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Interesting Cobra/Ascended Master Dream, Huge Energetic Attacks Happening After Publishing Hold the Light Videos

This dream happened last night and I finished writing it down at 11:44 PM. When I woke up I tried writing down everything I could remember but there were things I missed because I was too tired to write down … Continue reading

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Amazing Ascended Master/Spirit Guide Synchronicity When Coming Back from CPR Class

For those who are interested I am really happy to share this incredible synchronicity which just happened. I was guided to possibly get back into working in healthcare and one of the hoops that you have to jump through is … Continue reading

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Personal Update

For those who feel guided and are interested I would like to share a personal update. I have followed my guidance and have given away my vehicle just a little while ago as of the time of this writing to … Continue reading

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Powerful Death Acceptance Dream, Child Abuse Dream, Wolf Spirit Animal Synchronicity, Cobra Update Dream Comes True & More

I am being guided to share some things that have been happening recently which will be included in this article for those who are interested. It will be mostly personal things so if that is not something that resonates with … Continue reading

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