Updated: An Important Divine Message for the Cabal/Dark Forces and ANYONE Involved in Negative Activities

I am being guided to simplify this message which I will do my best with. This is not a message from myself but from The Source.

I would add an additional synchronicity to this message. I was strongly guided to rewrite this message and simplify it which I did. That was December 8th which you can see was archived here. I kept getting ‘rewrite’ in my mind’s eye repeatedly before and even after I updated the article.

The next day, December 9th there was a video uploaded to the Ambient music channel titled ‘The Confidential Realm – From Above (Rework)’ which is actually a beautiful composition. The cover photo is someone sitting under the stars with a blue light surrounding them with the top of the light resembling a lasso or perhaps a halo. My guidance to rewrite this article came from The Source which goes along perfectly with the title of the below video. ‘The Confidential Realm’ could be interpreted as meaning the hidden hand of the Divine which also goes with the title ‘From Above’ which could also mean the same thing:

I was strongly guided to include this music video for the song titled ‘Heads Will Roll’ (lyrics are further down in the article) which features a wolf man (wolf is my spirit animal) who ‘activates’ when lights shine on him and starts to attack the audience and even dismembers the band members. This included a message to the Cabal/Dark Forces and anyone involved in negative activities. I was guided to capitalize the word ‘anyone’. It’s important to watch the music video from start to finish:

Off with your head
Dance til you’re dead
Heads will roll
Heads will roll
Heads will roll
On the floor…

I published this article and archived it on November 20th at 7:55 PM Arizona Time. Once a snapshot of a web URL is taken on Archive.org, it cannot be edited, modified or changed in any way. That’s very important. I was also guided to highlight the lyrics ‘looking glass‘ below which might be a reference to a project with the same name whose goal was to achieve being able to see forward or backward in time. I was also guided to highlight the word ‘alchemy‘ in the lyrics of the song which is another word used in esoteric teachings that means ‘Ascension’.

A little more than an hour after publishing and archiving this article, the newest episode of Rick and Morty aired on Cartoon Network at 9 PM Arizona Time which included a scene where Jesus comes down from the sky in a golden light (presumably as an Ascended Being) and starts to attack Rick and Morty. Just like the music video, it didn’t matter who they were, Jesus beat up Rick and Morty and tore apart another character. There were no mentions of Jesus in the previews which were released before the episode aired. The ‘looking glass’ part of the lyrics seemed to be additionally prophetic as the music video and scene from Rick and Morty feature a similar message and this article was published/archived before the episode aired. It doesn’t matter who anyone is, Justice is Coming.

Off with your head
Dance til you’re dead
Heads will roll
Heads will roll
Heads will roll
On the floor

Glitter on the wet streets
Silver over everything
The river’s all wet
You’re all chrome

Dripping with alchemy
Shiver stop shivering
The glitter’s all wet
You’re all chrome

The men cry out the girls cry out
The men cry out the girls cry out
The men cry out, oh no

The men cry out the girls cry out
The men cry out the girls cry out
The men cry out, oh no
Oh oh! Oh!
Oh oh! Oh!

Off, off with your head
Dance, dance til you’re dead (dead)
Heads will roll
Heads will roll
Heads will roll
On the floor

Looking glass
Take the past
Shut your eyes

Looking glass
Take the past
Shut your eyes

Glitter on the wet streets
Silver over everything
The river’s all wet
You’re all chrome
You’re all chrome
Oh oh!

Off, off, off with your head
Dance, dance dance til you’re dead
Off, off, off with your head
Dance, dance, dance til you’re dead
Off, off, off with your head
Dance, dance, dance til you’re dead
Off, off, off with your head
Dance, dance, dance til you’re dead
Off, off, off with your head
Dance, dance, dance til you’re dead
Off, off, off with your head
Dance, dance, dance til you’re dead”

I also got the name of a song, ‘Le prix à payer’ by GIMS, along with the word ‘Forgiven’. I am also getting ‘All’ in my mind’s eye. So ‘Forgiven’ and ‘All’. These words together seem pretty self-explanatory:

This is a music video about a French artist who basically sells his soul for fame and fortune. The title of the song in English is ‘the price to pay’. He slits his wrist and signs a contract with his blood. At one point he is set up by the CEO guy and his assistant with strange eyes in an engineered media confrontation which was livestreamed on social media.

Towards the end he is surrounded by people in robes in a castle in what looks like some kind of ritualistic event where he might be sacrificed. Someone cuts the rope holding his hands together and he escapes.

Perhaps this message in the above email means that this individual, or others, are forgiven for what they have done. A great analysis of this video was done by Vigilant Citizen:

I was strongly guided to do this article rather spontaneously and it was published at 7:55 PM Arizona Time (I archived this article on Archive.org after publishing it and once a snapshot is taken is can’t be modified/edited/altered in any way. To verify the publishing time just scroll the cursor over the date below the title either on this article or on the Archive version and leave it there for a couple of seconds and the publishing time will appear):

And then 52 minutes later we had a moderate-sized C-Class flare at 8:47 PM Arizona Time:

The above time is Universal which is 7 hours ahead of AZ time so it happened on November 20th.

Amazingly (only timing-wise, of course), at 9:25 PM Arizona Time there was a large 5.2 magnitude earthquake which just struck the Izu Islands in Japan. This happened just 38 minutes after the above C-Class flare:

So the time between the article being published and the C-Class flare was 52 minutes and the strength of the earthquake which happened 38 minutes after the flare was a 5.2. Interestingly, the time of the above earthquake was at the 38 second mark.

This particular blog post number is 41624 which is chosen by WordPress automatically when a new post is generated. This number is very close to the depth of the earthquake which was 416.4 km. I was guided to start this post some days ago but not to write an article until just yesterday, November 20th and now I understand why:

I am learning that the Universe is getting very creative and when it wants to communicate a message it has been doing so in advance of solar/earthquake events to make the original message as real as possible for people.

The word assigned to the number 925 in Strong’s Concordance (index and translation of every word in the King James Bible) in Hebrew is ‘bahir‘ which means ‘bright/brilliant’ in English.

9:25 in 24-hour time is 21:25 and this number will circle back to the original message of this article along with leading us to the magic 410.

The word assigned to the number 2125 in Strong’s is ‘eulabeomai‘ which translates in English as: “I fear, am anxious, am cautious; I reverence.” This goes along well with the message that “heads will roll.”

The word ‘eulabeomai’ appears once in Hebrews 11:7 and we know that the time the meaning of the number 117 was published on the Angels Numbers website was at 4:10:

If we follow this number 2125 and plug it into the Pi calculator, which tells us the position of any number in Pi, we see it takes position 6557:

And we know 657 takes position 410 in Pi:

A screenshot from the music video mentioned at the beginning of this article:

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TruthEarth Blog and The Event Promotional Videos

I have created a short informational promotional video about The Event that may be of interest to new comers of this blog:

And for those who would like a more in-depth explanation of this information you will find it in the video below:

Victory of the light!

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Current List of Mass Meditations Requested

Many mass meditations are available for those who are interested to participate in. The link to find them is below. They really do work and the more people that join in the more cumulative the effect is.


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Dream About The Galactic Wave of Love

[Adding this September 12th, 2023 at 6:17 AM AZ time. I was attempting to update the first photo included in this post as it didn’t show up when I loaded the page which happens sometimes and it republished the article for today as of the time of this writing. The original date of publishing March 23, 2018:


[End of note]

I am being guided to share a beautiful and hopefully prophetic dream about The Galactic Wave of Love that I experienced this morning as of the time of this writing. It was extremely beautiful and I highly recommend checking out the short video I made explaining it further. I will post the dream below. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a dream and perhaps isn’t exactly what will be happening at The Event. As always discernment is advised! Much love everyone!

(March 22nd, 2018) The Wave of Love

I was inside of this trailer home with my family when all of the sudden I felt a huge wave of energy hit me. I knew I was changing and I looked down at my hands which were turning into light. I couldn’t see my body but I knew I was turning into all light. It was just like in Star Trek.

This was happening to my hands and my whole body.

My thoughts and consciousness changed immediately and I felt the biggest rush of benevolent power and Love!

I calmed down and the energy slowly dissipated. I was still filled with so much excitement! I also recall getting a notification on my phone at the moment that the wave had hit, although it was so obvious I didn’t need it.


This is just a generic screenshot I made online.

Then a second wave hit and I started to turn into light again. It was so beautiful and powerful! I remember different people testing out their new abilities inside some indoor location by doing some majorly difficult physical actions like gliding across the floor close to one another then quickly shifting positions upside down and gliding another direction.

What a happy day! It happened suddenly and without warning.

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These synchronicities/visions are epic as you are about to witness. I feel like I must share a disclaimer that these things might be a bit overwhelming to some, or perhaps not. I was guided to not include any other words in the title of this article.

On January 6th I got a very catchy song popping into my head titled ‘Super Trouper’ by ABBA. I was also energetically influenced to mouth the words ‘another X-Class flare soon’ and ‘Jesus Coming’ which I documented in an email:

The lyrics of the song seemed to compliment flare activity on the sun in addition to being glad someone is coming. Super Trouper is the name of a company that makes moving spotlights:

Super trouper beams are gonna blind me
But I won’t feel blue…

So imagine I was glad to hear you’re coming (glad to hear you’re coming)
Suddenly I feel all right…

Tonight the super trouper lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun (sup-p-per troup-p-per)
Smiling, having fun (sup-p-per troup-p-per)
Feeling like a number one…

January 8th was a day of responding to important spiritual guidance where I was presented with three opportunities to help others (the Universe does everything in 3s):

January 8th, 2023 9:28 PM

So today was a day of being in the right place at the right time more than once. I was guided to go out to eat which I eventually did and I was guided to have it ready to pick up at 4:10 PM.

Before I left though I was guided to take my heavy jacket which I thought was unnecessary because it wasn’t that cold out. But I took it with me anyways and as I learned later on I was going to need it badly.

I stopped at the store beforehand to get a few drinks. After eating I went to another store to get some things I needed. I kept getting ‘safeway’ in my mind’s eye which was a bit of a bike ride away but I ultimately agreed to go.

I took the back streets which were mostly quiet as today is Sunday.

I remember biking through a neighborhood and got ‘opportunity’ in my mind’s eye which I interpreted as meaning there’s an opportunity to be of help coming up.

Not long after getting that word I found a car key with a gym I kept riding towards Safeway except on a different road in that direction.

I ended up seeing a cop and decided not to ride across the road in case he decided to ticket me. So I went to the light and following the law and used the crosswalk.

As I got closer to the plaza I noticed someone flying a sign on the corner and I asked them if I could buy them any food. They needed gas but all I could offer was food and drinks.

It was a nice woman and she requested root beer and declined anything else. I decided to get her a lot and bought three 2-liter bottles for her. I walked back towards her and gave them to her which is when we started talking more.

Towards the end of our conversation which must have gone on for at least an hour or so, she told me she accepts things from people because she believes it is a gift from God.

I thought that this was the perfect chance to tell her how I ended up seeing her and told her about this guidance I got today which she seemed receptive to. She has lived through a lot that no one should have to live through.

I started biking back towards home and tried to get to the sidewalk from an autozone plaza when I noticed a truck in front with its lights on. So I parked the bike and went into the store looking for someone who might own the truck.

I found a gentleman in one of the aisles and asked him if that was his truck in the front with the lights on and he confirmed it was his. 

I asked him if he would let me close the truck door for him because I noticed it was not closed all the way and I thought that’s why his lights were on. He said that was okay to do which I thought was nice of him to let me do that.

I shut the truck door the lights didn’t turn off and then I noticed the gentleman come out of the store and I told him I think they are still turned on inside the vehicle which he took care of.

I told him if his battery died they could always charge it right there at autozone. Then I made my way back home and that was that. I needed the heavy jacket and more as it was pretty chilly on the way home at that time.

Interestingly I was guided to order the food at 4:10 PM and the run time of Super Trouper after clicking on the video is 4:10:

Last night January 8th was kind of wild because my feet had been vibrating a lot for a couple of days or so before this which I have learned that something is about to happen. I felt waves of energetic urgency in my body and wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. I felt very strongly the name Jesus and in my mind’s eye part of the word ‘gigantic’. I decided to write the name down in caps and nothing else which I was guided to send as-is:

Then it happened, a huge X-Class flare, just like it was predicted in the email previously mentioned in this article. The flare happened to be an X1.9, which is today’s date, January 9th or 1/9:

X1.9 flare on January 9th at 11:50 PM Arizona Time in ultraviolet from sunspot group 3184.

The number 19 is special because there are 19 circles in the flower of life pattern which is an ancient symbol, which, among other things, is thought to mean that everything originates/blossoms from a single source:

The amount of time between the JESUS CHRIST email and the flare is 14 hours and 15 minutes:

If we plug 1415 into the Pi calculator which tells us the position of any number in Pi, we see it takes position number 1:

Let us recall the lyrics from Super Trouper which were prophetic in more than one way:

Tonight the super trouper lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun (sup-p-per troup-p-per)
Smiling, having fun (sup-p-per troup-p-per)
Feeling like a number one…

Additionally, the word assigned to the number 1415 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘dunatos‘ which is Greek for ‘strong/mighty/powerful’: (a) of persons: powerful, able, (b) of things: possible.

The first bible verse on website where the above information originated from is Matthew 19:26 which I’m sure some people will be familiar with:

“But Jesus beheld [them], and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”

The amount of time between the Super Trouper/X-Class email and the X-Class flare itself was 2 days, 21 hours and 2 minutes:

If we take the digits from this amount of time like before we get 2212 and some might be aware of a congruent message in Revelations 22:12:

“And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.”

Another very strange thing that happened was our German shepherd, Magic, falling ill rather quickly and then passing away a couple of days later. One of his legs had been giving out for a while among other issues so it wasn’t a total shock. A relative of mine looked up his birthday and learned that he was born on 1/3 and died on 1/3 and he lived for 13 years. He was a very good boy and we will miss him:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light as always!

This was just uploaded today which I think goes perfectly with these messages:

Being guided to add this here:

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Cobra Article Synchronicity, Jesus Synchronicity, Solar Flare Synchronicities, DouMu Goddess Synchronicity, Ascension/Liberation Dream & More

For those who are interested there are some more synchronicities and dreams happening which will be shared here. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here. I was very strongly guided to do this article today and as I learned later on today is the 333rd day of the year. I am feeling a bit under the weather but it’s getting better.

The first item of interest is this vision I got in my mind’s eye on October 15th where I was going up very high and looking down at the Earth:

Then on November 2nd Cobra published an article which included a photo which was very similar to the vision:

‘Everyboby’ should be ‘Everybody’.

This next thing is a possible dream or vision which happened on October 18th which seemed like a very powerful message to the Cabal:

‘Room’ is supposed to be ‘Rome’.

The Sack of Rome in 410 AD was seen as a major event in the decline of the Roman Empire:


“…This was the first time in almost 800 years that Rome had fallen to a foreign enemy, and the sack was a major shock to contemporaries, friends and foes of the Empire alike.

The sacking of 410 is seen as a major landmark in the fall of the Western Roman EmpireSt. Jerome, living in Bethlehem at the time, wrote: “the city which had taken the whole world was itself taken”…”

And since our modern civilization is like a Neo-Roman Empire, it will also continue to collapse until the breakthrough.

On October 21st I got the number ‘803’ in my mind’s eye along with ‘special’:

I think I got ‘gem’ after that which is short for ‘gematria’ (the Higher Ups don’t always give me the whole word for some reason and I’m not sure why) and the Higher Ups wanted me to see what the gematria value of the words in quotes was. I think I had looked this up already but forgot about it but amazingly the gematria value of the message in the email is 803:

What’s even more interesting is the amount of time between these two emails. It ended up being 82 hours and we know 82 x 5 is 410, which is the year the Sack of Rome took place:

On October 25th I thought I had a dream about seeing the name ‘Jesus Christ’ in an article:

Then on November 1st the transcript for part II of a Cobra interview was published on the We Love Mass Meditation website which included a couple of mentions of Jesus. The link to the transcript was shared by Cobra on his blog as well:

(We Love Mass Meditation)

“…Jedi: Wow. That’s really a good news. Okay, next one. After the First Contact, many Ascended Masters will instruct the surface population with their tangible hologram bodies. We have a list of the most famous Ascended Masters, and we would like to ask you if we might be able to see them face-to-face in the future.

  • Jesus Christ

Cobra: Yes. All of them, all of those from your list will most likely be able to show themselves when the time is right after the First Contact.

Jedi: Okay. I will say this name. Okay. (Ok.) Jesus Christ. Yes, yeah?

Cobra: I will not give individual comments. You can read the list, but I would say most of those beings will be able to show themselves and will have a plan to show themselves to the surface population when the time is right…”

On October 26th I had a very clear image in my mind’s eye that actually made me jump when it happened. I saw an Asian woman’s face along with ‘DouMu‘ which is a goddess that Cobra has shared information about on his blog. The woman’s face was a rounded square shape, not like the face of most other people:

Possible photo of DouMu from Cobra’s blog. http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2015/05/disclosure.html

More than 4 hours later, NASA tweeted out the smiley face sun picture:

I had a very interesting dream about liberation and Ascension on November 12th and I got ‘M-Class’ in my mind’s eye as I was writing the dream down:

A couple of days later on November 14th we had an M-Class flare:

The above time would fall on November 14th at 7:51 PM Arizona Time.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light! I am being guided to include the following song:

“There are times when
You might feel aimless
And can’t see the places
Where you belong
But you will find that
There is a purpose
It’s been there within you
All along

And when you’re near it
You can almost hear it

It’s like a symphony
Just keep listening
And pretty soon you’ll start
To figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece
And there are melodies
In each one of us
Oh it’s glorious

And you will know how
To let it ring out
As you discover
Who you are
Others around you
Will start to wake up
To the sounds that are
In their hearts

It’s so amazing
What we’re all creating

It’s like a symphony
Just keep listening
And pretty soon you’ll start
To figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece
And there are melodies
In each one of us
Oh it’s glorious

And as you feel
The notes build
You will see

It’s like a symphony
Just keep listening
And pretty soon you’ll start
To figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece
And there are melodies
In each one of us
Oh it’s glorious”

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Speaking at Prescott Valley Town Council Meeting and Talking About The Event, Liberation & More!

For those who are interested I was very spontaneously guided to speak at the Prescott Valley Town Council Meeting on November 10th.

For a few days before this I kept getting ‘speech’ in my mind’s eye along with ‘410’ which I believe was referencing the room number that the town did certain meetings in so I interpreted this as having to do with a speech and the Town Council.

I got a ride to the library where the laptop and hotspot was available for checkout which was great. It was around 3 PM or so when we got there and that’s when I started putting the pieces together; what the Divine had planned for me that day.

I looked up the info on the Town website and saw they were having a meeting that day, November 10th. I thought, oh okay, so maybe I’ll catch the next one which is December 8th.

Then I learned what time the meeting was going to take place, which was in about 2 hours and it would be taking place in the library where I was.

I told the Higher Ups that Town Council wasn’t going to let me say those things here and I got ‘will allow’ in my mind’s eye. I guess the worst thing that could have happened would be that they stop me, which they didn’t.

If anyone feels guided to share a donation I will leave the links below:



Here is the original source where I got the above clip from:

And here is the link which shows the people who were in attendance:


Thank you very much for your time and attention and Victory of the Light!

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Prophetic Cobra Info Comes True, Dreams, Solar Flare Synchronicity, Jesus Dreams, Valiant Thor Synchronicity, George Washington Synchronicity & More

For those are interested there are some more interesting dreams and synchronicities happening which will be shared here along with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment.

The due date for this laptop and hotspot was October 11th and when I returned it on that day I asked to put a hold on the next available laptop/hotspot so I could have it again as soon as it became available. Amazingly, when the librarian went to put my name in the list it triggered in their system as being ready to checkout. I was confused but it turns out the hold I just asked them to put on a laptop/hotspot had somehow become available at that moment so I just took them right back.

The first is an interesting dream about seeing some gold wires that were being prepared to be installed in my mouth. They would be made from gold bars and I was worried about the pain from the drill they would use:

October 12th, 2022 1:31 PM

Trying to recall strange dream where there was bags of red liquid and blue liquid wire IV lines I think going here and there.

I don’t know if this was blood or some kind of drink but they looked like IV bags and they weren’t full. I think they were drained to a degree.

I think the next part is part of the same dream but I remember these pieces of gold were being prepared to be put into my mouth.

They were shaping them and modifying them and I saw they were bars and wire. They were small.

I remember thinking about how painful this was going to be be to install them because they were going to use a drill I think.

I was really worried about the pain but I think I woke up before they started to put them into my mouth. I think it was a woman who was going to do it.

I think this dream has come true over the past couple of days because the Higher Ups have been keeping me awake and urgently getting me to look into the information they are providing. The pain might be not being allowed to sleep in order to do this work. It is now 3:12 AM here and I have been guided to start this article ASAP. When this is all said and done there might be an unpleasant conversation about forcing me to do this and that with whomever is involved in this.

On October 12th I was guided to season 4 episode 10 of the British sci-fi show ‘Merlin’. The title of the episode is ‘A Herald of a New Age‘ (clicking the title will lead you to the episode for free). I also got the word ‘sun’ and the number 545:

83 minutes later we had an M-Class flare at 5:19 PM Arizona Time:

I was guided to include the number 545 in the email and the Higher Ups had me multiply those digits together and this equals 100:

We know April 10th is the 100th day of the year so the season/episode number 4/10 goes along with this very well:

I felt like I was dying again and decided to document it:

I’ve learned that the new King, Charles the Third, is a ‘heartbeat’ away from dying’ which could happen at any moment. I’m not sure if these things are connected but they were connected to the Queen but if the King dies it won’t be a big surprise.

On October 12th in the evening I got a physical sensation along with ‘M-Class’ and ‘huge’ in my mind’s eye. The energy was big and intense:

A couple of hours after the above e-mail I think I got in my mind’s eye that an important dream might be coming up, if I remember correctly:

The day before the upcoming M-Class flare I had a seemingly important dream regarding Jesus:

October 13th, 2022 6:45 AM

Details fading quickly. Dream that didn’t seem like a dream about or connected to Jesus.

I saw myself illuminated around the outline of my body but I was looking at this and it looked like a small figurine.

It was a golden light surrounding myself but couldn’t see the rest of myself within the outline.

Details slipped away, don’t remember much else. I thought about how it reminded me of the John Doe from Star Trek who Ascends.

A couple of days later after the M-Class e-mail on October 14th, we had a long-duration (huge) M-Class flare at 2:44 AM Arizona Time:

The next few things seem to be connected to Cobra’s most recent post about Spider-man which was published October 13th. The title translates to ‘Spider-man’ and the name of the song is ‘They Killed Spider-man’:

About four hours before Cobra’s post I got words and visuals again and this time they were of Benjamin Franklin and Aretha Franklin which seemed so random:

I had somehow ‘accidentally’ sent it with the words in the title instead of the body of the e-mail and in retrospect this is probably not an accident. I sent it at 7:20 AM and then Cobra published the Spider-man post at 11:49 AM, more than 4 hours later.

Spider-man AKA Peter Parker’s uncle’s name is Benjamin Franklin Parker and we know Aretha Franklin is a great singer. I accidentally sent the e-mail to myself as the title/subject and this seems to be prophetic as Cobra posted a Spider-man (Benjamin Franklin Parker’s nephew, Peter Parker) music video (Aretha Franklin since she is a singer). Since members of the Chimera Group are arachnid beings incarnated into human bodies hiding among the surface hostages to protect themselves, maybe this means one or more of them is dead. This is just speculation, though.

I would add here that the run time of the above song has a few variations but one of them is 4:10 (album version):

And now an interesting story about Divine Timing which happened the other night:

October 14th, 2022 10:35 PM

So I was waiting on someone to come over and just before 10 PM I got ‘soda’ in my mind’s eye which meant I should go to the store and get some.

This was confusing of course but the Higher Ups have done this before although I didn’t think of it like that this time.

So I leave and start walking to the store and I got ‘healthy soda’ in my mind’s eye which meant I should cross the street and go to another store.

 I am walking up the road and got to the beginning of the plaza when I saw a vehicle pull in and pull over. The gentleman got out and looked like he was looking for something.

I asked him if he had lost something and he said he left his phone on top of his vehicle and drove off so it must have fallen off some ways back. 

I suggested that I could go back and look and he said it was a ways and I asked him if I could get a number to contact him as I would look for it on my way back home.

He said that was fine and he mentioned that it was like 100 meters back and I suggested that I should just go look for it now since we are all here. He agreed and I looked on the road.

I didn’t have my phone and I was depending on the moonlight and cars driving by to illuminate the road so I could see if there was a phone there.

Eventually I saw something blinking on the road and ran over to get it. It was the gentleman’s phone and it was in bad shape.

The case and glass cover didn’t save it but the SIM card was probably good. I returned it to him and he seemed surprised that it was found. He said he had a lot of numbers on there so it was good that it was found.

He offered me a nug of very potent weed which I accepted because I can give it to someone I know who will smoke it.

It’s funny, I left the stove on the lowest setting because I was making the same soup as the last time this happened at the last place I lived!

Amazingly I made it to the store with a little bit of time to spare:

I took this photo with a better camera (new phone).

Another quick manifestation story here, pun intended. I have been needing shoes very badly as the ones I had were giving me sores on the back of my feet. They were put to very good use for a while and I kept saying out loud I need to get new shoes over and over again for a couple of days. The second day or so (October 8th) when I was saying this I got a text from my neighbor asking if I wanted to go to Goodwill with them and I was so amazed because that’s where I’d go to get shoes and I got a pair there which are great:

On October 15th I got a vision on my mind’s eye where I was rising up past the clouds very quickly:

Strangely, on October 16th, I had a dream or two about film director, producer, screenwriter and actor, Martin Scorsese:

He directed the movie ‘The Last Temptation of Christ‘ in 1988, among many others. It’s basically about the time before he gets crucified (allegedly). I don’t know for sure if this was what was intended to be found.

I had gotten some words in my mind’s eye one day recently which I ended up deleting but I am being guided to include some of what I had found when looking into it. It was about Valiant Thor. I wasn’t going to include the picture but I got in my mind’s eye that I should include one and I also got ‘handsome’ for some reason which he definitely is and maybe this was some kind of moment of fun/humor:

An alleged photo of Valiant Thor.

Valiant Thor is a benevolent extraterrestrial being that came to Earth and had access to the Pentagon for a few years and met with Dr. Frank Stranges. This was during the Eisenhower administration. Dr. Stranges wrote a book about him titled ‘Stranger at the Pentagon‘ which has also been made into a 24-minute film which you can rent for $5. I would highly recommend it for what it’s worth:

Interestingly, Martin Scorsese’s birthday is November 17th, 1942 and Dr. Frank Stranges died on November 17th, 2008. The amount of time between these two years is 66.

If we follow this number and plug it into the Pi calculator we see it takes position 117:

And we know that the meaning of the number 117 on the Angels Numbers website was published at 4:10 PM:

[Adding this next part after 1 AM on October 20th.]:

This is amazing. The Higher Ups have been strangely urging me to research more on the internet and so I decided to look more into Valiant Thor because I was getting his name in my mind’s eye. The importance of this was very high and I didn’t understand until I stumbled upon a PDF copy of Dr. Frank Stranges’ book about Valiant Thor, ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’.

This is going to sound very silly but when I found the PDF I felt a huge wave of happiness and disbelief because I had found a book I have been wanting to read but didn’t really look for it in the PDF form. It was actually an unusual rush of joy and tears of happiness which told me this was something important. I just thought “oh my gosh, I get to have the whole book?” And this is how you know someone is really a nerd; when they cry over getting a hold of a book…

After reading more of the book I think I found a reason for the emotional rush on page 53:

“..It is amazing to watch the faces and reactions of people when these Angelic beings come into the presence of Earthlings. Some will feel a strange sensation throughout their bodies, some will giggle and not know why, some will become very emotional, perhaps tears will well up in their eyes. Others still will be totally unaware that there is someone present who is not of this world…”

I got to page 66 and knew immediately this was what was intended to be found. On page 66 of Stranger at the Pentagon was a black and white photo of the Eiffel Tower whose base measurements are 410 feet on each side and some saucers making a visit:

So the dream of Martin Scorsese led to the 66 years between himself and Dr. Frank Stranges who share a common date in birth and death, which led to 117 (these are the digits of their birth/death dates) and then to the magic 410. And it wouldn’t have happened (or it would be extremely unlikely) that this would have happened without Divine help.

In the book I am learning that Valiant Thor was very interested in Christianity and spoke highly of Jesus. As you will read below, Valiant Thor says Jesus is the Alpha and Omega and now that I’m thinking more about it, the common birth and death date of Martin (born November 17th) and Frank (died November 17th) might be an example of exactly that.

(Stranger at the Pentagon)

“…Vai does not minimize the fact that Jesus Christ is the first and the last, the alpha and the omega, and the beginning and the end…

…In answer to my question of what he thought of Jesus Christ, he said, “I know that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega of yours and everyone else’s faith. He today has assumed His rightful position as the ruler of the universe and is preparing a place and a time for all who are called by His Name to ascend far above the clouds to where His Power and Authority shall never again be disputed.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the wonder of wonders and changes not. No, not forever and forever…

…Within a brief time, The Master [based on the context I think The Master is Jesus or perhaps the Source] announced a special RING OF FIRE ceremony that was to be performed by Vai and others BEFORE they would set foot on the planet Earth. This RING OF FIRE would protect him and all the others permitted to serve with him. Their mission was under the DIRECT guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ and remains so to this day…”

I think the main point here is to help validate that this Jesus thing is real, as is Valiant Thor.

[End of additional information.]

Eventually I found a radio interview with someone regarding Thor and this was published on April 10th, 4/10:

I was recently guided to the movie ‘Prodigy’ which is about a boy who predicts future events and is hunted down by various people with varying agendas. His estranged father goes to see him and ultimately ends up on the run with the boy and a third prophetic message was expected of him at some point. Long story short, the message is one we’ve heard so many times and was pretty much common sense, people who will listen need to be more loving to one another. The ending isn’t great but I will include the link here to watch it for free if you want.

A couple of scenes really hit home because the boy saw these vision/abilities as a curse and didn’t want them. I remember telling the Higher Ups I do not want to know what’s going to happen before it happens because to be honest seeing the future is not what I would have expected. It might sound nice on paper and in theory but the reality is that it’s a pain in the behind and it doesn’t turn off. But apparently this is one of the abilities you get when you are on the Ascension path.

And finally I got a specific melody in my head and after a lot of searching I learned it’s an American March by John Philip Sousa titled ‘The Thunderer’:

It is unknown exactly who the Thunderer is but one website speculates that it was definitely a Mason, as John was initiated into the fraternity and dedicated the song to the Knights Templar in Washington D.C.:


“Other than the fact that Sousa’s “thunderer” was undoubtedly a Mason, his identity may never be revealed. “The Thunderer” march was dedicated to Columbia Commandery No. 2, Knights Templar, of Washington, D.C., and it was composed on the occasion of the Twenty-fourth Triennial Conclave of the Grand Encampment. The conclave was held in October 1889 and was sponsored by Columbia Commandery No. 2. Sousa had been “knighted” in that organization three years earlier. “The Thunderer” was Mrs. John Philip Sousa’s favorite march…”

[Adding this next part later in the day in evening]:

After going to the store not long ago I believe the Divine Timing really showed itself. I was going to go to the pharmacy and pick up some meds to make me sleep but the more I walked in that direction the more I got ‘failure’ in my mind’s eye. When I decided to walk back towards the store I got ‘congratulations’ and also saw this word strongly after leaving home. So I abandoned my plan to go to the pharmacy and went to the store. I picked out some things and the Higher Ups helped. I went over my budget when I checked out and had to put something back. After all was said and done I got transaction number 1027:

I took this photo with a better camera (new phone).

I got the song ‘The Thunderer’ which was published on this blog early this morning and the word assigned to the number 1027 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘bronté‘ which is Greek for ‘thunder’.

I would add here also that the song I was guided to include at the bottom of this article was ‘How Great Art Thou’ which has lyrics which use the word ‘thunder’:

“Oh Lord, my God
When I, in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder…”

[End of additional information.]

[Adding this next part on October 26th]:

It seems the ‘thunder’ synchronicities were prophetic in that they happened a little more than a week before Russia notified the US about its annual ‘Grom’ (Thunder in English) military exercise per a press briefing on October 25th:


“…Q:  Hey, thank you ads, there been any notification for the Russians? About the Grom exercises?

GEN. RYDER:  Yes, the U.S. was notified. And as we’ve highlighted before, this is a routine annual exercise by Russia…”

[End of additional information.]

I was guided to look more into George Washington and found out that one of the first memorials for him was done on April 10th, 1880. He died December 14th the year before:


“..W.S. Baker’s standard reference, The Engraved Portraits of Washington (1880), number 389, notes a London imprint for Roberts’ engraving dated April 10, 1800. It describes the print as “Rare.”…”

Very interestingly, the highest elevation in D.C. is 410 feet above sea level:


“…The highest point in the District of Columbia is 410 feet (125 m) above sea level at Reno Reservoir in Tenleytown…”

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

I was strongly guided to include the following song:

PS This entire time the Higher Ups have been communicating that Diving Timing has been at play here and the time I ended up publishing this article was 5:47 AM:

547 is the 101st prime number, interestingly, and we know Neo’s apartment number in the first Matrix movie is 101:

With the magic 410 appearing at the end of the first movie directly to the right of the words ‘system failure’:

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Jesus Dreams/Synchronicities Coming True, Ascension Synchronicities, Solar Flare Synchronicities, George Washington Communication, Gamma-Ray Burst Synchronicity, Christ the Redeemer Prophetic Synchronicity & More

For those souls who are interested there are some very beautiful things happening which will be shared here. These things are getting more and more intense lately and it’s exciting and sometimes overwhelming to experience them personally. Discernment is definitely advised with anything you come across here. I will be returning this laptop and hotspot back to the library soon so communications will be paused until another one becomes available.

I don’t know if it is some kind of health issue or what but lately I have been very exhausted and feeling like I’m dying quite often now. I sleep a lot more than usual now and it seems that not long after getting up, the next thing I know I’m in bed again getting ready to sleep. I am trying to stay awake to do this article but it’s difficult as I want to go lie down, rest and not move at all. But as the saying goes, the show must go on. I was worried about being able to finish this as I had tried a few times to write it out but had to lie down and rest so I got some caffeinated things to help keep me awake to finish this.

This first bit is about apparently passing some kind of test that I am not aware of which I got on October 4th:

This happened the morning of finishing the last article which took a couple of sessions of sitting down and doing it to get it done. Not because of the fatigue but because the Higher Ups guided me to.

Right after the above email I got the song ‘Ascension‘ in my head. So perhaps this means I passed some kind of test connected to the Ascension but I’m not completely certain:

On October 7th I got ‘M-Class’ (don’t remember if it was in my mind’s eye or not) and decided to write it down:

I also got ‘8 Minutes’ in my mind’s eye and decided to write that down even though I had no idea what it means:

After doing a little digging I discovered that this is the title of a short film about how sunlight stops reaching the Earth. It’s called ‘8 Minutes‘ and this will go perfectly with the following solar activity:


“In the light of impending cosmic catastrophe, an old father finds an inspiration and tries to surprise his beloved son for the last time.

It takes only eight minutes for light speed to bring sunlight from the sun to the earth. Consequently, it would take only eight minutes for darkness to reach from the sun to the earth if sun went off shining. This is the story about the last remains of sunlight and humanity on earth. The story of most incredible way of saying…”

To add to this series of solar synchronicities I got the song from my video ‘The Blue Dawn is Coming 432Hz‘ along with ‘rest assured’ and ‘M-Class’. This video features fabricated articles I created which are about planetary liberation and positive news along with a beginning of a sun coming into view after a period of darkness (did this intentionally). I think the message here is, rest assured, the Blue Dawn is really coming:

A couple of days after the first ‘M-Class’ email we had a long-duration M-Class flare at 5:47 PM Arizona Time (this would fall on October 9th):

The amount of time between the first email and the flare is 2 days, 2 hours and 46 minutes:

And very interestingly, if we put these numbers together we get 2246 and the word assigned to this number in Strong’s Concordance is ‘helios‘ (ἥλιος) or ‘sun’ in English.

This number 2246 contains the magic 410:


The time between the ‘Blue Dawn is Coming 432hz’ email and the M-Class flare is as follows:

If we plug this series of numbers, 122140, into the Pi calculator, which tells us the position of any number in Pi, we find the magic 410 in the string of numbers:

The next thing which seems out of place was getting the song ‘Bromance‘ in my head. It’s actually a good song and encourages guys (including trans guys) not to be afraid of getting involved in a bromance:

These next series of things are interesting and big. To start I had a Jesus dream in the early morning hours of October 8th:

That dream happened early in the morning and after that I started getting a bunch of words and visuals again which I wrote down. These were different and involved the Founding Fathers along with Jesus related things:

[Adding this next part October 18th in the early morning hours]:

I would also like to add here that I misinterpreted some of this information and have deleted it per the guidance I got. I apologize about this. This is still an interesting happening, however.

Per the above cluster of words and visuals in the early morning of October 8th I got a lot of interesting words including ‘In the beginning’ and ‘Moses’. This is huge.

Something huge happened the next morning October 9th. The biggest gamma-ray burst in known history happened and it apparently originated in another galaxy:


Scientists Have Detected a ‘Completely Unprecedented’ Burst of Energy in Space

…Gamma ray bursts are enormous eruptions fueled by intense cosmic phenomena, such as the deaths of huge stars, and they produce some of the brightest spectacles in the universe…

…GRBs are also the most luminous events in the Universe,” he continued. “This one could have an intrinsic brightness of 10^22 times that of the Sun, or around a trillion times the entire energy output of all the stars in the Milky Way combined over that short period that the GRB was on if I have the numbers right…

…Data from NASA spacecraft have since pinpointed the burst. It came from a dusty galaxy 2.4 billion light years away, almost certainly triggered by a supernova explosion giving birth to a black hole. This is actually the closest GRB ever recorded, thus accounting for its extreme intensity…”


“…Astronomers have never seen anything like it. On Oct. 9, 2022, Earth-orbiting satellites detected the strongest gamma-ray burst (GRB) in modern history: GRB221009A. How strong was it? It caused electrical currents to flow through the surface of our planet…

…The outburst on Oct. 9th shocked astronomers. Consider this tweet from Phil Evans of the University of Leicester: “It’s bright. Really bright. Like, stupidly really bright.” Evans works with data from NASA’s Swift gamma-ray observatory, and the overflowing signal had apparently broken some of his plotting software…

…”In our research group, we’ve been referring to this burst as the ‘BOAT’, or Brightest Of All Time,” says Jillian Rastinejad, an astronomer at Northwestern University who has been monitoring the burst’s afterglow using the Gemini South Telescope in Chile. “When you look at the thousands of bursts gamma-ray telescopes have been detecting since the 1990s, this one really stands apart…”

Above: The afterglow of GRB 221009A about an hour after it was first detected. Credit: NASA/Swift. [more]

This is one of the first people to tweet about it publicly and this gentleman is an astronomer working at the University of Leicester with the Swift Gamma Ray Burst hunting satellite. This tweet is one that I came across initially per a Rumor Mill News article:

One interpretation of the words ‘In the beginning’ and ‘Moses’ could be that they were precluding a massive historic event since Moses is a well-known biblical figure and most religious people know Genesis 1:1/John 1:1 “In the beginning…” Then the next day we have this ‘stupid’ bright gamma-ray burst which is the biggest ever recorded in history so far. Perhaps the Moses/Part the Sea words could point to this gamma-ray burst as it originated from another galaxy so the sea would be space. Just a theory.

The amount of time between the email and the time the phenomenon was first observed is 1,610 minutes:

Screenshot 2022-10-25 12.02.54 AM

We know 1610 in military time is 4:10 so here is this magic number appearing again.

Per one website with more data, which mostly goes over my head, it did mention the magic 410 in the form of describing how bright the source was initially. Basically the scientific jargon indicates it was very bright:

“…the stored data in the ISS due to the interruption of the ISS-to-ground communication, showed that the source was already as bright as about 2.5 Crab in the 4-10 keV band at 13:58 on October 9…”

This is a good definition of a ‘Crab’ which is a unit of measurement used in astronomy:

“A unit of X-ray intensity used in the early days of X-ray astronomy (late 20th century), based on the brightness of the Crab Nebula (= 1 crab). Since few astronomical X-ray sources are as bright as the Crab Nebula, the unit is usually encountered as the millicrab, often spelled milliCrab…”

Here is the information about the first detection from the same site but a different page:

“…We reported the MAXI/GSC detection of the bright X-ray emission from GRB 221009A/Swift J1913.1+1946 (GCN 32632/ATel #15650) at 13:58…”

The time of this detection, 13:58 Universal Time, would be 6:58 in Arizona Time and very interestingly if we plug in our amount of time from above, 1 day, 2 hours, 50 minutes into Pi in that order, it takes position 6558:

Screenshot 2022-10-25 12.28.43 AM

Additionally as interesting, the word assigned to the number 658 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘apoteleó‘ which is Greek for: “I complete, accomplish, form fully, perfect, bring to maturity.” This might go along with the ‘In the beginning’ words I got and perhaps it is a sign of an ending and beginning. 

[End of additional information.]

[Adding this next part on November 3rd  in the afternoon]:

The first words I got in the cluster of words include ‘In the beginning.’ It’s interesting that the time between the word cluster email and the gamma-ray burst detection is 1610 minutes as in military time this would be 4:10.

This number also appears in connection to Genesis 1:1 which is the very beginning of the bible which many know as “In the beginning…” The gematria value of Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew is 2701:

בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית בָּרָ֣א אֱלֹהִ֑ים אֵ֥ת הַשָּׁמַ֖יִם וְאֵ֥ת הָאָֽרֶץ׃

If we plug 2701 into Pi we see it takes position after 410 in the string of numbers:

This magic 410 is a very special number that continues to appear throughout time and space as some kind of a Divine and benevolent ‘signature’, if you will.

I found in the Rosicrucian book from the library that adding the first four sequential digits from the number 1 equals 10. So 1+2+3+4 = 10. 

[End of additional information.]

When I write these things down I do so while just barely being awake and hoping it will be over quickly so I can go back to sleep. I decided to stop writing down the words but kept getting ‘Declaration of Independence’ in my mind’s eye.

I theorize that the objective here is to provide real information to gain credibility in order to provide other information which will help others and myself.

I researched these things and learned that this was real information which contained connections I hadn’t researched before.

I’m not sure about the first part but I looked up ‘Imhotep’ and learned this was the name of the villain in ‘The Mummy‘ movie. I hadn’t seen these movies in a long time so I had forgotten this.

I also learned that Imhotep is connected to the magic number 410 in the form of pyramid measurements in the ‘first of the now-famous Egyptian pyramids’:


…Imhotep was chancellor to the Egyptian pharaoh Djoser, and his engineering claim to fame is the design of the Pyramid of Djoser. Located in the Egyptian necropolis of Saqqara, the Pyramid of Djoser was the first of the now-famous Egyptian pyramids.

The limestone-based step pyramid reaches 62 meters (203 feet) high, with a base measuring approximately 109 by 125 meters (358 by 410 feet)…”

I saw portraits of two Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence) and George Washington along with the beautiful fresco in the Library of Congress which is titled ‘Apotheosis of George Washington‘. Apotheosis is a synonym for Ascension:

Everything in this painting means something and it’s too much to list here but you can read that here.

I don’t know if Washington actually Ascended or not but this is just what I got in the word/visual compilation. Although what also came to my mind was the plot from the prequel to Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ which is titled ‘The Lost Symbol‘. It’s basically about a bad guy who wants to achieve Apotheosis by subjecting himself to various frequencies (cymatics). The short intro of the show contains a lot of information and includes the Apotheosis of George Washington painting. The first episode is available for free here (you have to sign up for a free account, though, which I know is annoying but the show is very good).

In the visual I got ‘fishing’ connecting to George Washington and when I did some digging into this I learned that he had three areas used for commercial fishing along the Potomac River and was one of his most important sources of income:

(Mount Vernon):

George Washington once wrote of Mount Vernon that the ten miles of shoreline at his estate were “one entire fishery.” The Potomac River, he boasted, was “well supplied with various kinds of fish at all seasons of the year; and in the Spring with the greatest profusion of Shad, Herring, Bass, Carp, Perch, Sturgeon &ca.”1  

Washington, of course, never expected the fishery to be his main source of income – he first intended to make his fortune on tobacco, and then on wheat and other grains when tobacco failed – but the river did become one of the many ways he turned the natural resources of his Mount Vernon estate into profit…”

(Mount Vernon):

“…An astute businessman, Washington took full advantage of the river’s blessings. Along the estate’s 10 miles of shoreline, he maintained three areas for commercial fishing, the largest located about a mile south of the Mansion at Union Farm. One fishery was at Posey’s Ferry, called the Fish Landing. A second was in the vicinity of the wharf, and known as the Landing. The third was a mile or so above Sheridan Point, in the River Farm area…”

I looked up the ‘Christ the Redeemer (820)’ reference on Google and one of the first results is a mosaic allegedly done in the year 820 (the result of 410+410) which depicts Jesus being crowned among other figures and symbols. I don’t think this is the actual name of this mosaic but that’s the first thing that came up:



(New Liturgical Movement)

“In both cases, Christ is in the middle, larger than the other figures, descending from heaven on a series of colored clouds arranged like a staircase. He is wearing a golden robe like that of the Roman Emperor, and has a scroll in his hand, a symbol of His role as a teacher (John 13, 13). At St Cecilia, the hand of God the Father comes from above to crown him; at Cosmas and Damian, this was certainly originally present, although it has long since fallen out…”

In the Christ the Redeemer image I got in the morning I saw hands put together like someone is praying along with a sun in the background.

I also got the words ‘Second Coming of Jesus Christ’ which were faded or perhaps emerging depending on how you look at it. I also got ‘Christ the Redeemer sent. In progress. Wild card’. This is the proper definition of a wild card:

(Collins Dictionary)

“If you refer to someone or something as a wild card in a particular situation, you mean that they cause uncertainty because you do not know how they will behave.”

This is where it gets amazing. That group of words and visuals was written down on October 8th at 4:23 AM.

The next morning on October 9th there was a beautiful video uploaded to the Ambient music channel to which I am subscribed:



The video cover photo is of a bright sun in the background although there are no hands together like they are praying:

But the video contains footage of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil (perhaps the hands in prayer that I saw in the visual was indicating a religious reference):

So the Jesus dream, word/visual compilation and other information seemed to be indicating that the Second Coming is in progress as things I researched led to real things/connections and the Christ the Redeemer footage in the above video happened the day after writing about it.

The next piece of information from the early morning hours of October 8th was very interesting and new. It was apparently a communication from George Washington:

I would add again here that because the Christ the Redeemer information was prophetic and came true then this communication with George Washington can be seen in the same way.

The next thing that happened some hours after the early morning communications was a dream about Neo:

I don’t know exactly how to interpret this next thing which happened in the early morning of October 10th but I will just put it out there because it manifested strongly. I got this wonderful holiday/Christmas energy along with ‘The Event’ in my mind’s eye. I would advise not to interpret this literally as it could mean something that we wouldn’t expect which is what has happened with many of these messages:

I would add here that I had been guided to the new show ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ (which is a prequel to ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ stories) which isn’t my type of show, personally, and so I just ignored this until recently. I decided to look into this and after trying to learn about the show I discovered that the place with the title ‘Númenor’ is the main setting for J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings:


Númenor, also called Elenna-nórë or Westernesse, is a fictional place in J. R. R. Tolkien‘s writings. It was the kingdom occupying a large island to the west of Middle-earth, the main setting of Tolkien’s writings, and was the greatest civilization of Men

While looking more into this I also learned that the first High King of Númenor ruled for 410 years:


“…The first High King of Númenor was Elros, the half-Elven brother of Elrond (Robert Aramayo) who, after being given a choice by the Valar, chose to be Man-kind. As a mortal, albeit one with an extended lifespan, Elros ruled Númenor for 410 years…”

Tolkien has shared that the downfall of Númenor is similar to Plato’s Atlantis:

It’s interesting that this took place in what was called the ‘Second Age‘ and I couldn’t help but think that this could be another way of pointing to the Second Coming. This could be incorrect, of course. The following article included information about how Tolkien says that The Lord of the Rings is a religious story:


…He himself [J.R.R. Tolkien] called The Lord of the Rings a “fundamentally religious and Catholic work,” and The Rings of Power shows that it will embrace some of those same elements. This is, after all, a story about good and evil, and the nature of them both…”

I was struggling earlier to get myself up to go to the store which I was guided to do the day before when I had a bit more energy but decided against it which I now regret. While walking there I had to stop and wanted to go back and lie down to rest but just kept going. Whatever is happening here is bigger than myself and out of my control. Perhaps it is the final stages of the Ascension process but I don’t know that for certain. If so I wish it didn’t feel like dying coupled with great fatigue and exhaustion. I wish there was someone who has been through it already to help me with this but I think the guidance I’m getting is as good as it’s going to get. If this turns out to be a result of the Ascension process then people who decide to take the path will realistically know what to expect.

In any case it was worth it go to to the store because I had just got to the parking lot when I got ‘help’ or something similar in my mind’s eye and I looked to the spot where the guy I had met before was flying a sign asking for help and there he was once again. I got this in my mind’s eye before I saw him which is interesting.

From a long distance I couldn’t tell if it was him or not but I approached him anyways and noticed he had a little doggo with him. I asked him if I could get him anything from the store and he politely declined and said he was waiting for someone to pick him up. His backpack was already full. He told me about the puppy he had which was a rescue and was very cute. We said farewell and went our separate ways. I went into the store and after a while I heard an interesting song playing overhead that I tried to remember despite my brain not really wanting to.

I found out it was a song titled ‘Something Big‘ by Shawn Mendes and was uploaded to YouTube on 11/11:

The lyrics were very exciting:

“Play the lotto you, might win it
It’s like 25 to life so you bust out of prison
Something’s in the air
Take your last shot, you know you’re going to hit it

Something big, I feel it happening
Out of my control
Pushing, pulling, and it’s grabbing me
Feel it in my bones
Something big, I feel it happening

It’s like that feeling when you’re about to win the medal
And you worked so hard that you knew you wouldn’t settle

Hands are in the air
Hands are in the air
When they hear you and you thought they wouldn’t listen
It’s like an anthem that the whole world’s singin’

Hands are in the air

If we stomp our feet the ground will shake
If we clap our hands the walls will break
Yell so loud, won’t forget our names
‘Cause something big is happening

Take this rock and start a fire
Raise this up, we’re feeling high
They can’t tell us anything
Something big is happening

Writing this article has been a huge challenge and even after a couple of glasses of concentrated cold brew coffee I still had to take breaks and rest and force myself back into it. As I type this I feel very strongly that I am dying. Perhaps I am misinterpreting what’s happening here but I thought it might be a good idea to document it just in case.

It’s not hypo/hyperglycemia or iron deficiency because I know what those feel like and this is very different and specific. Plus my iron level was perfect so that’s not it. I bought a powdered superfood supplement at the store earlier just in case but after taking that I don’t feel different.

As of right now I am breathing kind of heavily and I’ve taken a handful of breaks from writing this which generally isn’t hard.

This particular post number is 41120:

And interestingly I have been getting this song “Plasticine’ by One Night Only in my head the last couple of days which I thought was random. I had accidentally clicked on this video some weeks ago. I didn’t write this down but it’s in my browser history from October 8th. I got this song title in my mind’s eye earlier:

And very interestingly the word assigned to the number 4112 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘plastos‘ (πλαστός).

The post number is 41120, Strong’s number is 4112 and the runtime of the audio version on YouTube is 4:12:

I would also like to share one observation here that some might find useful. So far the synchronicities and dreams have indicated that the Higher Ups are here to help me (and everyone else) with the little things and the huge things and everything in between. I remember a dream I didn’t write down because they were personal but in one dream I had ants crawling on me. A day or so later I was sitting on my couch and there were some ants crawling on myself and the laptop. My front door isn’t completely sealed so I went ahead and did that so critters couldn’t get in. But the point is that people are being benevolently influenced more than they realize and they haven’t been forgotten about or misplaced.

This is everything for now. Thanks or checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

Oh and don’t forget to laugh a little, or a lot (I am getting ‘fun’ in my mind’s eye and I am being guided to include the following humorous video):

PS Amazingly I finished this article and published it at 3:46 AM:

And then 7 minutes later we had an M-Class flare at 3:52 AM Arizona Time:

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More Huge Jesus/Second Coming Synchronicities, Cobra Dreams, X-Class Solar Flare Synchronicity, Jupiter Ascending Synchronicities, Prophetic Earthquake Synchronicities, Ascension Synchronicities & More

For those who are interested there are some pretty interesting dreams and synchronicities happening which will be shared here. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here. I had been guided to start this article early in the morning on October 3rd (finishing it October 4, 4/10, just after midnight). Additionally, while lying down mostly on my stomach trying to fall asleep the Higher Ups telepathically gave me the word ‘wait’ and then I felt a strong force/pressure on a large part of my back. It was very heavy and while this was happening I got the word ‘responsibility’ in my mind’s eye and I interpreted this as meaning that documenting these dreams and synchronicities is a big responsibility.

The Cobra dreams from the last article seemed to have come true. They happened on September 17th and 18th which included pretty much the same thing about seeing a new post with a few words ‘planetary situation update’ as the title:

As usual the dreams seemed to come true a little bit differently in reality than what was in the dream but the content was on point as it was technically a planetary situation update that came after the Chimera Group Update. The following update and meditation request was published on September 22nd:

I am discovering this next item after the fact and want to include it here. I had a dream on September 15th where a woman I was sitting next to asked me to marry her:

The next day one of the YouTube channels I am subscribed to uploaded a song titled ‘Ascension‘. The artist, Rameses B, creates amazing music and I used one of his songs in a video in the past:

Based on my understanding of Rosicrucian teachings, Ascension is the marriage of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within oneself along with the hidden hand of the ‘Divine’, so the above dream and song make perfect sense. The above events seem to point to the Royal Wedding (another name I believe is meant to be the Ascension) which is apparently going to happen:

The next dream that seemed to have come true was a dream on September 10th about seeing a comment from someone posting negative responses to my comments in the comments section of Cobra’s blog, Devon SeaMoor:

The last comment from Devon happened on September 3rd which said that I am mind programmed and that I should keep my dreams to myself. I have not declared myself anything, I’m just sharing the dreams and synchronicities that are coming in and it is up to each person to decide for themselves what they think of them which I’ve repeated many times:

Interestingly, Devon wrote a blog post on September 13th, a few days after the above dream and the tags are ‘mind programming’ and ‘religion’ (I skimmed it and it could or perhaps isn’t directed towards anyone in particular). The last article Devon had written was January 17th of this year. It could be a coincidence or perhaps not:

I would like to make it clear that I am no proponent of any religion, really, and consider it one of the worst forms of mind control. Thinking for yourself is crucial to getting to the truth. In order to write these Jesus synchronicities and dreams I have to put my religious biases aside and look at things without a knee-jerk reaction. A part of me thinks that sharing these things is a huge mistake but they are happening alongside other huge synchronicities and dreams so all of it is coming from the same benevolent source. I’ve already tried to ignore them and stop them from happening but that didn’t work. I haven’t heard any useful suggestions as to how to get them to stop so now I’m just going to let them happen and share them without attachment to them or any particular outcome.

I’m being guided to start with one of the most recent synchronicities involving solar activity. In the late evening of September 29th going into the 30th there was a couple of interesting things I was guided to write down which were important. The first one was about a possible X-Class flare or large event along with the magic number 410:

Not long after the above email I saw the words ‘The Second Coming of Jesus Christ’ in my mind’s eye and decided to write it down:

And then a couple of days later on October 2nd we had an Earth-directed X-Class flare at 8:25 PM UTC:

[Adding this next part October 7th in the early morning. The Higher Ups communicated that I misinterpreted the above information and the correct and intended information is below. I’ve removed the erroneous information and added a couple of things to what was already written below. My apologies.]:

For the past few months the Higher Ups have been communicating that an X-Class flare was coming and I was documenting these communications. Below is the one of many times I had written this down and I asked the Higher Ups which one I should choose and they used my eyes to point at the following one:

Very interestingly the amount of time between the above email and this latest X-Class flare is 117 days:

We know the meaning of the number 117 on the Angels Numbers website was published at 4:10 PM so here might be our 410 from the X-Class email from earlier:

I would like to add here that this particular post number is 40910:

These are the digits of my birthday and today happens to be 4/10 also (October 4th):


These synchronicities and dreams have been going through periods of themes and lately the theme/subject of focus is Ascension.

On September 23rd I was getting a specific piece of music from the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’. After doing a little digging I found that it was the part of the movie where Jupiter is going up in the energy field with Caine towards a cloaked spaceship, along with ‘M-Class’. I think the message here was once again reiterating the idea of Ascension as she was going up:

More than an hour later after the above email I got a notification from Dr. Michael Salla at 3:00 AM regarding a reminder about the upcoming webinar which would feature information about the Second Coming:

And then about ten hours after the Jupiter Ascending email we had an M-Class flare 11:10 AM Arizona Time:

This series of events was incredible as we just had our closest distance to Jupiter in 70 years (other websites said 59 years) on September 26th, a few days after the above events:


“…All stargazers can enjoy excellent views of Jupiter the entire night of Monday, September 26, 2022. At its closest point, Jupiter will be in opposition to the Earth. What this means is that Jupiter and the Sun will be on opposite sides of the Earth…


Astrology isn’t my forte but this seems like an amazing synchronicity. For what it’s worth, this video is what it sounds like when people go into detail about Astrology. The beginning makes sense and then the overload happens.

On September 27th a couple of interesting pieces of information came in which I decided to write down. The first was experiencing a beautiful and positive energy along with an image of Jesus from his shoulders up, with clouds in the background:

This is the photo I am being guided to include which is not exactly what I saw but it was close-ish. Its description is ‘Jesus Ascending Cloud Heaven‘:

A little while after the above email was documented the Higher Ups used my eyes to point at the ground and shook them back and forth which I interpreted as them telling me about a possible upcoming earthquake along with its possible magnitude level:

‘Group’ should be ‘ground’.

Amazingly the next day, September 28th, these two emails came true as Dr. Michael Salla published a video with some highlights from his webinar featuring information about the Second Coming. It was uploaded to YouTube at 3:00 AM Arizona Time:

Then the earthquake email came true as we had a powerful 6.5 quake at 8:03 PM Arizona Time which didn’t cause any harm to anyone. Both events happened the same day, September 28th:

On September 27th they gave me the information ‘M4.5 Indonesia’ in my mind’s eye which I thought might be referring to an earthquake:

Amazingly, 5 hours and 15 minutes after the above email we had a magnitude 4.5 quake in Indonesia:

The next item is a dream that I didn’t write down which was important. I believe the importance of this dream was emphasized in the following dream. In many dreams I’ve been a student in a classroom and when I didn’t want to do the assignment I just got up and left. I realized I already had the education I needed and didn’t need to be there. I didn’t care what would happen and just left the classroom or school. I’m thinking this might have to do with lessons happening in the waking world. Anyways, here is the dream:

September 28th, 2022 09:54 AM

Sad situation. I had a dream earlier that seemed very important but I chose not to write it down. I remember it being very positive and a really good time. 

The next dream was about being in a new school with new students and teachers which I quit not long after starting which has happened in a lot of dreams before.

I remember something in the second dream about the Hermetic Marriage [pertaining to the ‘Chemical Wedding’ AKA Ascension possibly] I think.

The school and students were different and strict. They just tested my patience and I had already gotten my GED so I didn’t really need to be there.

I told them this as I was leaving and I think they sort of tried to get me to stay but my mind was made up. I thought about returning my stuff and getting some money back as I was in the parking lot. 

I remember leaving earlier in the building and a woman dropped a plastic Easter egg with something inside of it.

It fell pretty close to her and I went to pick it up and she went fast for it and got it so I assume she didn’t want any help with it.

Then someone else dropped an egg after that and I didn’t bother to see if they needed help. It was like I misinterpreted the first dropped egg as a sign to assist and ignored the second one where I could have helped. 

I think both times the eggs opened when they hit the floor. This school was very different than the others. 

The next thing was ‘accidentally’ clicking on a scene from ‘Jupiter Ascending’ on September 28th when she is on a ship that is taking her to claim her title as the new owner of the Earth and the reincarnation of the mother of one of the most powerful families in the Universe. This included the word ‘earthquake’ along with a magnitude level of 5.9. I also then got the music in my head from the part of the movie where they get to Orous and Jupiter is greeted by Intergalactic Advocate Bob who will assist her through the Ascension process:

A couple of days after the above email on September 30th we had a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia:

And very interestingly the meaning of the number 1228, which is the time the above quake happened in Arizona Time, was published on the Angels Numbers website was on September 30th which is also the same date as the quake:

On September 28th I was given the words ‘audition’ and something else I think related to American Idol and I think they wanted me to write about what it was like to try out:

I was 18 in 2008 which is the year the show came to Arizona at the Jobing.com Arena in Glendale for season 8. I don’t remember everything exactly but we had to show up and get some information which we needed to use to prepare for the preliminary stage. The paper said we had to learn a couple of songs, ‘Dead or Alive‘ by Bon Jovi (runtime of 4:10) and ‘Get Ready‘ by The Temptations. I think I had been trying and trying to memorize these songs in the limited time we had.

It wasn’t my dream to be a singer but I just wanted to experience it and it was free to do so I thought, why not?

I remember having to wake up early, maybe like 4-5 AM and get there early where the line was out the door to the arena. I don’t remember anyone filming us where we were but I could be wrong about that. We were finally allowed in the arena and I think we were all seated in one part of the arena but I’m not quite sure.

I went by myself and was so nervous. I was going to sing ‘Hero‘ by Mariah Carey which is something I learned in choir some years ago in school.

[Adding this next bit October 10th after midnight]:

I believe I now realize the reason for needing to write about this audition. I sang ‘Hero’ and very interestingly a performance by Mariah Carey was uploaded to her YouTube channel an hour before publishing this article (12:00 AM AZ Time) with a run time of 4:10:


I only wrote about this audition because I was guided to (see email documentation about the audition above which was done September 28th) and it turned out to be beautifully synchronistic.

[End of additional information.]

I saw the gal in the bikini (yes, she showed up in a bikini, why didn’t I have that brilliant idea?) who ended up on the show except her hair was a different color and her voice was pretty good:

I also saw a guy wearing a silver type of suit and I think he painted himself silver, too, but I don’t remember. I don’t think he made it to the next stage.

The next part is where the songs we had to learn came into play. They had a big camera on a crane and they were filming us singing these songs on their cue and direction. I think they used some of the footage but I don’t remember them showing us singing. Maybe it was to get us to warm up before auditioning. I think they had us do other things for the camera but I don’t remember now.

We didn’t get to see Simon, Randy or Paula at this stage as there were too many people at this point for everyone to audition one-by-one in front of the judges. The producers were choosing who would go to the next stage and this step was rather stressful.

I remember there were booths lined up in the middle of the arena and there were a couple or so producers in each booth:

The arena floor didn’t have anything going on like in the above photo that I can remember.

So we were to form three lines in front of each booth and one person would sing to the producers at a time. Keep in mind there are several booths, maybe 7 or more and each of those has people singing while you are singing, along with the talking of the people in the arena. So I tried to sing over the other people so the producers could hear me which was a bit difficult.

I sang my song and messed up the high note. The producers said something like it was good and if it weren’t for missing the high note I would have gotten through but looking back I’m glad I didn’t because knowing myself now, I don’t think I could have psychologically handled being on the show at that point.

After this they took our papers and I think we had bracelets on which they took back so we didn’t have any proof that we went and to be honest I don’t remember if I am allowed to write about this or not haha. Oh well.

And that was it.

These past few weeks have been very intense as it feels like I am dying. It went on for hours on October 3rd and a couple of days before I couldn’t go help a neighbor with something because I couldn’t get out of bed:

I’m not sure if this is some kind of prophetic synchronicity happening similar to the Queen Elizabeth one and/or if this is part of the Ascension process but I’m just going with it.

One thing that came to mind, which may not be connected to the feeling of dying, was the episode of ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ titled ‘Tao of Rodney’ where the team discovers an Ascension machine which one of the main characters inadvertently activates while he is in it. The technology wasn’t perfected so if he couldn’t figure out how to Ascend, he would die. He gained many abilities including increased intelligence and the power to bring someone back from the dead. Towards the end of the episode he is at the point of dying and decides to just go for the Ascension since he had nothing else to lose. You can watch the episode for free here if you want and below is the scene I am referencing:

This is everything for now thanks for checking this out everyone. I wish everyone much love and light!

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Huge Second Coming Synchronicities and Dreams, Solar Flare Synchronicities, Earthquake Dreams Come True, Cobra Dreams, Rick and Morty Synchronicity, Liberation Synchronicity, Vatican Dream, Sci-Fi Short Film News & More

For those who are interested there are some really amazing things happening which will be shared here. As always discernment is advised along with the possibility of bracing yourself for potentially overwhelming synchronicities and dreams which are all positive. I’m actually very excited to share these things.

I’m going to follow the example of the Universe and cut right to the case here. One of the many ways the Higher Ups communicate is through sensations in my physical body. On September 5th and a couple of days before I felt like I was dying. It was very intense and it reminded me of the strange death experience I had last year:

And then it was announced a few days later on September 8th that Queen Elizabeth II had died:

The same day as the above email, September 5th, the sun released a full-halo coronal mass ejection:

This was an interesting couple of events, the email and the full-halo coronal mass ejection, as I felt like I was dying and the word ‘corona’ means ‘crown’ in English. This is a few days before Queen Elizabeth II (queens wear crowns) passed away.

One scientist had the following to say about this solar explosion:


“…This is no run of the mill event,” says George Ho of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. “Many science papers will be studying this for years to come…”

Some might recall a strange series of words being given on the morning of September 6th:

Some of these strange words have, so far, led to real-world synchronicities and so I have been going with the flow here. There was information about a big earthquake along with the geographical location of ‘Indonesia’ and, amazingly, a few days later on September 9th, we had a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Papua which is part of Indonesia. The magnitude wasn’t exactly right but 6.2 is still quite powerful.

On September 9th I had a dream about an earthquake that would be big:

The next day, September 10th, there was a large 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Papua New Guinea which is the same land mass except it is not part of Indonesia:

In the cluster of words I got ‘mountain’ along with earthquake and this may or may not be related but a couple of days after writing down that message we had a rare earthquake in the mountainous Flagstaff, Arizona:

The evening of September 9th I walked to the store and went over to the clearance section and noticed a beautiful paper bill which was very convincing at first glance:

Receipt from the visit where I got pictures of the million-dollar bill.

As many might be able to guess, it was a religious-based message with information about Christianity and the like. Someone put real elbow grease into this thing because it was very well-done. I noticed that the links shared on the bill all lead to one website which is www.livingwaters.com. I’ve found there are a few references to ‘living water’ in the bible and one of them happens to be John 4:10 so this magic number might be appearing here. This is about a day after the rare earthquake which was about 2 hours or so away.

Very interestingly on September 7th on the way back home from the library I saw a black toy spider on the ground and it was upside down which made me consider it was possibly important for something:

And then on September 15th Cobra published a post with the title ‘Chimera Situation Update’:

Speaking of Cobra dreams, I have now had 2 dreams which seem to be communicating the same thing which is another update which I saw, very clearly, a title with three words and in one dream I saw what I think was ‘planetary situation update’. The first dream took place September 17th and the other dream September 18th:

On September 8th I had a dream which referenced being scorned by Jesus and an old best friend of mine:

The same day a YouTube channel that uploads great ambient music published a video with the title ‘Best Friend‘ by David DeRose at 11:05 AM Arizona Time, a couple of hours after the above dream was written down:

On September 8th I also got the feeling that I was dying but I was given the word ‘Ascension’ telepathically:

‘Ascension’ was one of words given in the previously mentioned cluster of words and I had expressed at one point out loud that I was worried about my own Ascension and if it would happen. I think the objective of those words was to communicate that the other things would come true, since the earthquake information came true. That is just my interpretation of course and could be incorrect.

On September 11th I telepathically saw ‘Poppy’ in my mind’s eye which is a reference to the villain in the movie ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ in addition to the magic number 410:

So I watched the movie and already knew of the couple of appearances of this magic number but I learned that the song ‘Take Me Home, Country Road’ by John Denver was used in 3 places throughout the movie, specifically the beginning and ending:


“…Tracks 1, 20, and 23 incorporate “Take Me Home, Country Roads” (B. Danoff/T. Nivert/J. Denver). Track 20 features vocals by Mark Strong…”

This song went platinum on April 10th, 2017, the same year as the release of ‘The Golden Circle’ so here was the magic number 410 that was found with the help of the Higher Ups:


“…The song was a success on its initial release and was certified Gold by the RIAA on August 18, 1971, and Platinum on April 10, 2017…”

The morning of September 12th I got the words ‘The Second Coming of Jesus Christ’ in my mind’s eye after waking up:

4 hours after the above email was written we had a M-Class flare at 4:44 PM Arizona Time:

The amount of time between the email and the flare was 271 minutes:

2.71 is known as Euler’s Number and is found on scientific calculators as the letter ‘e’. The magic number 410 connects to this number very well:

This next one might be overwhelming to some or perhaps not but it was when I experienced it. I had gone to the store on September 12th and was guided here and there before I finally decided to check out. The receipt shows the time you started to checkout and it also shows the time you finished. I started the checkout at 4:42 PM. To see the whole receipt click here.

I eventually ended up checking out two minutes later at 4:44 PM which was the exact same time as the above M1 solar flare. Same time, same day:

The same day September 12th my feet were vibrating like crazy which usually indicates something good is about to happen:

The next day, September 13th, Dr. Michael Salla sent out a notification which included a trailer/short film regarding an upcoming webinar which will include information about The Second Coming. So the previous day, September 12th, I had these words ‘The Second Coming of Jesus Christ’ in my mind’s eye and then the next day Dr. Salla sends out the following update about the Second Coming:

The same day, September 13th, I had accidentally clicked on a link which brought up data about solar flares and the Higher Ups used my eyes to point at M-Class flare data:

I don’t remember why I wrote this next email down but I think maybe my feet were vibrating again or something. This was also September 13th:

Amazingly, the next day, September 14th, we had an M-Class flare at 3:19 AM Arizona Time:

The amount of time between the first M-Class email and the flare was 656 minutes:

Interestingly the gematria value of the Greek word ‘Messiah’ (Μεσσίας) is 656:

I would add here that although sharing these Jesus synchronicities and dreams are a bit uncomfortable, I am just letting them happen and trying not to get in the way now. I feel detached from any particular outcome and I feel relaxed in general at this point. The Source clearly has a plan and that plan is playing out right now and if you thought the Universe would fire off a few firecrackers at The Event, I would say this is a grand underestimation. Of course I don’t know exactly how everything will play out until the breakthrough but there is a lot of excitement going on with these synchronicities and dreams.

On September 14th I had a dream which seemed pretty important but I’m not entirely sure what it could be referring to. My wild guess would be the progress of my current personal situation or perhaps Ascension:

September 14th, 2022 05:32 AM

Details fading but I think I was in a school and RuPaul was there.

I was trying to go the highest level on this lift thing and I didn’t have much to hold on to.

I ascended way up to the 8th level and I think I saw the levels as I went up and it went way too fast. It was like going up really quickly on a ladder.

So the top level was Batman and something else I think and then I don’t remember the other levels names.

Dream seemed important my legs were vibrating a lot and I think that means this is important.

I think RuPaul was laughing and I think I made it to the right level although it was scary going that high and then coming back down. 

I couldn’t control the speed. I think RuPaul was laughing at something but I don’t know now. Other things happened before and after this but I don’t remember now. 

Later that day I think I got the tune in my head which is a specific part of the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ where Jupiter floats down to meet one of the other characters who has basically kidnapped her. This was right after her claiming her title as owner of the Earth and the reincarnation of the mother of one of the most power families in the Universe:

I would like to share a list of synchronistic references that have been happening recently. I’ve learned that the common thread they all share is that they point to a wedding involving royalty in some form. This is referenced in the alchemical story shared in ‘The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkeutz’ which is a Rosicrucian work which I think might be talking about the Ascension. It’s a very interesting read and very sadly the last couple of pages are missing and what is available online is all the same:

“…Whereupon I tenderly opened the letter, and within it, in an azure field, in golden letters, found the following verses written.

This day, today
Is the Royal Wedding day.
For this thou wast born
And chosen of God for joy
Thou mayest go to the mountain
Whereon three temples stand,
And see there this affair.
Keep watch
Inspect thyself
And shouldst thou not bathe thoroughly
The Wedding may work thy bane.
Bane comes to him who faileth here
Let him beware who is too light.

Below was written: Sponsus [Husband] and Sponsa [Wife]…”

According to Plan‘ – This song is from the movie ‘Corpse Bride’ and is about a newly wealthy couples’ son getting married in a glorious wedding and that everything needed to go right. He would be marrying into an aristocratic family.

Little Mermaid Wedding Scene‘ – This is a scene from The Little Mermaid and features Ariel (daughter of King Triton, so she is royalty) getting her voice back from the sea witch and then later on marrying Prince Eric. The wedding in the scene is very bright and beautiful.

The Beginning‘ – This is a song by RuPaul which I have been getting and this song is one of a few that is played when the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race is crowned.

Jupiter Ascending‘ – This movie features Jupiter almost getting married to one of the royal heirs.

Shrek 2‘ – There is a scene where Prince Charming is dancing with Princess Fiona in front of the King and Queen. There was a banner above Fiona which read ‘Newlyweds’.

In March this year 2022 I signed up for a Reddit account using Google and the username I picked, which seemed random and unimportant, was ‘Last-Wedding-7443‘:

I would add that the numbers seem to be significant as well as 7+4=11 and 4+3=7 so here we see this number 117 which has appeared before. The beginning of the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz seems to reference James 1:17 by using some words from that verse, ‘Father of Lights’. The meaning of the number 117 on the Angels Numbers website was publishes at 4:10 so here is this magic number appearing here.

These things segue perfectly into the next dream which was about myself being asked to get married:

The next synchronicities and dreams might be intense to read but it will be in a good way I hope. I had a strange dream about being in a classroom with Christian Aguilera directly to my right, and a woman to my left who was describing how much she had been dilated before giving birth. Christina was just looking past me and I think she was looking at the woman. She didn’t look at me in the dream:

September 15th, 2022 11:29 AM

Classroom dream which went on for a while and I forgot many details but towards the end I was talking about being a monitor tech again with some old co-workers who were there.

One of them was showing me with her fingers how dilated she was when giving birth and it was a lot like the circumference of a small plum. She couldn’t believe that she was that dilated.

I think she wondered how she was going to give birth with just that much space for the baby to come out.

I think Christina Aguilera was sitting to my right and the other woman talking was to my left and she looked similar I think.

Christina had blond hair and don’t remember much else. I think she was staring at the woman talking about giving birth. 

So the other day I just started looking up things about Christina Aguilera on YouTube and I discovered that she had an album titled ‘Liberation’:

Her album cover and title ‘Liberation’ are towards the middle of the screenshot.

I listened to the first song, which is also titled ‘Liberation‘, and I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard a baby making noises and laughing in the background. It was a short song with only a few lines of words:

“Where are you?
Are you there?


The woman to my left in the dream had just given birth to a baby and was describing it while Christina Aguilera was directly to my right and she is the one that created the song and album (perhaps she had help, too). For the record I don’t really follow her music that much so I didn’t know she had this album out beforehand.

The next bit might also be intense as I had a dream on September 15th where I saw a scene of destruction:

This might be a double-prophetic dream because the next day, September 16th, a skyscraper in China had caught fire and thankfully it didn’t collapse into its own footprint at free fall speed like Tower 7 on September 11th.

The time I wrote the above email was 2:18 and the Chinese building that caught fire is 218-meters high:


“…The 218-metre (715ft) building, completed in 2000, is located near a major ring road, according to CCTV…”

And here are the next events that I believe this dream was predicting. On September 17th and 18th Taiwan was rocked with a couple of large 6.5 and 6.9 magnitude earthquakes along with many after shakes:

The scenes of destruction there were just like I saw in the dream. May everyone involved be safe and accounted for:

On September 16th I got the Katy Perry song ‘Birthday’ in my head and this usually precludes something really beautiful:

The next day we had an M-Class solar flare which was registered as an M2.61:

The flare was a magnitude 2.61 and this would be 162 backwards, of course. We also know that the magic number 410 takes position 162 in Pi and 4/10 is my birthday just like the Katy Perry song title:

The album cover for that song ‘Birthday’ is of Katy Perry standing in a field of sunflowers with a bright sun behind her so this solar flare synchronicity went along with that very well:

On September 16th I got the song ‘Fly’ by Nicki Minaj featuring Rihanna in my head suddenly:

The lyrics are generally positive and talk about getting ready (‘get ready for it’) and that they are here to win, prosper, rise and fly which I might dare to interpret as meaning Ascension and/or liberation but I’m not sure of course. There’s a line in the lyrics about becoming Neo along with mentions of angels. I also heard Nicki reference ‘two becoming one’ and this is an alchemical process which I believe is symbolically disguised as Ascension. I don’t think she meant that but the Higher Ups will generally pick a song that has particular lyrics that they wish to communicate and don’t necessary intend to use any other part of the song.

[Adding this next part in the evening on September 23rd.]:

After watching the entire music video for ‘Fly‘ I think I needed to add a couple of scenes from it here. The video begins in a very dreary and chaotic scene of destruction. There doesn’t appear to be any plant life anywhere and the sun the blocked by the clouds:

Towards the end of the video we see roses and flowers starting to grow in addition to very beautiful green vines. They grow to cover much of the chaotic scene and there’s a scene at the end where the clouds move away in the sky and the sun begins to shine:

My interpretation of this is that this was a message given synchronistically t communicate that this wholly chaotic and destructive situation will see a beautiful and happy ending. I could be incorrect but that’s what I thought about when watching this.

[End of additional information.]

On September 17th I had a possible Jesus dream. I say possibly because I couldn’t quite remember it that well. There was a mention of the Handmaid’s Tale which is a popular show that I haven’t seen:

The Jesus/Handmaid Tale dream seem to go along with the next synchronicity which happened September 7th, even though it might appear to be unlikely:

I got that Britney Spears song in my head suddenly and I’ve learned to just go with it no matter how silly it is. Apologies about the swearing here but either way this is very cool.

These things happened to appear as part of the newest episode of the animated adult cartoon ‘Rick and Morty’ which aired September 18th, the day after the Jesus/Handmaid’s Tale dream. I watched the previews for this episode and none of these references were in there.

The first reference was two of the main characters asking each other to say their favorite song by Britney Spears at the same time and they both replied with ‘Work Bitch’:

The next reference was when three main characters were talking and one of them mentioned the Handmaid’s Tale:

So perhaps because the Handmaid’s Tale part of the dream came true then the Jesus part is indicating the same.

The next dream is one regarding the Vatican:

September 18th, 2022 1:17 PM

Strange and long dream about ultimately going on a last minute visit to the Vatican.

A relative asked if I wanted to go and I almost didn’t agree but decided to go anyway.

Someone else was there, a woman that I think I knew but don’t remember now. I remember we walked out of a building together and walked a little ways to another building.

But before that I stopped and drank from this water fountain that looked like it had some white crystal type of build up on it. 

Right after starting to drink the water some kids started to approach me and then I stopped and walked into the building. 

This was apparently the Vatican and there was some kind of show going on in the front of this big room filled with seated people. It felt like a very casual event and not formal. Just anyone could walk in and look around. 

The first thing I saw them do was a spell which they announced to us. Someone in the audience said that this was witchcraft and I think someone disagreed with them.

I saw an older woman moving and following what appeared to be a girl but I [don’t] know if I remember that correctly. There was a sign out about this I think.

I remember that this sign was also talking about the dark and evil things they do and it was just put on display for everyone to see. 

I don’t remember what it said but I think I remember saying out loud that this is like the Vatican on opposite day. I think a lot happened before this but it was too disturbing to write.

This next bit is just amazing. I was trying to sleep the morning of September 20th and got a very vivid image of a silver movie reel in my mind’s eye which was rather small and I decided to document it:

I don’t know if this message had to do with the following event but it happened beforehand so it’s definitely possible. Not long after the above email was written I got the song ‘Faith in Me‘ by David Archuleta in my head and the lyrics include being asked if you’re ready:

My mind was blown when I got an email later on in the morning from the director of the sci-fi short film I was in about how the film is going to be played at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center. So now even more people will be seeing what a real amateur and awkward actor looks like. The movie reel image in my mind had been prophetic:

While at the library picking up this laptop and hotspot, where today was the last day to do so, I walked around and found this beautiful paper with positive words on them with pieces you can rip off:

I picked up the laptop and hotspot after walking around for a little while and the digits of the magic 410 appeared on the receipt in the form of the time which was 1:40 PM:

Today’s date is 9/20 and this number is given synchronistically to indicate that everything is going according to Divine Plan:

While walking back from the library I saw a beautiful monarch butterfly flying around and it did a lap or two around me and landed on a tree which was right there and I tried to get a picture of it. The butterfly seemed to rest for a minute which I took advantage of but the picture doesn’t do it justice:

The butterfly is in the middle of the photo and this was the best I could do while it was stationary.

And finally, the number of this particular blog post is 40615:

I did some digging on this number and found out one of its divisors is 8123:

If we plug 8123 into the Pi calculator we see the magic 410 backwards in front of it in the string of numbers:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

The below video is a great song by David who shared that he was invited out with a family when he was feeling lost and unsure about his life and it helped him a lot. It’s a great video with a great song:

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More Rosicrucian Synchronicities, Prophetic Earthquake Synchronicity, Psychic Medium Synchronicity, Huge Solar Flare Synchronicities/Dreams, Cobra Dream, More Jesus/Second Coming Synchronicities/Dream & More

For those who are interested there are some really amazing things happening which will be shared here. Discernment is advised and please accept my apologies for the length of this article. I will be returning the laptop and hotspot back to the library so communications/blog posts will be on pause until these things become available again.

I believe I have finally figured out something related to the Rosicrucian synchronicities that happened recently. A lot of it makes so much sense now, it’s so wonderful. I think I understand now the meaning of the ‘wedding’ synchronicities that have been manifesting.

For instance I was guided to the wedding scene from the Little Mermaid which precluded big time solar activity. The other example was getting the song ‘According to Plan’ which is about a parent’s son being part of a glorious wedding. Those are included in this article.

These things didn’t really make much sense until I realized that they are most likely referring to the Rosicrucian concept of Ascension which is also known as the ‘Chymical Wedding’. The process seems to be cleverly disguised as a 7-day story titled ‘The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkruez‘ (it is thought that this person, Christian Rosenkruez, may or may not be the creator of Rosicrucianism) with each day being part of the process. It was published in 1616 but written long before that in 1459, originally in German and written by Johann Valentin Andreae. The teachings also include information about taking one of the four paths which seem to lead to Ascension. This Chymical Wedding story seems to pertain to Jesus, as the character in the story starts this journey the day before Easter, which is the day that commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus.

The first paragraph of the Chemical Wedding includes a possible biblical reference, James 1:17, where the author uses the words ‘Father of Lights’ which only appears once in the bible:


“…This phrase, “Father of Lights” appears only once in the King James Bible and it is in the book of James (Jas 1:17)…”

This number 117 has appeared before and the time the meaning of this number was published on the Angels Numbers website is 4:10 PM:

Very interestingly the gematria value of the name ‘Christian Rosenkreuz’ is both 820 (the result of 410+410 using a cipher that assigns letters to prime numbers, 4/10 my birthday) and 1990 (year I was born, with the other cipher being basic, A=1, B=2…, but increasing exponentially after 10, please see the photos below to get a better idea of the ciphers):

Interestingly on September 1st, I suddenly got a specific tune in my head from ‘Stargate: The Ark of Truth’ movie (you can watch the movie for free here, accompanied by annoying ads, of course). Long story short, it’s basically taking a jab at Christianity (believe or burn in hell) and is concluding the show’s story, which picks up where it left off when the show ended after its 10th season. The team finds the Ark of Truth, which is an advance piece of technology which can brainwash anyone into believing whatever it is programmed to make them believe. I heard the music from the part of the movie where the Ark is opened during the ‘final battle‘ scene (clicking on the link will start the video where the music is about the start) where the powerful priors’ staves glow with light and they realize the error of their ways:

Interestingly, the Ark of Truth movie was released to be downloaded on Amazon on April 10th, 2008:

Perhaps these incredible synchronicities and dreams are similar to an Ark of Truth.

September 4th was an incredible day and I was told about this in advance even though I didn’t know what was going to be happening that day:

Since the Higher Ups had been giving me reliable information about solar activity in advance and had done so many times, I thought the telepathic images were referring to solar flares. These images felt and looked a little bit more different than usual but I didn’t know what they might be referring to. Plus, it was 2:30 in the morning so my brain was already in the process of turning off at that point. They might have used M/X because these symbolize huge events so they could have just been using them to describe a major upcoming event. It’s been more difficult trying to see these images clearly in my mind’s eye recently and I don’t think this will get better, unfortunately.

I wrote down ‘M-Class’ at 2:30 AM and then very interestingly, we had a huge M6.9 earthquake happen 12 minutes later at 2:42 AM Arizona Time. This was no ordinary earthquake and thankfully there was no danger to anyone. Interestingly, the quake happened at 9:42 AM UTC and the date just happened to be 9/4/22, the same digits in the same order.


“The whole world moved on a M6.0+ level in one days time. From one side of the planet to the exact other side. Starting with low end 6 and ending near 7.0… with amplitude (power) increasing along the way. Antipode quakes… earthquakes triggering on the other side of the planet from one another … connected!

https://today.oregonstate.edu/news/research-finds-quakes-can-systematically-trigger-other-ones-opposite-side-earth …”

The time and dates were both 942 and amazingly the meaning of its mirror, 249, was published at 2:49 on the Angels Numbers website:

That was the first amazing thing to happen on September 4th.

I also had a dream where I saw some solar flare data on the Spaceweather.com website which seemed to show me an M1 and M4 solar flare:

The next day, September 5th, we did indeed get an M1 flare but not an M4 but instead a C4. This might be an example of things coming true in general but in a little bit of a different way in the physical world and I’m not sure why this is. It’s also possible that this is predicting something further into the future:

The amount of the between the dream and the M-Class flare is 1 day and 36 hours:

The only things I could really find here was that the words assigned to this number, 136, in Strong’s Concordance (translation and index of every word in the King James bible), which seemed to compliment each other very well, interestingly. The Hebrew word assigned to this number is ‘Adonay‘ (Lord) (אֲ֝דֹנָ֗י) and the Greek word is ‘Ainos‘ (Praise) (αινον).

Later on in the same day day I was suddenly guided to get a psychic reading where I ‘accidentally’ clicked on a link via the Angels Numbers website. I think I was looking up the meaning of repeating 5s and 8s. I was also guided in the last couple of weeks not to use the couple of dollars I had on an online gift card and wasn’t sure why until the time of this reading. I was telepathically told ‘save’ and had no idea why or what for.

The timing here was perfection. I, interestingly, had a dream on August 20th where I got a phone in the mail and the brand was ‘Blu’:

And after ‘accidentally’ clicking on the Psychic Medium link on the Angels Numbers website I decided to take a leap of faith and get in contact with one just to see what would happen. It was $1.99 for the first 10 minutes which my online gift card worked perfectly for.

I signed up for an account and went with the first person on the list and I couldn’t believe the name of the woman who would be doing the reading… Christina Blu. I was guided to call her instead of a text chat and it didn’t work out at first but then eventually we got connected:

I tried to download an app to record the call but that didn’t end up working out. I thought the content of the call would be important and perhaps it was, but as I learned later on, what was even more important were the timestamps, especially the time the reading was over which was 7:18 PM.

Amazingly, the Greek word assigned to the number 718 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘harmozó‘ (Αρμόζω) which translates to:

  • “to fit, join, to join oneself to (in marriage)…”
  • “I fit, join; mid: (the middle indicating deep personal interest) I espouse, betroth; mid: I take a wife, give in marriage.”

This word appears only once in the bible.

The time I added funds to the account was 7:02 PM:

And then it gets more amazing. At 2:05 AM UTC, September 5th, which would be 7:05 PM the day before, September 4th, we had a big C-Class solar flare. This whole thing was done about 5 minutes before the flare. The flare happened while I was getting the reading. We know 205+205 equals 410 so this magic number was part of this as well:

The woman told me some general things and I already get enough help from the Higher Ups in my everyday life so there wasn’t really much she could tell me that I didn’t already know. I asked her if she was getting anything related to Jesus and she just told me she sees that I am warm and that I’m a protector and then the 10 minutes were up. That didn’t exactly answer my question but I know that everything she said was exactly what I needed to hear.

I now understood better the illustration and symbols used to describe the ‘Chemical Wedding’ AKA Ascension. I also better understood the phrase ‘when two become one’:

The man on the left is standing on a sun, which I believe is supposed to symbolize the Divine Masculine (taking action) and on the right is the woman standing on the crescent moon, which symbolizes the Divine Feminine (receptivity). I think the bird/dove in the middle is supposed to symbolize the Divine force and the goal is to unite these forces within ourselves.

[Adding this next part later on in the evening]:

After trying to figure out the meaning of the bird in the middle I realized the meaning was probably in the words written next to its wing. In Latin it reads: ‘Spiritus a qui vi’ which translates to ‘the spirit from whom you came’. I can’t make out the other word but I think I understand the meaning better now. The Universe does everything in 3s.

[End of additional information.]

I believe these symbols were used to help protect the information from people who would perhaps not use it benevolently.

I decided to look into the day I was born a little bit more and see what kind of solar activity was going on that day (I’m taking the concept of ‘Know Thyself’ all the way). You’d think this would be easy to find but it was much harder than I thought. I eventually found what I was looking for.

On April 10th, 1990 at 4:44 AM Arizona Time, a huge M1.1 solar flare took place and peaked 6 minutes later at 4:50 AM. This body was born almost 7 hours later at 11:03 AM (sorry about the childbirth pain, mom):

In the above line of numbers, the 10 in the third column from the left is the day, April 10th, and the 1144 next to that is the time the flare started in Universal Time. And at the end is the M1.1 which was the intensity of the flare:

I decided to calculate the time between the peak of the flare and the birth time and there was 22,380 seconds between these two events:

Amazingly I plugged this number, 22380, into the Pi calculator, which tells us the position of any number in Pi, and the magic number 410 appears in the string of digits:

April 10th, 1990 was also the day of the maximum point of a Full Moon:

Additionally as interesting, this body was also born at the midpoint of solar cycle 22:

The day before this body was born, April 9th, a major geomagnetic storm had begun:


“…A major geomagnetic storm began on 9 April and resulted in visible aurora at mid U.S. locales….”

[Adding this part an hour after publishing the article]:

I forgot to add that astrologically, my sun is in Aries which is also my birth sign. Astrology is not my forte so maybe someone would know if that’s significant but it seems to go along with all of these solar activity synchronicities and dreams.

[End of additional information.]

September 5th was a huge solar activity day. A massive full-halo CME (coronal mass ejection) erupted from the opposite of the sun:


“…ECHOES FROM A FARSIDE SUNSPOT: There is a sunspot on the farside of the sun so large it is affecting the way the whole sun vibrates. Take a look at this helioseismic map. The large dark region is AR3088, last seen exiting the solar disk about a week ago. It is probably responsible for the major radiation storm described below. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text

MAJOR FARSIDE CME AND RADIATION STORM (UPDATED): Something just exploded on the farside of the sun. NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft recorded a magnificent full-halo CME emerging during the late hours of Sept. 5th:

This is no run of the mill event,” says George Ho of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. “Many science papers will be studying this for years to come…”

I will be doing things out of order again and I apologize about that.

On August 28th I somehow ended up clicking on the music video for ‘Meet Me Halfway‘ which is a song that isn’t really my taste. I didn’t see it on my screen but I ‘accidentally’ clicked on it and it started playing:

In one scene there is an astronaut in front of a very large and bright sun:

I wrote that down on August 28th and then the next day August 29th at 4:07 AM Arizona Time we had a huge M8 solar flare:

The amount of time between the email and flare was 5 hours and 47 minutes:

And if we multiply the digits of 547 together we get 140 which are the digits of the magic 410:

August 29th was a very interesting day. My feet kept vibrating again which meant something was about to happen:

I noticed a couple of people parked in front of our building here with the hood up indicating that something was wrong with their vehicle. I’ve noticed that will people do this occasionally and usually take off not long afterwards. They will check the fluids or something and then be on their way. But these people were there for a while longer than the rest so I thought something must be up.

I go out and ask them if they need help with their car and and the gentleman told me it was overheating. So I asked him if he would let me look at it and he agreed. I don’t think they had much choice and I would learn later on that this situation was so perfectly timed.

Long story short I went through the easy stuff first and did a general inspection of the vehicle which he said he just bought a month before for $4000. I thought that was a lot of money pay for a vehicle that was overheating! Oy. I have worked on cars for almost a decade so I’m pretty comfortable with it. Although not by choice, however, I just couldn’t afford to pay anyone to work on it (I learned by YouTube, service manuals and a lot of trial and error). Overheating can only be so many things and I checked everything I could think of. One of the screws on a radiator hose clamp was way too loose and thought that might be the culprit. The cooling system needs to be pretty much air tight and the pressure at a constant level or it will overheat. I checked everything I could think of before letting them go and everything seemed fine.

The guy was very kind and I tried to explain how things worked while trying to work on them in case he wanted to do more with it on his own in the future. He was so grateful he offered to take me on a free plane ride. I learned that he is a flight instructor and he was taking a new job in Prescott. They were looking for a place to live:

I told them I did everything I could with it and they departed. I told him there were no guarantees that what we did would fix it but I couldn’t really think of anything else it could be with just the basic tools we had. Sometimes people get lucky and it’s something easy.

I texted him the next day and asked how the car did and he said they made it back and that he thinks it is fixed! They drove back to Phoenix, which is about a 2-hour drive, so if it was going to overheat I was hoping it would while it was idling in the front yard so we could continue to check things but that temperature gauge stayed the same at just the right spot with the air conditioning on full blast for several minutes so I think (and hope) it’s all good:

I have also learned that with certain situations like this, divine timing is at play and when the Universe basically serves these opportunities to me on a silver platter, they usually work out amazingly well for the highest good of all involved and generally aren’t difficult, although I’m okay with difficult. I don’t know if I will take him up on his offer about the plane ride. On the other hand, something like this probably won’t happen again and if I do end up going I will probably need to wear a diaper, just in case.

The same day, August 29th, I had a dream about seeing some coded messages on Cobra’s blog and I don’t know if I remembered it correctly but I think I saw three of them:

As of the time of this writing he has posted two coded messages so far, a few days after the above dream:

Something is definitely different and I am really not that afraid of these Jesus synchronicities and dreams anymore. I have tried to ignore them for years but now I am just going to go with the flow and share them anyways. I’m just gonna put them out there and let the chips fall where they may. One of the things I tried to ignore was a dream where I saw some text online I think and one short line, included more than halfway down on the page, were the words ‘The Messiah’ among others but I don’t remember. I think this was July 31st or sometime around there.

I would share the first Jesus dream I had on October 7th, 2017. This was the beginning of the Jesus synchronicities and dreams. They simply ‘turned on’ that day and haven’t turned off since:

I didn’t realize there were two ‘Johns’ in the bible because I really didn’t want to learn anymore about religion. I realized that the verses they were likely referring to in this dream were 1 John 4:4-4:10 which is about God/Source sending its only son to Earth. In the dream I was holding a book in my left arm and it just said ‘John 4:4 to 4:10’ and that’s it.

The time the dream was written down was 3:32 AM and interestingly, the number assigned to the Greek word ‘Messiah‘ (Μεσσίας, Messias) in Strong’s Concordance is 3323.

This Jesus stuff actually makes a lot of sense to me if I am being unbiased and logical. The two biggest obstacles to the surface population waking up and taking control back is that they are severely programmed and are not united. So pretty much everyone on Earth knows who Jesus is and Jesus has a generally positive connotation about him and he has a special status on this planet. I am not sure why Jesus has been so popular over the centuries when there have been other Ascended Masters throughout history teaching the same things but I think this is just the way the cookie crumbled. I am seeing this as very strategic from a bigger picture perspective. I imagine that the horrors of Full Disclosure will put people in a really bad state, despite the energy of the Superwave. If there was some kind of meeting where these things like a Second Coming were being discussed and decided upon, I would totally be on board for it. I would support something that would ultimately be in the highest good of as many people as possible. The other goal is to have as many people take the Ascension path as possible so that would probably be an added bonus. All religious biases aside, I think it’s a genius and brilliant move.

I think the Second Coming would really be the perfect icing on the cake to the Shift of the Ages. I mean, why not? Per the channelings of Eric Klein, recommended by Cobra, Jesus (Sananda) is the Supreme Commander of certain activities here on Earth:


“…Within this Earth sphere of activity I am the supreme commander over all of the Ashtar Command and its activities, and over the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. This is my service. You might say that I am a coordinator of love…”

All of us share a co-creative collective consciousness which means that what the collective consciousness wants and thinks about is what manifests. The Cabal misuse this knowledge via Hollywood among other media to get us to co-create hell on Earth. So logically, if billions of people are thinking about a Second Coming and praying for it to happen, why can’t it happen? Is there anything that would take that event/option off the table? Seems like it’s in the Universe’s purview to be able to pull something like that off. Just my $0.02.

So my last article, which included an amazing Jesus dream and synchronicities, was published on August 27th, which was also the date of the New Moon:

On August 29th, Benjamin Fulford posted his weekly intel report and very interestingly there was information about a supposed Messiah who I think the Cabal had possibly chosen. The part mentioning the Messiah was further into the article which isn’t available for free until Thursday, although some people share the information before Thursday and perhaps they aren’t aware of Ben’s wishes:

(Benjamin Fulford via Era of Light)

“…According to P3 Freemason sources the real purpose of this meeting is to prepare the way for an individual they have designated to play the role of “Messiah.” The Pope plans to travel to North Korea, China and Moscow to try to convince these countries to support this plan…

…According to Russian FSB sources, the Vatican has contacted Russia and North Korea about a papal visit to Kazakhstan, Donbas, Ukraine and Russia in early 2023. They speculate that the visit is intended to encourage support for their new pope and possible “Messiah”…”

On August 31st, Dr. Michael Salla sent out an email notification regarding the Second Coming in an upcoming webinar:

From the email:

  • Jesus of Nazareth’s extraterrestrial connection and his prophesied Second Coming;
  • The Second Coming as depicted in Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic Traditions and the connection to ET life;
  • The Return of Nibiru and the Enki faction of the Anunnaki;
  • The Reaction of the Enlil faction of the Anunnaki to the return of Enki and the Seeders;
  • How Solar Activity is being mitigated by the Seeders in order to wake humanity up in a non-chaotic manner;
  • The Role of the James Webb Space Telescope in revealing the existence of extraterrestrial life and the arrival of the Seeders;
  • Possibility of millions disappearing worldwide as space time portals begin opening, a partial planetary evacuation, and solar flare activity dramatically increasing;
  • Will a false flag alien event be a contrived Second Coming?
  • The relationship between the Second Coming and the Spiritual Awakening of Humanity

A very interesting ‘coincidence’ that I have the Jesus dream and synchronicities a few days before these websites published their information on the subject. Of course I know there are no coincidences in my life and based on these dreams and synchronicities this is something to be extremely excited for.

Speaking of Jesus related material I would share a couple of things here. One is that I had another Jesus dream which was long and didn’t seem terribly important. I saw a decoration on a wall which was just a thick black outline of Jesus’ body that included the thorny crown:

September 1st, 2022 10:27 AM

“A very long dream which I will be shortening happened this morning. I remember being out in nature and this woman was there and we had to catch up to her and detain her for some reason. I forgot why.

We were in some mountainous area when we caught up with her. I remember we were sitting in this lobby of some place, maybe a hotel and the woman noticed a Jesus decoration on the wall.

But the amazing thing was that from where she was sitting there was no way she could see it. It was not in her line of sight.

I was sitting adjacent to her and I could see it but it was in the corner of the wall with other decorations around it.

It was a decorative black outlined Jesus with the thorn crown on his head.

I think I had gone into the back and a guy that worked there asked what I was doing as I wasn’t supposed to be there. I think I wanted to work there or something which also confused him.

Someone was doing something on a computer there and I had gone behind the desk and walked around a little bit. This is all I remember.

The closest image I could find online, which wasn’t totally accurate, was this:

I saw a silhouette of Jesus with the crown and it was just a metallic-looking figure which wasn’t that large.

So after doing a little more digging I found something closer. It was like this except he wasn’t raising his hands and he had a crown of thorns:

Some might recall another Jesus dream I debated on including from an article in January this year. In the dream I saw an animatronic Jesus with some animatronic people behind him and whenever he would move, they would activate. I was standing right in front of him watching this happen.

Looking back I have realized that this was probably prophetic in that in the months after this dream, I have experienced countless prophetic dreams which have come true. This is most likely another way of communicating that this is who I am. One interpretation is that when I get a dream, what it is predicting then happens. And in the dream, whenever Jesus moved, the rest of the people activated and did the same.

I told the Universe to stop giving me Jesus dreams and synchronicities some time ago and have reiterated this too many times to count over the years. So what did they do? They give me Jesus synchronicities indirectly, because I wasn’t specific enough when I said that.

So a relative picks me up a Superman cup from their trip and I start getting a lot of Superman synchronicities all of the sudden. I am not a big fan of superhero movies so I didn’t really know the story very well but as it turns out Superman came to Earth on April 10th (my birthday) and I have since learned that the story of Superman is the story of Jesus.

On September 2nd I started getting ‘Ah Fors’e Lui‘ in my head, which is a song from an Italian opera titled ‘La Traviata’:

The English lyrics seemed to be hinting at this Jesus thing as well. I think they aren’t explicitly referring to Jesus here and are instead singing about romance. I haven’t seen the opera so I don’t know for sure. Perhaps someone reading this would know:

…Ah, maybe he’s the one who

often rejoiced painting my soul

alone amid excitements

with his occult colours

How modest and vigilant he

climbed the sad doorsteps

and lit up a new fever

arousing my love!

Such a love that makes

the whole universe palpitate

mysterious and lofty

crucifixion and delight for my heart…”

Other websites translated the lyrics differently but these were the ones that seemed to make sense in this context.

This one I’m not sure about but will share anyways. For the first time on September 2nd, my laptop suddenly crashed when I was looking up information about the ‘Chemical Wedding’ AKA Ascension:

I thought this might be referring to an economic/stock market crash or something. These things are often ambiguous and could mean anything, really.

I was looking on Zerohedge.com and came across an article via another website that I thought might be connected to this with the headline reading:

Unfortunately, the above link was having trouble opening so I went to Archive.org and thankfully someone saved a copy of the article.

Very interestingly, the time between my crash email documentation and the above article is 2,994 minutes:

I couldn’t get a picture of it but the time his article was published was 6:56 PM. If you hover your mouse over the date on the article it will show 6:56.

Amazingly, if we plug in this number 2994 into the Pi calculator, we get our magic 410 surrounded by 1s:

One interpretation of this might be that the Source is in control behind-the-scenes. I’m not certain of that, though.

The newest season of the animated adult cartoon Rick and Morty just aired on September 4th and I discovered the magic 410 lurking in the details. Rick’s house number is 6910:

If we plug 6910 into the Pi calculator backwards, 0196, we see it takes position 10400 which are the digits of the magic 410:

This episode’s title is ‘Solaricks‘ which is a nod to the Soviet science-fiction movie ‘Solaris‘ (interesting that it’s a title which includes ‘solar’, given all of these solar activity synchronicities). The first listed musical score in the film, which is played 4 times throughout the movie, is Bach’s choral prelude, ‘Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (“I call to thee, Lord Jesus Christ”)’.

Another item that might not be for everyone was that I couldn’t stop watching the performance of one the contestants on RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race.

I didn’t write this down but this is documented in my history on August 28th/29th:

I also got ‘winner’ telepathically when I was watching them and thought, ‘oh, you’re telling me the winner of the show?’ But this would be drawing a conclusion which I am learning not to do.

The episode aired on September 3rd, some days after I had been repeatedly re-watching this person’s performance. In this latest episode they ended up in the bottom two and were up for elimination. They had to do a lip sync against the other person to try and stay on the show.

Amazingly, the person that ended up winning the lip sync was the one I kept watching, Thirsty Von Trap, with the other person having to go home, sadly:


“…Ultimately, she [Thirsty Von Trap] takes down Milli in a lip sync to “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson…”

Not long after publishing my last article on August 27th, I started experiencing severe head pain. It started after sharing my last article in the comments section of Cobra’s blog on September 1st. It was like someone was stabbing me in the top right part of my head and it was so severe it made my body jump every time it happened. Every single time. I had trouble sleeping as the pain would jolt me awake. I would say it was a 7 or 8 out of 10 pain:

This morning, September 6th, I was kept awake with my foot vibrating and getting the word ‘sentences’ telepathically. I was then given a list of strange words to write down which I have yet to completely understand. Even though they are so random, the last batches of words they gave me led to real things so I just went with it:

I was going to return the laptop today because it is due today but was guided to wait. I got an email saying these things were due but that I had a few days from the due date to return them. So I called the library and they said returning these things day late would be fine. I find this hard to do because I have never returned anything late but there must be an important reason for this. In any case, I decided to write this down and stay here (where I started writing this article), which was a leap of faith:

In my experience, leaps of faith have paid off big time.

The above email was documented at 11:31 AM and amazingly, we had a C-Class flare happen 2 minutes later at 11:33 AM Arizona Time:

Staying here actually worked out perfectly because my meds will be ready tomorrow and I can just take care of all of this stuff in one trip.

I was strongly guided to this music video which is composed of a record-breaking 1,039 people. They are singing ‘Angels From the Realms of Glory’, featuring David Archuleta, who participated in American Idol season 7. I have had a strange draw to his music lately:

1039 is a prime number and its divisors are 1 and itself and adding these together gets us 1040 so here we see the digits of 410 appearing:

I am being guided to share two videos to conclude this post. One of them is David Archuleta singing ‘Silent Night’ (from the strange telepathic word download from earlier) and the other is ‘The Fall of the Cabal 432Hz’:

[Adding this next part September 7th around noon.]:

I decided to look up the lyrics for ‘Silent Night’ on Google and the first result was a website with the magic 410 in the URL:

[End of additional information.]

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