Increased Vibrational Synchronicities!

So I wanted to share a post and grand observation that I have been experiencing lately, especially since beginning this juice fast, which I believe has really kick started something for me.

I, like many others reading this, have been getting synchronicity in the form of numbers on the clock and other places; license plates, patient record numbers, patient room numbers, etc. And lately I have been getting numbers like 1:01, 2:02, 3:03 all the way up to nine and higher and also 1:11, 2:11, 2:12 and so on up to nine and beyond also.

I was walking home from getting some groceries when it hit me. These are numbers that represent an increase in vibration! Just like a sine wave.

Even now on the clock it is 8:08 pm.


The Universe is communicating a dramatic increase in vibration through numerology and simple concepts that we understand. I know this isn’t a huge thing but it sure did feel huge! I can definitely feel an increase in the energies and as I wrote in the previous post about the juice fast I feel as though I am living in a higher dimension right now. There is little thought towards negativity, except that which is to be released and an abundance of euphoria and love.

Everything feels different and the Universe is communicating, in real time, that the vibes are goin’ up, baby! So stay strong and remember to be as positive as possible and create responsibly. Much love everyone!

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  2. Yes, I agree with you, Jonathan, I also feel that much is in motion and windows are flying open too, offering insights and clarity for discernment. As a seasoned fruit, so to speak, but please don’t make juice of me, ha ha, I’ve also experienced that there’s at the same time a presence of heaven and paradise in a timeless way, since the first spark of light entered, or created? the Universe.

    It’s a supportive down-to-earth stance and valuable to ponder the thought, maybe, that by cleaning your cells and this change of diet, you’re accessing that level of vibration, by finding resonance with that presence of heaven and paradise. Life offers nudges and urgings to secure your wellbeing, it’s yours and it’s ready to be received, it can’t force itself on you.

    As I perceive it, it’s always present for us and always waiting. For those who are in darkness that’s a reason to respond in a cynical way and many are desparate in fear of missing out on something that is shimmering in the distance, golden.

    It’s as if a promise is made and never fulfilled, to most of them. I myself perceive this as the hurting of innocense in a child. I believe that’s often a deep sadness of longing for what is lost, that we’re bringing to this planet when we choose a physical body.

    I believe it’s the nudgings and urgings in our lives that push us relentlessly forward, offering us a chance to stumble upon that fulfillment, specially now, when the clock strikes almost twelve.

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