Benjamin Fulford Short Update, Corey Goode Facebook Update

Hey all I just wanted to share a couple of updates from Ben and Corey from today that I thought would be of interest. I’ll start with Ben’s post:

“Cabal trying to extort gold from Indonesia as Bilderbergers meet

By Benjamin Fulford

June 2, 2017

The Khazarian mafia is threatening to unleash more terrorism and mayhem in Indonesia unless the Indonesian government hands them 12,500 tons of gold, according to White Dragon Society sources in Indonesia.

In concrete terms, a representative from Citibank and US Ambassador to Indonesia Joseph Donovan are promising Indonesian President Joko Widodo they will wipe out all of Indonesia’s external debt in exchange for the gold, the sources say. If he does not hand over the gold, they will use their old network of oligarchs to escalate the mayhem they have started there, they say.

“If the cabal gets possession of the 12,500 metric tons of AU, they can mirror it at least 20 times, more likely up to 50 times its actual “face value” which is around $500,000,000,000 at today’s current price. This means that they could use it to “create” between $10-25 trillion dollars…enough to take care of their nefarious global operations,” one of the sources says.

This entire operation is being run by Henry Kissinger who is presiding over a cabal Bilderberger meeting in Virginia this weekend, the sources say. Kissinger must be detained.and stopped WDS sources in Indonesia, Japan and the US agree. We also need to get confirmation from sources within the Bilderberg meeting that Kissinger is still actually alive. Message to Kissinger: contact the WDS directly OR ELSE.”

One thing I thought of when I read this report about the Bilderberg’s meeting was the article that Dr. Michael Salla posted about someone who was at the meeting and described a very strange scene that involve the people there speaking a strange language and a fog/mist enshrouding the room:

“The following story was told to me by a former hotel employee who had worked at a venue where the Bilderberg group had met one year. This was a year where Bill Clinton was in attendance (1991), according to this hotel staff member. I will simply refer to this person as Mr B. Having met Mr B, I found him to be very credible, and he had no reason to fabricate what follows.

While at work during the Bilderberg annual meeting, Mr B was instructed to deliver an important message to a specific person attending a meeting in one of the smaller meeting rooms being used by the Bilderbergers.

As is now well known, it is the tradition of the Bilderbergers to hire an entire hotel for its exclusive use during an annual meeting. All hotel staff are basically there to serve the needs of Bilderberg participants during the meeting. So it was not unusual for Mr B to be given such a task which he was now responsible to complete.

Initially, Mr B was refused entry and was asked to hand the message over to someone else. Mr B insisted that he was under strict orders to deliver the message personally.

After some heated discussion, Mr B was given permission to enter the meeting room. That’s when things became very bizarre. Mr B claimed that upon entering, he saw approximately 24 people seated around a large rectangular table. They were speaking in a cacophony of sounds, none of which was intelligible. It didn’t sound like any language Mr B had ever heard before.

Mr B couldn’t see any faces among those seated around the table. He could see their physical bodies in suits, etc., but the faces were hazy due to some kind of mist or fog. Mr B reported that there was an intense energy field pervading the room – it was definitely very unusual and felt otherworldly to him.

Mr B felt resentment being projected towards him over his unwelcome presence. He was directed towards the person to whom he had to deliver the message. Mr B delivered the message and promptly left the room. He was unaware of the message’s contents. Soon after leaving the room, Mr B experienced a massive headache, which lasted several days and he had to take time off.”

And here is Corey’s latest update:

“We have had some major incidents occur while here in Boulder to shoot Cosmic Disclosure. A move was made against one of our insiders that is in line with the Coordinated Agency Attacks that have been going on since we disclosed the “Antarctic Atlantis”.

For now, I have to keep the details confidential. We will be sharing more info about this incident soon. We are seeing signs of desperation from the Cabal. This move against a close insider as well as the Agencies “blowing their wad” and activating all of their assets in the Ufology Community shows how desperate and near collapse the Cabal is.

One good thing, all agents and negative actors in this field have self identified! They can’t put that back in the box, though they will try. Stand by… Much more information to come.. Send us some positive energy, we are under attack from all directions by the opposition. CG”

Thanks for checking this out and much love!

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  2. truthearth says:

    That is possible…although if there’s one thing we’ve learned so far in our awakening is that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction..

  3. BeeBee says:

    I’m not trying to be a downer but Mr B going in that room observing things sounds like a fairytale. There is no way they would expose themselves to outsiders.

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