(Personal Post) Beings I Have Had Contact with in Dreams!

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Good morning all! I am feeling guided to write a post outlining all of the contact experiences I have had in my dreams AKA the astral plane, among other experiences I have had with space craft and other out-of-the-ordinary things I have been a part of.

According to various sources this is how ETs/EDs make first contact. Due to Earth human’s unpredictable behavior (myself included lol) they contact people in their dreams and gauge further contact from this initial experience.

I will post all of the experiences i’ve had so far and will try to find pictures for all the beings i’ve encountered.

This doesn’t included malevolent non-physical beings who have attacked me in various ways (sleep paralysis etc.)

Negative Reptilians (Note: Not all reptilian beings are negative!)

I had a dream where I was walking around this warehouse, it was dark outside and I saw a reptilian being that looked like the picture below walking away from me while looking back at me. I don’t recall the clothing he/she was wearing but they were definitely wearing something. It felt very malevolent. It was taller than me by what appeared to be 3-5 inches. So i’m 5’9″ or 1.7m/175.2 centimeters.

Reptilian statue in Peru

In the same dream I was sitting on the ground in said warehouse across a being that looked like the one below. I got a big sense of love and calmness. Almost as if they were protecting me from the negative reptilian(s) in the area. They had the biggest most benevolent blue eyes i’ve ever seen! There were veins popping out of their forehead also. I didn’t get a feel of a specific gender. These pictures describe the being’s features the best.

Then I had a dream where I was getting off an elevator in a hotel and going to a room. I just knew to open this specific door. I did so and looked to my right and saw an Ant being sitting on the bed. It felt female. And neutral as far as energy goes. This being had big black eyes that took up most of its face. She had no feelers on her head. Just a small point where her mouth would be, like a small beak almost. She was red and short. This is the closest picture I could find. I only saw her head and a small part of her body. I did some research on Ant beings and couldn’t find much except that native american tribes had contact with them in the past in Arizona (where I live now) and were regarded as extremely intelligent and benevolent.


mantis in fig13-aliens+light-cropped

I recently had an encounter with a being that appeared in a grey sweat suit. It was a wolf/dog being. I felt he was male. He was standing about 8-10 feet away from me across a cross walk at an intersection. We were in the desert during the day. It held up two of its paw fingers into a peace sign with, I believe, its right hand. It felt extremely infinitely wise and grounded. The closest thing I could find was drawings and statues of Anubis. What was interesting was that I was reading the Law Of One Book 4 before I went to bed that night! I have e-mailed whistle blower Corey Goode as he stated people were being contacted by the Sphere Being Alliance. There are 3 other groups in the alliance that haven’t revealed themselves yet. Could they be one of them? Who knows.

I did had a dream a while back where I saw three ascending beings. Or you could call them angels. They looked just like the beings from religious art and paintings. One of them had a red glow outlining their entire figure. I don’t remember them saying anything to me. We were in this environment of no space or time and it was as if we were in a very high density. Like higher than the astral plane.

The red glow was like this picture below, except it was just glowing around one of the beings. I didn’t get a good look at the other two.

Now it’s on to the greys. I had been experimenting with lucid dreams (being full conscious during the dream state) and whenever I would ask for extraterrestrials to manifest, I would see two little greys. They didn’t feel good or bad. In fact, I didn’t feel anything from them at all. I thought they might have been drones. Making sure I didn’t learn or do anything too out of bounds? Anyways, there were always two. They were short and had a full body black suit on. They almost seemed very formal.

 photo Untitled.png

And then of course I have encountered ETs that look just like us. I remember one night I had a dream where I was studying people from another planet. I had a tool in my hand that I used to do this. I’m not sure what it was for. But the guy looked like a trucker, with  a big mustache. We were in what looked like a baseball field. His hair was a lot messier and long.

 photo Untitled2.png

I did have a dream a long time ago that I just remember where I was visiting a planet. It was red and dry and seemingly barren. I remember walking past a house/hut with beings inside that gave me a look of great distaste. Like I really didn’t belong there. I was walking with other people to return somewhere. I am having a hard time remember exactly what the beings looked like. But I remember they didn’t look human.

I had a dream once where I was in a space ship, flying towards a big orange/yellow planet. I was in a small space craft and one of my younger brothers was there, sleeping in the back on a small sleeping bag type arrangement on the floor. I had awakened and went to the front of the craft to see what was going on. I knew I was supposed to be there. There was someone piloting the craft, a male I think, but I don’t remember getting a good look at him. Then I remember us being about 50 feet above the surface and seeing an old western-style general store. There was nothing else around besides that. Then I remember a circular door opening on the ground and we took the craft inside and then I don’t remember anything. You wouldn’t have guessed this opening on the surface was there. It was very well-hidden by sand and rocks.

The general store looked just like this but the landscape was much more barren and flat.

Try to imagine this entrance but  much larger and circular.

Image result for underground bunker door circular

Most of the contact I have had has been positive or neutral. But just the other day I had a dream where I was in great fear and I saw greys there that seemed to be trying to instill fear into me. I am aware that there are beings that feed on our fear as sustenance. I did go to bed a bit emotional that night so I am not surprised this happened. The whole thing was in black and white and the greys had bigger heads than the other ones I encountered. There were at least three of them I saw through a window and maybe a couple more near-by. (Note: Not all greys are negative either!)

I had another dream recently that really blew my doors off. I was aboard what seemed to be a cargo ship. It felt and looked as though I was in the bottom portion of the ship. It was small, cramped and dark, almost like a brig. The walls seemed to be made of wood. It was my job to make sure all the beings there were as comfortable as possible. We were on our way somewhere.

You have never seen these beings on T.V. or anywhere before, not even Star Trek. They were totally new to me. I knew who and where they were from when I was there, but now I don’t remember much about them except that I hadn’t seen them before. The most distinct one I recall was a small Rapetosaurus that was about my height 5’9″ or 1.7m/175.2 centimeters (for my metric-using readers) and had this beautiful detached glowing golden star at the end of its tail. The star would follow the tip of the tail.

 photo Untitled3_1.png

I have had many experiences where I am in the military. It is always men, never women I am around, for whatever reason. I am not sure why. I recall one dream where I was on top of a building and a gentleman wearing a black military suit was standing next to me and we were watching this military-type space-craft take off above us.

This gentleman had a hat also, a beret I would say, which was also black

A ship that looks like this was taking off above us

There was another dream where I was studying plants from other planets. There were soldiers bringing in plants from elsewhere in the galaxy. I worked in a massive green house. And I, sadly, had this female that I knew was a slave and worked for me. This was very unsettling for me when I woke up. Although the plant life I saw there was amazing. Some of it moved. I don’t remember what they looked like, but they were sure as hell interesting! I don’t know if I was on Earth at the time.

Several soldiers would bring in specemins for me to examine and study

I wrote her name down somewhere in my phone but forgot it. She was very kind and helpful and was aware of her situation

I have dreams where I am working on exotic weapons and integrating ET technology into our current technology. I am unable to recall many details about the exotic weapons dream, I didn’t remember much when I woke up. But I was working on something big and powerful. I remember using big scientific words and explanations. I knew what I was talking about. I don’t remember anything I said now though.

Now about the integration of ET tech, I did have this dream the other day. I was in charge of gathering this material for use of a technology I am not sure about now. It was white and in liquid form. There were other color ingredients in the container, blue and another color I believe, but the container consisted mostly of this white substance. I pushed it in a large clear container on wheels. We would be integrating it into current Earth technology.

This would be filled with a white liquid and be on wheels and be larger

I believe I have experienced an ascension of my consciousness. Time doesn’t really exist to me anymore and I finally understand unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness and look at other-selves without judgement. Everything is beautiful to me and I see wonder in every inch of creation. I understand the meaning of everything being One.

The best way I can describe it, is that the one dollar bill above is everything that ever was, is and will be. And if I cut a millimeter piece from it, that would be a galaxy. The galaxy would then break off a smaller piece and create solar systems, and then it would break off and form us and so on down to the smallest form of life. No matter how many times it breaks off, it is still part of the one. There is no separation. From galaxies to humans, we are the One experiencing itself, seeing Its creation through our/its eyes. Seems like a paradox, right? Well I haven’t been able to reconcile this. The more I think about them the more it makes my brain hurt. Unless, of course, one accepts that everything is One. Then it makes sense.

I had another interesting dream that gave me a great insight into this apparent paradox. I understand it now. I was observing 2 male twins in a room. Fighting over something. But I realized I was the two twins. I was hovering over them. I was them and I could guide them, not control them, but they had free will. It was a 50/50 situation. I could guide them, show them options, but ultimately it was up to them to choose.

I know there are others that are experiencing this. It seems I am going through this ascension process at break-neck speed. I am honored to have met and experienced contact with so many beings. I have yet to have an in-person contact, unless I have already and am just not able to remember it.

Some more things I have realized since this raise of consciousness:

  • I am everywhere, and I am no where
  • I am you, you are me, we are One
  • I am something/everything, and yet I am nothing
  • I am the Omniverse, the Omniverse is me
  • Love is everything and is the answer to everything
  • This reality is an illusion, a hologram, a playground used to act out fantasies and situations to learn and grow, much like our video games, a programmer (you) creates a reality in which to experience certain situations pre-programmed into the ‘game’
  • I can draw quite well all of the sudden
  • I have composed classical music

This is all for now. I’d like to hear your ET/ED experience stories! If you feel so guided you can comment below. Thank you for reading. Much love all and happy Ascension! =]

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  3. truthearth says:

    I will explain. They felt quite significant to me and I decided I would document them. I have learned that my unconscious experiences are divided into some categories; future information, constructs of my subconscious trying to teach me something, experiences with ETs and life on other planets, past life memories and experiencing life on the astral plane. I can differentiate now between all of these after having so many. The more I expand my consciousness the more experiences I have. But it’s not my job to convince anyone of anything, as Corey says it’s up to everyone to decide what’s true for them. Thanks for your comment and much love!

  4. Hugo Joy says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing all your experiences, it is quite amazing all there is.
    Want to ask you how you know what is a legit experience that comes from your astral conscience or could be just your curative mind wondering around. Please note that i am not judging you any way, this is a reflexion i have, myself, to make many times.
    Hugo Joy

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