woke up before I could see anything further, or perhaps I did but blocked it out. I don’t remember any other details besides what was written here.

  • July 27th, 2016 (Future Information) (Planetary Changes)

I wanted to document a partial dream that I remember. I was told and knew that all the planets had changed in our solar system and that we received a massive upgrade of some sort. Moons and asteroids were now becoming more advanced. Everything and everyone was advancing. It was amazing to see this.

  • June 1st, 2016 (Regular Life/Past Life Memory) (Planetary Experience)

Had a dream of finding these runaway kids. Woke up here at 2:22 am. One of the kids was in Pakistan, another somewhere nice and another one went to another planet, Venus. I went to visit Venus to find them. I went to a Walmart on Venus. They had different designations for food. Different types of cabbage.

We found these kids had crypted their message on these huge tablets. These kids were very young. The parents really wanted to find out where they were. I think Omnec was on Venus. I remember seeing envelopes at the store.

I remember seeing a sign saying pretty much everything in a store during a crisis is on hold and prepared to be given away if necessary. I saw signs that said this.

I had come up with some weird song or algorithm for communication. It was thoughts that they organized themselves into a coherent pattern. This is hard to explain.

  • May 31st, 2016 (Regular Life) (Military Experience)

Didn’t sleep well. Had dreams of being involved in Russia, Iran and USA military operations. Some of the technical details I was dealing with were very advanced and complicated technology. I had remembered writing an article mentally that included specifications about weapons and operations involving Russians. I do remember metal head box or some more technical name for this.

  • May 29th, 2016 (Regular Life/Past Life Memory) (Military Experience)

I remember a mission someone went to Antarctica for, there was an earthquake there, a 7.1 magnitude. I remember helping suit someone up, a male, but they wouldn’t say why they went or how it went when they got back. The base was underground I believe. It was large and I don’t remember who the person was that went to Antarctica.

  • December 14th, 2015 (Regular Life/Past Life Memory) (E.T. Contact)

Had a very interesting dream about being on a space ship with 2 different little girls who were apparently warring with each other. They were able to control their ships by thinking. It was very Alice in Wonderland-esque with one of them being (Name) and being a total brat. There were mythical creatures and it was amazing. I felt the ships accelerate. We achieved incredible speeds and the size of the ships were of mansion proportions. One of them yelled at me to get out of her room, I said yes ma’am and got out, didn’t say a word. Then I helped a different little girl who appreciated my help. We were taken prisoner by these worm-like creatures and it was night time.

  • September 29th, 2015 (Past Life Memory/Regular Life) (Planetary Experience)

Had a dream where I had taken trips on a plane a bunch of times to get home but the plane had to land so I was stuck. I remember being at this gift shop place with weird items. There was gold and silver and many other strange objects. I was with my teachers or guide lady and a few classmates or colleagues. I remember looking up at the sky and seeing a big white ball like a moon and I realized it was actually Earth.

I was on another planet, but which one? It was colored a little bit differently than Earth. Maybe I was on a different planet than I originally thought. Anyways, I was prepared to live there for a year as that’s how long it would take to prepare another journey home.

I remember smoking outside with the people I was with and the teacher lady said screw it we are stuck here. I was not expecting her to smoke. I started to smoke and realized I could shoot fireballs of smooth and they would make a small explosion on contact with the wall. Everyone was amazed, including me!

  • September 5th, 2016 (Past Life Memory) (Sexual Abuse, Reptilians)

Had a dream where I was kidnapped as an adolescent and kept at a nice upper-middle class suburban house. The house was a single story and in a cul-de-sac. You wouldn’t guess this stuff was happening based on the appearance of the neighborhood. I first figured out I was passed around for sex when I read a note on the counter saying I had enjoyed it and that the favor was returned to me.

I felt sick and wanted to run away. My room was basically one of the men’s rooms with some stuff already inside it; a mattress and some clothes in the closet. I was thinking how could I not remember the sexual assaults? I thought I must have blocked them out. I just escaped my body when they were happening.

I didn’t want to be there. I also recall a reptilian presence there, and pictured a reptilian man who was also interested in passing me around, this frightened me greatly. I didn’t actually see him, but the same picture of him came into my mind repeatedly.  I then made a decision to escape, or die trying. I put on a leather jacket that I found in my room closet and tried to gather what I had, I left my room and heard a man’s voice. Asking me about the mattress.

Damnit, it was one of them. I said what do you mean, he replied how comfortable is it for you? I didn’t reply and thought about how I wouldn’t be able to leave because I would be followed and brought back and severely punished. Then I woke up. I never saw what these men look like.

  • August 27th, 2015 (Regular Life) (Planetary Experience)

I saw this Pleiadian star map at least three times at some point during these dreams. Alcyon being the thing I looked at primarily. It was a map that I think I saw on Cobra’s blog.

  • August 23rd, 2015 (Regular Life) (Underground Facility, Illuminati)

Dream 1) I had one dream where I was in this underground facility where people were paying and I think willingly participating in these maze torture games in order to obtain technology or prizes. These things included ripping out eyes or cutting off heads, it was very gruesome. I don’t know how I found myself there but apparently it was a big place with an extensive process.

I just remember wanting to get the eff out of there and my brother and my mom were there. I remember us trying to leave before they recruited us to do whatever to us and my brother kept stalling and wanted to see certain things. I got upset and said let’s get the hell out of here. I remember the theme being red. Red decorations everywhere and every room was dark.

Dream 2) I remember a short dream where I wore this horse head mask. I had it on and I was by myself in the dark and I had access to this dark information. I remember seeing horrible things like bloody scenes from rooms or dead bloody people. I hope I was not seeing through the eyes of a Rothschild. I was so scared. I was by myself and I think I had gone down a staircase to do this. It was terrifying.

  • August 19th, 2016 (Past Life Memory) (Escaping Abusive Orphanage)

I was a little girl that was trapped in this orphanage. It was in a very populated area. But no one knew the horrors that took place here. There was rape, torture and mind control. It was a prison, in every way imaginable. It was a real life horror movie. The halls were devoid of any paintings or anything positive. The staff were sadistic and enjoyed what they did and knew exactly what they were doing.

I remember a friend got locked up there just to see me and help me. I told them it was so silly of them because now they would suffer what I went through. It didn’t matter to them. I remember there being a woman, our main ‘caregiver’. She never smiled and always looked like she was ready to explode. I remember being punished for almost nothing at all. There were other girls there my age. We were mostly around ten or so.

The girls were very protective of each other. One day we were all in a room together and I knew one of my friends that got in to see me was being abused severely in another room. I thought I had a chance to escape. Someone had written down the combination to a small lock  that locked certain documents that showed the policies and medical records of some of the girls and myself. I could use it to get the place shut down.

Someone wrote this combination on the wall in the area where I would make my move. Our caregiver was in the room when I saw a glass of cold water, I had had enough at this point and had nothing to lose, so I grabbed it and poured it on her head and she froze, I immediately became hyper-vigilant of everything and tried to memorize the lock number written down on the wall. It was disguised with other numbers but someone in my head told me what numbers to remember.

I did and then took the stuff and ran like mad. The first place I ran to was a department store behind a counter. I asked the woman there to call the police because I have been missing and a woman would come looking for me. The cashier ignored me and so I picked up the phone and called the police and the man on the other end said is this Jonathan and I said yes and he didn’t take me seriously (yes I know that part sounds weird but it’s a dream). So then I hung up and noticed the caregiver was looking for me, very casually.

I knew she would punish me severely if she found me, I had to succeed. Failure wasn’t an option. Then after I got off the phone I realized omg is this a dream, am I back in the orphanage? Then I came to by the cashier, I must have fallen asleep, I don’t think I had slept for days. And the moment of safety I felt probably put me to sleep. So realizing I wasn’t in the hell hole I ran outside to these two elderly women with white blond hair and two kids and asked them to call the police because I had been missing for a week and I have proof of where I was.

I attempted to unlock the lock and after trying several times, time slowed down and everything went into slow motion when I finally got the right number. I pulled the locked apart and opened the case I had containing several books on our files and proof of their torture. The women were shocked and I knew I had succeeded. My  friends and I would finally be freed. No more pain, no more torture, no more crying or misery. It was over. The book liked like they were from the ’60s or ’70s.

They were grey/yellowish and had about 50-100 pages each. The name of the institution was on there, but I don’t remember the name. I shuddered when I saw the name. But knew that after today, history would be changed and these criminals would be charged and they wouldn’t be able to do anything to anyone ever again. The lock combination in the disguised numbers was 2, 3 and 6.2.

  • August 17, 2016 (Future Information) (Ascension, E.T. Contact, Telepathy)

So I had several dreams of me telepathically or subconsciously teaching people about Ascension. Every time I did this I would see a long yellow/orange line that would be curved like a squiggly line. I did this for dozens of people. I remember being with my mom and realizing that I was going to disappear. She was upset about this but I told her it would be okay and I thought I would always be around. I think I died or something because I could control being in and out of this reality.

  • August 15th, 2015  (Past Life Memory/Regular Life) (Spiritual Lesson)

I remember a dream where some guy was waiting for me on the deck of this house in the middle of no where and wanted to stab me. I remember leaving my body and looking down at the scene. I was given a choice to either die there and go on to wherever i’d go after that or survive the stabbing. I decided to survive the stabbing.

  • August 4th, 2016 (Regular Life) (Exploring the Universe)

I remember asking a friend if he had had a lucid dream and he said no, then I remember soaring through the Universe while telling him about it. I said it’s one thing to see it on T.V. but another thing to actually experience it. I remember when I was visualizing this I was seeing the Universe and galaxies, it was so beautiful. I saw all these colors.

  • August 3rd, 2015 (Regular Life) (Possible Actual Crime Event)

I had a dream about a school child killing scandal. This dream was very disturbing and I don’t like how specific the details were. It seemed like a very accurate description of how this situation could actually play out in this reality. I went to this high school and everything was as average as can be. Some students were worse than others but nothing was really out of place.

I remember walking through the halls, there were bullies and cliques. I remember though talking to this kid on my way home and he started telling me things. Bad things. Then I started getting downloads of info about what goes on at certain schools. I clair-knew through a story that was played to me that schools would get troubled orphan kids from detention centers or prisons and put them in the schools to keep the numbers up because a lot of the kids were going missing.

We actually found some dead bodies in a pool, some were girls and some were boys. I then knew that the principal knew what was going on and was a part of it. They had to keep the numbers up or else the school would be investigated. They used young adults as students also. They didn’t want a visit from an organization called N2 and another one but I don’t remember what it was called. I saw many horrible things and everything made perfect sense as it unfolded. It was hardly a school but a chop-shop.

  • Date Unknown (Regular Life) (E.T. Contact)

Dream 1) Just had a dream where the human race was being destroyed. There was a benevolent group of extraterrestrial bee people that were massive in size. They were quite intimidating but wanted to know what was going on here. Eventually I spoke to one. I was so nervous.

It hovered over my head and landed on it and as it did I felt my entire body quiver and shake. I also felt my mind being taken over and read. I tried to explain that there was a very small group of people on this planet that ran everything including controlling the people. They were almost like a neutral race because of the sheer intensity of their presence.

I felt my mind being penetrated and searched through. I didn’t like it. But I felt like I had to tell them what was going on. The world had appeared to be in this post-Armageddon state where the sky was red and everything was deserted or destroyed. It was strange. Another human was there but I don’t remember them.

  • July 28th, 2016 (Future Information) (Wikileaks Data Dump)

Wikileaks will drop a massive amount of information. About Maldek, about gov’t collusion with extraterrestrials. And about the election, Russia Today will mostly be covering it.


  • July 24th, 2016 (Regular Life) (Experiencing the Etheric Plane)

I had one dream where I had died and was on the etheric plane. I was interacting and seeing the world while they couldn’t see me. I saw a friend. I missed her and she was very sad that I had died. My family was sad as was everyone in my life. Little did they know I was still alive! I would not be too sad that someone close to me died because no one really does they just transition to another plane of existence. I remember walking around outside and just observing everything. I think my friend could see me at some point.

  • July 18th, 2016 (Past Life Memory) (Military Mission)

Had a wild dream where I traveled and worked in Antarctica. There was a portal that took me directly there from this bathroom. So i’m in this bathroom and there’s this portal to Antarctica and I want to go but I am hesitant. I was thinking how cold it would be.

So I decided to take the plunge and go. I think I went through the toilet or something. Then I remember being in a jumpsuit and in this underwater dome structure. There were other people there. There was this woman who I liked and she had brought this one guy over to this base. I was jealous.

The dome structure was small but had everything we needed. There was a great danger of being there, we weren’t studying creatures. They would feed on what we call loosh nectar and they were very dangerous to us, like the Borg. So at some point an alarm went off, not just any alarm.

It was an alarm that one of these creatures spotted us and was targeting us. It was black and had tentacles. Like the machines from the Matrix. I said well shit that alarm means we need to get the hell out of here. The alarm was a long dull sound.

  • July 17th, 2016 (Past Life Memory) (Secret Society, Atlantis)

I was allowed to take a test to be in a secret society. It was the Illuminati I think. I failed a question and was permanently banned form joining. It was a silly question, but a trick question. I admitted something I wasn’t supposed to. There was something to do with flowers in the lawn. I had to grow a plant in this small cube of soil.

I had to grow a vegetable. I was so upset with myself. The guy was very quick about it. I think I was trying to join a mystery school. It felt like Atlantis was involved. And the criteria was strict. I had to ask and ask and ask to join. And then failed over a routine question. I gave away too much information in one moment.

I blew my cover. I was out. I remember at one point I was being questioned on this balcony area by this guy, who was bald and muscular. He said what was that, because I answered yes too quietly and then he repeated himself and I said yes sir very loudly and stood up straight in a very military-like manor.

  • July 4th, 2016 (Past Life Memory) (Military Experiment)

I remember a project that was done to measure the effects on vegetation in a stable level 3 warp field. This older guy was doing experiments but didn’t know why. Cobra had told me this. I bought a couple of plants and planted them. They started to grow wildly and within hours got a yellow daisy.

He said this man and his garden is traced back to this project. I think it was called Project Mother Earth. The old man wondered why he couldn’t get married and why this was happening to him, it appears the Universe had other plans for him. He has an R.V. in front of his house that may have been generating this warp field.

  • June 21st, 2016 (Future Information) (Cobra’s Blog)


  • March 14th, 2016 (Past Life Memory) (Military)

I remember being surrounded by military people but forgot what they were doing there. It was at least 5-6 men, no women. They were in long trench coat looking clothing and some were blue and beige. We were standing outside a building, it was the evening and the lights were on in the building.

  • March 7th, 2016 (Past Life Memory/Regular Life) (E.T. Contact, Greys)

Dream 1) I had two separate dreams with the Greys. One involved seeing them by this small place by the road. I tried to photograph them, I knew they were there. I got the impression that they were benevolent. I searched for them and I don’t remember if I found them.

Dream 2) The second dream involved being in contact with them telepathically I think. They kept showing me this word but it kept changing, it changed like 5 times. The ones from this dream were tall Greys. I remember the government trying to keep this quiet. My mom and I were parked in a parking lot. I said we should sleep here, she agreed. I thought I might need to sleep in my own car. I got out briefly and don’t remember anything more. My ears were ringing quite loudly as I drifted in and out of the dream.

  • March 6th, 2016 (Regular Life) (E.T. Abduction)

Saw a friend get abducted by E.T.s. I remember seeing one of my friends get abducted, they just started floating up to the sky against their will and disappeared into the sky. I don’t remember who this person was.

  • March 4th, 2016 (Past Life Memory) (Space Ship/Base Escape as a Child)

Had a very interesting dream. I was either on a ship or a base, it looked very high-tech, like Star Trek. Anyways there were a lot of kids there. I don’t know if I was a kid or not. I knew there were bad people there, people that were our superiors. I came up with a plan to sabotage everything. I had help from the other kids. The plans were intricate and depended on many factors. The adults didn’t see it coming. I don’t remember all the details but we were successful.

  • March 3rd, 2016 (Regular Life) (E.T. Contact, Space Craft)

Dream 1) Had a dream where I met an E.T., he had a male presence but wouldn’t show his true form as it would freak me out. I was with other people and I think he was a reptilian as a I saw him. I was in some house with some people, it was dark but I wasn’t afraid of him.

Dream 2) Had another interesting dream, at the very end I was in space and saw several saucers flying together in formation. Two of them in a row at a time and some of them in weird positions, then they all flew off. I knew they had all completed a mission.

  • December 16th, 2015 (Regular Life) (E.T. Contact)

I had found a device, a handheld one, that allowed them to communicate with us, among other things. They had four fingers on each hand and they were tan but not human looking like we are. They looked like Alf. Although there were some that looked human like but more rough and obvious.

Some of them were scared to land on Earth because of certain people’s aggression towards them in the past. I said I am sorry and that not all of us are violent. I remember them being in a field and me trying to get people to meet them. There was one guy with dark hair and a mustache. He was nervous.

I remember having their little tri-corder thing and messing around with it. It was a spectrometer and transporter. I don’t know the name of these beings or where they came from. They were so sweet though. I remember being with one of them and walking around, they were telling me that they can transport anywhere with the little tri-corder device.

So we did. We went here and there. It was fun! I wish I remembered more. There were a very kind people and it was very nice of them to reach out to us. I hope I left a good impression on them. They use gold and crystals for a lot of things. I remember seeing blue opaque crystals they had, I don’t know what they did but they seemed like an advanced race. They also didn’t like the fact that we ate meat here. It seemed to put them off.

  • November 23rd, 2015 (Regular Life) (Agartha Experience)

So I had a dream where a friend was there and she was my guide to going to Lemuria. We took this elevator which was also a jump room. We definitely went underground. When we got there it looked sort of like a mall but it was beautiful and there was many people there. I sat by this fountain pond structure and looked at the water. I saw it was naturally iridescent and colorful.

I marveled at it. I knew I was in Lemuria. We took the elevator up and up to great heights, so high I got scared. We must have been a mile high from the ground. It was amazing to visit there. I’d like to go back. I just remembered I had to have a certain gene to go down there, in order for the elevator to work. But I think it was a spiritual gene, not in the physical body.

  • June 16th, 2015 (Past Life Memory/Regular Life) (Space Program Military Duty)

Dream 1) I remember being a board a space craft on duty in the space program. I’m not sure what I was in charge of or what my job was exactly but I do remember being there. I think I attended a meeting or two. The inside of the ship looked almost like a Star Trek ship except it was a little darker and more metallic looking. Not plastic like The Enterprise. Everyone there was wearing a grey-ish uniform. It was like having any other job. I had a superior and I had a job to do.

Dream 2) I remember being on this ship with Jean Luc and a small crew as we approached this weird anomaly in space. It ended up capturing us and took us hostage on their ship. We ended up on a ship by ourselves without our crew. Before we were taken aboard though I noticed that their planet was very similar to ours and was in the Sirius Star System. Then we were on the ship.

We were escorted by these two guys to sit in this room. I figured Jean Luc knew something about the planet that I didn’t know and was taking steps to avoid being killed. So we look around and observe everything and notice that the items aboard are very similar to Earth’s culture. They had DVDs and VHS tapes and even vending machines. I saw the list of DVDs with similar titles to ours like Shrek. Except it was called something else but looked very similar. Perhaps we were in a parallel Universe.

Anyways a dark skinned woman came to us and started questioning us, we told her we were just explorers. I don’t think she believed us. We just looked around at everything and were just in awe at how similar everything was. But we knew we were very far away from Earth. We went to another area after that.

  • January 15th, 2015 (Past Life Memory/Subconscious Message) (Astronaut Experience)

In this dream I was an astronaut crew member on a mission to the moon. I had been there a couple times already so it wasn’t a big deal to me. So we are on our way and I believe the ship looks like a bullet. It’s pretty small and I think we are using a different type of propulsion because we aren’t strapped in like traditional astronauts. Anyways, we talk a lot and we eventually get up pretty high when I start to feel the engine start to sputter.

Then it starts to fail and we are now going to be in a free fall. We must have still been in Earth’s atmosphere for this to happen, the rest of the crew started to freak out. I didn’t though and I realized if I die, I die. I will come back or go to another planet. The others were very frightened. I remember the sensation of falling in the craft towards our doom and then woke up.