Boy-Lover Pedo Symbol Found on Billboards in Glendale Arizona

(UPDATE) I have contacted the local FBI here in Arizona and reported this to them over the phone. They said they may or may not contact me. I asked the Universe to guide me to report this to the correct person and the woman there seemed receptive and interested. I also asked for protection against anyone who wishes to find me and cause harm to me.  

A few weeks ago while I was driving home I noticed the boy-lover pedo symbol on an advertisement board on Bell Road in Glendale, Arizona. My immediate reaction was sickness. It appeared to be an ad for children, along with other businesses in the plaza. The symbol appeared on two billboards on both sides of each so you could see it both ways while driving. Notice there are 6 lines that come from it, possibly indicating a Luciferian connection:



If you look closely at the lines you can see the ends go slightly in another direction. Interestingly the Hebrew letter for the number 6 looks just like that:

Image result for 6 hebrew

Here is the FBI’s page on pedophile symbols from the Wikileaks e-mails:

I also noticed the same symbol while watching a clip from the Spongebob Squarepants movie. They are in this bar type setting eat lots and lots of…ice cream. Yes that would be one of the possible pedophile code words found in the Wikileaks e-mails:


ice cream.pngI am not sure who I should share this information with. The police? Maybe, but they are sometimes in on this and notifying them would make me a target. Like I need a bigger bullseye on me right now!

The area where this sign appeared is in the nicer part of Phoenix and there are a lot of wealthy people that inhabit that part of the city. It’s one thing to read this stuff online and see arrests in the other states but to see it in person is something totally different…

This is all I have to report for now. Love and light everyone.

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11 Responses to Boy-Lover Pedo Symbol Found on Billboards in Glendale Arizona

  1. truthearth says:

    Yikes. just like Q said, evil is everywhere…It will be disturbing to really find out how everywhere it all really is…thanks for sharing <3

  2. maricopagigs says:

    Arizona seems to be boasting with these types of symbols. I have discovered over 11 different logos as well.
    Check out @az_sublime’s Tweet:

  3. truthearth says:

    I didn’t get or hear anything back from them besides the strange knock on the door a few days after I made the call to them. The sign is likely still there, although I haven’t looked..I might do a follow up but I get the feeling there might be more than a knock on the door next time.

  4. valerie massee says:

    Time has passed. Did you ever hear back from the FBI and is that sign still up?

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  8. truthearth says:

    That’s crazy…but then again there are a lot of trolls on there that are paid to protect the did the right thing bringing attention to it.

  9. Lisa says:

    I saw those exact symbols on Bell Rd months ago, I reported it on Reddit and most people on there treated me like I was a troll. They believed I photoshopped the damn photo. Smh

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  11. I would call either the FBI or any city department that would respond to an intentional defacement of property. Don’t necessarily assume the police are “in on it,” as most of them are generally good people with knowledge of ethics and protocol. Someone should be told. Certain governmental agencies are aware of white power denotations, as well as various other coded symbols.

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