StarShip Earth Airlines™ (Humor)

We at Galactic Pleroma Industries would like to thank you for choosing our airline company StarShip Earth Airlines as your trusted source for high-quality excellence for incarnation experience. We know you have many places to choose from and we are glad you chose us.

We would like to notify all passengers that we will be experiencing some..mild turbulence as this incarnation cycle comes to a final close and this planet becomes a 4th Density and beyond plane of existence and evil is eradicated completely from the Cosmos for all Eternity.

Some of StarShip Earth’s passengers may experience the following behaviors and symptoms as we continue our flight out of the 3rd Density plane of existence into a 4th Density time-less state of love and bliss:

  • Blind Rage
  • End-Times Madness
  • Confusion
  • Unprovoked Racism and Hatred
  • Loss of Eyelashes
  • An Increased Difficulty in Choosing Between Soup or Salad
  • An Inability to Deal with Stupid Shit
  • Radical Dietary Changes
  • Bouts of Unconditional Love and Happiness (Hang on to this one as long as you can)
  • The Desire to Carve-Up Someone You’ve Always Hated
  • Sudden Crying over Kicking a Rock
  • Crying over Throwing Away a Banana Peel
  • Arguing with People Online Whose Opinions Won’t Ever Change
  • In Increased Suspicion of all Russian Citizens Being Hackers and Working for Putin

We regret to inform our incarnates that these symptoms aren’t negotiable and that each one of you will experience any one or more of these behaviors in less or even extreme intensity in the coming days, week and months. Thank you for your cooperation.

We would also like to remind you that passengers are not being allowed to leave the aircraft and will have to endure the entire duration of the transition until the final incarnate is finished clearing away their unresolved anger by snapping the last of their 2,453 pencils in half. Need we remind you of your agreement to the conditions here with your Spiritual Light-Blood Signature? We apologize for the inconvenience.

Galactic Pleroma Industries is completely dedicated to your Ascension and completion of this flight through the highly energetically charged portion of this galaxy and will be here to assist you with your needs. If you have any concerns please ask your guides and higher selves for further advice and assistance.

If we could guide your attention to the pamphlets in front of you we should be coming up on a dramatic increase of these galactic energies momentarily and thus a new level of complete madness and euphoria will ensue. Your safety is our biggest concern so we have provided each passenger with a personal Pleroma Shield Generator® in order to protect you from people triggered by the Cabal using exotic scalar weapons and those who have been holding back the urge to scoop your eyes out with a rusted dinner fork as a result of past conflicts. These generators will be provided free of charge.

It is with deep regret that we inform Earth incarnates that irrational and random lashing out may occur without reason, especially regarding posts on the internet website you call ‘Facebook’. For those who are trying to awaken and help others, we advise extreme caution and consideration for your own safety and well-being as these individuals may be on the cusp of unloading lifetimes of suppressed emotions and feelings onto anyone who looks at them wrong.

We at Galactic Pleroma Industrieswould like to thank you all for your cooperation, contribution and patience as we navigate our way out of this shit-storm of a reality and towards our final destination of the the much-awaited Golden Age. Our estimated time of arrival is in the blink of an eye. Thank you and enjoy your flight.

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(Disclaimer: The transition to becoming a Breatharian is not to be taken lightly and a heavy amount of research and dedication to this process is recommended and required if one feels so guided to take this path. In my own experience I failed in this process because I felt that I wasn’t ready. All signs pointed to me not being in the correct state of being/consciousness to achieve this way of life.)

So this is a post I have been wanting to do for a long time as I did some very heavy research into Breatharianism and even experimented with a process that would bring me to state of living solely on the background energy of the cosmos. Now before you dismiss this whole thing I highly recommend doing some more research into this. I will be presenting everything I found in my months and months of constant research into this subject in this post.

I found that this is very real and there are real people living this way without food or water. I believe this may be a facet of the larger process of Ascension as people in the other densities don’t require physical food or water. They subsist on the background energy of the Universe.

I bought up every book and read every article I could find on Breatharianism a couple years ago because I was so intrigued and amazed that this could be a reality. Australia had a very large movement in this direction in the 1990s and it is believed that at least 30,000 people are living this way today.

A woman named Jasmuheen has been one of the more prominent Western voices of this movement and phenomenon and you will find her information frequently if you research this topic. She has a few books out and one of them includes a process on how to transition into a Breatharian. Again, I advise lots and lots of research and spiritual seeking when thinking about taking on something like this.

One thing I found suspicious was the amount of attack and attempts to discredit people seeking this path. If I take what I’ve learned from research into metaphysical topics and ideas we will see over and over again that paid disinformation agents are used to discredit anyone who steps outside of the norm or has information that could liberate us from The Matrix. So it is with this woman and others talking about Breatharianism.

Now for those who may be interested in the 3rd dimensional aspect to this I did find a book titled ‘Life from Light: Is It Possible to Live Without Food? A Scientist Reports on his Experiences‘. This is a German gentleman named Dr. Michael Werner who holds a PhD in chemistry. For the last 19 years as of the time of the writing of his book he had been a managing director of a pharmaceutical research institute at Arlesheim.

After working in the chemical industry for many years he taught chemistry and biology at a Waldorf (Steiner) school in Germany for three years. He was very intrigued by this phenomenon after studying the work and attending a workshop on this information held by Jasmuheen some years back. He intended to get to the bottom of this idea with a very strictly scientific mindset.

He reports that his transition to living without food went surprisingly smooth. It is a 21-day process altogether. He goes on to say in his book that at one point during the transition he felt as though his body was being nourished and that this nourishment was coming from the background energy that permeates the Universe.

I’d like to add that science has proven to us that we are nothing more than energy. There is no such thing as physical matter and that all ‘things’ that we perceive are actually in a state of vibration. So with this thinking we could easily discern that we could be tuning into an intelligence that is connected to our bodies that nourishes us if we desire to take on such a path. Dr. Michael Werner postulates that we are actually getting a constant but partial energetic type of nourishment from the Universe but some who feel the desire can take this further and transition to a way of life without the need for food or water altogether.

Dr. Michael Werner decided he would put his way of being up to the scientific standard and submit himself to be heavily monitored on  round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and tested in a special room in the intensive care department of a Swiss hospital. This endeavor was funded by the Asta Blumenfeldt Foundation at Dornach Switzerland.


Dr Michael Werner ” Keeping a Constant Check on Heart Function (ECG) and Respiratory Rate.”


Dr. Michael Werner “Daily Exercise on the Ergometer to Measure Additional Use of Calories.”


Dr. Michael Werner “Taking Time off to Relax and Listen to Music. You Have to Make the Best of Things.”


Dr. Michael Werner “Wired up to the Limit: Measuring Functions of the Autonomic Nervous System”

There were minimal irregularities during this 10 day experiment and he maintained his weight throughout the entire experience. He only slept 2-3 hours a night so he had a lot of downtime during the experience. One of the few things he mentioned that weren’t great was that he as kept in a small room the entire time and didn’t have much access to fresh air which may have affected some of his readings. There is much more information and many testimonials from his book which I highly recommend reading if you are interested in this subject.

In my research I found a woman who wanted to embark on this journey and do an experiment to see if she could indeed, live on light. She is a British woman named Naveena Shine. Here is a short biography of her from a page on Amazon featuring two books she wrote on this and other metaphysical subjects:

“Naveena Shine was born in 1948 in Birmingham England. She became an elementary school teacher in 1966 and spent 10 years working in Liverpool, Tanzania and Abu Dhabi. She has an honors degree in Psychology and finds the workings of the human mind endlessly fascinating.”

Here is another excerpt from her archived website:

“She was educated at Notre Dame High School, Worth, and then trained to be a teacher at Alsager College of Education in Cheshire. In 1970, after her probationary year teaching in Liverpool, Naveena decided she would travel around the world on her own. She hitch-hiked from England to Istanbul and then used an assortment of transportation modalities to go as far as India through Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Pakistan. Her return home was via Afghanistan, Iran and Europe.

In 1972 Naveena went to Liverpool University where she gained an honors degree in Psychology. After that she taught for three years in Arusha, Tanzania and for four years in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She married in 1984 and went to live in the USA. After a multitude of jobs and a nomadic lifestyle, Naveena divorced and went to live in an intentional community near Seattle, WA. She is still a nomad and is exploring different domains of life.”

I followed the majority of her videos on YouTube where she reported her experiences. She was attacked relentlessly in comments and the media. Again we see that anyone who tries to deviate from The Matrix  is quickly shut down and discredited. Naveena was successful in her 47 day experiment and even underwent an intense physical workup before engaging in this endeavor.

Now i’d like to bring some attention to another gentleman named Kirby De Lanerolle who became a Breatharian and decided to share his experience with the world via a TED Talk some years back. As with everyone else who wanted to share information about this phenomenon he was attacked and his TED talk was flagged. It is still up on YouTube and I will share it below:

Kirby is an athlete and has been one of the first people to run a marathon without eating and taking in minimal water. This is again the energy of the background of the Universe nourishing the body and giving it what it needs. Below is a short bio of him:

“Kirby de Lanerolle, the founder of Warehouse Project, Executive Advisor to the Ministry of Social Services, Sri Lanka and Working Director of the National Volunteering Secretariat, is a young Dynamic, Entrepreneur and Visionary, holding directorships and leading positions in both the Private and Public sectors.

Notably, he is also currently the only Breatharian in Sri Lanka. In early October 2012, he accomplished the seemingly impossible feat or completing half a marathon without eating for 2 months.

Excelling also in the field of sports, Kirby is a Gold medalist at the Junior National Level Championship for Rifle Shooting 1995 and has won medals for Boxing, including Gold at the 2005 Sabaragamuwa Provincial Meet and Bronze at the 2005 National Sports Festival.”

The Discovery Channel filmed a documentary about a 15 year old boy Ram Bahadur Bomjon AKA ‘Buddha Boy’ who lived without food for a period of time puzzled journalists and researchers when he allowed himself to be filmed sitting in the same place for 96 hours simply meditating not taking any food or water.

Here is an excerpt from a Collective Evolution article from 2013 about him:

“As previously mentioned, the film footage revealed that Ram showed no signs of dehydration or physical deterioration during his meditation. Even though he sat in the same position for all of this time, his organs and body appeared to be functioning normally. Of course not every detail could be determined as Ram chose to stay in a meditative state the entire time. This meant no one could go and medically study his well being.

After 96 hours of filming, Ram has defied modern science by continuing his meditation and remaining alive.”  -Discovery Channel film crew member

Ram’s meditation lasted 10 months before he suddenly disappeared. While some had believed he was kidnapped, it was later determined he decided to leave the hype behind and go deeper into the Nepal jungle to continue meditation. He felt there was “no peace” while remaining in an area that had become a tourist attraction in Nepal.”

There is another person I want to include in this article and that is an Indian man named Prahlad Jani who claims to have not taken any food or drink for 70 years. Here is an excerpt from an article from The Telegraph about research being conducted on him by the government of India:

“Prahlad Jani is being held in isolation in a hospital in Ahmedabad, Gurjarat, where he is being closely monitored by India’s defense research organization, who believe he may have a genuine quality which could help save lives.

He has now spent six days without food or water under strict observation and doctors say his body has not yet shown any adverse effects from hunger or dehydration.”

Here is a short documentary on him that is highly recommended:

As you can see so far not all of these people’s stories can be explained away by conventional means as there is an unconventional, imperceptible and metaphysical component to it all. We are learning as a species that we have more than 5 senses and that our bodies are much more intelligent and powerful than we have been led to believe, hence the attacks on those who research this topic.

I was surprised to read one of Cobra’s previous posts about this way of life and I wanted to include it here for you:

“The secret of physical immortality is one of the deepest occult secrets of the Light forces that has never been revealed to anybody who has not reached a certain vibrational frequency, a certain inner purity and a certain degree of dedication to the Light.

I will now reveal to the surface population as much as it is wise to reveal.

Physical immortality is reached through a certain conversion process, which is done by the right combination of three factors:

1. Reversal of the entropy processes in mitochondria:

2. Reversal of the entropy processes in the energy bodies. This can be achieved by sacred union between female and male polarity with inner and outer alchemy.

3. Regular intake of the elixir of life to support the process. Of the two versions available, the mineral version is more effective and more powerful than the herbal version.”

So as I postulated earlier it appears to be that Breatharianism is a part of the entire Ascension process that a being can experienced here while in a human 3rd Density body.

Now in my research I found there are other ways to achieve this state of being. One of them is an ancient practice called Sun Gazing. It takes longer and is much more gradual but does have the same effect which is that one gradually loses appetite for physical food and subsists on the background energy of the Cosmos, among other health benefits. I will reiterate here that I highly recommend doing research into anything like this before attempting to try it if you chose to do so by your free will.

A man named Hira Ratan Manek has been doing a lot of walking the walk in terms of actually living on light via Sun Gazing and touring the world sharing his experience and knowledge with others who desire to seek further into the world outside The Matrix and ‘normal boundaries’.

Here is a short bio of him:

“Hira Ratan Manek was born on 12th of September 1937 in Bodhavad, India, was raised in Calicut, Kerala, India, where he had his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Kerala. After graduation, he joined the family shipping and spice trading business and continued working there until he retired in 1992.

After he retired, he began to research and study the ancient practice of sun gazing in which he had been interested in since his childhood. This method was an old but forgotten method, which had been practiced, in the ancient times in many different parts of the world.”

Research into Hira Ratan Manek, Jasmuheen and Prahlad Jani by several doctors in India can be found on this PDF which was published in the Gujarat Medical Journal March – 2001.

There is a documentary that I recommend watching as it has some scientific standards and tests that are used to determine the affects of Sun Gazing on the brain and body. The creator of the documentary Matthew Wilcox is a student undergoing the practice of Sun Gazing and having his brain hooked up to a machine to see what happens to it while he is being monitored. You get to see the results in the documentary.

He also visits an eye doctor to see if there is any damage sustained from doing these practices and as Matthew expects they find nothing. There is apparently no UV radiation coming from the sun during sun rise and sunset and these are the suggested times that one stand outside and look out into the Sun. It sounds crazy but there are a lot of people that have had successful health benefits and no adverse problems as a result.

Again these individuals are attacked intensely because of the programming installed into us from birth. The entire way our reality and bodies work needs to be updated and re-written as it is much more amazing and metaphysical than we could have ever imagined.

So this is everything I wanted to share. As you can see I did a gargantuan amount of research into this phenomenon and found amazing things and people that seem to be genuine to me. Of course there are others who will always dismiss this information because it doesn’t fit into their reality bubble. Not to mention the army of paid trolls and disinformation agents ready to pounce on anyone who doesn’t fit the pre-conditioned mold we are all supposed to fit into.

I would encourage everyone to keep an open mind and do their own research and come to their own conclusion. Ask questions and exercise discernment especially on subjects heavily infiltrated by the Cabal.

Thank you for reading everyone and much love <333

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David Wilcock on Coast to Coast with Notes!

(Note: I am not going to add or supplement the information from this interview with any other sources or intel. I will just be providing notes from this interview and won’t be adding anything else.)

(Additional Note: As I wrote below the first video I used was taken down. I found another that starts and ends at the same place, give or take a second.)

David Wilcock just did an interview last night (1/13) with Jimmy Church filling in this time on Coast to Coast Radio. Now I’m not sure if this is video should be allowed to be up or not but someone uploaded it anyways and I will share it here until it is flagged or taken down or what have you. I will post it below along with some notes. I included the mostly major portions of the information released here. The interview runs from 6:34 – 1:54:38. The video starts at 6:34 so you don’t have to look for it.

I’d like to thank David and everyone else in the awakened community and all of those unseen people in the intelligence community for continuing to push forward with this information and this movement despite threats and other negative greetings as a result of this work. We will be victorious and there are noticeable signs that this is really happening. Much love everyone <333

They discuss the following information:

  • PizzaGate revelations are a big problem for the ‘elite’
  • Hillary implicated in the PizzaGate scandal
  • Britain ahead of the curve about exposing ‘Elite’ Luciferian-related child abuse
  • Election was a choice between two unacceptable candidates
  • Alliance now stronger than the Cabal
  • Alliance made up of majority of personnel of 15 intelligence agencies according to Dr. Steve Pieczenik
  • Alliance doing active clean-up phase and Cabal will be completely removed and taken out before we hear anything about it
  • History of fall of empires and fascist regimes shows that positive coups just happen and that they don’t talk about it before it happens
  • PizzaGate information was result of positive forces in U.S. intelligence services
  • Cabal knows they botched 9/11, it didn’t go exactly as planned
  • Teams that were suppose to plant fake WMDs didn’t put them there as planned because they were killed
  • Cabal were aware they would be exposed
  • Cabal needed a get-out-of-jail-free card in case tribunals were started
  • Cabal factions refusing to surrender mostly living in underground facilities
  • Some of these bases are in Antarctica
  • Marines ordered to take out/kill these people if they don’t surrender
  • Some Marines were in shock to see some of these people as Reptilian-looking humanoids fighting alongside regular humans
  • Most of this clearing is already mostly done
  • We wouldn’t recognize most these people if we saw them
  • Ending of California drought significant sign of change of power
  • Cabal plans on announcing Antarctic ruins once when they are in the midst of war crimes tribunals
  • Many bodies found in Antarctic ruins, bodies with elongated skulls being removed
  • David being authorized by U.S. gov’t which is under mostly Alliance control to release information;
  • All major U.S. military aircraft carriers have been brought back to port
  • All being restocked and re-outfitted with technology that would have been released in 100 years, but is being loaded up now
  • Includes three different types of drone that look like a quad-copter
  • Floating aircraft carriers will apparently be released
  • Buzz Aldrin’s health issue was the result of being taken on a craft over 200,000 miles away which was the back of the moon in 7 minutes
  • Craft was a triangular and black that took off from Antarctica
  • He did see the ruins also
  • Many Cabal members have been defeated or have surrendered
  • Many people have disclosed information on film and films will be played once all of this comes out
  • Pete Peterson given 6 inch thick stack of briefing documents which will be handed over to David soon who will share it with us when the time is right
  • Timeline given for things to start happening is very imminent


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Important Update from Cobra

Year 2017 will see much more presence of the Light on the surface of the planet than any of the previous years, as the presence of the non-physical Light particles from the Galactic Center has increased greatly. On the last day of 2016, there were many signs in the sky in the form of polar stratospheric clouds and other unusual cloud phenomena:

Some people have interpreted this increased Galactic Light as a sign of a possible Galactic Superwave (read: the Event) in 2017:

In the meantime, clearing of the Chimera Group continues. Recently, an infiltration of the Chimera Group within the rank of the Light Forces inside of this Solar system has been detected. The Chimera was even able to hijack one of the teleportation portals that was transporting captured Cabal members that were about to be taken to the Galactic Central Sun and these were siphoned off to a Chimera base in the Kuiper belt. This situation has already been resolved.

It has also been discovered that the Outer barrier / Tachyon membrane is to a certain degree permeable to plasma anomaly and under certain conditions negative plasma entities can cross that membrane through the tunnels of Set in both directions, in and out of the Solar system. The plasma outside of our Solar System is not yet completely free of primary anomaly, especially the plasma filament that stretches along the Orion arm:

Plasma anomaly in this region originates from the Orion galactic wars the the last few million years and has been almost completely healed, but the small amount remaining still interacts with the Yaldabaoth entity. The highest concentration of the anomalous plasma is from Rigel star system towards the Taurus dark cloud, also called Taurus molecular cloud:

As a response to all this, a large powerful galactic Light group hundreds of millions strong has entered the Solar System and it will assist in the final clearing of the Chimera. The identity of this positive group must not yet be revealed.

Also, the Resistance and all breakaway groups that are allied with the Galactic Confederation have begun „intense activities inside of this Solar system and beyond, on a level never before encountered.“

All breakaway groups (SSP and underground ones) that are not yet allied with the Galactic Confederation are still infiltrated by the Chimera.

On the surface of the planet, this infiltration is even stronger. Many times, when things are not going according to the plan, that is a clear sign of infiltration. ALL positive groups on the planet suffer from infiltration from Chimera or their minions. Many geopolitical events are confirming this.

The reals reason why Daesh could retake Palmyra was infiltration very high in the Russian military command. Embarrassed, Russian analysts gave their own explanation why that happened:

They forgot that simple computer vector analysis of photos from powerful Russian spy satellites would easily discover a group converging to a single point.

The Cabal wants to also infiltrate other BRICS countries as well, and they are behind drastic war on cash in India:

The most dangerous of all is Kissinger’s strategy to side with Russia against China through Trump, attempting to break the Eastern Alliance:

Many people are beginning to understand that Trump is just a puppet and his policy is orchestrated by invisible handlers from behind the scenes:

On a brighter side, the Chinese have announced that the have managed to put the famous EmDrive prototype for testing on their space station:

Soft disclosure continues and asteroid mining is becoming mainstream:

There is even a website that estimates the economic value of certain asteroids:

For those who would like to become more directly involved in the planetary liberation, here is a very good example how a liberation group can operate (with a short Cobra interview added as a bonus):

Those who feel so guided can help feeding people in Malawi with their generous donations (on thew right hand side of the page little below the top):

Situation in Malawi and in many other places in Africa is far from perfect, but Light will reach there also.

Victory of the Light!

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The Case of Me Being My Great-Great-Grandmother

So given the title this will obviously be more of a personal post but I am feeling guided to write about this topic anyways and everyone is free to read it or pass it by per their free will.

Some people have memories of their past lives or they do a past life regression session with a hypo-therapist and find out that way. If what I am writing about is true I apparently didn’t have to do any type of hypo-anything to learn who I might have been in the past.

I will be making the case with much evidence that I could have been my great-great- grandmother. My grandmother first told me about her when I was little. Her name was Grace B. Davis and she was a pianist, organist and voice teacher for many years. We are a family of pianists and musicians. My grandmother performed at Carnegie Hall and she would tell me stories about watching her grandmother (Grace) while she played and admired how her fingers would fly when she would play various pieces.

My grandmother showed me a book she was featured in titled ‘Who’s Who in Music’ published in 1951. This was the only copy I could find and I bought it right away:


This is her column in the book, as you can see she accomplished a lot and if I may add is a very stern looking woman…


I was very surprised to find some very well-know people in this book. Some of them include Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, Vladimir Horowitz, Louis Armstrong, Roy Rogers, Artur Rubenstein, Dmitri Shostakovich, Frank Sinatra and a few others. I suppose she must have been popular enough to make it into this book with these other amazing people.

She was also a renown poet whose work was published in many newspapers of the time along with a similar book like the one above titled ‘Who’s Who in Poetry’ and she even published her own book of poems in 1958 titled ‘Overtones’:



Grace in all her stern glory.

Now I’d like to get into the similarities between her and I as there are many and much of these things can’t be dismissed as coincidence.

Grace B. Davis

  1. Composer
  2. Poet
  3. Writer
  4. Pianist
  5. Organist
  6. Singer/Voice Teacher
  7. Painter/Artist
  8. Loved Writing About the Universe
  9. Mentioned the Word ‘Gay’ in her Poems Several Times
  10. Blue being the color of her book
  11. Known for her Sense of Humor


  1. I am a Classical Composer
  2. I’ve Written a Few Poems
  3. I am the Author of This Blog so I am a Writer
  4. I am a Pianist
  5. I played the Organ for my Dad’s and his Wife’s Wedding
  6. I Tried out for American Idol Season 6 so I do Sing
  7. Here are some of my Drawings
  8. I own Several Universe-Themed Items
  9. I was Born Gay
  10. Blue is my Favorite Color
  11. Here is an Idea of my Sense of Humor

So as you can see there are many similarities that can’t just be explained away by chance or coincidence. Perhaps she/I was leaving me clues to find information about her for some reason. Perhaps to speed along my awakening? Either way it was such an amazing discovery to find out more about her and what she did.

I’d like to share some of her more significant and relevant poems within the context of this post. An additional note, when I went to search for her book of poems online I found only 1 copy and that copy somehow ended up here in Arizona at the Chino Valley Library where it was up for sale on Amazon. She lived and worked in Spokane, Washington but the book made its way here for me to find at some point. Way cool! And now for some poetry:

‘Sky Trails’

Sometimes I go a-voyaging

To lands that lie afar,

On the endless deep, where planets sweep;

I follow the lure of a star.

The light is softly shimmering,

Strange winds distend the sails

Of my trusty boat as we skyward float,

To journey in freshening gales.

Orion gleams – The Pleiades

And Jupiter glow bright.

In her mystic rings, fair Saturn swings,

And myriad star beans invite,

As up the path of “Milky Way”

Where “Sky Maid” spilled her pail.

Through the band of light, she left in flight,

On aerial questing, I sail

Until from lofty wanderings,

I seek a place of rest

In a drifting cloud, like a snow white shroud,

Repose in ethereal nest.

There soothed by heavenly melodies

I sink at last to sleep

As the whirling spheres sing to my ears

Celestial harmonies deep.

At last, reluctantly I turn

To Earth, my former station,

Leaving starry trails, I furl the sails

Of my ship – “Imagination.”

‘Concert Pianist’

His soul stoops down, and from the ivory keys

Drop singing pearls enchained in melody,

Through flawless sill and artistry, he brings

Transcendent tone – in gay abandon sings.

His soul stoops down, and blaring trumpets play

With brilliant crashing chords, in martial mood,

Sonorous as the march of heavenly spheres;

In gorgeous sound, rich pageantry appears.

His soul stoops down to bring with light caress

Shy maidens trooping don a vistaed lane;

We greet them there, as long forgotten Mays

Return in strains from fading yesterdays.

His soul stoops down – the passion and the tears,

Frustration, joy and hope of things to be

Return – restored – then in triumphant bars

His soul stoops down and lifts us to the stars.

‘Dream Ships’

One day I shall start on a journey

To lands that are far remote,

Leaving Earthly ties, some promised time,

See the shores where my dream ships float.

I thought them moored fast, safely anchored,

Secure in my heart they lay.

But I wept, as slowly, one by one,

Disappearing they stole away.

I grieved for the cargo they carried,

The worth of the freight they bored,

For the priceless gifts – friends, hope, and joy,

But I know I shall see them no more,

Util in some waning twilight,

I follow an urgent lure,

Where they merged with the distant sky and sea,

Find my wandering ships once more.

Their sails gleaming white in the harbor.

In their haven, at anchor free

I shall know as I thought their snowy sails

That my dreams are reality.

‘Star Lure’

The stars are ships upon an azure sea.

They sail the deeps of God’s blue mystery;

Afloat within the endless realms above,

Unmoved by Earthly hate – untouched by love.

The stars are flowers embroidering robes of night,

With silvery pattern on a loom of light.

In quiet peace, they shine at close of day,

To cool the fevers of man’s restless way.

The stars are beacons flashing from afar

Across bright sands of heaven’s golden bar;

God’s lighted windows, calling me to come

To endless joy, to love, rest, peace and home.


He lived with stars, and drifting clouds,

Drank deep of nature’s wine,

He laughed at storms, and rode the winds,

He sensed the touch-divine.

In magnitudes undreamed above

He traveled far afield,

And when despair would chain swift wings,

His will refused to yield,

Untrammeled by his useless limbs,

His soul ran, wild and free;

Exploring the Universe,

He touched infinity.

Thank you all for reading and I wish you all much love as always <333

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New Video on What Synchronicity is and How You Can Experience it!

For those who feel guided to view this video I explain in the simplest terms the workings and intricacies of synchronicity and how it ties in with everyday life in our Universe and how easy it is to experience it.

I’d like to add that I finished filming this video at 12:34 pm when I looked over at the oven clock. It’s never fails!

Much love everyone <333

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David Wilcock Comments on Benjamin Fulford’s Weekly Intel Report

For those who may not be familiar with Benjamin Fulford’s work here is a bio of him:

Qualifications: 20-years experience as a professional writer and journalist. Have sold over 500,000 non-fiction books written in Japanese. Have produced a comprehensive catalogue of scoops in field ranging from business to yakuza gangsters to high-finance to government corruption.

Now focused on exposing U.S. manipulation of Japanese politics, media and education through a combination of bribes, murder, brainwashing etc. My goal is to counter U.S. propaganda and expose the Japanese people to the truth so that they may free themselves from the colonial yoke and use their $5 trillion in overseas holdings to end world poverty and save the environment.

Native or near native, spoken and written: Japanese, French, Spanish and English. Conversational, reading ability in Mandarin, Portuguese and Italian.

Ben’s report today was great with many points lining up with what we have been hearing from various sources:

  • The battle over the planet earth is coming to an end as the final Khazarian mafia underground bases and strongholds fall, White Dragon Society sources report. However, there is still some heavy duty last minute horse trading going on between East and West as the January 20th start of the presidency of Donald Trump approaches, according to sources involved in the negotiations. The future of our planet and our species is what is at stake.


  • …the US military industrial complex does have some big cards to play, many of them connected to its secret space and high tech programs. The US secret government is getting ready to show some of these cards including

    much of the technology behind the 6000 patents, that, according to the US Academy of Sciences, have been suppressed for “national security” reasons, Pentagon officials say.
    The real question many of us want the answer to, when some of these secrets are revealed is: Are two separate realities, one involving space colonization and one earth-bound, about to merge into one?


  • Agents from the WDS were told by intelligence agency sources with clearance levels high above that of the President of the shallow US state, that the planet has been put under quarantine because some very dangerous entities have taken shelter here after losing an inter-galactic war. These entities are now surrendering and freeing the hostage surface population of this planet in the process, these sources say.


  • If what these people are saying is true, then in the near future the benevolent galactic forces will open a wormhole in Antarctica and allow the surface population of humanity contact with the universe at large. That may be why religious, political and science luminaries have been visiting Antarctica recently. This month Russia’s Vladimir Putin is expected to be the latest bigwig to visit there.


  • There are also some mopping up operations going on in the run up to Trump’s presidency. “More deep underground military bases (dumbs) destroyed as cabal who refused amnesty are terminated,” was how Pentagon sources described the state of play. Also “New York nuclear arms were disarmed and a Vancouver underground rail demolished,” the sources say.”

And now for David’s comments:

“Ben walked right up to the line but did not cross it.

His intel is very, very similar to what Corey and I reported in ENDGAME II, which he acts as if he is unaware of and hasn’t read. Perhaps he hasn’t, but he should as it is incredibly corroborating what he said, before he said it:

He’s mentioning a partial revealing of the secret space program and something big and ET-related in Antarctica.

The only difference is that he is saying here that a traversible wormhole will be the attraction to Antarctica, whereas our intel is saying it will be Atlantis-style ruins that have been dug out. They will apparently be presented as a last-ditch move for the Cabal to save themselves after war crimes tribunals have already started.

The wormhole aspect may also be correct. We cannot confirm the destruction and / or takeover of the underground bases but are not being told everything either, and it absolutely fits in with the overall picture we are hearing about.

I am working on another article and expect to have it up fairly soon, as in a few days tops. This new intel from Ben will definitely be part of it.

On the intuitive level I am having dream after dream after dream telling me that we are about to see major changes for the positive, and that also is a hopeful sign.

One “sneak preview” of the new article that is HIGHLY significant is it is POURING rain in California right now. We are experiencing something they are calling an “Atmospheric River,” and are in the second of what will probably be four waves.

Mainstream media sources are already saying that the drought will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated by this one series of events.

This may have been the result of benevolent weather manipulation. The “polar vortex” that descended over all of America may well have created an energetic low-pressure zone that allowed the users of this technology to laser in this “atmospheric river” to just where it was desired.

I am not speaking in technical terms as no officially-recognized terms yet exist for torsion / scalar technology, which is what they are using to mess with the weather. I go into this science extensively in The Source Field Investigations, which is highly recommended.

I have watched California drying and dying every year since about 2010, definitely by 2011. The meterologists even called the weather system a “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge,” since every single time a storm tried to come in it was blocked by the same zone off the coast of California.

Every time there was a possibility of how the temperatures could go, the most pessimistic and horrible estimate was correct. We had vastly more heat than we should and it even was spiking into the high 80s in February, which was totally wrong and bizarre.

This was an attack against all of America. The hope was to depopulate the planet and punish America in particular for its work to rebel against the Cabal. No water means no crops, which means no food, which means mass starvation.

I have watched animal populations go way down and there are dead plants and trees everywhere. It has been horrible and there are constant signs warning you about a severe drought and water restrictions.

Therefore, the fact that we are getting so much water that it could completely end the drought is another very tangible, physical metric that the Cabal is, in fact, being defeated. This technology to control weather uses microwaves and it is simple to understand.

The point is that whatever stations the Cabal was using to do this have obviously now been overtaken and are in the hands of the Alliance. All this off-the-books stuff can be overtaken without anyone knowing. It does seem the Alliance is doing as much as it possibly can to defeat the Cabal before making a world announcement. Very exciting.

Also it is obvious that the “highly aggressive ET race that lost an intergalactic war and is hiding out on Earth” is the Draco reptilians. We have confirmation about this now from FOUR insiders who have come forward on Cosmic Disclosure:

Corey Goode
William Tompkins
Pete Peterson
Heather Sartain (just last week)

So without our work included this report would make less sense, but really, is there anyone reading this who ISN’T aware of what we’re doing at the same time? LOL.

Thanks, Ben, for continuing to fight the good fight. The rain is pouring outside and I couldn’t possibly be happier.”

I cannot comment on any intel other than what I am directly receiving from trusted sources.

It is also important to point out that people can be partially right about some things and completely wrong about others.

It would be nice if there were more trustworthy sources out there and I do my best to promote those I feel pass the test.

Singin’ in the Rain….



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