New Voice-Guided Meditation for Healing and Fear-Release in 432Hz

After some very humbling positive feedback from the last voice-guided meditation video I made (sorry it couldn’t be used this time around!) I thought I would create another.

This one is special because I incorporate Dolores Cannon’s client’s visualization technique that she received from working with one of her clients. ‘They’, as they are called, gave Dolores these techniques through her clients and I thought I would put them in the form of an easy to use meditation and video.

I have purposely created the video at the exact length of 7:56 minutes as this is a synchronistic number that pertains to levels of frequency in the Universe based on ancient numerology (Germatrian Wheel). I see this number, among others like it (144, 432, 528), on the clock all the time.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it. Much love everyone!


Another synchronicity, I just finished this post at 4:44 Pm!

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