Personal Update

For those who feel guided and are interested I would like to share a personal update. I have followed my guidance and have given away my vehicle just a little while ago as of the time of this writing to someone who truly deserved it. The Higher Ups helped to make sure it went to the right person at the right time and I hope it serves them well like it did for me. There were a lot of synchronicities throughout this process which let me know everything would be okay.

This has been a gigantic leap of faith the likes of which I have never done before whatever happens next is a mystery. I have no clue if I will end up sleeping outside somewhere or what.

As experience has shown these big changes are synchronized with the activity of celestial objects/alignments and activity of the sun which is quite active right now.

I did have a dream this morning about Cobra saying something about something but I don’t recall now. It wasn’t very long but I think it was significant.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love as always!

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