Synchronicity/Ascension Symptoms Update

So I’d like to share a short post about the symptoms I have been experiencing along with some interesting numerical synchronicities that have been manifesting in great amounts lately.

Although first I wanted to share a disturbing dream I had that I didn’t really want to share in my dream journal. It was about being trapped in this big house with Hillary Clinton. I may have been a prisoner there and I think I was living in the basement. I was very scared for my life.

I somehow thought she could read my mind and knew my every thought and would find out if I escaped. I know she did things to people there, to me also. I don’t remember anything like that in the dream though, luckily. I recall there being so many rooms, with so many stairs going here and there. I didn’t write anything down because I wanted to forget it happened.

This is not the first time I have dreamt about being abused or being subjected to horrific abuse and torture. I detail many of these dreams or possible repressed memories in the dream journal which is a tab on this blog.

So to raise the vibration a bit more after all that I would like to get into the numerical synchronicities and what they possibly mean.

As some of you may recall I wrote a post a little while back about seeing numerical patterns as such: 1:01 2:02…12:12, 13:13…7:07, 8:08, 9:09 and so on and I theorized that it may mean and be a confirmation that the vibration of the planet, or at least my world is increasing dramatically and represented a sine wave graph:

Those numbers are still happening just as frequently, but now there is a new form of numerical pattern. I am now seeing numbers doubled just as often as the previously mentioned patterns: 5:10, 6:12, 7:14…9:18 and so on. What I have learned from watching David Wilcock’s show Wisdom Teachings on Gaia is that there were researchers and scientists who found that the Universe and Galaxies exists in states of quantized vibrations.

This means that there is nothing in between and there is a jump from each tier to the next. I am positing that the numbers I am seeing are the Universe’s (or some higher beings) way of communicating that there will be a jump and shift in our reality soon. They are throwing these at me literally dozens of times a day now.

What we have heard from various people and channelings is that time passes differently on the other planes of existence and one day to us might be 1 second to them. If we look back at the Law Of One material the Ra Beings go on to convey that the Galactic Confederation attempts to aid and provide effort to those on various planets to raise their vibration and increase the amount of people who will be ready for Ascension (AKA harvest) at the end of a master cycle, in our case we are ending a small, major and master cycle of time.

With all of that said I am theorizing that these beings are screaming at us in anyway they can to tell us to get our stuff together because the clock is about to strike the hour. For them everything is about to happen or is in the process of happening but for us there is a delay.

This is all just theory of course but I feel like I have done enough research and internal work and development to be able to feel comfortable sharing this possibility of what is happening. Sharing and practicing unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance is one of the big lessons we are here to learn, in addition to liberating planet Earth, ultimately Love is what is going to save this planet anyways, right?

I would now like to share some of the symptoms I have been experiencing lately. They are as follows:

  • Sleep has been on and off in terms of quality and duration
  • Dreams have been different, it’s difficult to explain, but they are just different
  • Extreme fatigue has been setting in this last week with no end in sight
  • Absent mindedness
  • Very easily losing track of time
  • Ringing in the ears is still happening, low, medium and high tones in both ears
  • Increased amount of syncronicities including numerical, situational and in dreams
  • More intolerance for things of the old world
  • I am seeing more people interested in the information of the new world
  • I am still juice fasting (today is day 57)
  • This last week I feel like I have lead in whole body, like I am carrying around a dead-weight corpse, except it’s my own body lol
  • Everything feels so dense lately, like I am walking through mud
  • I am experiencing telepathy more with greater intensity

The above is a current report of what has been my own personal experience lately as I observe it. I know these are good things but some of them have just been awful if I am being honest. Ascending on a slave planet is definitely not easy…many of you know this…lol.

This is all I have for now, if there are anymore developments I will post and share them here. What about you? How have you been experiencing these changes? I invite you to share your experiences in the comments section!

Thank you all for reading and much love!

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7 Responses to Synchronicity/Ascension Symptoms Update

  1. J says:

    Wow. This resonates with me on a whole other level! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, I can finally put my symptoms into words now 😀

  2. Chaney Jones says:

    and I forgot to mention that I am also increasingly sensitive to film scores, music and major motion pictures. I am extremely sensitive to violence and have very low tolerance for violent film or video content. I am often overwhelmed with emotion while watching any given movie and like to believe that I see and understand the highest purpose of any given scene in a movie. I hardly watch anything for entertainment purposes now, and I do my best to try and decipher what higher message is being conveyed in my day to day life.

  3. Chaney Jones says:

    I’ve experienced constant numeric synchronicity with license plates and digital clocks. My energy level has been very low. I used to be able to jump from 3 or 4 projects at the same time (with the help of esspresso) and now I have an extreme reluctance to begin a project in subconscious fear of not having enough energy. I’ve been sleeping more and experiencing frequent lucid dreaming and an affinity to explore the astral realm in my conscious everyday life. I am an aspiring vegan and eat primarily a vegan diet but if I eat something with the SLIGHTEST trace of dairy my stomach is turning and making noises and experience much discomfort. Much more opportunities to deal with and confront rising emotions. More success with “digesting” emotions. Feel inspired to make a little more time everyday for silence and reflection. I Feel more prepared than ever to pursue a career in alternative medicine and healing.

  4. Johannes says:

    Also had lots oft synchronicities last days:
    – one time paying 19.99 € at the supermarket for many things accidently, one time 11,11 € really had no idea..
    – looking at the clock at 5:55 ‘accidently’..
    I feel THEY like it when we notice their message!

  5. As a nutritnionist and health-food-coach, I’d like to share this with you, that while going through this juice fasting, your body is releasing a lot of “stuff” as much as you feel inclined to release the old world “stuff” Jonathan. Our body cells hold memories of past lives, imprints of experiences that may have been traumatic, our life experiences since birth and also residue of our old diet with more or less non-friendly “stuff”.

    It’s normal that a change of sleep pattern and an increase of dreams begins to happen during a rigorous change of diet. Dreams with much emotional impact, such as the one in Hillary’s dungeons, can be a release of a death process or letting go of life force energy in a survival mode. Her presence in the dream may hold symbolic meaning and doesn’t necessarily need to tell you anything about her personally.

    It’s even possible that your body goes into a mode of “starving” or craving for what it’s been used to and now must miss, causing ringing in your ears. It may be a change in blood pressure. This “starving” may cause dreamstates that show scenes of “starving” as a fear for losing one’s life.

    The combination of juice fasting and moving through the routines in your working life, which isn’t the easiest sort of job, is quite a challenge for your nervous system, due to heightened sensitivity combined with tiredness.

    I’ve got a suggestion for you, which is that you try to separate your spiritual progress from the physical process that is caused by your juice fasting now. I mean, that interpretation of symptoms and unusual experiences are better kept in the parking lot for a while. Worrying about them adds more to what you’re processing in this intensity.

    And also I suggest that when you begin to feel almost disfunctional due to tiredness or weakness, with absent mindedness, to not be too strict on yourself and to take some time out or even introduce some food substance, for example brown rice that is cooked into a mash with more water than normal.

    Or mochi with wormwood/mugwort, which is an excellent foodsubstance to restore one’s strength. Also Amasake is a very mild foodsubstance after fasting. Try to chew as much as possible so that your saliva works as a probiotic and offers your stomach to be at ease, while adjusting to digesting more substantial food. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Jonathan, after all, your physical body is determined to embody your soul, isn’t it? So be gentle to that body when the going gets too tough, okay?

  6. truthearth says:

    Interesting Dinah, very cool and glad to hear that things are going well for you! It’s so amazing when you think about how intertwined everything is. It seems impossible but then you turn around and boom the clock says 12:34 and your favorite song comes on the radio ha.

  7. The numbers have been coming at me like crazy. I am constantly catching sequences and every one of them makes me smile. I tend to respond with a thumbs up and a thank you. Meanwhile my ears never stop ringing. I read somewhere, maybe andrew bartzis, about how the ringing in the top of your ear is aligned with higher beings and the ringing in the lower part of the ears is aligned with lower beings(?) and left is a different information source than right. Anyway, cool times ahead. And I sleep mostly…if I can. Whenever I can. Never pass up the chance. oh! and everything I have been studying for the past two years is in bloom. Everything is coming together and falling in place like a 3D puzzle, building and growing. Exciting.

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