Starseed Amnesia Concept Written into Star Trek Episode?

I was just recently guided to watch a particular episode of Star Trek Next Gen titled ‘Conundrum’ where the crew suddenly loses their memory and what they are doing aboard the star ship Enterprise. I found many similarities to the situation happening here on Earth where Starseeds volunteered to take physical incarnations to help liberate the planet, but don’t retain their memories.

The crew is hit with an energy wave that erases their short-term memories and also of who they are. Selected data banks were carefully hidden or removed so the crew couldn’t figure out what they were doing there. This idea could be likened to the Cabal erasing any information about positive ETs or anything related to our mission here so we would never figure it out and remain stuck.

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They all retained their long-term memory and abilities though. So the doctor remembered how to treat patients and the captain knew how to delegate to the crew and so on. This makes me think of how we came to this planet not being able to recall who we are, right away anyway, but we still have our abilities that we carry throughout every lifetime.

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The crew had feelings of familiarity between one another. They remembered feelings and emotions about each other that drew them together, even though they didn’t consciously remember them. I’ve felt the same feeling for those in my Prepare for Change meetup group. I have little doubt that we all may have worked together in the past and are here now to complete our mission together, even though we don’t remember each other.

I didn’t write this dream down and I wasn’t going to share it with anyone because it seemed too big for my mind to handle but I recall seeing myself standing on this huge platform in a massive structure looking out into space. I saw myself in what appeared to be a blue space suit. I ‘knew’ I was the captain of the star ship I was looking out of. It seemed to be very large inside but I only got a side view of myself looking out through the front clear glass window.

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This is what it looked like in my dream. I would be standing where the woman is, but the window was much bigger and I was looking at myself from the right side.

I will go on a little further, without ego but just to share my experience so far, and say that I have assumed an informal leadership role at work. I trained many of the CNAs and other employees there and they come to me for assistance with most things that I am aware of how to do. I enjoy teaching very much and wouldn’t be surprised if that is something I did in a past life. I attempt to maintain relations with others as positive and as diplomatic as possible.

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Moving on now, there is one negative being who attempts to influence the others into making aggressive moves towards other ships and people, just like the Archons/Chimera Group does. Interestingly, the name of the race of the being that takes over this crew member is Satarran. If we drop a few letters we get ‘Satan’.


This ET being was attempting to provoke the captain into firing and destroying a ship belonging to another race which would have no doubt caused incredibly difficult and tragic consequences for the Enterprise and the Federation.

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It is also interesting to note that this negative being was only able to influence the crew and not act directly. The captain had to give the order of own his free will in order to implement the plan it wanted to be carried out. The ET being did attempt to take command of the weapons and tactical station on the bridge but that was stopped immediately and easily by the crew.


The negative being over played his hand and exposed himself and his plan to the crew. Just like the Cabal does now. They need total secrecy and our free will to be able to create the world they want for themselves and us. Once we are aware, the jig is up and they can’t go through with it anymore because there aren’t enough willing participants.

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When the crew turns their phasers onto the aggressively behaving crew member the true form of the negative being is revealed.

I believe that we are all like this crew, we may hold medium or high ranking or other important positions and credentials from various planets, organizations or counsels but don’t have our memories when we come here so it’s difficult to figure out what our mission is and sometimes we can be easily influenced by those who wish to cause us and others harm.

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This episode felt significant and I wanted to write this because I felt guided to and I think someone somewhere wanted you all to know that they understand what is happening here and that we are not crazy and that we are here on a mission to help humanity against forces that are dark but are indeed gradually fading.

I found the episode for free on this website if anyone feels guided to see it. I have ad blocker so I’m not sure if it has ads on it or not but it is working fine for me as of the time of this writing. I am wishing light and love to each of you. Thank you for reading!

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  1. truthearth says:

    Interesting information about the AR..I think I recall an article from Dr. Michael Salla where he mentioned that Gene Rodenberry was working with someone with the secret space program..they would no doubt have access to this metaphysical information and they could reach a large amount of people with it…sounds like you wish to connect with them again…you will soon..:)

  2. My study of the Akashic Records continues to reveal exactly this type of information, as ‘out there’ as it may sound. For example, the Soul has a memory which can be damaged by actions we take, or others take against us, which involve us stepping off our personal divine path. This memory can be retrieved and cleared – or mended. I believe we all have access to the Akashic Records…and the script writers of Star Trek did no less when they freed their minds to create plots and ideas from other dimensions. Interesting to note also, when I had a past life regression experience, mine was more of a soul level experience, where I walked out onto a deck, much like yours in the dream, only this was more of a suspended walk way into space, and connected with many Soul Groups and lives to understand my soul’s nature better. Thanks for the insightful post!

  3. truthearth says:

    Since everything in the Universe is itself experiencing itself then I can totally see it being a mirror of humanity. It created what we see with our help. And now it’s almost done being cleared and I agree with you that humanity’s healing is synchronized with the healing of the Yaldaboath. Healing for everyone is what I am excited about. Imagine a world where everyone is their TRUE self and not ball and chained to their trauma and fear. Light and love M =]

  4. Thank you, LawSuth, that’s very well said. I agree with each word of your comment.
    It’s pleasant to see intelligent comments posted here. That’s due to Jonathan’s vibes and style, I believe. And the name truthearth probably helps as well 🙂

  5. Hello Jonathan, I’ve enjoyed the Star Trek episode very much, the last half seemed to be pretty much in a normal speed and I enjoyed the end. Ha ha.. that’s what I like about this series, the scriptwriter is intelligent and the human factor is nicely woven into the space adventures.

    On another note, for the time being I’m taking a break and will follow Cobra’s blog on a regular basis only.

    There are some new thoughts I’ve started chewing on, regarding the genuine nature of the obscure story around the being Yaldeboth.

    To me it seems that the collective human consciousness has created this “persona” , almost as a split off part of a personality, and that it’s not a separate being. T

    My trail of thoughts go with the observation that humanity’s awakening and enlightening happens in sync with the dissolving of that “squid in a tantrum” as I jokingly call Yaldeboth.

    I’m pondering the idea that this being isn’t an existence in itself, a separate being, and that it possibly is an appearance in our collective human consciousness- grid around planet Earth, showing up in tentacle-like forms.

    As I’ve understood, I think, plasma energy, or the nature of plasma seems to be the bridge between matter and energy. If that’s the case, the manifestation of Yaldeboth could well be the expression in energy/ form of our state of consciousness as humanity.

    The projection of this being as an independent operating force holding the Veil in place and the function of the implants in our brain, could be a psychological process emerging through thousands of years.

    I’m chewing on it and when I’ve found some answers I might come back as an active PFC member.

    There’s also an issue with the moderators of PFC, removing my recent comments on the announcements of 2 radio-shows, due to seemingly critical content, divisive.

    It’s the third time I’ve encountered a view on feedback and constructive suggestions, that doesn’t allow for a shadow unless when in flight mode.

  6. demetrius13 says:

    Reblogged this on demetrius13 and commented:
    Disclosure from Star Trek: more truth in plain sight. I’ve heard some say that much of what was on that series was actually true. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  7. truthearth says:

    What a very interesting series of events that led to where you are now…sounded painfully gradual, but then again, we get what we need when we need it, so I’ve been learning…I will add that to my list of things to check out. So many of the people that comment here give me such valuable information. I wish I could just download everything into my brain directly, but then again…I’d probably be a Borg…which I don’t want…Thanks for the great info, oh and I love the 333 synchronicity. I use that for my Etsy shop and have been seeing that a lot lately.. <3 Light and love.

  8. Zarp3333 says:

    The very same feeling plagued me for years. I began obsessively scouting the internet seeking answers. All I knew was that I was here for some vague mission that would have implications for the entire world.

    Having grown up Christian and have not recieved and information that might provide insight, I read channelings from Marciniac and Bashar. I read all I could find on UFOs. I read The Law of One and the emerald tablets of Thoth many many times, hoping and praying to find something, anything. I was left wanting.

    I participated in ancient rituals with hallucinogenic compounds. Still only very subtle hints. It was not until I began having supernatural experiences, remembering past lives and seeing non-human forms that the path began to open up.

    Far far more mind expanding than any other single thing or group of things was when I stumbled upon the work of Michael S. Heiser and his “Divine Council World View.”

    Having already counted any Christian history out of the question, I was shocked to realize I knew very little about the real supernatural aspects of the Bible.

    Today it’s no surprise to me that most of the concepts and history Heiser documents has apparently been surgically removed from all popular forms of Christianity currently practiced around the world. Because if people knew the truth, the what, why and when would be so obvious that the persons and the beings they serve would be unambiguously revealed.

    For the true seeker and the person that the above article spoke to, do yourself a favor and look into the Divine Council work of Heiser. If you liked the Book of Enoch, you will be blown away to realize Enoch was just the beginning of a drama that is playing out now to a grand crescendo.

  9. truthearth says:

    In your dream it sounds like you were the calm force and a pillar of stability as you didn’t freak out over seeing the ship like other might have. Interesting about the video, I think they may have sped it up in order to avoid copyright laws. Changing the pitch would deter any computer from recognizing the music and voices. Sorry about that, the next best thing I would try is YouTube or another website that hosts free content. Thank you for sharing your dream. It sounds like you got a mini download. Light and love!

  10. truthearth says:

    Like attracts like right? Thank you for the kind words and thank you for the work that I am sure you are doing for humanity. Your words add fuel to my engine to continue running until the end, which I hope it a happy ending for us all 🙂 light and love always Nikki!

  11. That was the end…. what an end. How human 🙂

  12. Thank you, Jonathan, dreams about being in outer space, that must be impressive. I can’t remember those kind of dreams, only a dream on planet Earth, in broad daylight. A great mass of people stood in a large city with large modern buildings of whitish material. Suddenly, the sky changed and a massive spacecraft appeared, covering the whole sky. I could see the many colored lights beneath the circular shape, much like the craft in Close Encounters of the 3rd kind.
    All was completely silent, as if the world was holding its breath.

    This was “first Contact” for the most part of humanity, visual contact. I looked around me and noticed many faces awestruck, bodies motionless. As I realised that preparations should be made to make aquaintances and assist people in it, emotionally and physically, I began to hear a high pitched tone in my ears. This was a signal and when I looked around me, instinctually, I met eyes of others in the crowd, who “knew” what I “knew” and we were the ones that heard this tone.

    We began to move in one and the same direction, slowly and determined, as if fully clear about our mission and I was at ease, calm. To me, it was a long awaited event, finally arriving and I felt relief and excitement about this “Contact” finally coming into manifestation on planet Earth. There’s not much focus on seeing crafts or meeting ET-being, since that dream. When it happens it happens, all in good timing and the right place.

    I’m enjoying the episode Conundrum much. To hear that familiar soundtrack again, after 4 years I believe, is nice. Is it my perception, or is the video playing in a slightly faster mode than it should be? The talking and moving is very fast, but it could be that it’s due to my not being used to television anymore. Now I’m going back to continue the episode, to finish it and than zzzzhhh…..

  13. Nikki says:

    Hello Johnathan. It does not surprise me that you exhibit leadership qualities and that others are drawn to you for assistance/guidance. It is no accident that you were born on the day and at the time you were. As an Aries, you are a natural born leader, an initiator and a way show-er. I look to your blog posts daily with great anticipation as I find a lot of what you express resonates with my own current experiences. Keep up the wonderful work you do. Victory of the Light!
    With great Love and respect, Nikki (Brisbane, Australia)

  14. LawSuth says:

    “It is also interesting to note that this negative being was only able to influence the crew and not act directly.”

    Subtle energetic beings may utilize the mental “space” in order to compel a person towards the fulfillment of various actions. In the case of “evil” entities, the assertion of this insistence can be tied to a person’s already-familiar vices. An extreme fulfillment of this force could come in the form of someone with some form of demonic obsession (with outright possession being the primary goal of the entity).

  15. J says:

    Thank you for this. Its exactly what was needed
    I feel trying to talk about this online is a huge risk and even replying lile im doing to yourself is also a huge risk. Nothing it seems is private these days. And regards to ur role as captain. U may be looking into your future. Ive been givein title of commander and told to remember my mision by my space family . A family I have no memory of . A title that makes 0 sense. And told to remeber a mision that is mind blowing to even contomplate. Awaken a planet …. all from an a craft that up untill that moment i thought was science fiction and fantasy. And when u start down this path Alone. Its a pretty scary path to be on. Specially when only logical explanation is ur loseing ur mind and are a bit nutzs… every1 u know is cought in a rat race and u have no way to reach like minded indaviduals. So for this wich i have been waiting i thank you. I now urge and command all commanders and light bodys to drop there shroud and stand up . Its time to complete our mision. Leave ur comments here . With group or secure meens to conect. We all have a peice of the puzzle.

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