Orgonite Gifting Testimonials

Several years ago I was fascinated by Orgonite and began pouring and distributing my own pieces in order to combat the negative frequencies the Cabal’s death towers (AKA Cell Phone Towers) were emitting. I experienced my fair share of attacks (I believe they tried to burn my apt building down) but all in all this part of my journey and mission has been a great success.

I’ve gifted everywhere including the majority of my co-workers which includes the docs, RNs and the nursing director. The hospital has been ‘gridded’ and the medical building next door has been gridded. Hundred upon hundreds of pieces are everywhere here in Phoenix and elsewhere in the world doing their job to transmute DOR into POR.

Orgonite has the power to REALLY help people and I have experienced many personal stories which I will be sharing here. This is why it is attacked and the people pouring it harassed. It’s more than worth the risk. The founder of the forum I post my research and results on Dennis Griffin was detained by SWAT once. They ‘mistakenly’ thought he was making meth:

In any case I will just copy and paste the results that I have been posting over there as I do not feel like typing everything out again. These are stories that I have PERSONALLY experienced after gifting my own pieces.

(Warriormatrix) March 8th 2017

“Pardon the sensational headline, but I have a great story to report to you all.

The local health store that I go to has been gifted heavily, both the employees and the area around it as there is a strange tower behind it that I posted about here a while back.

Anyways most of the cashiers have been gifted and today the manager, whose name is also Jonathan, a nice sycnhronicity, wanted to ask me for some more pieces.

He was apparently involved in the military in the past and was having some trouble at work and one of the employees put one of my pieces next to him and when the manager picked it up he experienced an instant calming effect. He told me he got chills throughout his whole body.

I’ve heard about this but have never had anyone report it to me personally.

He reported to me that he can sleep better at night as he keeps it under his pillow and he doesn’t have nightmares anymore.

He is totally convinced and asked me for several more.

This is one of the most significant stories that has been told to me since I started pouring a couple years ago.

I wanted to share it with all of you. Thank you for reading and much love!


So I just got back from the store where the manager had met up with me and gave me an update on his condition since the last time we talked.

Before that though he informed me that in the first time in 20 years he slept a full 8 hours without interruption. He told me more about his time in Iraq and how his sleep schedule was pretty much reduced to frequent naps due to the need to change location to avoid being bombed or killed, even though the US was there illegally for various reasons, some of them occult and others more corporate driven, of course the soldiers perhaps don’t realize what they are fighting for.

Anyways he communicated that his body might be going back to a normal circadian rhythm, although it’s a bit too early to tell, and less of a survival mode in regards to sleep.

There is another manager there that is having sleeping issues that has requested some, which I, of course, agreed to make!”

(Warriormatrix) June 9th 2017

“A co-worker had recently shared that her 12 y/o daughter was having trouble sleeping. As it turns out, ‘something’ (a non-physical being) had apparently tried to choke her and she was too scared to sleep in her room.

My co-worker reached out and asked for some Orgonite to help her out as I had previously mentioned before that it helps clear out negative entities, one of its many positive effects.

After suggesting that she grid her daughters’ rooms and her entire house she was able to finally see results just yesterday as of the time of this writing. She told me this morning that her daughter said that she is sleeping much better now. Although time will tell if there are any more ‘attacks’. Hopefully not. She doesn’t know that her room has been gifted..Smile

I was able to make her two large pyramids and 12 TBs.

She said she had reached out to some local churches who refused to do any kind of work with her house unless she was a member of their church for a certain amount of time…Not very helpful with such a serious matter…

Much love everyone ❤


I asked my co-worker how her daughter is doing and she says she is sleeping much better now. Hopefully the effect is permanent.

(Warriormatrix) October 6th 2017

“Recently a co-worker approached me and asked if I could make some pieces for their family (aunts/cousins) as they heard about my co-worker’s good luck with silencing ‘something’ making noise in their attic. Lol.

She reported to me the other day that their son stopped having these terrible demonic nightmares that had been going on for a while. I think I recall her mentioning that he would see people in his room. They are no longer a problem.

She mentioned that everyone in the family ‘feels’ better in general.

And the other ghostly activity in the house has stopped.

I was especially happy to hear about the kid not having those terrible nightly experiences…

The moral of the story, keep pouring because it’s working…

(Warriormatrix) November 19th 2015

“So I totally forgot about this event that happened to me a month or two ago.

I had HEAVILY gifted these towers up on this hiking trail.

There are some pics in my other posts of them.

There are several towers at the top of these mountains.

About a week after I had gifted these towers into oblivion I was hiking up this trail and saw a big black SUV with at least 12..yes at least 12 antennas on the roof.

I said whoa there’s something you don’t see everyday.

I waved to the gentleman as he carefully traversed his way back down the trail.

I of course gifted them again after that. =]

Interesting. As I am typing this the song Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones just started playing.”

(Warriormatrix) November 5th 2015

“So after gifting heavily in my circle of friends and family and beyond I have gathered some interesting results that I will share here.

One co-worker said she feels better in general being around Orgonite.

Another co-worker seems to be attracted to the POR emitted from them and found one that I hid in the room where I work in. It was well hidden. Her mom is also sensitive to it and actually stole her small pyramid lol. This same co-worker said she had given her uncle a TB I made and apparently this is a gentleman who is cranky and grumpy and almost on contact changed his demeanor. I made sure I gave her another to gift him.

I made one for my mom’s tattoo guy who said (the tattoo guy) that his shop feels lighter and better and wanted one for his home.

The room that I work in seems more positive (as positive as a room in hospital can be) and just yesterday we all engaged in talking about psychic mediums and spiritual things and I was able to speak about the Cabal openly without being stigmatized or ignored lol. Woohoo!

Orgonite for the win!”

Some other stories that I didn’t include on this website are as follows. I would also note here that kids LOVE Orgonite. Perhaps it’s the shiny metal that attracts their attention or the energy itself but experience has shown that they do take to it very well.

  • Gifted a pyramid to a co-worker and their little son said he loved to hold it.
  • Gifted a small piece to another co-worker and she said her son was able to concentrate better with his school work.
  • Gifted another co-worker a small piece and she told me that her son said that when he holds the piece that he feels good.
  • Whenever we would have a stressful day we would reach for a certain piece at work and it would really calm us down.
  • One co-worker told me that she thought she had ‘something’ (ghostly perhaps) in her attic. After bringing a couple of pieces into the house it stopped.
  • Gifted our first vegan grocery store and the owner’s little girl immediately went to grab it when she saw it.

Some people do not take well to Orgonite. These are people that have inner work to do on themselves. One such case that I personally experienced was a co-worker who told me not to make one for her. She said that she thought he would steal her soul.

Some people change on contact with a piece. Many stories like this have been reported on the gifting results page of the forum.

Another thing the Cabal will do after a cell phone tower has been gifted (this just means burying a piece in moderate proximity to the tower, not too far, not too close) is send someone to work on the tower. I have seen this happen near the towers that are next to me and are literally in the playground of a preschool (I’ve found many towers are directly in the area of where children are).

I gifted it with several pieces and within a couple of days a team came out to work on it. After they did, I gifted it again. After that, they came back. This went on at least once more. They know when the towers are messed with.

One such story was from another gifter. They said that they had gifted the tower near them and a team came out to work on it. When the gifter asked them what they were doing the man said that the tower wasn’t working and they couldn’t figure out why. (hehe)

Water has an amazing way of spreading this energy very quickly. Gifting bodies of water is like sending electricity through it. It happens very fast and the effects are almost immediate. One such story was when I went to Seattle (amazingly the airline security didn’t confiscate the almost dozen or so pieces I brought with me) and I decided to gift the water from a pier I was standing on.

Within minutes the clouds cleared and the sun was shinning. People came out and laid out on the grass and really enjoyed it. What really irked me was within the same amount of time it took the clouds to clear several jets came around and started spraying the chem-crap and sadly the clouds returned. I only dropped one or two pieces into the water. That’s it!

If you wish to read more of these amazing gifting stories you can find them at the following link. I used to stay up for hours reading them, I post under the screen name ‘dibspace’.

These are just a few of the many other stories I have experienced while gifting. There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people making this stuff everyday, changing the energy of an area and making it better for everyone living there. Once gifted, the death towers become POR generators. And over time this energy changes the consciousness of the people in the area for the better. (Lots of stories like that).

This is everything for now. I will be turning this into a tab on this blog so I can add to it if need be. Although I won’t be pouring anymore (I believe that part of my mission is complete) I would still like these stories to be heard in case someone would like to take up pouring.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always ❤