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I am running out of names to call these compilation articles! Any suggestions?? Ha. Anyways I wanted to share and document some interesting things that have been happening lately that relate to the operations to liberate Earth. There’s good, the bad and everything in between and all around.

  • Arrests (All in the last week, most of them from yesterday or today)

(NY Post) De Blasio employee and Democrat arrested for child pornography:

“A leading young Democrat and de Blasio administration employee has a secret taste for sickening kiddie porn that involves baby girls as young as 6 months old, court papers revealed Friday.

Jacob Schwartz, 29, was busted for allegedly keeping more than 3,000 disgusting images and 89 videos on a laptop after downloading the filth from the internet.”

(Daily Mail) Ex-BBC presenter, 60, ‘lifted her skirt to reveal her knickers then asked teenage boys “Do you want to play with this?” before leading them into the woods’:

“Julie Wadsworth, 60, is accused of having sex with a boy aged between 14 and 18 One occasion is said to have been with her husband Tony Wadsworth, 69 Another boy said he and his friends had sexual encounters with Mrs Wadsworth. The pair denied five counts of outraging public decency between 1992 and 1996. Mrs Wadsworth denies 12 charges of indecent assault, Mr Wadsworth denies 10 charges of the same offence.”

(MSN) Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Sexually Abused Young Boy:

“It’s every parent’s nightmare, the kind of crime which leaves one speechless, in shock, and overcome with emotion: child rape. Now, one Illinois man says he knows who raped him, and he’s no longer going to stay silent — even if his attacker is a well-connected Washington bureaucrat and former speaker of the house.

Illinois resident known as “Richard Doe” says former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dennis Hastert is the teacher who raped him, and he can no longer stay silent.”

(Sputnik) ‘As Young as Possible’: Norwegians Order Child Abuse On Demand From Philippines:

“…So far, the Norwegian police have revealed at least 300 cases where children were grossly abused and exploited. In several cases the police have been investigating, small children in the Philippines were sexually abused in front of camera on order from Norway.

The assaults were streamed online, and Norwegians paid to watch the abuse. The price for such a grim spectacle varied between $20 and $50, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet revealed.”

(KTLA 5) O.C. High School Teacher Arrested on Suspicion of Child Pornography: Fontana Police:

“A 30-year-old part-time high school teacher in Orange County was arrested in connection with distributing child pornographic videos over the internet, the Fontana Police Department said in a press release on Tuesday.”

(ABC) Polk Co. behavioral therapist arrested, charged with molestation of patient:

“POLK COUNTY, Fla. – Detectives from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested a former behavioral therapist for molestation and child abuse of two patients.”

(ABC) Shelby Co. man arrested on sex charges involving a dog and child:

Shelby County deputies arrested a 28-year-old man on sex crime charges involving an animal and a child.

Residents spoke out on Tuesday about the terrible crimes Daniel Ray Dunn stands accused of: sodomy 1st degree, bestiality and production of pornography with minors.

The sodomy charge involves a minor under 12 years old.”

(CBS 12) Google warning leads to child porn arrest in Port St. Lucie:

St. Lucie County deputies arrested a Port St. Lucie man last week who they say was in possession of child pornography.
 David Ashley, 38, was charged with 10 counts of child pornography possession after Google alerted authorities that he had uploaded the lewd images to his Google+ account, according to the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.”

(WBRZ 2) Investigation leads to arrest of St. Francisville man in possession of child pornography:

“ST. FRANCISVILLE – An investigation led to the arrest of a man who authorities say had several photos and videos of child pornography.

According to the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office, Reese Kemp was arrested for 53 counts of sexual abuse images and/or videos of children. Kemp’s arrest followed a joint investigation between the Attorney General’s LBI Cyber Crime Unit, Homeland Security Investigations, the FBI, the St. Francisville Police Department and Louisiana State Police.”

(CBS 42) Shelby County man accused of producing porn with a child, bestiality:

“SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) – -A Shelby County man is in jail accused of producing pornography with a minor, sodomy, and bestiality, according to online jail records.

Daniel Ray Dunn, 28, is in the Shelby County jail on a $506,000 bond.

According to arrest warrants, the ongoing investigation has uncovered one child victim under the age of 12 and one animal victim; a female dog.”

(Patch) Massive Sex Trafficking Ring: Chicago-Area Arrests In Thai Prostitution Network:

“Nearly two dozen people from Chicago and the western suburbs were indicted in a nationwide sex trafficking ring involving women from Thailand. The alleged suspects include Mohit Tandon, 37, of Burr Ridge, along with many Chicago residents and a man from DeKalb.”

  • Geopolitics 

There is also a lot of progress occurring in Syria, the location of the most important Goddess vortex on the planet, and the final battle for Raqqa, the strong hold of the Jesuit’s-created mercenary army, Daesh:

(Sputnik) Russian Navy Launches Cruise Missiles From Sub on Daesh Targets Near Palmyra

(RT) ‘Jihadist drug’: 137kg of psychostimulant seized at French airport, partly bound for Saudi Arabia

(Veteran’s Today) Breaking: Iraqi Popular Militias reach Syria border

(Sputnik) Syrian Army Liberates 5,000 Square Kilometers of Territory (VIDEO)

(Sputnik) Syrian Troops Take Back Damascus-Palmyra Road for the First Time Since War Began

(Sputnik) Russian Airstrikes Kill 120 Daesh Terrorists Fleeing From Raqqa – Source

Here is a map of all the operations going on in Syria right now, something you will rarely see on the Cabal-controlled media. Clicking on the map or the key will direct you to the website itself:



Things are heating up in Israel as the citizens there become restless about the crimes, well it’s basically a genocide, being committed against the Palestinian people:

(Ascension With Earth) Thousands of Israeli protesters support Palestinian state, urge end to occupation

  • Disclosure

The disclosures in regards to technology, space and ETs are getting more and more intense as you will see. The wording is bolder and the line between a supposition and a declarative statement is also getting thinner and thinner.

(Daily Mail) Construction begins on the world’s first ‘super telescope’ that could help astronomers find alien life 

(Sputnik) Russian Scientist Patents Method to Create Atmosphere on Mars

(The Sun) CLOSE ENCOUNTER Nasa admits its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter collided with a UFO – but aliens were NOT to blame

(Salon) WATCH: Is the government hiding secret technology brought to Earth by aliens?

(Daily Mail) Billionaire Bigelow space mogul says he is ‘absolutely convinced’ there are aliens on Earth

(Daily Mail) Scientists spot ‘potentially habitable’ super-Earth planet just 21 light-years away

(Daily Mail) Bizarre ‘halos’ on Mars suggest life may have existed on the red planet more recently than thought 

(Daily Mail) Elon Musk’s Boring Company reveals the ‘underground buses’ pedestrians will use to travel on its tunnel network

(Fox News) Aliens may already be here, space exec says

( JFK saw evidence of aliens and UFOs while he was president, ‘former pilot’ claims

  • Seth Rich’s Murder

This young murdered Democratic staffer has been getting a lot of attention lately. For about 11 months now the Cabal has been screaming Russia! Russia! Russia! as loud as it can in hopes of deterring people from looking into various scandals, one of the most important being the Seth Rich murder.

Seth Rich is the alleged, likely, source of a batch of DNC e-mails that were given to Wikileaks to be released. Seth was shot in the back while walking home and nothing was taken from him which indicates it was likely an assassination. Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and likely Luciferian pedophile John Podesta sent an e-mail in 2015 that is now getting a lot of coverage where he talks about ‘taking care of’ a leaker:

“I’m definitely > for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real > basis for it.”

The entire ‘Russia hacked the election’ story is a cover for these e-mails that were handed over to Wikileaks. If is discovered that it was Seth Rich, then the entire anti-Russia propaganda concept goes right down the toilet.

And regardless it doesn’t even matter who did what with the e-mails, what is important is the content of the e-mails. Like the pedophile code words being found! And Hillary being given questions in advance before a debate and much more!

  • Orgonite Reference on Cosmic Disclosure

Interestingly while I was watching Cosmic Disclosure a couple weeks ago with the interview of Mark McCandlish I heard him describing what I had found a while back from the author of an Orgonite forum where I am regularly active on. He had been told that the Air Force used a form of Orgonite that was painted on to the craft to give it some type of beneficial advantage of some kind:


That was from November 16, 2015. Here is another entry on the forum by a user:


Here is the quote I found from the transcript of the episode with Mark:

“But getting back to his description of the craft, he was saying that the entire thing looked like it was covered with what looked like a resin-based paint that had little flecks of metal embedded in the resin that had been just slapped onto the sides of the aircraft.

There were chips and cracks and things around the Dzus fasteners that held these panels around the perimeter of the fuselage, you know, greasy handprints and this kind of thing.

And so he said it looked like it had been around for a very long time.”

I find it interesting that the military would use a form of Orgonite to enhance their air craft and then go stifle the creation of it by regular folks like you and me. This definitely motivates me to continue making it and encouraging others to make their own.

I think this was everything I wanted to include in this report. Thank you for checking it out and I hope you found it useful! Much love!

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