Dream About Huge Importance of Cobra’s Information, Cobra Blog Synchronicities & Possible Memory Before Quarantine Earth Surfacing

So this is definitely an unexpected post but one that is being stressed as very important right now. Last night I was guided to go to the beginning of Cobra’s blog and analyze the information there and there were some interesting things that came up including a dream later that night where it was strongly stressed that people take Cobra’s information more seriously. I have never had a dream like that before but the message was loud and clear as you will read.

It is just interesting that the night before this dream I was doing research into Cobra’s blog. So I will go ahead and share the dream first which I woke up a minute after midnight to write down:

March 26th, 2019 00:07 (12:07 AM)

It is extremely important that people takes Cobra’s information seriously. This was the sum of this dream. I remember it being time for something and we were up in the woods in a parking lot area and I was trying to figure out the timing of a show, like the Walking Dead but not evil, like a preparation show or something. And those who were paying attention were very well prepared and those who weren’t will have had a harder time dealing with what was happening. Cobra’s blog and information was critical to moving on to the next steps. I think I had got in just in time.

I am losing the details of the dream fast. The overall message is, stay informed and learn which sources are genuine and which are just a distraction. The mood of the people in the dream, including myself, was that this was vital at this time. I’m not saying anything is going to happen nor am I trying to instill fear, but help increase preparedness.

So yes the sense of urgency was quite strong in this one. One thing I suggest is to go back and just re-read some of the posts from Cobra’s blog (there aren’t that many as the majority of the posts on the blog are coded messages for the Resistance Movement) and get as up-to-date as they can.

Someone at Prepare for Change has very kindly taken Cobra’s most important articles and put them into one place online. People can easily go to the blog and look on the right hand side where the dates are and go through each month and find the posts.

Before I share the other possible memory of life before (or after?) quarantine Earth I wished to share the synchronicities I found in regards to Cobra’s blog. Many times I am finding that going back to the beginning of something will result in the most astonishing synchronicities. It is becoming more and more obvious that there is a grand plan for each and every person which is being orchestrated with and/or without our conscious knowledge.

One of the first things I did was plug the first post from Cobra’s blog into the gematria calculator. This resulted in the number 5772 amazingly:



This is interesting because the date this post was made, March 31st, 2012, corresponds to the Hebrew calendar year which turned out to be the year 5772, the same as the gematria value of that introduction:


If we reverse 5772 to 2775 and plug it into Pi we see it appears right after 314 (Pi) and we also see the very sacred 592 in a different form = 529:


The date that Cobra wrote the first post on that blog was March 31st, 2012 and March 31st was the date the first Matrix movie premiered in the United States in 1999:

thr matrix.png

If we plug today’s date into Pi we see our ‘sign post‘ number 659 appearing at the beginning of the string of numbers. This number appearing lets me know the correct path is being taken:


And there are some synchronicities with the amount of time between the date of Cobra’s first blog post and today, March 26th:


If we plug the first amount of time, 364 weeks, into Pi we see it takes position 346 which are the same digits but in a different order:


And if we plug in the number of months = 83 into Pi we see it takes position 236, which are the digits of today’s date:


The gematria value of Cobra’s blog name ‘The Portal’ is 115:


And if we plug 115 into Pi we see it appears right behind 956 which is our ‘sign post‘ number 659 backwards, indicating the correct path is being taken:


And now I will share the possible memory I mentioned earlier. I say possibly because I haven’t really experienced something like this before so I can really only speculate as to the origin of this vision. What it felt like as it was manifesting though was like remembering something I had forgotten. It was amazing and although I have had memory bleed-throughs, where I will get a glimpse of what seems to be a memory but it will only manifest as a snapshot or ‘single frame’ photo of some random location that I am unfamiliar with, but it will feel like an old memory that I had forgotten, this time I got an entire experience complete with visuals and emotions. I will share what I had written down about this last night:

March 26th, 2019 21:40 (9:40 PM)

Just lying down and felt like what might be a memory, it was like it pushed through to the surface of my attention, like remembering it.

I was floating in space but things looked like a big distortion and the planets and stars were like in a distorted kind of circle like a black hole. But I felt this incredible purity and love and joy! It was amazing!

There was no darkness or evil. It didn’t exist to me, it was all love and peace, no negativity at all! I hope this is a memory or taste of what is to come. I am ready for total happiness!

There was really nothing in this life I could compare this experience to. It was just me existing in this state of total peace and bliss forever. I wish I could share these emotions with all of you reading this because it would be such a wonderful break from living in this hell hole.

This is all I have for now, I hope people will take the advice from the previously mentioned dream and look more into Cobra’s information. It is up to you of course. But it’s important to remember that I get future information in my dreams and I have documented many of these things coming true. But again, this is up to each person reading this to take it seriously or disregard it based on their free will. Here are a few of the dreams coming true:

My Dream Journal

Prophetic Dream Comes True: Jordan Sather Appears on Comedy Central, Talks about Pizzagate/QAnon

A Short Summary of Recent Prophetic Dreams Coming True

Synchronicity Report, Prophetic Dreams, More Dark Nights

This message isn’t from me personally, it is from a higher source which is only looking after the highest good of each person on this planet. I am just the humble vessel delivering this information.

This is everything for now, much love everyone!

UPDATE: Just a little bit ago I was guided to go outside and when I did I heard the song ‘Uprising’ by Muse playing from my step-dad’s garage. This is a song about the defeat of evil:

“…They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
(So come on)…”

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24 Responses to Dream About Huge Importance of Cobra’s Information, Cobra Blog Synchronicities & Possible Memory Before Quarantine Earth Surfacing

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  2. Elena says:

    Thank You very much!
    Many interesting I am read here

  3. Rey Sales says:

    I have the same dream, just recent month ago.

    It was a quiet different dark night in a metropolitan area.
    After turning 180° degree and I look upon the sky, I saw the stars lined up unusually and their light
    is more brighter. At the left side was a G2 cloud and at the Center is the Pleiades
    star cluster. In pleaiades there seems to have a celebration because I have seen a
    Fireworks, which I can exactly describe the colors of the fireworks. It looks like
    the color of the flag of the U.S.A.

    The feeling was immense and divine, I cannot describe it.
    I was so full of Joy and indescrible Love.
    The Love that fills my soul and I swear to my self.
    All being will experience this Love.

    I felt special having experienced this kind of dream.

    The Prime Creator Love us so much that’s just only I can say.
    I can’t stop my tears everytime I reminisce that dream

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  7. truthearth says:

    Thanks for the info Chad! And it sounds like your dream was very profound. I hope your path is as enlightening as it sounds 🙂

  8. Chad Gustin says:

    I have recently created a blog that is largely dedicated to spreading cobras intel. here is an example where i collected all the Implant Intel on one page:



    Directed energy weapons:


    Some other works :



    Also i wanted to share

    I had a dream within a week or 2 very similar to yours.

    i was picked up at night in a car by cobra .. a women was already in the back i sat in front and we didnt drive far from my home , pulled into another home not even a block away

    when i was inside i put my stuff down and some dogs had to check us like a security protocol, had some conversations didnt remember much detail

    just the overall feeling of importance, urgency and a very widened scope of understanding of the bic picture planetary situation, cosmic and myself.

    next thing i remember was him walking me across the street back to my home as we got closer he stopped and i realized this was my prep dream to show me where i’m at in terms of preparation spiritually
    and that soon i will have to be ready for the choice. i actually fell in the street crying b/c i knew how important it is that i am ready when the time comes.

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  10. Parviz says:


  11. Katia says:

    I know this feeling of love that you speak my stellar brother. during a meditation in 2010, my subtle bodies were projected into space very quickly and I felt this indescribable love. I remember not wanting to return such was the feeling of well being.

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  17. Anna says:

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    jestem, pracuję, jak mogę, idę
    Miłość i Światło

  18. interesting…. i dont get all the number stuff, but i like that you recognize the importance of cobra’s intel and are sharing that sentiment. thanks

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  24. Zdenka Sharp says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. XOXO

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