PizzaGate Protest Happening Today 3/25/2017 (Updated)

It appears the PizzaGate protest that started at 11:11 am today in Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. is going well at the moment. I wanted to report on it as it seemed there isn’t much coverage so I figure I would throw my voice into the mix.

David Seaman has given a short speech as to the nature of the purpose of the protest and to engage passers-by into the discussion of this now widely exposed child trafficking/torture/disposal ring that has been going on for so long.

If there are any other updates or developments I will be adding them here. Thanks for checking it out everyone. Victory of the light! #FullDisclosureNow #PizzaPedoGate

UPDATE @0932: Just today I found an ad for a saucer-shaped quad-copter (their words surprisingly) to be used as taxis:

WordPress is not allowing me to share the video but here is the link to the video that displays the vehicle. It’s pretty interesting!

The protests are still continuing without any issues so far:

UPDATED @1640 4:40 pm: David S. has tweeted some updates about the protest and even made a visit to Comet Ping Pong:

UPDATE @ 0623 6:23 am: Various alternative media outlets are covering this protest now. Neonettle is one of the few that did, for some reason they label it a conspiracy theory, a term created by the CIA some decades back in order to ridicule and attack anyone who questioned the nefarious activities of the organization back then:

Pedogate: Thousands Protest Outside The White House Over Elite Pedophile Rings:

“A huge demonstration took place in Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. in which crowds gathered outside The White House and demanded action be taken over the Elite pedophilia networks that are operating within US politics.Protesters demanded that the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, that connects high-level politicians to a pedophile ring that serves “Elites” and uses a DC pizzeria as one of its bases, should be properly investigated.”

UPDATE @ 0640 6:40 am: If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny but the Washington Post, the media company who recently awarded John Podesta his own column, has written up a piece about the protest yesterday 3/25 and as we can probably guess, is full of lies and distortions:

Protesters outside White House demand ‘Pizzagate’ investigation:

“Several dozen people assembled outside the White House Saturday to demand an investigation into the unfounded Internet rumor known as “Pizzagate.”

Wearing T-shirts and holding banners defending the conspiracy theory — which falsely linked Hillary Clinton to an alleged child-sex-trafficking ring operating out of a D.C. pizza parlor — protesters took turns climbing onto an elevated stage in Lafayette Square to demand politicians and mainstream news media take their claims seriously.”

I have no doubt these people might be pedophiles themselves and are being blackmailed or are trying to delay arrests and confuse people about the Podesta e-mails, which haven’t been debunked, as so erroneously reported by the mainstream media. Mass arrests are coming, as they are part of the The Event operations, but the people involved in this are just diggin’ a whole with every article they post.

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  2. Nikolas says:

    Large crowd ? Really ? habitually the american’s people don’t move !. I hope this will change ! Stand up, the world see you !

    A stranger very sad too see what’s happening in your country !

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  4. So glad to hear that! I’m in Canada, so can’t be there, but my heart and prayers are! <3

  5. truthearth says:

    Yes indeed! There is a large crowd there apparently!

  6. Reblogged this on EsotericJenavi and commented:
    Sending them love and light! This is important!

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