The Synchronicity Series

Due to the amount of synchronicity posts I have been guided to write I will be including them in their own list here at this time. Some of them may sound unbelievable but it is my intention to provide the truth as often as possible without distortion or negativity. I hope those who feel guided to see these will enjoy them. The following reports are listed by date with the most recent being at the top.

Summary of these posts: Beginning in October 2017 I began to experience strong synchronicities, sign and dreams related to Jesus.



Big Synchronicity Report

Going to be Re-Homing Laptop Tomorrow/You Guys Are Amazing

More Jesus Synchronicities

More Jesus Synchronicities/Did Ra (And Friends) Help Build the City of Phoenix for the Second Coming?

Magical Synchronicities Today

Divinely-Guided Visit to Goodwill

Major Hospital/Personal/Jesus Synchronicities

Just a Few Synchronicities

Going to be Giving Away My Laptop Soon

Personal Update and More Major Synchronicities

Personal Update and Major Synchronicities Today

Personal Update and Synchronicities

The First Day of the Rest of my Life

Last Day of Work Synchronicities

Last Day of Work/Personal/Agartha Synchronicities

Even More Agartha Synchronicities

Some More Agartha Synchronicities

Some Tucson Trip Synchronicities

New Gaia Portal Synchronicity

Huge June 21st Solstice Synchronicities

Some More Possible Entry Protocols Synchronicities

I’ve Just Put My Two-Weeks Notice In At Work

Giving Away Possessions Update

Giving Away Possessions Update

Giving Away Possessions Update 

Entry Protocols Sychronicities

Another Giving Away Possessions Update

Giving Away All Possessions Update

Personal/Jesus/Pi/Debit Card Related Synchronicities

More on the Spider Spirit Animal

Giving Away All My Possession (Benevolently)

Let There Be Life Synchronicities

Biblical Tarantula Dream/Spider Spirit Animal

Huge Synchronicity Report (Visit to the Freemason’s Lodge)

Prophetic Messages in the Mail?

Strong Freemason/Agartha Related Synchronicities/Dreams

Short Synchronicity Report

Personal/Jesus/Cobra/General Synchronicity Report

Personal/Jesus Synchronicities

Jesus/Ra Synchronicities Everywhere

The Mozart Synchronicities

Blue Sphere Synchronicities

Cobra Code 504 Synchronicities

Jesus and Personal Synchronicities, More Bible Verses Appearing

Personal, Jesus, The Matrix Mayan Calendar Synchronicities

Personal, The Matrix, Ra, Star Trek, Jesus and Other Synchronicities Report

Some Blue Avian Synchronicities

Some Q Synchronicities

A Quick Update on the Jesus Synchronicities

The Jesus Synchronicities March On

The Initiation/The Matrix Synchronicities

Prophecy Synchronicities

Big Jesus and Personal Synchronicities Report

More Synchronicities and Gematria Related to Ra

More Jesus Synchronicities/Pleiadian Initiation Dream

More Pi Day/Countdown/Personal/Jesus Synchronicities

More Jesus Synchronicities

The Jesus Synchronicities Continue

Major Synchronicity Report

The 11:11 Synchronicities

The Synchronicities Continue

The Stargate Synchronicities

The Star Trek Synchronicities

The Day of Love: Synchronicity Report

Major Synchronicity Report

More Fun With Numbers, Other Synchronicities

The Seraphim Synchronicities

Epic Synchronicity Report

The Jesus Synchronicities

Another Epic Synchronicity Report

Amazing Synchronicity Report

Epic Synchronicity Report

My Entire Life is a Synchronicity

Synchronistic Native American Contact

The Wolf Synchronicity


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TruthEarth Blog and The Event Promotional Videos

A wonderful lightworker Arbre Solaire has gone through the trouble of creating a humorous but informational promotional video for this blog:


I have also created a short informational promotional video about The Event that may be of interest to new comers of this blog:

And for those who would like a more in-depth explanation of this information you will find it in the video below:

Victory of the light!

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Current List of Mass Meditations Requested

Many mass meditations are available for those who are interested to participate in. The link to find them is below. They really do work and the more people that join in the more cumulative the effect is.


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Going To Dimensions of Disclosure (Thanks To Some Of You!), Short Synchronicity Report

Thanks to a handful of generous and kind individuals and their donations I will be attending the Dimensions of Disclosure gathering this weekend. A HUGE thank you to those who helped out. I made a short video expressing my gratitude to those who felt guided to share their wealth with me:

While hiking on this beautiful trail (which is where I recorded the video) I was guided to head back to the car and drive back home. It was a strong guidance similar to when ‘they’ took me to the Goodwill store and the Freemason’s lodge. Today I was guided to wear all white again.

When I went to purchase the ticket I did so at 3:43 PM:


And after ‘randomly’ putting this number into the Pi calculator I was greeted with a 666 surprisingly:


Not only that but the next three digits in the string of numbers after 343 are 014 which is 410 backwards. Now many people already know that numbers are not innately evil. Many of them were co-opted and are now associated with evil activities by the Cabal. But the number 666 is not evil and has benevolent origins like many of the symbols they use.

Thank you again and I wish each of you much love and abundance!

If anyone feels guided to continue sharing their abundance (which would be eternally appreciated) I will share my PayPal and Patreon links below:

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This is What Happens When One Company Owns Dozens of Local News Stations

Found on Reddit, much love all!



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Pedophile Boy-Lover Symbol Found On Signs Surrounding Mall Complex in Glendale, Arizona (More Signs Found)

Some might remember a previous post where I discovered the boy-lover symbol on a few standing signs outside of a plaza in a busy area (Bell Road and 75th Ave) in Glendale, AZ where I lived (the symbols at the top left part of the sign, the triangular spiral):



I called the local FBI office to report this at the time and also submitted an anonymous tip online. A few days later I got a knock on the door, which I was guided not to answer and also 4 phone calls made to me right after the knocking took place. I never gave the FBI my address.

And as it turns out, the entire front mall area (Arrowhead Mall, a large shopping center here) including the above-pictured shopping plazas are littered with this symbol, indicating a strong child sex trafficking presence in the area:




To give you an idea of how big this area is I will share a screen shot of the map where I found these signs. The area in red is where all the signs were placed (the ones I found anyways, there could be more), which was mostly on the standing signs on the North (up is North) side of the road in front of the plazas:


There are several child/kid-related stores and pizza restaurants within this plaza complex including Babies ‘R Us (closed), Toys ‘R Us (closed), Chuck E. Cheese’s, Oregano’s Pizza Bistro, Peter Piper Pizza, buybuy Baby, Once Upon a Child (used children’s clothing store) and a couple of ice cream places.

It is very disturbing personally to have been standing in this area knowing how much of this activity was likely going on in plain sight. When I tried to look up who owned the signs themselves I didn’t get anything concrete. The owners of the land and stores are changing frequently and it is unlikely I would be able to pin it down, especially since the area is so large and is built on a big stretch of land.

I get the feeling that the FBI did not do anything about my report to them in regards to the first 2 signs I found. At the very least I wish to bring light to this situation. Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always ❤ These people are going down.

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New Video: The Final Battle IV 432Hz

Inspiration for this video manifested last night when I discovered a new album by one of the wonderful composers whose music I use for these videos (Thomas Bergersen). This video features scenes from several shows which more accurately depict the Chimera Group as Arachnid beings. Total hours spent putting this together = about 7 hours, including giving up part way through. But I think it turned out as good as it is going to get! Much love all ❤

(I am aware that YouTube is currently blocking this video, I have disputed it but for the time being it is totally blocked everywhere, I would recommend using the Vimeo version below)

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Cobra Update: Preliminary Key to Freedom Meditation Report

Here is a short update about our meditation everyone. Much love.

Although we have not reached the critical mass, important breakthroughs have been achieved. Full report will be posted next week.

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Several YouTube Channels Found Featuring Possible Child Abuse Disguised as ‘Child Art’ with Millions of Views and with the Username ‘Snuff54’ For One Channel (Updated)

Just stumbled upon this after loading the YouTube home page randomly. It was a channel which features videos of little girls under 10 years old (they specify the age in the description) doing ballet poses in a home and studio setting. Some of these videos feature thumbnails which depict the girls in obviously sexual poses (to me anyways).

One huge red flag for me was not only the user name of one of the channels which is ‘Snuff54’ (and for those who are not aware, snuff films are videos which show people being killed or killing themselves):

But also the description in the initial YouTube channel called ‘New Kids Art’ describing how much they wish to share the beauty of children through their channel (which appears to be little girls under 10):

(YouTube About)

“I admire the beauty of children and my goal is to show it in my films. That’s why I’m shooting on a cinema camera to create a naturalistic image that will give you an opportunity to feel the vitality and beauty of captured moment. Becoming my patron and supporting the channel, you help me to realize this creative task. Thank you very much.”

And after reporting one of the pages I discovered there were several other pages, some of them featuring the same videos with the same amount of millions of views for certain videos. Here is an example of a few of the most popular videos:


The people doing this appear to be based in Russia which is apparent from a link to their main website which ends in .Ru. What is also creepy is the fact that they are requesting donations for this kind of work. And indeed many of the videos appear to be made in a home setting.

(UPDATE) Someone on Voat (website similar to Reddit) went ahead and checked out the other links on this person’s YouTube page and found a Russian version of Facebook depicting a little girl getting her teeth pulled. (Note: most of the photos/videos on this page are of little girls dancing and posing, and then this video?):


On another page via this Russian Facebook features a little girl with her facing away from the camera and people sharing some creepy comments:


Here’s another, notice the title (I’m Ready, For Your Love):


I’m not sure how much work it would be to report all of these channels but I thought they could at least be brought out to light in case there is abuse happening here. Take care all, wishing each of you much love.

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Key to Freedom Meditation Update (My Opinion/Feelings)

Just wanted to share some of my own personal feelings and experience with this meditation. This is not an official set of results by any means. A big high five to those who were able to participate this time. I realize some may have been at work or had other obligations. It’s nothing to worry about friends.

Here in Arizona the meditation time was 2:11 AM. Oy! But since I have fewer responsibilities since moving I figured I would do whatever it took to stay up and participate. Not only that but for at least a week I had been basically spamming 8Chan multiple times a day with information about this meditation.  *Fingers crossed a few more people joined!*

There was something about the point in the meditation when we were visualizing the White Fire of An surrounding the Earth. I felt a ‘complete/easy/it’s done’ feeling throughout my whole body and within the Earth. It was like a ‘Relax it has been done/is being completed now’. Again, this is just a feeling and not meant to be a concrete piece of information.

I’m not sure how many people participated since the meditation instructions were very specific to the Cobra crowd and his intel which many do not agree with. But surely we had SOME kind of positive effect that will be shared in the coming days or weeks. Another important thing to note is that many other people around the world were meditating just to meditate during the Solar Eclipse. So this probably also helped the planetary situation and the light forces.

GaiaPortal also released an interesting update at 11:11:


These messages are also not meant to be concrete results, although many times they have been spot on with certain things going on with the world. To me this message feels ‘right’.

As soon as Cobra posts his results I will share them in a separate post. A kind reader of this blog has sent me an interesting piece of channeled information which resonated that I would like to share (Thanks MM!):

(Pleiadian Healing Center)

“…I am writing this because I have been guided to share the message they passed on to me. Now it’s really important here that you use your full discernment in what I’m saying. I fully believe in my contact with my Pleiadian family and the messages they deliver me, however this is through telepathic contact and so I don’t want us to pin all our hopes on it. Instead, we can see it as a morale boost!

The coming meditation on Saturday 11th August will create a tremendous breakthrough. Currently, the energies and efforts of all the light forces, including the Resistance Movement, have been on this meditation and the operations that will take place at the same time. Therefore, inviting people down to join the Resistance Movement has not been a priority in the lead up to the day of the meditation.

However, once this meditation has taken place, so much of the darkness will have been cleared that it will be a lot safer and easier for the transition of the first group into the Resistance Movement. Not only that, but first contact for the most awakened Starseeds will be made that much more possible. It’s almost like so much light will be anchored during that window that it creates a clear corridor/passageway for advanced positive ETs to approach the surface, both from above and below the surface….”

Time will tell of course what the next steps will be. In any case we must continue to push and do the weekly ascension meditation to help speed up the timing of the Event. There are many other meditations that people can participate in which help the Light Forces very much on We Love Mass Meditation.

Take care everyone and I wish each of you much love!

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