TruthEarth Blog and The Event Promotional Videos

A wonderful lightworker Arbre Solaire has gone through the trouble of creating a humorous but informational promotional video for this blog:


I have also created a short informational promotional video about The Event that may be of interest to new comers of this blog:

And for those who would like a more in-depth explanation of this information you will find it in the video below:

Victory of the light!

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Current List of Mass Meditations Requested

Many mass meditations are available for those who are interested to participate in. The link to find them is below. They really do work and the more people that join in the more cumulative the effect is.


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Blue Sphere Synchronicities

These will be of a personal nature so if this is not something that interests someone then they are free to disregard this post per their free will.

Upon examining a piece of Orgone jewelry that I bought a while ago (October 20th, 2015) I realized another possible connection to the Blue Avians. The short version of this story is that I wanted to buy an ET-themed necklace and found one I liked. It had already been sold and the kind store owners offered me another one which was the following design instead:


I don’t recall knowing anything about the Blue Spheres or the Blue Avians at the time so this makes for an interesting synchronicity. And the eye in the pendant is the Eye of Horus and not the Eye of Ra. But the possible Egyptian/Blue Sphere connection is interesting to note.

There are several hits when we plug-in ‘Blue Sphere’ into the gematria calculator:


111 was the first ‘one’ to jump out. Get it? One? Anyways…615 is an interesting synchronicity as it is the building number where my great-great-grandmother’s book of poetry ‘Overtones’ was published in 1958. Her poems are teeming with beauty and depth, some of which I personally believe were influenced by her dreams and her ‘friends in the sky’ as she put it:


The next number has already been known and well-researched, 163.

And for those who are still frightened of the next number, 666, remain calm as this is a number that is originally positive, as all numbers are, and is intimately connected to the Sun, Jesus and Venus and likely many more things.

This is everything for this post. I am just including this stuff as a possibility. There is no way to know 100% if this necklace is Ra-related or not. But the information seems compelling. Much love everyone!


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Cobra Code 504 Synchronicities

This is going to be a post that I have been itching to do for a while. While the connections may or may not be real or perhaps just coincidental, I will share them here and allow everyone to decide for themselves.

Recently Cobra gave us a hint at what 504 might mean in a post he made a month or two ago. Once in a while it will be communicated that some kind of activity is happening at 504. To that effect he posted a badge with the phrase ‘A lifetime of silence behind the green door’:

One of the only references I was able to find with this phrase was from Urban Dictionary:

(Urban Dictionary)

“This is a military patch originating from the 504th flight test squadron, operating out of Groom Dry Lake, and Los Alamos AFB. Most of these projects are classified, and bearers of this patch are prohibited from discussing their occupation, hence, “A Lifetime of Silence”.

In a 1930’s novel and a 1980’s pornographic film, they both have green doors that a character cannot gain access to. In addition, the military, and most banks, use green vaults. So, the GreenDoor could be referencing that there are secrets that the public dosen’t have access too. The true meaning of this patch is currently classified, and most likely will not be declassified in our lifetimes.

A lifetime of silence, behind the green door is the motto of the 504th FlightTest Squadron…

#lifetime of silence#behind the green door#green door#504#504th#groom lake#area 51#los alamos

by AFC. Stanoff May 13, 2012″

Interestingly, 504 is the address of the headquarters for the Men in Black, where every sort of classified project you could probably imagine is going on:


5040 happens to be the address of a store near-by:


504 is also in the phone number of a place I go to eat sometimes that is also near-by:


504 also appears in another phone number for a store I went to recently. More specifically on April 10th and the check out time was 13:44 which is 1:44 in military time:


And it just wouldn’t be a proper investigation without using gematria and the Pi calculator to see what else was happening beneath these words!

The phrase ‘A Lifetime of Silence Behind the Green Door’ registers a couple of interesting connections. Interestingly I have been getting some of the number values of this phrase with various ciphers for weeks but wasn’t sure what to make of them: 510, 202, 1020 and so on. We will be focusing on the Jewish and Septenary ciphers for this one:


915 in the Pi calculator gives us 1314, so here we see Pi repeating again:


We might possibly see the 210 next to the 915 in the Pi sequence as military time for 1410, so here we would see the 410 appear.

But if we continue on and go back to the 149 we got from this phrase using the Septenary cipher we get a Pi position of 2606:


2606 also happens to be the value of the same phrase as before, but with ‘Five Zero Four’ added to it: ‘A Lifetime of Silence Behind the Green Door Five Zero Four’. The 510 we will get to in a second:


If we enter ‘Five Zero Four’ into the gematria calculator we get a couple of interesting hits. Below we see the Francis Bacon cipher giving us 244:


We might remember that the phrase previously mentioned before which equals 510.
244 happens to be position 510 in Pi:


We could even see the 1691 in the Jewish cipher being numbers that mirror one another. The 16 flipped and mirrored as would be the same with the 91.

The 161 that we got from the words ‘Five Zero Four’ give us a 1610 in the Pi calculator, which is 410 in military time:


This post just happens to be number 22161 so here we see the 161 appearing once again. (BTW I don’t create the post numbers, they are automatically chosen when I click ‘Write’ to do a post.)


A wonderful reader sent me a photo of a scene from X-Files a while back where a room number that Molder was in front of had 504 on it. Thank you Grace!


This is everything that I am being guided to include for this post. Thank you for checking it and I wish each of you much love!

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Disclosure in Satire

For those who are not aware of it, The Onion is one of the best satire news websites available today. They cover major events and have a team of some of the funniest people writing and creating on every subject you can think of.

As many of you know disclosure can be disguised as many things, especially in the form of humor, which The Onion has done many times:

This time is very interesting as there is no ‘just kidding’ or ‘haha got you’ in the article I will share below. What you make of it is up to you. Much love everyone:

(The OnionControversial Theory Suggests Aliens May Have Built Ancient Egypt’s Intergalactic Spaceport

CAIRO—Claiming that one of the world’s most famous and iconic historic structures couldn’t have been constructed using the resources available at the time, proponents of a controversial new theory suggested this week that aliens may have built Egypt’s ancient intergalactic spaceport.

“Archaeologists say the Great Starport of Philopator was built by slaves, but it’s hard to believe that ancient humans could have dragged those zero-point energy generators and quantum vacuum storage toroids across the landscape with flax-fiber ropes and palm logs,” said “Ancient Astronaut Architect” advocate Bryan Miller, adding that, despite what history books tell us, at least half the technology used to create Cairo’s 500-zettawatt interstellar launch complex likely didn’t even exist a century before the birth of Christ.

“Even if they had the tools in the Pharaonic era, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that humans didn’t have the grasp of transtemporal quantum entanglement, 3-manifold-model nesting universes, or haplophase antimatter required to build 40-story docking stations from hard light.

Society wants us to believe it was man-made, but just take one look at the Egyptians’ heptaxial Alcubierre drives and you know someone from ‘Out There’ was helping us.” Miller added that the theory is basically confirmed when you consider that the spaceport’s primary landing strips align perfectly with the three interdimensional portals in the constellation Sagittarius.”

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While walking home the other day I stumbled upon some wonderful sidewalk chalk ‘art’, as I would call this, and knew it had to be shared. One says ‘Love All’ and the other is ‘Homeless not helpless’.

It is unclear whether or not the person who drew this was homeless themselves, but the message applies regardless. If you see someone that needs help, offer them something, a drink or some food or even just to talk. Most people, especially those who are without homes, are very lonely these days.

Much love everyone and happy 4/20 🙂



Image result for 420 love

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Corey Goode Intel Updates

Haven’t posted much of this stuff lately, especially since getting rid of social media. Everything seems less chaotic since giving these platforms the boot, even though everything likely IS chaotic somewhere.

It is nice to know what is going on behind-the-scenes now since there was an intel black-out recently. You will find the update posted in full below. Corey will also be giving updates at an upcoming conference, for those who feel guided to attend. Much love everyone!

(Sphere Being Alliance Facebook)

UPDATE: We are finally starting to hear a lot of chatter and are starting to receive a number of briefings after a period of “running silent”. We went through a period of weeks where I was told that the Alliance was operational and all briefings were put on hold.

There were operators from Marine and Army Special Forces that were picking up leaders of MS13 (& foreign intelligence operatives connected) and sending some of them to GITMO in Cuba.

I was told there have been a number of other operations throughout the world by these same US Special Forces Teams.

Quite a lot of very disturbing information is poised to be released in the coming weeks and months. I was told to be careful of intel coming in during this recent blackout period due to ongoing operations to root out leakers.

The Alliance was searching for leakers and traitors within their ranks and pulled a few old tricks to identify them. I was told it worked.

They release info through different sources that is slightly different and track the leaker by the difference in the Intel Report being circulated. This means that during that time I should not report what I heard as some of it was disinfo to root out leakers in an counterintelligence operation.

We are also told that elements within both the US and Russian Governments are trying to foment a World War as a distraction from the upcoming releases. They fear rogue operators from either of their armed forces will be ordered by the Cabal to attack the other. This tactic has worked for the Cabal on many occasions in the past.
Keep in mind that we would have had an open military coup in 2015 if the Alliance had not been assured by DJT that he would legitimize their efforts if they waited until he was president.

These same Generals made it known to the Cabal that if they took DJT out they would then immediately launch an open military coup and arrest nearly half of the government and form Military Tribunals.

From what I am told, Military Tribunals will 100% be justified and needed once the level of evil and corruption is exposed. There are serious concerns from within all factions of the Alliance (US Military/Intel side) about how the general public will react to this information.

I know we have been promised for years there would be mass arrests. Some tell me that some of the Syrian missile strikes were actually against cabal targets and were approved by Putin (Allegedly, according to a briefing). Others are giving me intel that DJT has been compromised by threats to his family. I am waiting for more info in these briefings.

As I have stated previously… The Deep State would have had to of arrested itself as it controlled all branches of the government and military. That was not going to happen until some of the Deep State was removed from the State Department, DOJ and FBI.

This process will be long and drawn out… over the next couple of years or so. Things are being done in a very legal and constitutional way to protect the Military Groups involved in the counter coup operations.

The sealed indictments are real and will be unsealed in a certain order when the time is right. Rumor has it that some have already been cracked open.

I would also expect more false flags and data dumps from both sides to try to counter the moves of the other.

So much of this war is being fought in the shadows and through electronic (Some AI hacks, Huge ones.. Crashing Military aircraft/getting into missiles etc) and Counterintelligence methods (Think Q. Military Intelligence!) and infiltration operations… not to mention fake training missions for the Marines and Army SF who are using the training as cover to make arrests and kill some of the most psychopathic operatives that are considered to dangerous to attempt to apprehend alive.

Again, think MS13 and similar groups that are run by both domestic and foreign Intelligence Agencies.

Stay tuned for some upcoming updates and articles from the people I work with.
We may also have more info on a certain video that is on the dark web soon. I have been briefed on it and shown 8 still images. I have turned down one offer from the Alliance to have me screen the video and report on it.

After the briefings (W/Photos and video clips) I received at the end of last year about the “Pedovore” practices and what they do with these poor souls from beginning to end left me sick and unable to sleep for weeks.

As a father, I don’t know if I could look at much more of this Intel and be the same. Imagine how the general population would react?

I feel we need Full Disclosure as does the SSP Alliance. The Earth Alliance doesn’t think society would survive the revelations and have plan on having most of this tried secretly in Military Tribunals. We deserve to know, react and heal from all of these revelations.

None of this is happening as quickly as we would like, or deserve… but it is happening. This is still very much a HOT and ACTIVE combat zone so expect a few twists and turns and maybe a false flag or two soon.

I know this sounds horrifying, and it is… but from these revelations and how this shadow war ends will set our planet on a path to true freedom and allow us to openly become apart of the cosmic community and live in a world not controlled by these sick and evil cult members.

The FBI raid and arrests of those running a website that was responsible for over 70% of human trafficking was taken down and the people arrested are cooperating.
There were a few other moves made recently that sealed the fate of these sick individuals. The average person is going to have problems believing that this level of evil really exists. Once they do, the Elite had better prepare for justice.

Thank you for being patient during this Intelligence Blackout period.
Corey Goode

PS: I have kept mostly quiet about most of these “Pedo” details. If what I am told is correct… it will be impossible to avoid these topics in the near future.”

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Jesus and Personal Synchronicities, More Bible Verses Appearing

This particular collection of synchronicities will be mostly of a personal nature and will include more information related to the bible that was communicated in a dream and those that are related to Jesus as well. If these are not your thing then you are of course free to disregard this post per your free will.

After trying and trying to figure out which chapter from John ‘they’ were trying to communicate via the bible verse that was shown to me in a dream last year (John 4:4 – 4:10) I believe I have finally figured it out.

What is amazing about these synchronicities is that fact that not only would they not be happening at all without ‘them’ giving me the numbers on a daily basis such as on clocks, license plates, patient room numbers, medical record numbers and so on, but how everything seem to ‘circle’ back to Pi. It’s all about Pi.

Okay so I believe the bible verse ‘they’ wanted to communicate was from 1 John verses 4:4 – 4:10:

 (King James Bible) 1 John 4:4 – 4:10

4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

7 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

9 In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.

10 Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

In order to attempt to verify this I entered the collection of verses into the gematria calculator and received some very interesting hits. First if the letter count which is 595:


If we enter 595 in the Pi calculator we get 413, which is Pi but backwards, 3.14:


The gematria value of 8900 for these verses also manifests some interesting results. 8900 is position 2600 in Pi:


2600 happens to be the value of the phrase ‘Are you ready for what’s coming?’:


Another bible verse caught my attention while walking to work one day. Someone had ‘Philippians 4:13’ on their back windshield. Since we know 413 is Pi backwards, I thought it might give up some interesting information and it certainly seemed to. Of course I have no idea what these verses are when I see them so I had to look it up:

(King James BiblePhilippians 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”


Upon entering this verse into the gematria calculator we get a value of 3146, so here we see Pi appearing again as the first three numbers. We even get a 222 from the base-7 cipher:


If we spell out the verse as ‘Philippians Four Thirteen’ we get a value of 288:


288 amazingly happens to be position 33 in the Pi calculator, which was allegedly how old Jesus was when he was crucified:


There is a video titled ‘The Event’ which I have written about before and took footage from for a video a while back. To reiterate, it’s about a young man who begins to see synchronicities on his clock (11:11, 5:55) along with Egyptian symbols:

After a painful transformation he becomes an obviously enlightened being at a time where there is much chaos going on outside. What I want to point out is that at the beginning of the video a bible verse is featured. In my opinion, this young man is supposed to be a modern-day Jesus, which, of course, anyone can become, if they really want to:


So I went to the King James Online Bible (writing those words is still funny to me) to see what the original verse was and if there was any information hidden beneath the letters and it did not disappoint:

(King James Bible) John 13:36

“Simon Peter said unto him, Lord, whither goest thou? Jesus answered him, Whither I go, thou canst not follow me now; but thou shalt follow me afterwards.”

The value of this verse is 1558 and 515. Some might remember that 515 is the value of ‘Jesus’ using another cipher:


1558 is…ready for it? Position 314 in Pi:


During the ‘Event’ video a group of 33 beings come down from a winged-disk amidst a great amount of obvious chaos going on on the surface. The winged-disk appears throughout Ancient Egypt and is an important symbol regarding enlightenment:


the event singed disk.png

(Gnostic Warrior)

“This symbol is associated with divinity, royalty and power in the Ancient Near East (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and Persia). The winged sun disk represents the “true light” in which we humans are supposed to be governed under the true God of light which is the sun that gives us light and life force to all living things.”

I would reiterate some interesting possible personal connections to these works. For those who are not aware 410 is the date of my birth and has been appearing frequently throughout this research as you will see:


Below we see the 227 for the phrase ‘Four Ten The Son of God’, which, if we divide 22 by 7, is an approximation the calculation of Pi:

227thesonf ogo.png

I don’t much care for the idea of including the next couple of photos but this is what ‘they’ are guiding me to include nonetheless. The following cipher is the Septenary cipher which is a base-7 counting cipher that is biblically derived thanks to the research of Marty Leeds and his website He also finds great importance in Pi throughout his work and if you look at the background of the photos from his website below you will see a sequence of numbers from Pi:



If we add both totals we get 227. The first is with all of the vowels included and the second photo is the same sentence with the vowels removed. So here we see Pi appearing as 227 once again.

As I mentioned before, it’s all about Pi. I’d be willing to bet that most, if not all of these numbers and connections, will lead straight back to Pi in one way or another. In the limited amount of time studying these things, this seems to be the case so far. It’s amazing!’

I would like to include a few more things before closing this post out. Firstly is the number of this particular post, which happens to be 22123. 2212 happens to be a verse from Revelation regarding Jesus:


(King James Bible) Revelation 22:12

“He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

2212 happens to be value of my full name using a Greek cipher but using Romanized letters:


If we enter in ‘The Son of God April Tenth’ we get a couple of interesting hits. 12/23 was the date of my QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session) where I was shown information regarding Jesus and 163 has a couple of interesting values:


163 is position 1410 in Pi, so here we see 410 appearing:


Some might remember that page 163 contained questions regarding Jesus in the first book of The Ra Material. The questions about Jesus in the first book began on the previous page, 162 but continued to 163:


If we type in ‘Three Point One Four One Five’ into the biblically derived base-7 cipher we get a value of 102:


102 happens to be position 163 in the Pi calculator:


And 16300 happens to be the bus stop number in front the hospital I work and was born at:


This is everything they are guiding me to include in this post. I thank each of you for checking this information out and wish each of you much love!

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Personal, Jesus, The Matrix, Mayan Calendar Synchronicities

I would like to continue to unload some more of these synchronicities in this post. Most of them will be of a personal nature so if this is not something someone is interested in they are free to disregard this post per their free will.

410 appears to be this strange number where so many of these connections are found. It appears as a date for a handful of major historical events along with being integral to sacred geometry and religious texts. A couple examples are as follows:

We know 410 divided by the sacred 369 equals 1.11111….which goes on literally infinitely.

410 minus 369 equals 41. So it is the 410 but without a zero.

41 appears many times throughout these works and it is even the floor where Neo and Trinity stop at to arm a bomb to disable the power to the building where Morpheus is being held at by the Smith Agents:


Some might remember the importance of the number 37 and 73. Multiplying these reflective numbers together equals 2701 which is the Hebrew gematria value of the first verse of the bible. These numbers also make up the amount of dots in a Merkaba:


In Pi we find 2701 directly next to 410:


410 also plugs into the numbers 37 and 73 perfectly:

410 minus 37 equals 373.

410 minus 73 equals 337.

Here we see the same numbers repeating and reflecting each other. We even see a 33 in the previous calculation, which is a number closely associated with Jesus. And some might remember that 410 is the gematria value for ‘Christ’.

While walking around the other day I found an interesting sign that I had walked past for years but never looked at:


This photo was taken a while ago and it happened to be photo number 370 at the time it was taken. So here we see ‘Christ’y and the 37 appearing at the same time.

Upon entering the city where I live and Jesus C. I got some interesting hits:


2068 in the Pi calculator is 10610. If we drop the zero at the beginning we get 1610, which is military time for 410. We even see a 73 next to 2068:


If we look at the Septenary cipher for this phrase we get 102. This should be familiar as it is buried within the 410 and 2701 that was included earlier:


We even see a 102 and 410 next to 1944 (the date of the prophecy shared by Corey Goode via Raw Tier Eir’s recommendation) in Pi, which is the gematria value of ‘The Jesus Synchronicities’:



‘The Jesus Synchronicities’ also give us a value of 297 which doesn’t seem too remarkable until we enter it into Pi. We see the reflective numbers 737 once more:



We get the same 737 when we plug in the phrase ‘I Am Ra Wolf’. The Wolf is my spirit animal and it appears whenever I need guidance. We also see the 33 appear here:


I have also discovered some interesting connections to the Mayan Calendar. It allegedly began in the year 3114 B.C.E. It is interesting that this year was chosen because if we lose one of the 1s we get 314 which is Pi which is an important number to any advanced civilization.

The various intervals of time are split up into sacred geometric amounts:


It is interesting to note that April 10th is the 100th day of the year where 144,000 minutes will have passed so far:


And according to the Mayan Calendar each minor cycle equals to 5,125 years. We are also able to obtain this number by dividing 410 by 8. Upon making this calculation Google found results with a number count of 144 in it, in 0.44 seconds:


We also see a 205, which is half of 410, next to 5125 in the Pi calculator:


The Mayan Calendar obviously reflects the movements of celestial bodies, including Earth as it takes 25,920 years to complete a Precession which is the wobble of the Earth on its axis. This is also known as a Master Cycle.

If we spell out 25,920 and enter it into the gematria calculator we get some amazing results:


If we enter 471 into the Pi calculator we get 1221. Which is the end date of the Mayan Calendar, December 21st, 2012:


The second appearance of 5028 appears directly next to 410 and 2701 in the Pi calculator also. 528Hz is a frequency in the Universe also known as the Love Frequency. We even see a 11174 which can be reduced to 11111 if we add the 7 and 4:


We also see 528 directly under the 410 on the system failure scene at the end of The Matrix:


205 continues to appear in more than one place. Some might remember from the last post that 205 appears as the beginning number for the page identification for The Matrix on Netflix:


The gematria value for ‘Star Trek Voyager’ is 205:


205 appears in an address for an apartment complex very close to mine:


205 and JC appears on a license plate in the new Stargate Origins series:


And the gematria value of ‘The Initiation‘ is 810 which is 205 in the Pi calculator:


This is everything I am being guided to include this time around. There is much more but I do not wish for these posts to go on too long. Much love everyone!

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