TruthEarth Blog and The Event Promotional Videos

A wonderful lightworker Arbre Solaire has gone through the trouble of creating a humorous but informational promotional video for this blog:

I have also created a short informational promotional video about The Event that may be of interest to new comers of this blog:

And for those who would like a more in-depth explanation of this information you will find it in the video below:

Victory of the light!

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Current List of Mass Meditations Requested

Many mass meditations are available for those who are interested to participate in. The link to find them is below. They really do work and the more people that join in the more cumulative the effect is.


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Solar Activity Prophetic Dream Comes True, CME Coming to Earth

(Note: While writing this article, I went to the bathroom and when I came back this page was gone and the laptop was running rather slowly suddenly. I hadn’t pressed anything before leaving so it seems that there may have been sabotage involved.)

Amazingly, another leap of faith has paid off as the dream about seeing screens of the surface of the sun turned out to be prophetic and happened before a coronal mass ejection that left the sun a day later:

November 23rd, 2021 10:45 AM

Dream about being at some place with some relatives and we were about to watch something happen on the sun. There were big screens showing parts of the sun in this room we were meeting in.

I remember trying to talk to one of my relatives but this was difficult for some reason. I was trying to communicate with them with something hand-held I think which wasn’t working out too well I think

I think I was in a hallway later on (this might have been the same dream) and I was sitting down against the wall on a seat and a lady came up and suddenly said something like “I see what needs to be done” and take a styrofoam cup and puts it upside down and on my left shoulder and pushes really hard and pushes me off the seat and onto the ground.

This made me upset and I didn’t understand why she did this. I think another relative was there, don’t remember much else.

That was November 23rd. The next day on the 24th, I was surprised to see a small CME come from the sun. I had a hard time pinning down exactly when this CME took place but it seems that it started around 9:09 AM Arizona time. This is interesting because this is the time I saw on my little iPad when I went to grab it and hit the home button after waking up:

Strangely the data about this CME seemed to be missing from one of the indexes used to measure the intensity of the flares/CMEs:

But you can see it here on the Enlil spiral where the Sun is in the middle and Earth is the dot directly to the right. Apologies about the red tint, I used the blue light filter to ease the strain on my eyes and it recorded it that way:

It will apparently side-swipe Earth on the 27th-28th.

This is the very first time I have received a prophetic dream about solar activity which has come true. The activity of the sun is pretty much impossible to predict so this was just fantastic to witness.

Some might recall from the previous article that I ‘accidentally’ clicked on this video which was an animation of the sun exploding:

This is another example of experiencing real-time synchronicities which are prophesying events which will happen in the immediate, near or longer-term future.

And in case there are people who say I added this stuff to the article later on and that I am lying, I archived this article on right after finishing it and these cannot be modified in anyway:

The archive website saves everything in Universal Standard Time (UTC) so it says that the article was saved on November 24th, at 00:46 (12:46 AM) but this is actually November 23rd, 2021 at 17:46 (5:46 PM) Arizona time which is many hours before the CME occurred. And of course this is not necessary for those who saw the article before the CME happened.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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Cobra Dream, Spirit Animal Synchronicities, Solar Activity Dream, Rothschild Dream & More

Apologies for the length of this post as there are several things I’d like to include for those who are interested in checking this out.

At this point, and I’m not sure how or why exactly, for several months now, I am seeing pretty much every single Cobra post before it happens, either in dreams or real-time synchronicities. I think this is to reiterate the importance of taking the information on that blog seriously as I have noticed many people dropping out from supporting it.

There is a mass meditation which you are all invited to if you are interested on December 21st, 2021:

The first one featured several synchronicities and messages all in one. Yours truly was recently cast in a sci-fi short film, where, ultimately, my character saves the day. If the film turned out okay I will share it. It’s nothing too fancy but it’s as close to the Hollywood experience as one could get (minus being surrounded by Satanic pedovores).

I saw the ad on Craigslist and saw a casting call for the short film and thought what the hey, why not let’s see what happens if I reach out. And originally the gentleman said they were good and didn’t need anyone but then he reached out and said one of the actors hadn’t gotten back to him and he asked me to step in. We met up to discuss the whole thing, got the script later on and tried to memorize the lines within the short timeframe. Got the script on the 8th (same day Cobra posted the original Divine Intervention Meditation) and we shot on the 16th this month. It was definitely scary but everyone was so amazing and the director was very kind and forgiving. That really made all the difference.

And interestingly the day we shot, November 16th, was the day we got hit with solar wind from the Sun:

So anyways, one of the members of the crew had a sweater on and I couldn’t believe it had the word ‘cobras’ on it:

Sweatshirt - Cream/Cobras - Ladies | H&M US

Another member of the crew had a big spider on their t-shirt and one of the numbers I am shown when it is needed is 808, which means I need to watch how much money I am spending, was on another crew members’ hoodie. The spider possibly pertaining to the Chimera group. No coincidences in my life anymore.

I don’t recall the post that this set of synchronicities was precluding as Cobra has deleted them and has start over due to the situation changing (too much negativity) and I was not able to get screenshots of the times and dates of them for proof.

Cobra has posted 3 new posts today November 23rd, 2021 and I had three instances of a cobra dream and real-time synchronicities which precluded them:

Screenshot from November 19th, 2021

And here are the three Cobra posts from today:

In the most recent dream included above I saw that I was not getting credit for something I did or something like that. And this might just be a coincidence but someone posted the link to contact the petition website as the petition had been taken down twice. I filled out the form demanding that an explanation be provided as to why it is not available and then not long after that the petition was reinstated and is available as of the time of this writing:

And now I will share some amazing synchronicities related to my spirit animal the wolf appearing.

Recently I went out to the store and saw a young man walking with a sign bungeed to his backpack which he was using to ask for help. I approached him and asked if I could buy him some stuff at the store and he agreed.

We ended up hanging out for a while and he ended up being a really nice guy who had a rough upbringing. Fast forward to last week on November 19th I believe he knocked on my door and asked to stay here and I agreed. We hung out for a while and amazingly, I found out his spirit animal is also the wolf. He showed me a song he liked titled ‘Wolf Totem’:

I don’t remember exactly if it was November 19th when I found this out but I believe it was and this was the date of a full moon interestingly (I was born at the maximum point of a full moon, and wolfs are often shown howling at the full moon). I think it was also the longest lunar eclipse in over 500 years as well.

So the other day he stayed here again and he ended up drawing a wolf for me:

While watching the new ‘4400’ series episode I saw that one of the commercials included an ad for a movie coming out titled ‘Wolf’:

If you’re interested in watching the episodes and don’t mind the ads you can watch them for free here:

Very interestingly, I went to sign up for Uber and I was given the confirmation code with a very special number which has appeared in the past, 5558:

Benjamin Fulford was the one who provided information about this number:

“Benjamin Fulford: [5558] It’s an esoteric number that appears at key times, I don’t want to go into it, it’s not something that you can explain verbally.

At certain points certain numbers appear, they seem to indicate that we’re at a certain point on some kind of complex unfolding mathematical equation that we experience as reality…

[Host] Steve: Is it to do with cycles as well?

Benjamin Fulford: Yeah it’s do with what they call a cusp event where, it’s known as a fractal phase change, so for example, an example we can understand is when the sperm hits the egg and then you’re going to get this incredible expansion to a new human being, it’s something like that that’s happening to the planet Earth, that much I can say.”

Recently I had a couple of interesting dreams. One of them was about watching the activity of the sun. Posting this one is definitely a leap of faith because it seems like it might be predicting something happening to our sun. I never know if any of these dreams will come true so I post this with the disclaimer that nothing might happen.

November 23rd, 2021 10:45 AM

Dream about being at some place with some relatives and we were about to watch something happen on the sun. There were big screens showing parts of the sun in this room we were meeting in.

I remember trying to talk to one of my relatives but this was difficult for some reason. I was trying to communicate with them with something hand-held I think which wasn’t working out too well I think

I think I was in a hallway later on (this might have been the same dream) and I was sitting down against the wall on a seat and a lady came up and suddenly said something like “I see what needs to be done” and take a styrofoam cup and puts it upside down and on my left shoulder and pushes really hard and pushes me off the seat and onto the ground.

This made me upset and I didn’t understand why she did this. I think another relative was there, don’t remember much else.

Interestingly a few days ago I ‘accidently’ clicked on this video:

One thing I’ve noticed is that somehow, I will accidently click things that turn out to have messages or synchronicities that the Higher Ups would like me to see.

The next dream was about being chased and attacked by Rothschilds, specifically Jacob Rothschild. Bill Gates made an appearance as well, strangely enough:

November 23rd, 2021 10:50 AM

Attacked by Rothschilds. I remember a dream where some of my relatives and I were being chased by Rothschild family, specifically Jacob Rothschild I believe except he was in a relatively harmless state. I think he was made of like an accordion-shaped paper which was red-ish.

This was almost exactly what I saw except it wasn’t cylindrical, it was flat.

We were in what seemed like a building with various hallways and rooms. We were tying to hide form them but they kept finding us.

Then at one point there was a confrontation and then I remember handling some older documents that Bill Gates owned.

Some of them were about stuff he did when he was 17. I think there was a Nazi connection there or some kind of spy thing going on.

The documents were large and made of a beige paper. I remember seeing a photo of clip of him at 17 years old doing something but don’t remember now. Don’t remember much else now. [I want to say the background almost resembled the inside of a warehouse but I couldn’t really tell.]

This is everything for now. Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

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Amazing Protests Here in Prescott Arizona!

(I originally wrote this out November 10th but was guided to wait to publish it.)

Today I’ve been able to hear honking outside where the courthouse is (indicative of people protesting) and after meeting someone there I decided to roam around and get some pictures of the work these people are doing trying to raise awareness about the vaccine mandates.

I asked if I could take some pictures of some of them and the question I got the most was, “what’s this for?!”

One gentleman said he’s been out there pretty much everyday for a month and started the protests in Mesa, Arizona. He works for Boeing and they are mandating the vaccine by January 2022 and he is anticipating the loss of his job. He’s the very top left corner picture.

His business card reflected the mood of the people:

The rest of this was written today November 11th, 2021:

One woman handed me a leaflet with some info on the puppet masters:

This is everything for now, much love all!

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Prophetic Cobra Dreams Come True, Eternal Peace Moment, Superman Synchronicities, Planetary Liberation Dream & More

I would like to share some positive things for those who are interested in checking them out. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here.

Amazingly as usual, whenever I see the word ‘cobra’ or an actual cobra somewhere in any form, it is a sign that a Cobra post is coming.

After the Flash Overtura Update I got a cobra dream and synchronicity which I thought was strange because I didn’t think he would post something not long after that update. I decided to start watching the Harry Potter movies on a ‘whim’ on November 6th and a cobra manifested in the second movie which I knew would likely preclude a new cobra post:

And sure enough, the next day, November 7th, he posted this coded message:

And then on November 7th I continued watching the movies and another ‘cobra’ appeared in the movie which I assumed would preclude yet another update:

Screenshot taken on November 7th, 2021 at 4:50 PM (16:50)
See the ‘Cobra’ titled show in the upper left hand corner and the time stamp on the right.

This included a dream on November 8th that I finished writing down at 8:20 AM where I saw two posts which were short and the first one was in bold text. I didn’t write down that it was in bold but in hindsight I believe it meant that it was going to be an important post:

So far the one ‘post’ out of two have come true. Cobra posted the mass meditation post at 1:44 PM (13:44) which was after the dream. It’s possible the dream was predicting that the meditation effort would be in ‘two parts’. The first being the petition and the second which would be the actual meditation. This is just a theory of course. There might be another Cobra post coming after this most recent one about the meditation:

Additionally, for fun I decided to try my luck with writing a short story on November 7th and wanted to write about the time after The Event when First Contact with Pleiadians happens. I didn’t finish writing it but it was interesting that the next day, November 8th, Cobra posted the mass meditation request which included expressing the desire for First Contact. I may or may not publish the short story.

Interestingly, the amount of comments on two Cobra posts were both 366 at the same time:

And when I went to look up the meaning of 366 on the Angel’s Number website I saw it was posted at 11:11:

I’d like to share what was the most amazing peaceful feeling once again. This went on for a while which was wonderful and took place on November 4th, 2021:

Last night/this morning I had some interesting dreams which included one where I saw an animal to my right where I saw text either on the animal or above it which was exactly the two capitalized words, ‘Planetary Liberation’:

From what I remember it kind of resembled a fox but with a few round humps on its back and the color was orange with a white outline I think. It also seemed to resemble a Pokémon, a cartoon creature from the ’90s kids show:

Jackson, NJ girl bit by fox: Health officials test for rabies

And then I had a Cobra dream so perhaps another Cobra post is coming soon:

Interestingly I had a dream about Superman which dovetails nicely into the next set of incredible synchronicities regarding Superman. This dream seemed to be connected to the dream about the animal whose identification seemed to strangely be Planetary Liberation:

For some reason there has been an increase in Superman related synchronicites in the last month or so.

It seemed to start when my folks got a Superman cup for me when they went on their trip in September 2021:

Two more events brought more attention to this particular sign.

On Halloween I decided to walk to the store in the evening and a little ways in front of me was a kid who was wearing a Superman costume.

Fast forward to the other day when I am standing in line at the store and there is a kid with what I think is his grandfather and a woman in front of them.

The woman turns around and starts asking the little boy what he dressed up as for Halloween and I was really intrigued when he replied with “Superman”.

This includes seeing people with Superman t-shirts and Superman emblems on their vehicles, very front-and-center so I can’t miss it.

And on November 5th one thing led to another and I decided to research this Superman thing and see if there was anything interesting about it since it was appearing so frequently.

I couldn’t believe it when I found out that Superman was sent to Earth by his parents just before his home planet exploded and landed here on April 10th which is my birthday.


Superman, a being from the planet Krypton, is rocketed to Earth in his infancy. Sent by his parents, Jor-El and Lara from the dying planet, Krypton, he lands near Smallville on April 10, 1926…”

I found the date reference in the 1952 TV show ‘Adventures of Superman’ Season 1 Episode 1 at the 18:04 mark:

Just as interesting, Clark Kent’s father and son’s names are both Jonathan:

(TV Database):

“…Eben Kent is an analog for Jonathan Kent, who is Clark Kent’s adoptive father in the DC Comics comic books…”

(DC Fandom):

“…Jonathan “Jon” Kent is the firstborn son of Kryptonian superhero Superman and news reporter Lois Lane…”

What are the odds of all of that?

Strangely I am having more encounters with the police than ever before and I seem to luck out and get out the situation easily. There are times when I should have lost everything but I do believe divine intervention took place to prevent this.

A few examples, and I apologize about the negative nature of these stories but I’d like to emphasize the likelihood that the Higher Ups played a role in getting me out of the situation somehow.

The first was when I was living out of my vehicle and needed someplace safe to park where I wouldn’t be bothered. One night I chose a parking lot in an upper-scale retirement apartment complex and my front passenger window, which would come off the track sometimes and fall down a few inches, came off its track suddenly and I had to get out of the vehicle to fix it.

When I got out of the vehicle, someone across the parking lot saw me and got in their car and drove around the corner and stayed there. I thought I would be alright but this was not the case. I considered the possibility that Archons engineered this situation to try and take away what little I had left and to destroy me completely.

Fast forward a few minutes later and the police show up. They are flashing lights in my windows and couldn’t see because it was dark and I had installed a limo tint on the windows per Arizona law.

My heart started pounding with fear and I knew this was it and that it was all over. Part of me felt a sense of relief actually. So the cops ask for my ID and didn’t ask me for my car insurance which I didn’t have. I considered this so miraculous because that would have been it. They could impound the car and I would have nothing.

They told me I can’t sleep in my vehicle within city limits and told me to stay out of sight and out of mind. Nice thing to say to the homeless. They expected me to drive out of city limits every single day and camp somewhere? And how am I suppose to come up with the gas money for that?

So anyways I got out of that one when it seemed like it was totally over. I have no doubt there was divine intervention there and perhaps this was a negatively-engineered situation.

The next story was the day after I tried to sleep outside of the library after giving away my vehicle as I couldn’t afford it anymore. It went to a nice family who seemed like they really needed it.

I remember the morning of I am standing in front of the Salvation Army with some other people I have talked to and helped over the years and we just sat and waited for the place to open and serve breakfast. I didn’t join them for breakfast, just talked to them outside while they waited.

There were several cops surrounding our position and we were all commenting on it. They were waiting and watching someone. One cop across the street seemed to have his phone out was pointing the camera at us.

Just before this though something very synchronistic happened. A sign that I couldn’t ignore. One of the guys I had helped over the years, with the cute half-wolf doggo, pretty much right away gave me a bag of weed to hold onto. I immediately thought, oh wow this seems like a sign that I need to chill out. You know because smoking weed calms people down (depending on the strain of course). But in this context it was a sign I desperately needed at that moment.

So later on after hanging out and talking to people for a bit I start walking towards the courthouse and that’s when the cops stop me. They said they were looking for someone who looked exactly like me but with a different name. I gave them my ID and they said I could go and that I wasn’t who they were looking for.

The next story happened just the other day while I was walking to the store and on my way back I saw cops talking to a woman. This actually might be an example of how we need to be careful of what we think because it’s manifesting very quickly.

I remember a thought I had about how I would like for the cops to just arrest me and take me away. It was kind of a ‘I give up’ kind of thought and literally seconds after thinking that I was stopped by the cops. It’s possible that it was going to happen no matter what but it still made me think twice about what I think.

I made my way across the street towards the alley to the building where I live and the woman who was talking to the cops and points at me and says “that’s him, that’s the guy.” And the cop stops me and starts asking me if I looked through her window. Earlier when I was walking to the store I saw a slim lady looking through those windows and my passing thought was that she was locked out and I was almost going to ask her if she needed help but she kept walking to the next door property. Okay, kinda weird but I didn’t give it much thought.

The woman accused me of looking through her window even though she only saw me walking away from her building (and even recorded me on video!). So I said I have no idea why this is happening and that I have no reason to look through her window. They took my ID and then after a little while they returned the ID and let me go finally. *Deep sigh*

So it seems like these encounters with the police might be negatively-engineered situations (partially because of my own thinking) and the Higher Ups might be intervening to make sure none of this nonsense sticks.

And for some reason ‘they’ (Higher Self/Guides, etc.) are using my eyes to point at the word Pleiadian strongly when I see it. Not sure why this is.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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Amazing Divine Encounter with Neighbor & More

As of the time of this writing including yesterday we are experiencing the effects of a Coronal Mass Ejection and an intense solar storm:

And I’d like to share a wonderful happening which took place last night during the peak of this storm.

I was lying down in my place when I hear a knock on the door. It was the neighbor I met divinely last month who showed me the place before moving in here.

They said someone was being evicted and they were giving away their stuff and wanted to know if I wanted to check out what they had. I agreed and we went down and I realized this was a divine meeting unlike any other.

The gentleman who was giving his stuff away was full of positivity and gratitude and there were positive affirmations everywhere. We spoke back and forth for a while and I showed him some orgonite I made and playfully he added me in his phone as Jonathan Orgonite 150 Million as in he wanted to give me 150 million dollars, some of which would go towards making him a piece worth a portion of that.

He was kind enough to give me a few things which he had made which were so amazing to see:

The card above was dated for yesterday, November 3rd, 2021 which was a day full of the most amazing synchronicities connected to the solar flare and the CME which has been hitting our planet for the past several hours.

There is gold glitter on the ground in the hallways here and I realized this is where it was coming from. So perhaps the gold glitter was like a sign that someone with golden intentions was around.

He talked about how he wanted to change things and how people are ready for this. He had some great ideas and an incredible way with words. He said his father is/was a reverend and that’s where he seemed to get the ability from.

One of his ideas was to incentivize positivity by paying people like $1,000 dollars to hand out like 2,000 business cards with positive affirmations on them (see cards above). There was another idea he had which was great but don’t recall now.

It was the most amazing ending to the day and in the back of my mind over of the past weeks or so I kept thinking that I wish something would happen to me instead of me being/doing the thing(s) that happens to other people. And this wish was granted in the most amazing way.

Despite his situation he had a remarkably positive attitude which was really inspiring. I don’t don’t if he was aware of the extent of the darkness on this planet (Chimera/Archons, Black Nobility, Jesuits, etc.) but the positivity was contagious and inspiring and I think it was exactly what we all needed.

After a tumultuous week or so today I feel a sense of peace and calm which has been refreshing.

The magic 410 continues to appear in TV and movies especially dealing with revolution and people with abilities who can manipulate time and space.

And 410 appeared in an episode of Marvel’s ‘Wanda Vision’ which is about a woman who experiences an extreme trauma and creates a mini-world populated by actual people who she controls with her mind:

Wanda Vision was painfully slow in the beginning, to the point of almost being nauseating, but after 3-4 episodes it finally started to get pretty good (I thought so at least) and it was pretty interesting.

While watching ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I’ I noticed the digits of 410 in the form of Katniss’s hospital room when she wakes up and tries to move about:

The very first number seems to be a 7 possibly but the other digits are 4s, 1s and 0s.

And yesterday I started humming a tune while in my trance/day dream state and was humming September’s ‘Cry For You’ (September seems to be a theme with these songs, possibly referencing the ‘Inflection Point‘?) which I learned was uploaded to YouTube on 4/10, not sure if it’s October or April in that format but it was cool that the song led to a 410 synchronicity:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

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Cobra Dream, Solar Flare Synchronicities & More

For those who are interested I will be sharing a few things of interest including what I think might have been a very bad energetic/scalar type of attack which is currently ongoing (moments of being ‘strangled’ where something is trying to stop me from breathing, waves of horror/terror/nausea and just generally feeling like garbage). Maybe the Cabal doesn’t like talk of revolution?

It seems that the more lightwork I do, the more I post, the more prophetic dreams come true, the more the attacks come which is why I stop for a while. I think the Higher Ups can only provide so much protection as perhaps they don’t understand the kind of weapons the Cabal uses (scalar/directed energy weapons, etc).

So my head is still spinning from some of these prophetic dreams coming true and synchronicities which have manifested over the last week or so. We’ve had a lot of solar activity going on which is directly connected to the dreams and synchronicities. One doesn’t happen because of the other, they are synchronized.

On November 1st, 2021 I woke up and was strongly guided to write the following cobra dream down at 8:04 AM:

It was prophetic as usual because cobra posted a coded message literally minutes after I wrote this down at 8:16 AM:

Then later in the day cobra provided an update about the Flash Overtura message from some days earlier:

I was also strongly guided to write the following article on October 31st, 2021 detailing some interesting dreams and synchronicities and finish it before the library closed at 5 PM:

I finished it at 4:49 PM (hover mouse over the date below the title of any post to see its posting time) and interestingly, 68 minutes later at 5:57 PM Arizona time, we had a solar flare take place:

This magic number 410 (my birthday) continues to appear throughout time and space including dreams which you will see below. The number 410 is the main attraction of this post.

The Higher Ups helped with this one and had me plug in my birthday, April 10th, 1990 at 11:03 AM, which is also today’s date, 11/03:

Issue date happens to be 03/11, same digits as today’s date
Time of birth from my birth certificate

They gave me an energetic body/gut pulse along with the telepathic word ‘birthday’ and time and compare it to one of the most current solar flares at its peak which took place on November 1st, 2021 at 7:01 PM (19:01) in Arizona time which amounted to a number which seemed irrelevant, 1647 weeks:

And when I looked up the meaning of the number 1647 on the Angels Numbers website which they regularly use (it’s a spirit world favorite) I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the date of the post for the number which was, April 10th, 2014 which would look like 41014. So the 410 was mirrored and we know everything in the Universe is a mirror of itself:

But it doesn’t stop there. The time the above article was published was 2:57 PM and this is the same time in UTC that the same solar flare started approached its peak (the flare peaked once and then once more right afterwards and the second peak is the one used for these synchronicities):

Interestingly the flare was recorded at a strength of 1.72 and if we reverse this to 2.71 (Euler’s Number) and multiply it by 410 we get 1111.1:

The time this solar flare took place was 7:01 PM here in Arizona and amazingly the date for the Angel Numbers website blog post about this number was published on 11/11/11:

The flare peaked at 3:01 PM UTC and this is interestingly my apartment number:

The next thing was the two strange Britney Spears dreams from days ago, October 29th, 2021 which didn’t seem to make much sense. I am not usually following the lives of celebrities (it’s basically like watching The Hunger Games) but I discovered that she actually went to a private island on October 28th and shared a picture of herself on October 29th in some kind of nature-looking scene which I saw in my dream:

In the dream I saw a beautiful hotel in a jungle or forest and there was Cabal influence at every turn (Hunger Games) along with seeing 410 in the corner of a video.

I’m not sure where she was or what time she posted the above Instagram post but it was the same day I had the dreams which happened earlier in the morning. The Higher Ups really wanted those written down asap but I didn’t feel like writing all of what I saw down as I was tired.

But this wasn’t all that I found with the Britney Spears stuff. When I looked online for the number 410 connected to her I found that her music video ‘Stronger’ was posted on October 25th and the amount of likes happened to be… 410K:

So the dream seemed to come true in that the 410 would appear on the screen in the right hand lower corner:

October 25 is written out as 10/25 and interestingly 1025 times 4 equals 4110:

The new reboot of ‘The 4400’ also premiered recently on October 25th as well so there is the 410 appearing again:

It is, unfortunately, a mix of the original good idea of the show along with the social engineering, cause-as-many-social-issues-as-possible-before-they-are-defeated thing going on by the Cabal/Jesuits/Black Nobility that is part of their current narrative so I don’t know if I will personally continue watching it. Inclusiveness is ideal but the Cabal is distorting the idea like Eric Cartman from South Park. That’s the closest personality I can compare to the Cabal’s actions. It will be so wonderful when they are finally gone.

Just a few other spirit things that have been happening if you are still around to read it. I have continued to see little blue specks of light in my main and peripheral vision, and they tend to happen when I make certain important decisions but they happen seemingly at random also.

The Higher Ups are using energy in my body to help me and warn me about things before they happen. One example, and I apologize for bringing up something depressing, but the night I spent outside the library and tried to sleep but couldn’t, I tried to sleep on the bench by one of the entrances. And my body started twitching and jerking and it was getting more and more intense so finally I had to just get up and go somewhere else (I went back up to a picnic table out of view) and not long after that an employee arrived and walked right next to the bench and would have seen me which could have resulted in a potentially big problem. So this is one example of the increased level of divine/spiritual communication from the Higher Ups which was changed at the beginning of this year and hasn’t stopped since.

Something that happened to me while I was in the hospital in March of this year when I got a blood infection was pretty interesting. Apologies again about posting something less than positive but it has a positive ending.

While I was in the hospital bed with frequent high fevers with body chills I thought this was some kind of spiritual teaching and I had to figure something out to make it all stop. So I went within and did an epic emotional clearing while going through this craziness and after the emotional clearing there was the most beautiful visuals in my mind’s eye. The body chills actually stopped too for a while was surprising.

I saw a figure (which I think was myself, kind of difficult to remember in that state) and I think a light that shone in the form of a cross behind me surrounded by beautiful white heavenly clouds. This photo is really close:

Cross Heaven Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

The visuals were so clear and wonderful in that moment. I just saw the figure (myself I think) just floating around the clouds in what I don’t think was any particular path. I think this was around the time that I was as close to dying as possible, it was bad.

And here are a couple of dreams from this morning which seem to be of a personal nature.

The first one was about helping this homeless guy who I help once in a while and talk to also. He has the pet doggo who is part wolf. I think he was supposed to represent myself:

And the second one had a couple of 33s appearing in the form of Rick from Pawn Stars talking about athletes for some reason:

And to top it all off, since we are on the theme of solar activity, here is a song that was just uploaded today titled ‘Stella Solaris’ (Latin for ‘Solar Star’). Thanks for sticking around, much love all!

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Interesting Synchronicities/Dreams & More

This blog post will feature a few things for those who are interested. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here.

So some might recall that at certain moments I go into like a day dream/trance/autopilot state and then find myself humming a song of some kind which contains a message I need to hear. In this case, on October 28th, 2021 I started humming ‘Too Long’ by Daft Punk, the same day the X-Class solar flare took place (around today is the day where the ejecta should be hitting Earth):

This is the final ‘episode’ in Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555 story which is basically about a group of benevolent blue-skinned extraterrestrials who are kidnapped by en evil French man who they discover abducts beings from other planets, erases their memories and implants screen memories into them and uses them to make money as performers:

In this final episode the evil French man is almost defeated and chases after the extraterrestrials who have received assistance from Earth following the exposing of the entire evil scheme word-wide to return to their home planet. This evil French man, who is now an entity, follows the group of benevolent ETs in their ship towards their home planet and is saved by one of the beings from their group who died trying to help them earlier in the movie and ‘took care’ of the entity in their spirit form.

Everyone on Earth and the beings celebrate as the ETs play their music on their planet while it is live-streamed everywhere on Earth with everyone uniting after this harrowing ordeal.

Is this telling us something like this is going to happen? Of course I don’t know for sure. But they don’t give me these messages for nothing.

Interestingly, the magic 410 (my birthday) seemed to appear connected to this solar flare where the intensity of the flare hit pretty much right on the line with the 10 and 4:

On the right is a magnification of the line on the chart on the left.

Also as interesting, the flare took place on October 28th, 2021 and this is the 301st day of the year which also happens to be my apartment number:

And here’s an amazing divine story of how I was shown in advance that I was going to live here.

In September 2021 I walked into the library and sat down in a chair near the front desk. I noticed someone was crying and talking to a librarian. This went on for a while and I got telepathically ‘help them’. So I went over to them and asked if I could help in any way. Fast forward to later in the day we go to the store and get something to eat together and then they show me where they live. I thought this was strange but this wasn’t an ordinary situation, it was most certainly divinely-guided/orchestrated.

So we go up to their place and they give me a tour of the building and I thought of it as being kind of spooky but just went with the flow. Fast forward to when I am looking for a place and when I told the person I was working with I wanted the first place they mentioned, some kind of water damage occurred and that wasn’t an option anymore. My option was this place I had a tour of some days ago. When the person I was working with was describing it I said ‘Oh I just saw that place!’.

So the Higher Ups seemed to give me a tour of the place I was going to live at before living there.

One amazing thing that I’ve noticed about this place is that in the morning there are these beautiful rainbow colors that come through the window. It is all the colors and it’s really a sight. The pictures don’t do it justice:

Additionally, I was warned in a dream about a dental situation before hand which made no sense at the time. In this dream I thought it was some guy trying to poison me but it turns out it was a warning which manifested later on. For some reason David Wilcock was there and a gentleman was trying to give me toothpaste with anti-freeze as an ingredient:

That was on October 22nd, 2021 and then at my dentist appointment on October 26th, 2021 they prescribed me some antibiotics for a tooth abscess and last night while searching online about the side effects I saw that you shouldn’t consume propylene glycol with this medication (including no alcohol, which I do drink sometimes). And interestingly propylene glycol is used in anti-freeze. So the toothpaste = dentist and the the ingredients = antibiotics reaction to alcohol.

See the date, October 26th, about four days after the dream.

When it comes to health-related issues I get dreams about this too and they are so incredible.

I’ve also decided to remove the entire subscriber list from this blog and start over so if anyone who wishes to continue following this blog with its current content can do so knowing this will be likely what I post from now on. That could change of course but I do appreciate your understanding.

Strangely enough, when I was doing this I noticed that there were 20 followers I couldn’t remove from the list and when I contacted WordPress about this they didn’t know why:

Then I had two dreams about Britney Spears for some reason on October 29th, 2021, with one of them featuring the number 410 (which I accidentally wrote as 419) and the other with the number 113 and/or 13:

The Higher Ups really wanted this dream written down but I didn’t feel like writing the whole thing down but got some of it down later:

Here were a couple of other dreams which seemed positive, one of them being about The Event:

This was was more personal:

One strange thing that has been happening over the years is that my body is being triggered into releasing extreme trauma it experienced at some point. I have no memory of what is happening but my body is certainly remembering something.

One of the first instances was when I was watching Babylon 5 and one of the alliance members was injured badly and when I saw them in the hospital bed I started freaking out and my body started experiencing/remembering? a severely traumatic event. For those who haven’t experienced a severely traumatic event I would say you are lucky. This includes panicking, screaming, hyperventilation, hyper-vigilance (eyes wide open) and the most terrifying horrific full-body feeling that you could never imagine. It’s one of the downsides of doing inner work but this is the release of the trauma which is positive.

This happens periodically and they are spread out thankfully. I have learned that with trauma, the psyche/subconscious will heal itself when its ready.

Fast forward to yesterday, October 30th, this one was very strange and I can’t look at it without the same reaction you read above. My mind doesn’t remember anything but the body definitely does. I was watching acts gone wrong I think on America/Britain’s Got Talent and for some reason when this man was hooking himself up to a wooden cross-shaped prop this immediately triggered the same response as above and still does now while I’m trying to write this. I can’t find the video for some reason but I wrote down my little note about it:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and much love.

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Cabal/Famous People/Child Abuse Exposed Dream, Cobra Update Dream, Possible Agarthan Blue Dragon Synchronicity/Dream & Other Dreams

So I have some more dreams to share here for those who are interested. As usual discernment is advised with anything you come across here. I might be revealing a lot about my psychological state by sharing some of these dreams.

The first dream is graphic in some parts and involves high-level people including celebrities and politicians being caught talking about crimes including child rape. The guy in the dream kept reminding me of Hunter Biden and I almost wrote that down but decided not to as I wasn’t able to concretely identify this man. Maybe something will come out about Hunter Biden. This Full Moon which was yesterday as of the time of this writing was a Hunter Moon.

October 17th, 2021 02:32 AM

Okay this dream is pretty damning as I saw Cabal and famous people talking about raping their kids and other people for fun in addition to doing a lot of drugs of unknown kinds.

There was one guy in particular who stood out and I saw him in person admit to raping his very young daughter, like baby age, and other crimes.

I was inside some place that seemed benign and the people there seemed alright on the surface. But then somehow sometime later I was there and to my horror they were openly talking about doing these things. Like I wasn’t there listening.

This one guy had tattoos and I was definitely nervous about him. He seemed dangerous. Other high-level people put on a façade of being very different publicly than privately.

I remember I started telling people there about it and I was scared of what they would do, especially the younger guy, who I would guess was in his 20s or 30s.

We were in some indoor pool which looked like a really nice place to be. Cut to another scene and I saw this guy in another place which may have been the same building but he has his shirt off and he was at the pool and he was obviously on some kind of drugs walking around.

There was water dripping down from above, like there was a fountain above or something, I’m not sure.

But at first the people I was telling didn’t believe me and then I think I showed them footage of them talking about these things and then they started talking it serious.

I saw a scene where he was lying on his back with what I think was his daughter on his stomach and he had somewhat of an erection while he was doing this.

There were women criminals there as well. My perception of these people changed dramatically in a matter of seconds and minutes as time went on and the more they admitted.

It was like I was a fly on the wall throughout hearing and watching them talk but I was there in person.

Woke up at 2:22 to write this.

Then after going to sleep and waking up at 4:44 I wrote down a dream where I knew Cobra’s next post would be a coded message. Again, I have no idea if any of these dreams will come true and it’s always a leap of faith to write about them before the event they predict occurs:

So this next dream was quite strange and seemed to be part of another dream where I got a job working somewhere and was totally miserable. I think it was a warning to choose my line of work carefully. This one ends amazingly and for some reason I was in Jerusalem:

October 18th, 2021 08:55 AM

Dream about working at a resort kind of place and I had to flip the rooms I think and do things around the resort.

I remember being very unhappy and it showed. Some guests noticed how upset I was and I thought I would get fired for this.

I remember at one point there was goat poop coming out of one room and into the hallway. I also remember Grandma _____ being there at one point. It wasn’t a bad interaction I think.

They said they couldn’t find a place to stay so I was going to check AirBnB to see if they had any place for them.

At one point I remember realizing I was in Jerusalem. Then I remember talking to the owners or someone about the place and then they replaced all of the flooring in the entire place.

It was so beautiful and very well done. The rooms were redone and everything. I don’t know if I still worked there or not.

Then I had another dream about my Grandmother for some reason. But this one was different and the ending was pretty interesting. I don’t know if she is supposed to be a symbol (of the past possibly) or is a literal dream that she isn’t doing well. Since my knowledge of the physical plane carries over into the astral plane I used my medical training to help her in the dream.

I have had dreams about my own health problems and I’ve had dreams which were trying to prevent other relatives from going down a less than loving path. All of which came to pass:

October 21st, 2021 05:37 AM

Grandma ______ not doing well. She progressively got worse throughout this dream. At first she was okay and then she started behaving a little strange and I decided to put some oxygen on her which remedied the situation.

I was in some underground location or something I think. Some things happened before this. I remember she would be standing around and then became confused so I put her on 2 liters of oxygen and she was fine, but she kept taking it off.

So at one point I tried to get her into bed and she kept taking it off and become confused. [At this point in the dream I realized she was going to need more involved care and would need assistance for her daily activities including personal hygiene.] I explained to her that I could help her shower if she wanted, I could assist with her or just be outside to make sure she was okay. She looked at me funny [understandably] but I tried to reassure her.

So then she got out of bed after getting enough oxygen and then she was on the ground on her back and appeared unconscious.

People were there but I had to drag her by her arms and put her into a chair and put the oxygen on and tried to increase it but it sounded like it was blowing her head out so I just left it on 2 liters.

I think ____ was there, the old nurse [a nurse I used to work closely with]. I said we are going to have to put her back in bed with mittens [this was a benign intervention we would use to prevent patients from pulling their lines and causing harm to themselves] so she doesn’t remove the oxygen.

Then I remember a guy that reminded me of _______ that showed me a picture on his phone and asked me what it looked like.

I saw what seemed to be like a big ascending roadway or pathway with buildings and such with two large bridge structures and I don’t know if I said this but I remember thinking it looked like a stairway to heaven. I think there was something else and then I woke up. Woke up at 5:28 [528 Hz is known as the Love Frequency].

Fantasy landscape, Underground cities, Environment concept art
Imagine this but the foundation is winding upwards almost like a snake in an eight position and the surface is covered with buildings and two bridges with what seemed like an opening to the surface above it. I think the structure was floating above ground. It was absolutely huge in this underground area.

The small text at the bottom of the screenshot seemed to be a dream I had that precluded the above dream as both of them took place underground. Here is the text:

Same date, con’t…

I think leading up to this was a flood dream. I think there was an argument between a guy and gal and maybe myself but I think I tried to stay out of it.

We seemed to be underground and the flooding happened rather quickly I think. It almost seemed like another planet. I don’t know who the others were or where we really were.

This may or may not mean anything but the day before these dreams happened, October 20th, I was at a restaurant waiting for my food when a little boy with a denim jacket on stood in front of me in front of the soda dispensers. He had a beautiful blue dragon patch on his jacket at the top left of his back and he stood there for a while so I couldn’t ignore it.

Blue Dragon Embroidered Patch / Badge IRON ON Size: 9 x 7.6 image 1
I believe this is the exact patch I saw on the little boy’s jacket.

My mind automatically tried to reconcile this as a possible Agarthan [they live underground, same as the two dreams] Blue Dragon synchronicity/communication. Although this may be incorrect and it could have just been a coincidence. Cobra wrote about them in his most recent update:


“…They have also communicated that people on the surface that feel a connection with the Agarthan Blue Dragons can try to make a contact in meditations or dreams…”

So there seems to be a lot going on here which may or may not having meaning. I know that sometimes dreams are synchronistic for other people and might have messages for others in addition to the person having them.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

Strangely this song has been popping into my head and I’ve been randomly humming it in my relaxed/autopilot/trance state:

Oh, and don’t forget to laugh:

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Prophetic Cobra Blog Post Dreams Come True, Blue Avian Dream

As always discernment is advised when reading anything on this blog. For those who are interested I’m happy to share that the leap of faith in the form of publishing a possible prophetic dream by Cobra has come true, in addition to another prophetic dream which occurred this morning before he posted the most recent coded message. It’s interesting because the posts on Cobra’s blog can be anything at anytime and these dreams always seem to indicate whether they will be a coded message or a longer post of some kind. Either way I think the Higher Message here is to continue to follow the blog and stay informed about what’s going on and to not lose faith, despite so much around us trying to keep everyone down.

This most recent coded message was supported and prophesied by three separate dreams:

Two of them posted here:

And just a few hours before he posted this most recent coded message I had a third dream where I saw the word ‘Cobra’ on a door with someone next to it:

And perhaps this is a numerical synchronicity but the amount of time between the first dream of seeing the message on Cobra’s blog (October 15th, 2021 at 11:06 AM) and the time it was actually published was 20 hours and 22 minutes, or 1222 minutes:

And repeating 2s generally means not to put energy into negativity and that everything will turn out for the best long-term.

Not only are the synchronicities happening in the dream world but they are happening in the waking world and these provide information to me regarding events that are going to happen. Just recently, which indicates that another Cobra post might be coming soon, I refreshed my screen on my little iPad and the first video title had ‘Cobra’ in it:

One strange but significant thing I can mention is that this was taken to a new level at the beginning of this year sometime, March, April or May perhaps, and as strange as it sounds, the prediction of events occurs as physical sensations in my body, and it’s pretty much constant. I tried to tell the Higher Ups to stop this because it is not as great as people think it is to know when so many things are about to happen.

But what I am realizing in this current state is that the information coming in as physical sensations indicates that I am connected to everything and this is not just an abstract idea anymore. For instance I will start to feel a gentle physical sensation on my arm when something is about to happen. This is difficult to explain. The sensations also warn me about things I don’t want to happen or to avoid and my whole body will be affected when something of this nature is close to happening.

These nearly constant sensations warn me and signal to me what is coming in my experience whether it be something good or bad and everyone/everything is putting out information which is sometimes coming in as physical sensations, telepathic information, emotional impressions or otherwise. Somehow my body is now some kind of highly sensitive receiver of multidimensional information coming in from everywhere and everyone. My apologies if I’m not explaining this correctly. It would be my hope that someone else is experiencing this as well as it has not been an easy adjustment.

So anyways, this morning, for the first time I believe, I had a dream about the Blue Avians, although they didn’t appear physically, they were mentioned by name by someone in the dream, who may have been Corey Goode’s wife. I’ve had prophetic dreams come true about Corey and David some years ago. And strangely enough a large brown bible appeared as well. This is definitely unusual since I do not hold religion in any kind of high regard but this bible appeared nonetheless so I’m guessing it has some kind of significance. I think it’s important to note that I wasn’t thinking about Corey Goode or the Blue Avians at all before this dream happened.

October 16th, 2021 03:37 AM

Blue Avian dream. So I was in a department store at what I think was either a strip mall or an actual mall and I was looking at the clothing there for a while and noticed they had some ‘No Fear’ brand stuff like hats and things.

What Happened To No Fear? The Rise and Fall of a SoCal Empire - Racer X

Then I forgot who mentioned it first but a woman came in and mentioned the Blue Avians and I think I tried to talk to her about them.

I remember it was a great way to start a conversation because you didn’t have to ease into anything. I also remember this woman, who I think might be Stacy [Corey Goode’s wife], either had or maybe it just appeared there, a large brown bible that said ‘Holy Bible’ on it on the ground under the clothing rack. [It was very obviously at my feet and not hidden under the rack directly.]

KJV Holy Bible, Super Giant Print, Dark Brown Faux Leather w/Ribbon Marker,  Red Letter, King James Version: Christian Art Publishers: 9781432117405: Books

There may have been other documents on the ground there under the clothing rack.

I remember being really excited to talk about the BAs but I think she wanted to do her thing. I think I remember being at this store for a while before this meeting happened.

And I remember walking into like the back entrance to the store and I think the other stores were empty and/or closed. Not many other people seemed interested in talking about the BAs when I was talking about them.

So as usual I will let everyone decide what to think about all of this. I didn’t see anything posted by Corey on Twitter since a couple of days ago as of the time of this writing so perhaps this is some kind of prophetic dream.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

PS I’m being given guidance that some kind of attack is coming which is connected to this article. Either energetic and/or written and/or otherwise. Hopefully this is wrong.

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Being Guided to Share Chopin’s Revolutionary Étude

So this may or may not mean anything, I will let everyone decide for themselves what to think. Discernment advised! Sometimes I will find myself going into autopilot/day dream mode and suddenly snap out of it and notice myself humming a song I hadn’t thought of in years. It takes a little time to figure out what song it is because sometimes it’s a song from the 90s or 2000s, something I haven’t thought of in years. Some of them are absolutely hilarious and some are serious, it just depends on the message the higher ups want to send.

Just now the same thing happened and I started humming Chopin’s Étude Op. 10, No. 12, also known as the ‘Revolutionary Étude’ which was appeared around the same time as the November Uprising in 1831. I recall suddenly humming this piece recently before this but don’t remember when. The piece is exceptional at communicating the dynamics of such a situation

I’m not sure why this particular piece has manifested in this way but perhaps it is telling of something to come.

“…These findings were compared with the Sun’s 11-year sunspot cycle. The results showed that as the Sun cycle peaked, there was a rise in human unrest, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions, and wars between nations. As Wheeler further compared his findings with human history, he found a startling pattern that could be traced back 2,500 years…”

I’m learning that there are reports of large amounts of people walking off the job at certain airline companies, possibly, but most likely due to the vaccine mandate, and this is causing over 1,000+ flight delays:

Here in Prescott there have been more than one occasion where I’ve seen protestors out and about with signs regarding their stance on vaccine mandates. Some of them are/were hospital staff which were protesting near our local hospital Yavapai Regional Medical Center.

Time will tell what will unfold but it seems that the more the Cabal pushes for these mandates, the more they will wake people up and speed up their own demise, ultimately leading to The Event.

Thanks for checking this out everyone, I wish you all much love and light!

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