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Batch of Goodies: Benjamin Fulford Interview, Dr. Michael Salla Article, FBI Anonymous Posting Intel Again, Dark Fleet Whistle-Blower Interview, NASA Announcement 2/22!

We have some good stuff in here from this last week and I wanted to collect it all in a compilation form for easy…dare I use the word…assimilation? First we have an interview with Benjamin Fulford by Mike Harris from … Continue reading

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And the Former Things Will Not Be Remembered or Come to Mind

So I was thinking about this information that we were getting from the Blue Avians via Corey Goode about us not remembering the past and having it be like it never happened. I know David Wilcock has been talking about … Continue reading

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2017 Conscious Life Expo Promo Video with Corey Goode and David Wilcock! (New Information/Intel in Video)

So Corey uploaded a promo video of some of his and David’s talk at the CLE from last week and boy is it interesting! I will post it below, it’s only about 15 minutes so it won’t take too long … Continue reading

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David Wilcock’s Comments on Ben’s Intel Report 2/20/2017

I will post the comment in full below along with some quotes from Ben’s report today. It is quite a good one! Interestingly, the comment above David’s time was posted at 11:11, a nice synchronicity: “Ben passes along the intel … Continue reading

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New Voice-Guided Etheric Liberation Meditation Video for February 26th!

I have just created at least a temporary video to use until a better is one is made for the mass meditation that is being asked of humanity to participate in on February 26th. I have converted my voice recording … Continue reading

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Geopolitics Simplified

(Note: The victim country will be surrounded by military bases controlled by Washington D.C. and NATO) United States: Hey there [insert victim country name here]! Country: Hey there, friend! How is it going? United States: Well you know just another … Continue reading

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Now Approaching the Golden Age (Current Events/Ascension/Intel Compilation)

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, wherever you happen to be reading this, I hope you are well! I will request your forgiveness if my typing or language is a bit off. I am now on day 20 of my juice fast and … Continue reading

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