Short Situation Update by Cobra

We have an update from Cobra in regards to the current planetary situation. One thing I’d like to note is that I felt a very strong amount of excitement and elation right before he posted this. I have gotten information from the future before which I have proven in my dream journal. I made sure I documented it this time:


And now for the update:

Justice of Maat! After „tasting the medicine“, David Rockefeller, the head of the Rockefeller faction of the Cabal, had a heart failure and left the planet:

He is currently on the plasma plane, trying to escape from the Light forces and he is expected to be captured within a week and taken to the Galactic Central Sun.

George Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney are expected to follow him relatively soon, in that particular order.

Meanwhile, clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces are finally getting some leverage against Chimera and hopefully I will be able to report some good news by mid-April.

Now there are only about 180 members of the Chimera group left on the planet. They are a small and yet very powerful and dangerous group that maintains the quarantine status of planet Earth through a top quark-antiquark condensate located in Long Island, tied to plasma toplet bombs:

They are infiltrated into key positions in US, Russian and Chinese military, the majority of them within the US Air Force, effectively preventing positive ET contact globally.

More specifically, you can find them holding certain key positions here:

And more precisely here:



And here:

You can find interesting codenames such as Ascension, Cobra and MOSS in their space surveillance network:

Regardless of their efforts, Disclosure process continues. NASA has released photos of Saturn’s moon Pan, which definitely does not look like a natural object:

Speaking of NASA, its space probe Voyager has been hacked years ago by the Galactic Confederation as soon as it exited our Solar System, crossing the Tachyon membrane / outer barrier:

As the quarantine Earth is about to open, mainstream plans to colonize the Solar System are beginning to sound more realistic:đ

And Russia has joined many nations that plan to put tourists in near space within a few years:

All those plans are attempts of the Light forces to speed up the process towards the Compression Breakthrough.

Victory of the Light!

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A Few More Updates: Numerical Syncronicities, Disclosures, New Dr. Michael Salla Interview with James Gilliland (Updated)


So I have been experiencing another numerical synchronicity that I would like to share with everyone. We know that one of the most important frequencies we can tune out music to, which was originally how instruments were tuned to, was 432 Hz. I see this number all of the time now, including the other frequencies: 144, 528, 756 and so on. But what’s interesting about 432 is that I have been seeing the number change to 532, 632, 732, 832, 932 and so on. It is a regular pattern now. As an example I checked to see the meaning of this number and on the view counter on the page I visited had 632 on it:


And since I don’t have any concrete answers as to why I am seeing these numbers I must do as I always do and theorize. My thoughts are that it’s an indication that the base frequency of our reality is increasing, slowly but dramatically. In the previous post I mentioned that the Universe will communicate with those in tune with everything that’s going on and relay messages to them for personal use or for public consumption.

So I wanted to get that out as it seemed important and I felt guided to share it. Moving on to other news and information the breakaway civilization Asgardia has released its fourth decree just yesterday:

And from DailyMail today we have an interesting headline that was similar to a video I posted via Facebook in a post I did recently that shows a UFO-shaped taxi drone that would become available to the public:

DailyMail – Would YOU take this Italian UFO for a spin? Concept drone seats two people and hits speeds of 120mph:

Then we have an interview on BBS Radio on James Gilliland’s show As You Wish Radio with Dr. Michael Salla. They discuss current events, disclosure and many other things that are going on at the moment. I have just started listening and it’s already pretty interesting.

This is all I have for now, thank you all for reading and much love!

UPDATE: In an amazing synchronicity I was scrolling on Fed/CIAbook and saw someone posted a screen shot of her phone, and the time was 11:11 and the amount of battery life the phone had was 32%

That just blew me away and I knew I had to add it to this article!

UPDATED @12:17 pm/0017: I went to check to see what the forecast and current update is in regards to geomagnetic storms as I am starting to feel exhausted again (ugh) and I found that the most recent update was at 11:11:


(Mar 28 1111UTC) Geomagnetic storms are reducing intensity now but could reverberate back into storm conditions later today. Solar flaring is on the rise with new sunspots so we’ll be monitoring for x-ray events and CME ejections.


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Synchronicity/Ascension Symptoms Update

So I’d like to share a short post about the symptoms I have been experiencing along with some interesting numerical synchronicities that have been manifesting in great amounts lately.

Although first I wanted to share a disturbing dream I had that I didn’t really want to share in my dream journal. It was about being trapped in this big house with Hillary Clinton. I may have been a prisoner there and I think I was living in the basement. I was very scared for my life.

I somehow thought she could read my mind and knew my every thought and would find out if I escaped. I know she did things to people there, to me also. I don’t remember anything like that in the dream though, luckily. I recall there being so many rooms, with so many stairs going here and there. I didn’t write anything down because I wanted to forget it happened.

This is not the first time I have dreamt about being abused or being subjected to horrific abuse and torture. I detail many of these dreams or possible repressed memories in the dream journal which is a tab on this blog.

So to raise the vibration a bit more after all that I would like to get into the numerical synchronicities and what they possibly mean.

As some of you may recall I wrote a post a little while back about seeing numerical patterns as such: 1:01 2:02…12:12, 13:13…7:07, 8:08, 9:09 and so on and I theorized that it may mean and be a confirmation that the vibration of the planet, or at least my world is increasing dramatically and represented a sine wave graph:

Those numbers are still happening just as frequently, but now there is a new form of numerical pattern. I am now seeing numbers doubled just as often as the previously mentioned patterns: 5:10, 6:12, 7:14…9:18 and so on. What I have learned from watching David Wilcock’s show Wisdom Teachings on Gaia is that there were researchers and scientists who found that the Universe and Galaxies exists in states of quantized vibrations.

This means that there is nothing in between and there is a jump from each tier to the next. I am positing that the numbers I am seeing are the Universe’s (or some higher beings) way of communicating that there will be a jump and shift in our reality soon. They are throwing these at me literally dozens of times a day now.

What we have heard from various people and channelings is that time passes differently on the other planes of existence and one day to us might be 1 second to them. If we look back at the Law Of One material the Ra Beings go on to convey that the Galactic Confederation attempts to aid and provide effort to those on various planets to raise their vibration and increase the amount of people who will be ready for Ascension (AKA harvest) at the end of a master cycle, in our case we are ending a small, major and master cycle of time.

With all of that said I am theorizing that these beings are screaming at us in anyway they can to tell us to get our stuff together because the clock is about to strike the hour. For them everything is about to happen or is in the process of happening but for us there is a delay.

This is all just theory of course but I feel like I have done enough research and internal work and development to be able to feel comfortable sharing this possibility of what is happening. Sharing and practicing unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance is one of the big lessons we are here to learn, in addition to liberating planet Earth, ultimately Love is what is going to save this planet anyways, right?

I would now like to share some of the symptoms I have been experiencing lately. They are as follows:

  • Sleep has been on and off in terms of quality and duration
  • Dreams have been different, it’s difficult to explain, but they are just different
  • Extreme fatigue has been setting in this last week with no end in sight
  • Absent mindedness
  • Very easily losing track of time
  • Ringing in the ears is still happening, low, medium and high tones in both ears
  • Increased amount of syncronicities including numerical, situational and in dreams
  • More intolerance for things of the old world
  • I am seeing more people interested in the information of the new world
  • I am still juice fasting (today is day 57)
  • This last week I feel like I have lead in whole body, like I am carrying around a dead-weight corpse, except it’s my own body lol
  • Everything feels so dense lately, like I am walking through mud
  • I am experiencing telepathy more with greater intensity

The above is a current report of what has been my own personal experience lately as I observe it. I know these are good things but some of them have just been awful if I am being honest. Ascending on a slave planet is definitely not easy…many of you know this…lol.

This is all I have for now, if there are anymore developments I will post and share them here. What about you? How have you been experiencing these changes? I invite you to share your experiences in the comments section!

Thank you all for reading and much love!

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PizzaGate Protest Happening Today 3/25/2017 (Updated)

It appears the PizzaGate protest that started at 11:11 am today in Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. is going well at the moment. I wanted to report on it as it seemed there isn’t much coverage so I figure I would throw my voice into the mix.

David Seaman has given a short speech as to the nature of the purpose of the protest and to engage passers-by into the discussion of this now widely exposed child trafficking/torture/disposal ring that has been going on for so long.

If there are any other updates or developments I will be adding them here. Thanks for checking it out everyone. Victory of the light! #FullDisclosureNow #PizzaPedoGate

UPDATE @0932: Just today I found an ad for a saucer-shaped quad-copter (their words surprisingly) to be used as taxis:

WordPress is not allowing me to share the video but here is the link to the video that displays the vehicle. It’s pretty interesting!

The protests are still continuing without any issues so far:

UPDATED @1640 4:40 pm: David S. has tweeted some updates about the protest and even made a visit to Comet Ping Pong:

UPDATE @ 0623 6:23 am: Various alternative media outlets are covering this protest now. Neonettle is one of the few that did, for some reason they label it a conspiracy theory, a term created by the CIA some decades back in order to ridicule and attack anyone who questioned the nefarious activities of the organization back then:

Pedogate: Thousands Protest Outside The White House Over Elite Pedophile Rings:

“A huge demonstration took place in Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. in which crowds gathered outside The White House and demanded action be taken over the Elite pedophilia networks that are operating within US politics.Protesters demanded that the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, that connects high-level politicians to a pedophile ring that serves “Elites” and uses a DC pizzeria as one of its bases, should be properly investigated.”

UPDATE @ 0640 6:40 am: If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny but the Washington Post, the media company who recently awarded John Podesta his own column, has written up a piece about the protest yesterday 3/25 and as we can probably guess, is full of lies and distortions:

Protesters outside White House demand ‘Pizzagate’ investigation:

“Several dozen people assembled outside the White House Saturday to demand an investigation into the unfounded Internet rumor known as “Pizzagate.”

Wearing T-shirts and holding banners defending the conspiracy theory — which falsely linked Hillary Clinton to an alleged child-sex-trafficking ring operating out of a D.C. pizza parlor — protesters took turns climbing onto an elevated stage in Lafayette Square to demand politicians and mainstream news media take their claims seriously.”

I have no doubt these people might be pedophiles themselves and are being blackmailed or are trying to delay arrests and confuse people about the Podesta e-mails, which haven’t been debunked, as so erroneously reported by the mainstream media. Mass arrests are coming, as they are part of the The Event operations, but the people involved in this are just diggin’ a whole with every article they post.

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Dr. Michael Salla on Third Phase of Moon, Amazing Disclosure in Headlines, Pizza/PedoGate Protest Tomorrow in Washington D.C.

I was just shuffling around various websites for headlines and I hit a jackpot today! First we have an interview with Dr Michael Salla who appeared on the same UFO footage YouTube channel Corey did the other day. They discuss the importance and relevance of Antarctica and how we need to keep an eye out for developments in that area:

And now on to the headlines!

AZ Central – Was the Phoenix Zoo visited by aliens in 1993?:

“Believe it, says Preston Dennett, author of “UFOs Over Arizona: A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Grand Canyon State.” Dennett interviewed an eyewitness to the midnight event, a zoo employee of 10 years, Kenneth Synnott.

“I noticed an extremely bright light in the air directly above the lion and tiger exhibits,” said Synnott, who passed away in 2012. “The light was oval, and so bright it hurt my eyes to look at it.”

International Business Times – Nasa astronaut Alan Bean: Aliens exist, but they haven’t visited Earth yet:

“Bean, now 85, was the fourth man to walk on the Moon with the Apollo 12 mission. In an interview with, he said there is little doubt in his mind that we are not alone in the universe – with billions of stars and planets orbiting them, statistically speaking, life must have evolved on some of them.”

Daily Mail – Nasa prepares to send two probes to Jupiter’s moon Europa in what may be ‘our best chance to find alien life’:

“Nasa scientists are on the verge of exploring Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa for signs of alien life.

Europa is our best shot of finding biological life in the solar system, researchers say.

The space agency is priming two probes, including one that will land on its surface, to explore the distant moon in detail within the next decade, the agency says.”

Daily Mail – Forget traffic jams, hail a cab from the sky: Flying TAXIS could be hitting Singapore by 2030 :

“The days of sitting in a taxi while it’s stuck in a traffic jam could soon be a thing of the past for people in Singapore.

The country’s Ministry of Transport has revealed that it is in talks with companies to start trials on flying taxis.

These futuristic vehicles are part of a drive to expand the range of urban mobility options, and Singapore plans to have them ready by 2030.”

Meanwhile, the PizzaGate protest will be happening tomorrow in Washington D.C.:

American journalist David Seaman will be participating tomorrow and will be giving a speech in support of those protesting. I hope those who attend will keep a close eye on the events there and watch out for people trying to incite riots and violence, as does happen with many of these peaceful protests.

Also in an interesting and under reported event the owner of Media Matters and former boyfriend of James Alefantis (owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza), David Brock, suffered a heart attack on March 22nd. He alleged made a recovery but if this is stress-related then I’m sure his ailments are not over yet. We have seen many ‘Elites’ suffer from health problems lately. Looks like they are scared out of their minds and know their time is up.

David S. goes on to mention in his YouTube videos that he has reliable information that says that David Brock had sent an army of trolls to attack David S. to deter him from pursuing PizzaGate any further. And now he gets a heart attack? Looks like he got a taste of his own medicine. That sounds a lot like what Cobra had mentioned recently:

“Also, the Resistance has communicated that many key physical members of the Cabal „have finally tasted their own medicine“. Nothing more can be said about this. To summarize, all negative factions except the Chimera group are now greatly weakened.”

In conclusion, the crumbling of the Cabal’s millions of years long empire is finally, albiet slowly and sometimes quickly, collapsing and the Cabal is getting their comeuppance. Just to finish this article out with something funny I found this photo on Facebook the other day:

 Much love everyone and victory of the light!

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The Divide Between 3D and 4/5D is Becoming More Unavoidable

I am noticing that I am becoming more incapable of tolerating or being around things of the old world. I am receiving innumerable synchronicities telling me to quit my job and begin a spiritually-based career. Don’t the higher beings understand we are still slaves here? How can I make money doing something spiritual-related? It is happening over and over. That will be for another post though.

Part of being a participant in this Ascension process is not only creating a new and better world, but also personally transforming into a being that will be compatible with the world that is emerging. Old patterns and beliefs are falling away, sometimes easily, many times uneasily and down right ugly. So it is in my case.

I am finding it incredibly difficult to submerge myself in the daily tasks of 3rd Density. I do not want to insult anyone as I continue the next portion of this post but I am just documenting my feelings and experiences so far. I’m not sure if they will survive the solar flash/The Event but I still feel like getting them out might help others with their growth and expansion process.

The following things are becoming more and more intolerable and unimportant for me lately:

  • Watching people post the same memes over and over
  • Watching others throw things away that should be recycled
  • Listening to others talk about eating meat and dairy products
  • Listening to people complain about their lives but do nothing to change it
  • Watching others decline opportunities to grow spiritually
  • Listening to mainstream music (some of it is good but most of it is just noise)
  • Reading stories about terrorist attacks
  • Wondering why people still argue with each other
  • Wondering why I am still working at a job that no longer serves me (this feels like a  fear-based reaction, the Universe is telling me to jump into the unknown)
  • Wondering why people ignore the homeless or those reaching out for help
  • People being okay with being walked all over
  • Wondering why others don’t make use of the Law of Manifestation to improve their lives

There are many other things but these are the ones that have been highlighted and have had the most significant effect on me. I am thinking part of it comes down to personal responsibility and also the lifetimes of brainwashing and mind-control. Again I am not intending to insult anyone, even though telling someone the truth is not supposed to be insulting, but I am just pointing out my observations of others, which is something I’ve done since I was a kid.

There is no doubt this world is messed up, but it is getting better. People are nicer and I was able to talk about the Illuminati and the Dr. Phil PizzaGate episode for several hours with my co-workers yesterday which was very nice. They actually wanted to know more! I have certain ways of making this information more interesting to them. The ones that ignore me have to listen so the information is penetrating their consciousness.

I just wanted to get this out for documentation’s sake. Perhaps one day someone from the future will read this and that it might be used as a historical reference of this amazing time we are in right now. Do you have some interesting thoughts or feelings about your own process? I highly recommend starting your own blog, even if no one reads it, although I would! =] It’s free and there are several websites where you can get one.

Anyways this is all I wanted to share for now. Thank you all for reading and may the energies of the new reality be kind to you, although they probably won’t be…Lol. Much love!

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Corey Goode Appears on ThirdPhaseOfMoon, Third Dr. Michael Salla Intel Update & More Geomagnetic Storms!

Today I woke up feeling like doing absolutely nothing. I was so tired and fatigued I knew it was going to be a ‘bare-minimum’ kind of day at work. This was going on before my juice fast so it can’t be blamed on that, in case your mind went there. Here is a video that explains it further:

We also have another video done by a researcher, who I am not a huge fan of, but does put out interesting and useful information. The video describes the huge waves of energy coming into the planet right now, which I’m sure some of you have been experiencing, I definitely have!

This intel that was given to Dr. Michael Salla via Corey and his sources was very significant because Antarctica is getting a ton of international attention. It’s like in the Hollywood movies where the gov’t recruits all these scientists and others that specialize in different fields and the entire country is put on some kind of alert, except this is more covert but approaching the public eye.

I will post some excerpts below:

“A multinational effort to excavate key regions of Antarctica in search of artifacts from a flash frozen alien civilization created by refugees is destabilizing the continent’s massive ice shelves, according to secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode.

This article is the third in a series [click for Part One and Part Two]. Corey’s written contribution to this final installment has led to it being our first collaborative writing venture. To identify who is writing for the reader, I [Michael Salla] will take the role of the narrator and distinguish when Corey is directly contributing in his own words, as opposed to me paraphrasing his briefing material.

Disclosure of the Antarctica ruins is still imminent, Corey reports, as a number of key variables impact on when and how much is to be revealed to the world about the discoveries while maintaining secrecy about the ongoing military programs to weaponized alien artifacts.

…In addition, there are excavations being conducted by other nations across Antarctica, which again are having a destabilizing effect on all of Antarctica’s ice shelves. Basically, the base temperature of the ice shelves are on the rise leading to ice melting, and adding to the resulting water sludge acting as a lubricant for the ice shelves to move.

Corey said that all the nations involved in the Antarctica excavations are capable of making a disclosure announcement on their own, but they are all participating in negotiations to do so in a coordinated manner.

Corey thinks the Antarctica disclosures will begin in tandem with prosecutions of the elites involved in pedophilia, human trafficking and other crimes, which includes the blackmailing of leading politicians, academics, industrialists and military officials. He says that the recent Trump administration action to sack 46 District Attorneys was due to their inaction in moving forward with such prosecutions.

Alternatively, the Russians, the Chinese, or smaller nations could begin the Antarctica announcements, if negotiations drag out and the U.S. fails to move forward…”

Then we have Corey appearing on UFO footage YouTube channel ‘Third Phase of Moon‘ on March 21st. In about an hour Corey goes over his story, which was actually nice to hear again, and goes into some current events that are going on behind-the-scenes. They feature some really cool photos and videos in the interview:

Remember to continue to keep your vibrations high during this time, love and healing are the bread and butter of this new reality we are creating together. Creating responsibly is key! Much love!

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