New Video Report on my 30 Day Juice Fast!

So I’d like to do a short report in this article and defer everyone to the video where I get more in depth, like reeeally in depth, like about poop…which is something that is not foreign for me to talk about because I work in a hospital and we talk about poop all the time there. It’s a hot topic. Literally.

Anyways, I will continue on this fast because my body and/or the Universe hasn’t given me any signal to stop and I feel totally great. I have realized through this process that I have more to heal internally so that is another reason why I will continue.

I have done a 5 and a half day juice fast in the past but in a much poorer state of health., so naturally I didn’t last as long. This time was much better and I got a push from the Universe right before doing this seemingly ‘spontaneous’ dietary change.

Week 1)

  • Felt spacey and a bit off for the first few days
  • Energy levels were through the roof!
  • Stopped pooping after a while
  • Didn’t know what to do with all this new energy!
  • Mental clarity was just incredible
  • Walking with such lightness and incredible speed, like walking on clouds
  • Dramatic increase in synchronicities
  • Feeling extremely powerful, like I can manifest anything and the power of the Universe is mine for the taking
  • Everyone around me is so much nicer
  • I feel like I’ve woken up in a higher dimension
  • My skin is so much softer!

Week 2)

  • Energy levels tapering down but still very high
  • I could definitely feel my body doing deep healing and cleansing
  • Still sleeping the same amount, getting up early for work (5 am) is still a drag
  • Being able to reach my baseline mental acuity is almost constant now
  • Not experiencing as much brain fog
  • Doing a lot more meditation and self-reflection

Week 3)

  • I introduced home-made sauerkraut juice (lots of probiotics in there) to my body
  • Lots of stomach activity
  • Let the battlesh*ts begin!
  • Took too much sauerkraut juice, didn’t sleep and had Candida die-off symptoms all day, almost like the flu, plus lots of battlesh*ts
  • Lots of mucous pouring out of me, among other things..

Week 4)

  • Batches of sauerkraut went bad so tried to make another, that one didn’t work out, onto a third one, will introduce probiotics (in smaller doses) after this one ferments
  • High mental clarity now the new normal
  • Feeling like anything is possible
  • Still feeling amazing and will continue on for extra deep healing and cleansing
  • Pooping has been on and off, if I ‘doo’ go then it’s small

So that is my experience so far, not everything is in this short report and not everything I wrote here is in the video, something I did unintentionally. Most of the information is in the video though. I didn’t document anything throughout this process, I just wanted to experience it in the now. It has been a beautiful and ugly process but I know the ultimate result will be total healing and then…I go and do where ever else the Universe takes me!

Thanks for reading everyone and much love!!

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