Noticeable Public Preparations Being Done for The Event!

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well!

My intention for this article is to present evidence that we are coming up on a massive event the likes this planet has ever seen. Even a few of my ‘sleeping’ co-workers can feel something big is going to happen.

If you’re looking for evidence to back up the idea that The Event (Mass Arrests, E.T.  & Technology Disclosure, Financial Reset and Ascension) is going to happen, I will do my best to list this evidence here.

For those who don’t know what The Event is and are new to it, I highly recommend checking out my videos below:

I will summarize the events:

  • Temporary Bank Closures (2 Weeks Max)
  • Disclosure Playing on Television and Emergency Broadcast System
  • Mass Arrests of the Cabal (Televised)
  • Liberation of planet Earth from Dark Forces
  • Release of Suppressed Technologies
  • New Financial System Put in Place
  • First Contact
  • Ascension for some Beings

More info can be found here:

Prepare For Change – The Event

Robert Potter Explanation of The Event

Now onto the other stuff. Many preparations occurred in the public eye last year. There was a lot of fear around these things. If you don’t seek other sources for information, you can bet the Cabal’s plan to use and spin information these events to put you in fear will work. They’re very good at this. But if you follow many sources like I do, you’ll see it’s all for the good of humanity and has a benevolent purpose.

From April to May 2015 Canada conducted its largest military exercise and used 6,750 personnel from the U.S.A., Canada and the U.K.

CBC News Canada – Maple Resolve Preps Canadian soldiers, Allies for Next Conflict

Canadian soldiers use sandbags, wire and metal siding to build and defensive positive in the dirt surrounding CFB Wainwright, east of Edmonton, where 6,750 Canadians are training alongside American and British troops. (Brent Roy/Radio-Canada)


I’m sure you all remember Jade Helm 15. This one sent a lot of people into panic and fear. The Cabal definitely succeeded in getting people nervous about this one. I heard so many different things about what it was for; an AI testing people’s reaction to military intervention among other theories. Again, I am not claiming I know everything that is happening around the world. I’m just presenting my evidence for the big positive changes coming. You are free to disregard all of this, as your free will permits.

MSNBC – The Quiet Uneventful End of Jade Helm 15

Russia Today – Jade Helm 15 Drill Explained

Jade Helm 15 kicks off on July 15.

Jade Helm 15 kicks off July 15th 2015. (Photo: Staff Sgt. Obvaldo Equite/SOCOM)


We have intel from Cobra on May 7th, 2015 where he calmed people down and gave some details about its purpose:

“Let me just say that Jade Helm military exercise will give the Positive Military much needed real life simulation intel for the time of the Event. The cabal tries to spin that military exercise and disseminates fear based scenarios as part of their psychological warfare. I will calm some fears by stressing that the Light forces have said very clearly that the martial law in the US will NOT be introduced under any circumstances. They have also strongly suggested that everyone remains calm and does not engage in any conflicts the Cabal might try to engineer. “

Then on March 30th, 2015 the Emergency Broadcast System was tested across several states:

Russia Today – ‘Emergency Alert’ Sparks Panic Among TV Viewers Across U.S.

Info Wars – Nationwide ‘Emergency Alert’ Test Causes Panic/Confustion

Nationwide 'Emergency Alert' Test Causes Panic, Confusion

“The test began at around 11am EST and was broadcast in Washington DC, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The emergency alert contained no details and merely listed the states it affected and said the alert would run from 11am until 12 midnight.

Viewers in Sacramento, CA also reported seeing the test, which lasted for about 10 minutes before the regular TV broadcast resumed. At no point were viewers advised that the alert was only a test.”

On July 3rd 2015, per Cobra’s blog, we had a successful rehearsal for The Event in Egypt that involved the Positive Military, Templars, Resistance Movement, White Dragons while being supported by the masses:

“This was one of the main rehearsals for the Event. The experience at the Event will be similar in a way, although it will happen on a scale hundred times larger. The Resistance has gathered a lot of precious intel about the behavior of human population in situations like this, which will be very useful in fine-tuning the masterplan for the Event.”

“As you probably know, a big victory of the Light has been achieved.  In the first large scale coordinated action of the Positive Military in the human history, the Archon-infested Muslim Brotherhood has been removed from power in Egypt.”
  “This action is a result of many months of careful preparation and joint cooperation between the Positive Military, Templars, Resistance Movement and even White Dragons, supported by the human masses.”

This doesn’t include the massive military drills being conducted all over the planet, both now and last year. This operation is colossal in scale and everyone must be prepared and trained to play their role at The Event. We only get one shot at this. There are no do-overs.

This is all I have for now. I did type up a document that presents facts about our corrupt government and suppression of technologies along with info about The Event with links on one piece of paper:

Documents to Print and Share!

One prepared person can be enough to calm dozens if not hundreds of people when the time comes. I hope some of you will study this information and be ready to be of service as you will have knowledge of what’s happening and be in a critical position to be the rock in the possible storm. I say possible because I do not know if there will be chaos or if it will be totally peaceful. A smooth transition is ideal and is what we are going for but some chaos is possible. This has never been done before on this planet so no one knows for sure how everything will play out. The end result will be positive though. 

Thanks for reading and much love everyone =]


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18 Responses to Noticeable Public Preparations Being Done for The Event!

  1. October 2016 is closed and nothing happend, i stopped to believe in fairy-tailes and wasting time with fake-hypocrite-meditations
    Humanity deserves to be erased

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  3. truthearth says:

    Hey Ian, if you follow Cobras work and information you would be aware that he never gives dates or timeframes for this exact reason. It is unlikely he put up that that counter as he has always said no ones knows when the event is going to happen. It can happen at any moment. I am just a regular person like you and want it to happen also. I am not responsible for that counter. Much love.

  4. Ian Clark says:

    I like to follow positive things and as such was carried along and in my opinion deceived regarding ‘THE EVENT’ that was supposed to happen on 21st june 21016…Heck, there was even a web page with a countdown timer on it, when supposedly this reached the zero hour, every man, woman and child on Earth was supposed to be telepathically informed of what was occurring…at least thats how I understood it. I was greatly disappointed when as usual nothing happened. Can you explain this please.

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  6. truthearth says:

    An excellent comparison Hal! From my research December 21st 2012 was a big day for the planet, the Cabal had until that to finish their agenda 21 plans. They obviously failed and we have been on a positive timeline since. Small bad things can and have been happening, but this planet will have a happy ending. This is when we entered the Age of Aquarius. I would also like for everything to work out. I don’t know for sure of course but the information points to this outcome.

  7. Hal says:

    This is probably what it was like in Hitler’s bunker a few weeks before it fell? Party like there’s no tomorrow as it will get better ! The writings on the Georgia Guide stones alone have been telegraphing the long term intentions of the satanic elite.
    The shocking ability to eliminate a good portion of the population on earth (One of the goals on the guide stones) is in position through war, pestilence , and famine even after a cleaning out of the cabal as you described in the article takes place.
    I would indeed love things to work out as you say but I’m not quite convinced there’s not a doomsday option on the side of the cabal?
    Lets pray it goes as you are writing?

  8. Kim says:

    Iam excited for this to happen! Can’t wait! Bring it on!

  9. truthearth says:

    One thing i’ve learned in my short time here on Earth which has been very valuable is that I can’t please everyone and I will not try to. I appreciate everyone’s input though! Much love!

  10. somethgblue says:

    I do not use the word BE LIE VE because the first two words are defined as BE the existence of a thing or person and LIE is a falsehood or deception. I do not accept the existence of a falsehood or deception of this information, I either know or don’t know.

    It doesn’t give me a bad feeling, I would like to accept it as part of my world view or paradigm but I have been hearing and reading the same tired worn out rhetoric for the last decade with no results.

    Then you post this the day after one of the biggest criminals of one of the biggest crime syndicates in the world and our time is not charged with any of two dozen crimes that clearly she committed and you have to wonder about the synchronicity . . . everything in this Universe happens for a reason.

    Whether or not you knowingly are promoting The Cabals agenda is beside the point, the message is loud and clear.

  11. ibeamsuccess says:

    Yep, been hearing this for years,same old thing , gonna happen soon ,reports of worldwide arrest,”never happened” blew up underground bases ,I loved the proof they gave “showed a sink hole in a back yard”
    All I no for sure I came here this time like all the other times with extreme Love and compassion for all that is positive and compassionate and attempt to lead by example, but also “know this those who come on here and deceive us for whatever reason will be hunted down like rats and ended!
    And thanks to YouTube we know who thay are and what they look like!
    And being a Vietnam Vet many of us are still here for a reason maybe this is it!

  12. truthearth says:

    I can’t tell anyone what to believe. It is up to the person to decide what is true for them. If this information gives one a bad feeling, they are free to disregard it. Much love!

  13. truthearth says:

    Sounds like quite a journey Robert…Earth is the hardest planet to live on. Not everyone can handle what’s going on here. Only certain lightworkers were allowed to incarnate here for this time. Many wanted to be here and still want to be here. I don’t think they realize what they’re getting themselves into…just like us. I don’t know when the event will happen. No one does. But all my research tells me this year. Not for certain though. Much love Robert

  14. truthearth says:

    Sam the dates including the year are already listed.

  15. somethgblue says:

    I have read that a Full Disclosure Event is just another way for the Lucifer Covenant (Cabal) to create another propaganda program to encourage humanity to become complacent and seek help from sources outside themselves, instead of seeking inner guidance.

    I’m still unclear how such an Event is needed to implement these changes, we have been hearing and reading about mass arrests and new financial systems for literally years now and this carrot has been dangled in our faces before.

    I say stop talking about it and do it, a liar will tell any and all stories to convince us of the truth. An honest man doesn’t talk about integrity because their actions speak for them . . . this seems like just more carrot dangling to me.

  16. SAM says:

    Just to let you know the Cobra article you posted was from 2013 not 2015.

    Sorry to be a stickler but dates are important :>.

  17. tomaz050959 says:

    Reblogged this on tomaz2015.

  18. Robert Kimble says:

    If you’re not afraid to die, then I would think ascension may work well. I have to admit that I am angry about all the stuff that took me two years to believe and finally accept that earth is a true prison planet. For example, I can’t stomach July 4 because we Americans never had independence. But 15 years ago I was dead several times from blood infections due to kidney failure. I still to this day can’t believe I survived 5 years of total hell between dialysis and these blood infections. This poor health started when I was 47 and I am now 62. I feel like I’m on borrowed time. I had a kidney transplant 12 years ago and I’m still alive and look at death as something I avoided for 15 years. I believe that it was this period of my life that death doesn’t scare me. I just hope I’m around to witness the Event and ascend onto bigger and better things.

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