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Following the Synchronistic Numbers: 395, 217, 252 & Others (Second Coming-Related), Synchronicites from Visiting Phoenix, Prophetic Dream Comes True & More

This is going to be a report that contains information about a few different subjects. There will be some numbers shared here and some personal information as well, along with a small prophetic dream that has come true. I want … Continue reading

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My SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) MILAB (Military Aduction/MILAB Testing/Space Program) Dreams Are Actually Repressed Memories (Graphic) (Video Testimony)

Dear friends and readers of this blog. I am both happy and sad to say that I have recently experienced a series of synchronicites and emotional epiphanies that tell me these horrific dreams about being involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse … Continue reading

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Synchronicities from Nostradamus Prophecies, Cobra Synchronicities & Others (Second Coming-Related)

So while browsing lectures on YouTube by Dolores Cannon I noticed one where she discusses her experience decoding Nostradamus’ quatrains, which are basically four-line poems which feature prophetic information which applies to today’s events and further into the future. I … Continue reading

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Cobra Update: Cosmic Central Race

Cobra has shared a great update in regards to our Return to Light meditation last month which was very successful. Much love all. Our Return of Light meditation has created a coherent consciousness signal across the universe that got … Continue reading

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Big Synchronistic Information from David Wilcock’s Ascension Mystery School Live Stream (Second Coming-Related)

This for the last couple of weeks David Wilcock has organized a couple of live streams where he presents his most potent information and research in regards to Ascension. During one of the portions of the live stream he delved … Continue reading

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More Synchronicities from ‘The Matrix’

Yesterday evening I suddenly felt the emotion of ‘WATCH THE MATRIX’. And it seems that no matter how many times I watch this movie there is something new to be found in the layers and layers of Gnostic knowledge written … Continue reading

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Following the Synchronistic Numbers: 1601, 252 & Others (Second Coming)

Just hit a small jackpot with the number 1601. This number appeared today when I looked at my phone after reading I think (the clock time on my phone is military time, I don’t want to get rusty). I was … Continue reading

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