Reporting This Just In Case: Gunshots Fired Very Close to My Apt/Being Called by 666 Number

I have decided to report this just in case. Not out of fear, but out of exposing what could be a threat to me and this information. A short while ago, around 9:30 Pm-ish AZ time, I heard three separate rounds of what sounded like a machine gun or AK-47 (I am not that educated on guns). It was a very rapid amount of fire and it sounded VERY close to my apt building.

Like either the plaza behind it or in the drive-way through the complex. I did not call the police as they are probably gone now and the police would have been too late to catch them anyways. Now I don’t live in the best neighborhood in Phoenix and there are gunshots heard sometimes but I’ve never heard an assault rifle sounding weapon like this here. It’s possible that it could be gang-related…

The timing is interesting because of the popularity of the Q Anon articles I’ve compiled over the past week. I went to follow a source which led to my blog just today and got a notice that this blog could be ‘harmful’:

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In addition to that, since beginning the documentation of the fall of Hollywood (October 25th) I’ve been receiving calls from a number where the second set of digits are all ‘666’ starting the day after, I do not answer them, or any number I do not know:


I apologize about the poor quality of the photos, the lock button doesn’t work on my iPhone anymore (it’s old!) so I took these with my iPod. Here is another from yesterday (November 15th), they have called ‘6’ times as of the time of this writing:


These people should know that I am not afraid of them nor am I afraid to die. I can’t think of a more honorable death than as a result of doing this work. Some of you may remember that I called the FBI here in Arizona and reported a boy-lover symbol that was engraved into 2 bill boards on Bell Road in Glendale. After receiving 4 missed calls and a knock on the door (which I didn’t answer, and also I never gave the FBI my address) I realized I may have pressed some buttons and made myself a target.

In addition to this, way before I started my blog/YouTube channel and Meetup group I was making Orgonite like I was working on an assembly line. I made, buried and gave away hundreds and hundreds of pieces that are all over the world now, especially here in Arizona, near those ‘cell phone towers’. One day I came home from work and the dumpster near my apartment was smoking. This was around 6 Am, I was working nights.

The inside and outside were charred black. When I talked to my neighbor a couple weeks later about it he told me around 3 am there was a huge explosion that went off inside of the dumpster. The fire dept. and police had come he said. This would have ruined me because the dumpster is next to a tree which is right next to my apartment so everything I owned would have burned into ash. Who would go into my apartment to save my things for me?


I am not posting this to instill fear, as many of you know I often encourage everyone to live without fear as this is the vibration of the Cabal, it is where they live and thrive. But I believe what David Wilcock says about the Cabal not being able to shoot the Red Cross workers. If they wanted to kill me they would have done it years ago.

Now I will retire to bed. I was about to go to sleep as I have work tomorrow when I heard the gunshots and then felt guided to write about it here just for record’s sake. We are almost there everyone! Much love always 🙂

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  1. anewwe says:

    I have also received gunshots rapidly fired after posting serious content explaining my own situation. We’re in the same boat, except I’ve retreated to the woods to avoid harassment. I’m currently writing the book that explains my situation.

    Your dreams are beyond fascinating, and I have actually been wanting to contact you since the beginning of 2017. You’ve had too many dreams that blow the lid off what I’m working on, and I’d like to privately share with you how some of your dreams coincide with mine.

    weird beyond belief. I don’t do social media.
    email me?

  2. Thanks..”F Un”’s me, Phoenix. I

  3. truthearth says:

    As someone who has pranked many people, I can say for sure that it is very easy to fake a number to call any phone. So if someone is doing it then it is harmless..Ha I am all about someone’s ‘time coming’ when it’s the time they set up to leave the physical plane.

    I appreciate the kind and reassuring words F.Un. 😉 Wishing protection for you also <3

  4. truthearth says:

    That’s an interesting interpretation Phx… Yes that was the one…I definitely believe that now! Especially after all the times David was nearly killed…Much love <3

  5. I read your dreams today. When I was checking out the bible verse at 4:4, (was it John 4:4) I searched it on the internet and it came up with other bible verses randomly that were to do with entering a city and Samaritans. It reminded me of David Wilcocks saying: You can’t shoot the red cross workers! — Which was his guidance way of telling you that the negative cannot attack the good people!


    These appear to be spam calls…

    I always look up unfamiliar numbers, rather than answer, but sometimes the information is not up to date. It may say land line but could actually be VOIPor GoogleVoice using a number that went back into circulation.

    I have heard gunfire outside a place I used to was LOUD, and I think it sounded like a 44 or 45 caliber…my roommate said “stay away from the windows.” another roommate the next day said somebody got shot dead in the driveway of a house behind us on the main road, but it never showed up in the police reports. Who uses automatic weapons? Only SWAT teams, Military and hard-core criminals.

    Nothing like spam negative numerology and gunfire to make a person paranoid. Breathe, Your new mantra: “I am always in the right place at the right time.” Intention is everything. This will keep you safe (unless, of course, it’s your time…). Well, I don’t recall what I agreed to before incarnating, but I do not consent to any harm coming to me. I am perfectly safe, in all space and all time, working backwards and forwards, and my loved ones are all safe, in all space and all time. And so are you, if you so declare.

    But just in case, I pray a lot, for Blessings and Protection for All. Especially for whistle-blowers.

    As Ashtar says, ENOUGH.

    And so It Is.


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