TruthEarth Blog and The Event Promotional Videos

I have created a short informational promotional video about The Event that may be of interest to new comers of this blog:

And for those who would like a more in-depth explanation of this information you will find it in the video below:

Victory of the light!

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Current List of Mass Meditations Requested

Many mass meditations are available for those who are interested to participate in. The link to find them is below. They really do work and the more people that join in the more cumulative the effect is.


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Big Solar Flare Synchronicities, Divine Timing First Contact/Solar Activity Dream/Synchronicity, Shadow-Banned on Reddit, Prophetic Cobra Coded Message, Prophetic Dead Spiders Synchronicity Comes True, The Event is Coming Synchronicity & More

For those souls who are interested there are some synchronicities and dreams taking place which I will share here along with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment. Apologies about the length of this post.

I will start with the most recent solar activity synchronicity which was about a C-Class solar flare that was communicated just this morning June 27th at 9:45 AM:

And then 118 minutes later at 11:43 AM (Arizona Time) we had a C-Class solar flare which is the biggest one we’ve had in a little while:

After trying to share a recent video where I talk about some of these synchronicities and dreams coming true, along with the articles in the description, I was partially shadow banned not long after posting this on Reddit which is a large online forum consisting of many ‘subreddits’ where you can find information about one specific topic if you wish.

At first everything looked okay on my laptop but noticed not much activity like votes or comments. I expected the usual negative feedback but that wasn’t there. There were a couple of the posts that appeared to be shadow banned. Everything would look normal on my end but no one else would see anything. I checked the same post on my phone which is not this IP address and I saw the post was removed. Here is my Reddit profile where you can see what happened if you want to check it out.

Clicking on either picture below will direct you to the post for that particular forum. I believe it was shadow banned after posting it to the second subreddit.

While doing the sharing to the Reddit forums and before going to bed last night I kept telepathically getting the word ‘Spirituality’ pretty strongly which I don’t understand as of yet:

The runtime of the video happened to be 6:57 interestingly and we know this number takes position 410 (a magic number) in the Pi calculator which tells you the position of any number in Pi:

The strange telepathic information from some days ago regarding Lithuania and Russia seems to have come true. During one of the sleepless nights I had sort of dozed off and woke up with information that seemed to stress the importance of that situation which is currently ongoing and hasn’t been resolved yet. This was documented on June 21st:

And the next day, June 22nd, We Love Mass Meditation posted about a mass meditation to help that situation which is still available to participate in if you feel so guided:

This is a leap of faith to post this next bit so we will see if it comes to pass. I definitely would not put any bets on it but I saw a new coded message on Cobra’s blog:

In addition to the supposed X-Class flare the Higher Ups have been communicating is going to happen, which hasn’t happened yet as of the time of this writing, I think I remembered a dream where an M-Class flare happened. Definitely wouldn’t put any bets on these either:

This next C-Class flare synchronicity was communicated in advance on June 25th at 6:50 PM, in addition to the previous one included in this article and I also saw it being a ‘big one’:

And sure enough the next morning June 26th at 1:12 AM (Arizona Time) we had a decently-sized C-Class flare. Very interestingly the time between the email and the flare was 6 hours and 22 minutes and the date was 6/26:

Around the evening time on June 25th Arizona Time and into the next day (based on time stamps of the below short clip) there was apparently a ‘mish-mash’ of CMEs that came from the sun that may or may not be Earth-facing based on the available data:

I don’t know what this means exactly but when I woke up on June 25th I had the words ‘The Wolf Bible’ in my mind:

I tried digging to see if this would amount to anything and the only thing I could really find was a rather vulgar book with a similar title and not much else so as of the time of this writing its meaning is unknown. For now.

This next one is absolutely amazing and was an example of Divine Timing in action. It was a dream which was about going through these seemingly non-Divine tasks and yet it was part of the whole process. I had been getting repeating 2s and 0s on clocks and elsewhere and this means Divine Timing. Something is in the works and things need to be worked out behind-the-scenes so just wait patiently. By wait patiently I mean just myself in this instance. I’m not telling anyone to wait for anything:

Here is a screenshot of the dream which I wrote down at 1:54 AM on June 25th which will be typed out for convenience. This dream featured Trump I think (not sure what the meaning of this is yet, possibly related to the January 6th Committee hearings) and I believe this dream also an attempt to verify that benevolent contact with ETs is being made here because the end of the dream was myself sitting next to someone and I saw part of the Aricebo message on a large advertising screen and this Aricebo message was featured in a movie I just watched before going to bed. In the dream I saw the green blocks on the top which represent the basic chemistry of life:

Long story short:


…The Arecibo message is an interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth that was sent to globular star cluster M13 in 1974. It was meant as a demonstration of human technological achievement, rather than a real attempt to enter into a conversation with extraterrestrials…”

The movie was a very well-done homemade movie titled ‘Cosmos’ (you can watch it for free here) and while I wouldn’t want to give away the amazing ending, I will say that it ended with benevolent ET contact resulting in the beginnings of a First Contact situation.

June 25th, 2022 01:54 AM

Just had amazing divine timing dream. I’ve been getting 2s and 0s a lot recently which means divine timing. Something is going to happen in divine timing.

In this dream I was at a pool I think and I think there were some people I was giving a tour for or guiding them somehow about something there. Details fading. 

I think there were were some relatives there, these two scenes being possibly separate, and then I remember being in a large house by myself.

I think there was something about Trump. Maybe Trump’s house?

Anyways things weren’t going super great there and it was kind of creepy and ghostly almost.

I remember there being some devices which I think played music and I had dropped more than one of them down these stairs which went up to like 4 levels or so I think.

I had to get them and heard them playing a song (piano song I think) that I don’t remember and lighting up with flashes of light. I was looking down the staircase when I saw this.

There was something about a relative there, but don’t remember what as they weren’t there. Maybe it was partially their place as well.

But I think I remember their energy and I think they were connected to this house.

I remember it being a lot of work to go get these things and I think I had to get one or more and I started from the first floor and realized I probably should have started up top but would have had to go all the way up either way. I think there was a pool there too.

I remember sitting down with a bunch of people watching a giant screen and saw the Aricebo message as the background for a chipotle ad.

I saw the black and white blocks that made up the message and was blown away.

I had just watched a movie before going to bed which featured this message which was a benevolent first contact.

I turned to the person next to me to my right and told them that I had just seen a movie and saw that message in it. They were blown away too.

I remember thinking that everything I went through in this dream, the struggle and all of it was part of divine timing and that even though it seemed negative, it ultimately led to seeing this Aricebo message in a chipotle ad exactly at the right time.

I don’t know where this part took place or when or who was there.

Okay here is where my brain almost broke. 5 hours and 8 minutes later after the dream at 2:02 PM Universal Time (7:02 AM in Arizona) we had a C-Class solar flare. Here we see the 2s and 0s appearing again just like I had experienced for a few days or so before that:

This whole thing seemed to be Divinely-orchestrated to indicate that benevolent contact is happening here and it is huge because of it happening some hours before a solar flare using the same digits I had been getting before that which I believe is emphasizing its importance and validity. It also seems to mean perhaps the sleepless nights from this last week or so were for a reason.

The other detail I didn’t include which turned out to be important which I am kicking myself for not including was that in the dream I saw on the same advertising screen where the Arecibo blocks where, there was a bowl from Chipotle in the middle which I dismissed. But the next day I went to look at their website and check out their bowls and only the ‘lifestyle bowl’ was available out of all of the entrees and when I clicked on that bowl there were no options available (it said ‘temporarily unavailable’) so really there wasn’t much that could be ordered. But it seemed significant because I saw the bowl in my dream and then none of the bowls were available the next day.

Another amazing bit of info that seemed to be prophetic which came true was that I was seeing dead spiders much more frequently than usual. There was a dead spider hanging from its strand of silk at someone’s house and there have been several here. So when these unusual things happen I tend to write them down just in case. This was on June 7th:

And per Cobra’s latest intel post on June 23rd it seems that this was a series of signs which communicated in advance that progress was being made against the Chimera Group. The progress was made in the last few weeks and the time I wrote down the email would be the right time frame:


“…In the last few weeks, there have been huge victories against the Chimera fleet…”

Cobra had decided to use the thumbnail photo from my video ‘The Solar Flash (Galactic Wave of Love) 432Hz‘ from a while back in his most recent blog post which seems to really go along with all of these solar activity synchronicities.

On the way home on June 23rd I suddenly got the song ‘Graduation’ by ‘Vitamin C’ from the ’90s which is about just what you’d think. Basically it’s about the ‘old times’ and thinking about what the future will hold (for us it will be the Golden Age):

The same day June 23rd I heard the end song from a video game, Mario Kart 64, where you are placed either 1st, 2nd or 3rd and are awarded a cup. I heard the very beginning:

These next couple of dreams are interesting and seem to foretell coming into some financial windfall. Both happened on June 23rd:

Runescape is an online game which is very fun but can easily eat up a lot of your valuable time and energy.

The early morning of June 23rd I heard the song from the video ‘The Event is Coming 432Hz‘:

And not long after that I felt a strange jolt in my body like I hit the ground or something:

This very sad part of the Daft Punk’s ‘movie’ Interstella 5555 played in my head and I started singing it out loud. It was ‘Something About Us’ where the benevolent ETs go to see their fatally wounded rescuer and there is a beautiful romantic fantasy of what could have been between two of them. The wounded ET gives the group a small device which is a hologram that shows them playing in the band together. At the end of the fantasy vision he leaves her and that is when he dies:

I started singing it at a certain point in the lyrics which has been important in the past but I’m not quite sure what this means just yet.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

I can’t believe this next synchronicity. I’m adding this just after publishing this article. Yesterday June 26th I kept seeing 2s and 7s which means good news is coming but I also thought I saw 722 in a dream or something. So I decided to write it down just in case:

After adding this and that and making various corrections in this article I finally published it and it turned out to be 7:22 PM. You can verify this with a PC if you hover over the date which is under the title. I wasn’t paying attention to the time and also my task bar at the bottom of the screen disappears now (accidentally hit something to make it do that) so I definitely didn’t see it while making the final touches and then publishing this. Just amazing!

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Sleep Deprived, Divine Messages Still Coming Through, Solar Flare Synchronicities, Another Possible Hilarion Ascended Master Contact, Russia/Lithuania Telepathic Message & More

For those who are interested there are some more heavy things coming through which I will include here with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment. Despite living through the collapsing Matrix society I want to wish everyone a happy June Solstice!

I literally haven’t been able to sleep these past 4 days (not exaggerating and sleep meds aren’t working) and I’ve only been able to doze off momentarily before a jolt wakes me up and my feet continuously vibrating keeping me awake at night. But despite this, information is coming through. At one point I even hallucinated this praying mantis on the shelf next to my bed which looked like it was moving its arm all crazy. This freaked me out and I thought it was real. I turned the light on and checked the bed and it was all good. No real bugs.

Several times now the song ‘Don’t You Worry‘ (Everything’s gonna be alright) has been playing in my head which has been comforting. They’ve also used the symbol we established for ‘Divine Timing’ which is where they use my eyes to look at my right elbow and then the feet. The story at the end of the article seems to confirm that.

One strange thing was sort of waking up and seeing this word ‘Atmos’ along with monetary value being attached to it I think. Atmos is the Greek word meaning ‘steam’ or ‘vapor’. Not sure what this means yet but it didn’t seem random. What doesn’t make sense now might make sense later in time.

This next one is amazing. I was half awake/sleep, more awake really, and saw the word ‘Sun’ telepathically. I wrote this down at 7:56 AM:

And then amazingly the sun did a flare at 4:10 PM Universal Time so here is this magic number appearing. This would be 9:10 AM in Arizona Time so this happened 74 minutes after writing down the above email:

It’s the second spike from that particular uptick.

I didn’t realize this until I was writing this out but the time I wrote down the ‘Sun’ word in the email was 7:56 and amazingly the divisors of 410 add up to 756:

Additionally as amazing, the digits of this particular post number, which is chosen automatically by WordPress when a new blog post is created, multiplied together (3 x 8 x 8 x 3) equal 576, the same digits as 756:

I ‘accidentally’ clicked on Hilarion’s name which came up as a search suggestion because I had already typed it in before. Perhaps Hilarion is trying to say hi. Interestingly, this happened before the upcoming solar flare synchronicity you will read. I’ve been theorizing that these messages are being provided before solar flares happen in order to perhaps validate them as genuine spiritual messages. If they are coming from the same divine source this might be a clever way to help make the messages more real to others. This could be wrong of course, but there is a definite pattern here.

You can find Hilarion’s channeled messages via Eric Klein as recommended by Cobra here:

On June 20th I let the Higher Ups use my eyes to type out ‘C-Class Solar Flare, a big one’:

And then we had a decent-sized one, a C5 the next day, June 21st, occurring appropriately on the Summer Solstice (on this part of the Earth). The email was written at 8:34 PM and then the flare happened the next day at 9:21 AM Arizona Time:

The same day, June 20th, I once again heard the song from ‘Justice is Coming II 432Hz’ I believe starting at the part where the people teleport onto the bridge of the ship. The costumes are a brilliant white and look like a tribute to Superman as the actors wore the same luminescent clothing:

This could also have been prophetic in another way that I didn’t think about and that is because the beginning of the video displays the title with a flaming sun in the background:

And I wrote down the email about this song from this video in my head on June 20th which was the day before the big C5 solar flare.

This next vision, for lack of a better descriptor, had to do with the current conflict with Lithuania and Russia. I haven’t been sleeping so this is some kind of information being given while I’m slightly almost asleep. I kept getting selected for something which I don’t remember along with winning money and then the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, kept appearing telepathically along with Kaliningrad which is where this conflict is currently taking place:

(Hal Turner Radio Show)

“…Video below shows panic-buying by Russians living in Kaliningrad, a portion of Russia detached from the mainland, nestled between Lithuania and Poland.

For more than thirty years, there has been an understanding between Russia and Lithuania that the oblast (state) of Kaliningrad would be supplied via the Russian railroad through a narrow strip of land called the Suwalki Gap, that runs from Russia, along the southeastern border of Lithuania.  The agreement held that the trains would be left alone, and act as a supply tunnel of sorts to the Russians living in Kaliningrad.

All that ended 48 hours ago, when Lithuania took it upon itself, to say Sanctions against Russia (over its Ukraine special military operation) would be applied to trains to/from Kaliningrad.

This means that virtually no transit can take place between Russia and its western-most state…”

This conflict has the potential to escalate the situation and provoke Russia into a war with NATO ultimately as Lithuania is a member. I’m not sure what the vision about this conflict meant but hopefully it has a positive outcome. As of now the situation is still ongoing with Russia preparing measures against Lithuania and Lithuania has not backed down from their decision as of the time of this writing.

An unusually powerful gust of wind hit our place today. It was so powerful and audible I thought this building would fly away. It was massive. I was guided to add this.

A quick story. One good thing that has come out of this weird run of days without sleep was that asked my neighbor for a ride to get my drugs at the pharmacy and go to the store to get a money order. Well the timing here was interesting because the Circle K we went to said their money order machine was down. Alright, so we go to another store and there was a woman waiting for someone to help her but no one was behind the counter. I asked for help and someone eventually came and told her she had to wait a bit for someone else to come and cash her check. Well she walked away and left her passport along with money in it on the counter there and I picked it up and gave it back her. The guy behind the counter either didn’t see it or something because she had already walked away and didn’t say anything. So who knows how long it would have sat there before someone else noticed it and maybe snagged it. Scary. But this time it worked out. Right time right place.

The Higher Ups are communicating that an X-Class solar flare is coming. Don’t know when though.

The Higher Ups have put this song in my head recently, probably about going through these sleepless nights:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

[Adding this next synchronicity more than an hour after publishing the article]:

This article was published at 8:50 PM (hover the mouse over the date below the title of the article, this isn’t possible with mobile/tablet devices) and a C2 solar flare happened 76 minutes after that at 10:06 PM Arizona Time:

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Possible Telepathic Contact with Ascended Master Hilarion, Solar Flare Synchronicities, Justice is Coming Synchronicity, Dreams, Economy Collapse Headlines & More

For those who are interested there are some things that will be shared here along with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment.

Recently things have been tough and I had a few dreams and things documented but decided I wanted a break. I discarded them only to realize the Higher Ups really wanted them saved and published. But they couldn’t be recovered so I will share what I remember. Additionally, this is apparently so important that they have been making my feet vibrate and body surge with energy so I can’t sleep and I am ultimately forced to do it. I don’t like this at all and have objected but they really wanted this done.

It was 3-4 nights ago I believe when I was lying down and getting ready to sleep when I got the name ‘Hilarion’ telepathically along with his face and a gentle full body kind of energy pulse. This physical energy pulse goes along with these telepathic images when they are very important.

I remember Hilarion being an Ascended Master. There was no other communication or message as far as I could tell. And the below picture was as close to what I saw as possible, except it was just his head:

Cobra did say that Ascended Masters would be providing intel at some point so perhaps this is somehow prophetic?


…We are finally approaching the time when the Ascended beings will be able to release intel more freely. Until now, there was so much darkness and anomaly present that most surface humanity would simply collapse under the weight of facts, whereas the Resistance would spring in premature action, putting the whole liberation operation in danger. Partial intel was the reason of many unfulfilled hopes and much disappointment, triggering Pavlovian “carrot and stick” response among certain people. As soon as there is enough anomaly removed and enough Light present on the surface of the planet, much intel will be released and everything will be much clearer for many people…”

I did keep one solar synchronicity that hasn’t happened yet (not including the X-Class flare they said would be coming which I wouldn’t put any bets on) which was an M-Class. This hasn’t happened as of the time of this writing, so, like the X-Class flare prediction, this is also a leap of faith to include:

I will share an interesting dream that happened the other night. I don’t recall which night or what the time was. Basically it was about being in one of the patient rooms at the hospital I used to work at and strange but cool things started happening in there. I tried to tell people but they were too busy or what have you to listen so I kept them to myself. Perhaps this is similar to the situation with this blog where amazing things are happening but not many people are checking it out.

Dream about being in a room in the first hospital I worked at.

I remember being in one of the rooms at the first hospital I worked at. I remember things started happening in my room. I went into the bathroom and the toilet and sink had gone missing along with the holes in the floor for them to drain into.

Then I think I’d gone back into the room and saw there was two beds now instead of one. This was really trippy.

I remember going to the nurse’s station (main area where nursing staff would congregate/work) and tried to find the charge nurse (nurse in charge for that shift). I found her and asked her if she was the charge nurse and said yes like I was annoying her so I didn’t mention anything.

The nurse’s station was very busy almost like during shift change. I was trying to find someone to share these amazing things that were happening in my room but no one would listen.

I remember going into the break room and seeing staff in there that I didn’t recognize and went to the schedule on the wall and looked at the names, almost recognizing one but not really. I was sad about this.

I left the are and headed back to my room and decided I would just keep these things to myself.

I remember there now being a sink and toilet in the bathroom. There were also two doors in the bathroom. One door opened to another door which was caked in white paint so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to open it.

The second door led to a small closet with a long chain that went to the light bulb. I pulled the chain but the light didn’t come on.

Then strangely a blue gel/jello substance was on the floor in a nice seemingly perfect loop pattern. It was only like 2-3 loops. I tried to clean it up with my hands but didn’t get all of it.

Then it was in my room as well and for some reason the same beautiful ocean blue appeared as a dot in my left eye when I was suddenly looking at myself. I don’t remember much else.

The blue dot appearing in my eye in the dream is interesting because various shades/sizes/light intensities of a blue dot will appear in my main and peripheral field of vision. It doesn’t matter if my eyes are open or closed and I’ve noticed a pattern which is that they appear during certain important personal events.

There have been so many solar-related synchronicities. Just yesterday I was sitting with my neighbors and one of them gave the other one a metallic decorative sun. I think it had a moon on it too. Right time right place.

There was one dream that was a bit concerning and I think it was primarily a message for a relative that keeps chickens. Basically the dream was about rationing crumble which is a food that is commonly given to chickens to eat. I was with a couple of neighbors, one at a time, and were trying to figure the situation out and cooperate. I was hoping to use a coupon and get a buy one get one free deal ha. My relative said that crumble is getting harder to find and the prices are going up a lot.

I ‘accidentally’ clicked on this bookmark under the search bar twice a couple of days ago or so and thought that might not be an accident. It’s a clip from a cartoon titled ‘Justice League Unlimited’ which was used in a video a while back titled ‘Justice is Coming II 432Hz’.

The clip is basically a dialogue about how there’s an ancient cabal of powerful people directing the course of human history. The end of the below video depicts Nazis being hung by the neck just an FYI.

via Gfycat

I would like to now share some headlines that seem to be pointing to the situation really tumbling further into a collapse. These things aren’t meant to invoke fear but awareness and to encourage preparedness. I don’t know what will happen or when so discernment will definitely be recommended here:

(Zerohedge) Here’s 18 Signs That The Economic Meltdown We’ve Been Waiting For Has Already Begun

“…For example, legendary Wall Street investor Michael Novogratz is openly warning that “the economy is going to collapse”:

“The economy is going to collapse,” he told MarketWatch. “We are going to go into a really fast recession, and you can see that in lots of ways,” he added.

“Housing is starting to roll over,” he said. “Inventories have exploded. There are layoffs in multiple industries, and the Fed is stuck [with a position of having to] hike [interest rates] until inflation rolls over.”

Novogratz is correct, but I think that it would be more accurate to say that “the economy is already starting to collapse”…”

Our financial system basically died in 2008 and has been kept on life support this entire time with cheap money lending/money printing from the Federal Reserve, among other craziness. Apparently by recently raising interest rates, they are pulling the plug on the life support:

(Zerohedge) “They’re Pulling The Plug… It’s Game Over”

“The world is at debt levels never seen before, and Holter contends rising interest rates are the key driver here and now.  Holter explains, “Interest rates are the key to the whole collapse…”

“The bottom line is the world’s financial system and, thus, real economies have been on life support since 2008.  

What people should understand is when the Fed says they are going to raise interest rates and they are going to shrink their balance sheet, that says they are pulling the plug out of the wall.  They are taking the system off life support.  The bottom line is the system cannot live without life support. 

The Ponzi scheme cannot continue without new capital coming into the system.  They are pulling the plug is what they are doing. . . . It’s game over.

This is a YouTube Short from Lynette Zang who has been involved in the stock/financial markets since at least the 1960s in some form and has been simplifying and explaining the global financial/economic/current events situation so everyone can understand it easily. I find her to be on point, realistic and benevolent:

Here’s another one from Zerohedge talking about the situation. Stagflation is where there is high unemployment and little to no economic growth even as prices go up.

(Zerohedge) The Engineered Stagflationary Collapse Has Arrived – Here’s What Happens Next

“In my 16 years as an alternative economist and political writer I have spent around half that time warning that the ultimate outcome of the Federal Reserve’s stimulus model would be a stagflationary collapse. Not a deflationary collapse, or an inflationary collapse, but a stagflationary collapse…

The denial is over. The crash is here. Time to take action if you have not done so already…”

Cobra wrote about this crash which is being engineered by the Jesuits and Black Nobility Families:

(2012portal) Financial Reset

…The Black Nobility families and the Jesuits have been encouraging the debt bubble to expand and are carefully steering the global economy towards a systemic crash. They are doing this to consolidate their power and to introduce a global and centralized digital financial system that will have total control over people’s finances:…”

The Federal Reserve also introduced its new faster payment system ‘FedNow Service‘ for all financial institutions including businesses and individuals which they plan to roll out in 2023. It seems that this might be part of their new financial system that they want to implement.

On a more positive note, this music video was released recently (all of these headlines from Zerohedge came after the Divine Intervention Mass Meditation on the Full Moon on June 14th along with the below music video as well interestingly) and it seems to feature benevolent first contact with extraterrestrials:

It resembles very closely the ending of Spielberg’s ‘Close Encounters with the Third Kind’ where a team of people used sound and a certain simple melody to communicate with a large ship with benevolent extraterrestrials greeting them later on. Although they returned abductees so perhaps benevolent isn’t the right word there. Although if Spielberg were depicting the scene from Project Serpo, which is an alleged human-ET exchange program with benevolent ETs, then it is a benevolent encounter and exchange.

Here is the scene from Close Encounters:

And a very similar scene from the music video. In the music video the ship is a pyramid but in Close Encounters it’s saucer-shaped:

The music video lyrics are benevolent and uplifting. It seems this music video could be interpreted in different ways, both positive and negative, but it will be up to each person who watches it to decide what they think.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

[Adding this next synchronicity an hour or so after this articles’ publishing]:

Speaking of solar-related synchronicities, I went out to see the neighbors and after a little while and suddenly one of them wanted to paint their faded sunflower lawn decoration. So two of them worked on it together.

[Additional synchronicity a few hours after publishing]:

This article ended up being published at 05:43 PM (hover mouse over date below the title to verify the article publishing time, this can’r be done with mobile/tablets) and 51 minutes later at 6:34 PM Arizona time we had a C-Class flare:

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Lottery Scratcher Synchronicity, Trump Dream, Many Solar Flare Synchronicities, Many Dreams, Teal Swan Prophetic Dream & More

For those who are interested there are some more interesting dreams and synchronicities happening that will be shared here. As always discernment is advised.

One interesting thing that I’ve learned about the Higher Ups is that they know what the winning lottery numbers are (as far as the scratchers go anyways). I know this because they have divinely-guided me to them on occasion to prove an important point and/or just give me a reward for hard work. Recently I did some house-sitting and decided to journey up to the store and I telepathically got ‘scratcher’ on the way there.

After getting a few things I went to the register they used my eyes to point at the identification number for the particular scratcher they wanted me to get. They guided me to get 5 number 15s which were 1 dollar each so I spent 5 bucks. After assuming I would lose on all of them because I’m just not that lucky when it comes to gambling, I was amazed when, on one particular scratcher, I won on every number and got $10 total. Woohoo! The winning numbers were 8 and 9 and that’s what I got for each thing plus a $5 bonus:

Sorry about the quality I took the picture with my laptop.

The next thing I would share is a Trump dream that happened on June 5th. I am not a big fan of any politician or billionaire (‘oligarch’ in most other countries) but perhaps this dream had to do with the January 6th Committee investigating the so-called ‘insurrection’ (which seemed to actually be a trap in some ways) which started Thursday June 9th:

June 5th, 2022 08:58 AM

Dream about following Trump around with my siblings I think and some other people and we went to a restaurant. Trump and I didn’t talk or make eye contact at all.

I remember the people at the restaurant were very helpful and seemed to treat us differently because we were with him.

I think there was something before or after this about painting walls a different color. Maybe being in some living space or something connected to him.

I didn’t know what our relationship was to him in the dream but it felt like we were supposed to be there. I don’t know if his wife or kids were there.

The restaurant was multi-leveled and I think we were sat down right away.

I think I may have been expected to pay for my part of the meal but we had just barely got to that point before I woke up I think so I’m not sure if I had to or if Trump would cover it. Don’t remember much else.

Donald Trump is many things but he is not responsible for the ‘insurrection’ so maybe this dream is indicating that he will be fine as it relates to this particular issue.

I forgot how this happened or why I wrote it down, perhaps I restarted my computer. I don’t remember but something about the sun kept appearing and so I decided to write it down on June 7th. This would turn out to be extremely prophetic as you will read on:

And then solar activity started creeping back up into the C-Class range after taking a break for a little while. A C-Class flare happened at June 9th 03:39 AM which would be June 8th 08:39 PM in AZ time, the next day after writing the above email:

Yesterday June 9th an opportunity to be service-to-others presented itself when I walked to the grocery store and saw a woman flying a sign in the parking lot. When I went into the store and came back out I telepathically got that I should to give her all the money I had. She was flying the sign to help her family and especially her 1-year old who she showed me a picture of on her phone. I offered to get some groceries for her if she wanted and she agreed. I’m including all of this because of the time I got on the receipts were before an increase in solar activity which has become the norm now interestingly.

I apologize about the quality of the photos here; I used my laptop camera to take them. Here are both receipts. The first one is mine for 2:29 PM and the second one was for her and that was 2:55 PM:

And then we had a C-Class flare at 4:15 PM in Arizona time, 80 minutes after getting the receipt for her stuff and the biggest C-Class flare we’ve had in a while at the time:

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the next solar flare synchronicities but yesterday I suddenly started hearing background music from ‘Merlin’ which is a British show about Arthurian legend which is most excellent (you can watch it here for free). It took a while but the part I heard was the beginning part of a track titled ‘Finale’ which was used in the following scene where Merlin says he was born to serve Arthur and help him create an amazing world. It is from the ending of the show (season 5 episode 13) in the episode titled ‘Diamond of the Day Part 2’:

I don’t know what this means yet but it definitely means something:

I am learning that probably everything that is happening, including things that appear to be ‘accidents’, are happening for a reason and aren’t accidents at all. One such amazing example is a copyright claim I got for one my videos titled ‘The Solar Sneeze 432Hz’.

It’s a short video which is basically about the sun flaring and then an animated person going up into the sky like they are Ascending with the final scene being from ‘Babylon 5’ where one of the characters Ascends after his DNA is manipulated. This happened on June 9th at 8:53 PM:

And then amazingly, today June 10th we had an M-Class flare happen at 3:54 AM Arizona time. The flare happened 7 hours after the above copyright claim:

Unfortunately the video is blocked in some countries now so I’ve uploaded it to BitChute for those who want to check it out:

Something strange happened after the video finished uploading though. For some reason it got like 17 views right away and one dislike. I don’t know if new videos are advertised for everyone to see. I don’t use BitChute much so maybe I am just not aware of how it works. In any case it’s better off there than YouTube.

The video is prophetic is another way as well because the thumbnail photo for the video is of a solar flare happening on the upper left part of the sun and that is where this M-Class flare originated:

Ben from Suspicious 0bservers just released a video about this during the time of this writing:

In addition to this there appears to be another prophetic component to this because in the Solar Sneeze video there is a scene where the solar ejecta is headed towards earth:

And apparently the sun released a CME (which was a separate event from the M-Class flare) on June 9th sometime (data isn’t complete yet as of the time of this writing as far as I know). The sun is the middle dot and the dot directly to the right is Earth:

Last night and this morning was a wild night filled with a lot of dreams. What’s interesting is that the M-Class solar flare happened this morning June 10th at 3:54 AM AZ time and it was an M1.22:

When I finally woke up I looked at the laptop clock and saw it was 12:22 PM. I was not happy about sleeping in so late but realized it was probably a synchronicity as the flare was an M1.22. The dreams aren’t really important so you can skip them if you want. I don’t think there’s anything prophetic or useful in them. One of the dreams turned out to be prophetic as you will read below.

I don’t have proof of when I woke up but I started writing down the dreams at 12:30 PM;

Another couple of dreams were full animated like a cartoon or like South Park:

This one was about just walking onto some thrift store property and helping them even though I didn’t work there. I got the number 808 as the time in the evening when the driver was taking me home. Very interestingly, after adding this and that to this article in addition to proof reading and editing various things the original publishing time was 8:08 PM. I don’t know about mobile or tablet devices but on a computer with a mouse you can hover over the date below the title and it will show you the article publishing time. It’s interestingly because I wasn’t even paying attention to the time when I was doing all of this.

June 10th, 2022 12:34 PM

Had dream where I just waltzed onto the property of a thrift store and just started helping them in the back.

There was a young man and an older woman there who needed help moving a vending machine somewhere and so I just helped and they didn’t ask any questions haha.

We used a dolly to move it which took a bit of effort for me and the woman.

Eventually the young man drove us down a city road and was taking me back home I think. He said the time was 808.

That number means I need to watch how much money I spend. Don’t remember much else.

If I remember correctly, there were about 4 dreams that were the same and spread out throughout the night and morning and were very annoying because it felt like I was there for way too long:

This hasn’t happened yet but the Higher Ups have been communicating that an X-Class solar flare is coming. As usual I am skeptical about this but the sun is acting up again so we will see. Publishing these things before they happen is always a leap of faith that may not result in anything. I definitely wouldn’t put any bets on it. Here are a couple from June 7th:

And here is one from today:

I would also add a possibly prophetic dream here regarding another lightworker named Teal Swan. She escaped a brutal cult that practiced human sacrifice among other horrors. She survived years of horrific ritual abuse and was used by the cult as a seer as they want people with abilities in their ranks. She is extremely intelligent and kind. I would highly recommend looking into her story. She did an interview with a news channel about it but I would add that the content is beyond gruesome.

Here is the dream which was about tarot cards from May 30th:

May 30th, 2022 10:56 AM

Dream where two people looked at me with masks. There were things happening before this but don’t remember them now.

I remember there were two tarot cards I think. The people had animal masks on which were white and had horns but I didn’t know which animal it was.

The animal on the cards seemed like the same animal I think. Maybe a bull horn or something like that.

The card was different and I didn’t see which one it was but the artwork included the animal and a light green nice looking landscape.

Don’t remember the other card well. This is all I can remember. 

And then a couple of days later on June 1st, she announced that she was releasing her own deck of tarot cards called Aether Creature Oracle Guidance Cards which is downloaded as an app. I looked on her Facebook and saw that it wasn’t announced beforehand, it was just announced the day of, June 1st:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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Prophetic Eurovision Synchronicities Come True, Bad Dreams, Attacks, Cobra ‘Dream’ Comes True, RuPaul Dream Comes True, Solar Flare Synchronicities, ET Contact Dream & More

There have been some interesting things happening which will be shared below for those who are interested. As always discernment is advised.

Some might recall that in March this year I kept turning my lights off accidentally and thought this might be pointing to a song titled ‘Lights Off’ by We Are Domi for the Eurovision Song Contest being the winner.

This is drawing a conclusion which I have been learning to stop doing. But the synchronicities were predicting something that actually came true.

[Adding this next synchronicity June 5th, 2022]:

I just remembered a possible prophetic song the Higher Ups provided on April 23rd of this year where they put the song ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ by The Buggles in my head:

After looking into this song I discovered that it was the first music video ever played on MTV on August 1st, 1981 at 12:01 AM:


“…On 1 August 1981, MTV (Music Television) kicked off its very first episode, blending music and television, and for the first time ever.

The very first music video played on MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles…”

After going back to look at the music video randomly today I realized that the Higher Ups were possibly using this song to emphasize that the Czech Republic band We Are Domi would be performing first in the Grand Finale before it was publicly announced which wasn’t until May 10th. The song lyrics even have the words “You were the first one”:

“Oh-a oh-a
You were the first one
Oh-a oh-a
You are the last one”

The first thing you see when you watch the music video is something similar to the half kinetic sun used as a prop for the stage:

And here’s a great comparison shot from the Eurovision 2022 stage:

[End of additional information.]

This song continued popping into my head and on May 10th even got a telepathic image of a beautifully vivid scene of them on stage winning (not sure why I got the word winner when they didn’t win, unless it was to mean they ‘won’ the opportunity to open the Grand Finale):

The song kept playing in my head which I decided to document just in case:

The Grand Finale happened on May 14th and while We Are Domi took 22nd place, they were chosen to open the Grand Finale and perform first:

So while they didn’t win, ‘they’ communicated that this band was important in some way and it turned out they were right! Out of all the bands that could have opened, it was them which I thought was amazing. How something like this can be communicated a couple of months before the song contest even started is truly amazing.

I would also add here that the light show that went along with parts of their song was epic and although the kinetic sun that was part of the stage stopped working a few days before the contest started, this made it almost resemble light exploding from the galactic central sun. This also seemed to go along with all of these solar flare synchronicities that have been happening these past several months. The stage design was intended to be like the sun:


“…The Eurovision 2022 stage design, entitled “The Sun Within”, was meant to play on the movement and energy of the sun…”

Clicking play will start the video where the light show starts. There is a lot of flashing so I’d add an epilepsy warning here.

To go along with the possible galactic central sun resemblance (all of this could be a coincidence) I discovered that the same day the list of performers were released, May 12th, scientists released the first picture of the black hole at the center of our galaxy:


“…On May 12, 2022, astronomers on the Event Horizon Telescope team released an image of a black hole called Sagittarius A* that lies at the center of the Milky Way galaxy...”

Very interestingly, the Statue of David was used in the background effects during the performance and I wondered if there was something to be found there. After doing some digging I found a bit of conflicting information about the statues’ height but did find several references to it being 410 cm tall:

(Victoria and Albert Museum)

“…Considering the colossal size of the original David (410 cm) and, above all, its “almost rickety”[3] state, Papi needed to take immense care to avoid damaging the statue…”

The most recent article before this one was published on May 10th and the next day I believe there was some retaliation in the form of some terrible dreams. It was negative at every conceivable level and I was made to feel like I was an accident:

It’s possible another retaliatory situation manifested while talking to my neighbor when a large tree branch suddenly snapped. It was huge and happened while we were talking about doing inner work and other subjects regarding how things work on this planet:

I believe it was May 15th when a dream about America’s Got Talent magician Issy Simpson made an appearance which was super exciting:

Interestingly on May 16th there were several dreams about being a spirit (dead) along with a date and something about 410 days after that date:

September 21st in 1996 was the 265th day of the year:

And interestingly April 10th (410) is the 100th day of the year with 265 days remaining:

Although either if it’s 410 days after that date in 1996 or 1997 I couldn’t really find anything significant. Either way it would be November 5th.

A possibility might be that November 5th, 1997 was the day of the biggest sunspot of the year:

The day before that date the same sunspot group produced an X-Class flare and another X-Class flare the day after:

So perhaps this dream has to do with solar activity. Time will tell of course but I wouldn’t put any bets on it.

Interestingly this particular blog post number ends with 410. These are generated by WordPress automatically when a new blog post is created.

I’m learning that these seemingly random ‘accidents’ are not accidents at all and this next one is another example. I had to restart my computer, (forgot the reason why) and noticed the sun as my wallpaper and though that this might not be an accident. The Higher Ups will use anything and everything to communicate messages if necessary. This was May 24th at 2:34 PM:

And then the next day May 25th we had an M-Class solar flare which would be 11:24 AM in Arizona:

I almost didn’t write this next thing down because I wasn’t sure if I actually remembered it or not but it was a possible Cobra dream/vision that happened in the partially awake/sleep state on May 21st:

My interpretation of this is that in the ‘dream’ I saw what looked like another video being posted but it wasn’t the same video so perhaps this was communicating that the new post would be similar but not the same. This could definitely be prophetic because the new post was going into further detail about the video form the previous post which was about various cycles of time ending/beginning. The ‘dream’ was also prophetic in that it happened on May 21st and Cobra published the new post on May 26th:

Another possible encouraging synchronicity happened on May 21st while at the library and one of the kind librarians had a t-shirt that said ‘Justice is Coming’ on it:

Some might recall a dream that happened recently about RuPaul’s Drag Race show where the cinematography was amazing along with the theme song to the British sci-fi show ‘Merlin’. This dream happened on May 7th:

And then amazingly they uploaded a very well-animated video (amazing cinematography and detail just like in the dream) introducing each of the queens dressed as Greek women on May 16th, 11 days after the dream:

The Merlin theme song seemed so random but now I realize it was communicating that the video would be taking place in ancient times as I’ve researched and found that Arthurian legend is from around the 5th century. So both Greek civilization and Arthurian legend would be considered ancient history.

[Adding this next synchronicity on June 7th]:

It appears that I possibly added the incorrect video (or perhaps the dream was prophetic in more than one way) but a new video clip was uploaded on the RuPaul’s YouTube channel which was a challenge for the queens to ad lib (improvise) an episode of a court show called ‘Fairytale Justice’ (similar to ‘The People’s Court’). This is much more similar to the dream where I heard the theme song from ‘Merlin’ and saw a castle. A castle was featured as part of the intro of the video which was published on June 5th:

Here is Camelot castle from the ‘Merlin’ intro:

I would also add that the wolf spirit animal appeared in the form of the defendant who played the big bad wolf. It’s interesting that this ‘bad wolf’ keeps appearing in real life throughout time and space just like in Doctor Who:

[End of additional information.]

I did a little research into RuPaul since he has appeared in a dream before. I watched several interviews and found that this is someone who is probably a starseed. He said he never wanted to be in The Matrix and has great wisdom about the Universe and life in general. This is not to say his life is without controversy and it’s hard to say if there is any connection to him and the terrible things that go on in Hollywood. In any case, this prophetic dream coming true was very cool.

The next is a dream from May 22nd which featured ET contact with two different types although the first one I don’t remember and the other one was unidentifiable but materialized in a gumdrop shaped series of orange energy lines:

On May 26th ‘they’ put the music from the ending scene of Men in Black 2 into my head and this is the part of the movie where the evil tentacle being finally gets destroyed and there is a huge fireworks show above the Statue of Liberty:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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X-Class Solar Flare Dream/Synchronicities Come True, More Solar Flare Synchronicities, Cobra Dream, RuPaul Dream, Fun Dream, Attacks, Spirit Animal Synchronicities & More

There have been a lot of dreams and synchronicities happening which will be shared here for those souls who are interested in checking them out. As always discernment is advised. Apologies about the length of this article.

Recently the Higher Ups communicated on May 3rd that an X-Class solar flare was going to happen:

I was skeptical about this but took a leap of faith anyways and shared it in the previous article. This was followed up by a dream where I saw ‘X1’ on a license plate along with the message of the dream being that I had nothing to worry about. That dream was on May 5th.

They used my eyes to type out ‘X-Class’ again on May 7th which I decided to document just in case, still thinking it wasn’t likely to happen:

The same day, May 7th, I ‘accidentally’ clicked on the following link:

And just yesterday or the day before they used my eyes to type out ‘X-Class coming’ but I didn’t write this down and dismissed it because it had been days since the original prediction and I didn’t think they could possibly predict a solar event that big so far in advance. We are talking about 7 days in advance.

Additionally as interesting, while writing down a dream on May 8th I accidentally shutdown the computer (backspace is just under the power button, oops) and when I restarted it I saw the Sun wallpaper on the homescreen and thought this might not be an accident:

Well my mind was blown when today, May 10th, we had an Earth-facing X-Class solar flare and even the intensity that they predicted in the dream was correct, it was an X1. I’m still a bit in shock honestly! This has to be one of the biggest leaps of faith that has paid off so far:

In the countless amount of numbers they show me everyday the triple 7s kept appearing before this solar flare and this means that you should expect miracles to happen. I’d say they were pretty accurate!

Another synchronicity that might be part of this is that someone took me to get my prescription glasses today. This could symbolize this particular solar flare synchronicity coming into focus and seeing the end result of the signs leading up to it very clearly.

The flare originated from sunspot group 3006:

And interestingly the meaning of the number 3006 on the angels numbers website was published at 11:11:

The next item of interest is a dream about being with a group of people and some of them were extraterrestrials:

May 6th, 2022 07:40 AM

Had dream about being with a group of people and some of them were extraterrestrials. One of them was a young woman who had beautiful and noticeably bigger eyes than we do.

We were walking around together in a large group of like 10 of us I think and I don’t remember what we were doing but we just went from place to place in what seemed like a school or library perhaps.

There was family conflict happening between some of them and their relatives. They needed love. Don’t remember much else.

Just before and after the Divine Intervention Meditation the Higher Ups are now regularly communicating in advance about solar activity. On May 6th I let them use my eyes to type out ‘C-Class solar flare, big one.’ on my keyboard:

We had a few C-Class flares after that but we did have a big C8 on May 8th, a couple of days later:

The Higher Ups are quite skilled at making not only myself but other people uncomfortable sometimes. I say that because of the nature of this Cobra dream I had on May 7th which I haven’t quite been able to figure out yet. Perhaps it’s predicting an upcoming (or already happened) uncomfortable situation. If Cobra is reading this I apologize about this brother:

May 7th, 2022 04:08 AM

Dream about being in a big house and Cobra was there along with some other people too. I don’t know what we were doing there but I remember Cobra needed to shower and wanted privacy.

I think I was in the bathroom or somewhere close by and maybe he told me he wanted to shower or I just knew, don’t remember now.

I remember there was a skunk chasing this older lady around and hopped up right onto her and it sprayed her really bad, like point blank several times.

I remember using the hostess cake snacks to lure the skunk outside and to get rid of it without getting sprayed. It worked actually and I had to go outside and stand outside of the room where Cobra was in the shower.

For some reason the bathroom had access to a sliding glass door to the backyard so there was a risk of seeing someone in there from the backyard possibly.

When I went outside I avoided looking into the sliding glass door to the bathroom. I remember thinking Cobra was probably irritated that I was outside there and heard the other sliding glass door open.

I think I was visualizing this but didn’t know for sure if it would bother him.

I also remember seeing a big lion casually lying down and looking like it had a bit of a human resembling face. He looked very tame and that he wouldn’t attack someone.

Don’t remember which other animals there were or what we were doing there or when or where. I remember trying to read the ingredient list on the hostess cakes to see if they were vegan because I wanted one but couldn’t read the label that well.

Someone was there with me I think, maybe a lady and there were other things that led up to the skunk and the shower but don’t remember now.

This next dream definitely won’t be for everyone but I decided to write it down because it seems prophetic. I think it might be about the upcoming season of one of RuPaul’s Drag Race shows called ‘All Stars’ which is set to premiere on May 20th which is 10 days from the time of this writing. This is where they take winners of previous contests and compete with each other and try to win first place. In the dream though there was a scene where the theme song from BBC’s ‘Merlin’ was playing and it was a powerful moment. I remember the cinematography was just incredible:

May 7th, 2022 09:57 AM

Drag Race dream where the contestants had to dress up and do challenges. This time the cinematography was spectacular with great color and detail.

It was just beautiful and amazing looking. I think I saw them do an intro of the contestants. It was also very funny I think.

I remember it was one of the contestants turn and they had to fly and suddenly the theme song from the BBC’s Merlin was playing during the scene. It was powerful and I think there was a castle in the shot.

All in all I would say it was an amazing episode that I saw. I think All Stars season 7 is about to start.

I don’t remember what was said but it seemed like the whole thing was amazing. The one I saw had a dress that was long and I think red/black/white or just two of those colors.

The way they were moving made the dress move in a certain way which was mesmerizing. They were very slender. Don’t remember any names. There may have been some slow motion shots.

I couldn’t believe how well done the cinematography was and how vivid and beautiful it was.

Another dream from that night/morning was about presenting some art to a class that was done by a relative:

May 7th, 2022 10:00 AM

Don’t remember much but I think there was some art and creative ideas that I ended up using to share in a classroom setting that one of my relatives did.

The artwork was world class and the colors and story were incredible and well thought out.

I don’t remember much about what it was but I think it was some kind of animated cartoon idea which surprisingly ended up being a big success with the students and teacher.

I remember a small but full color page that was extremely well done and how vivid and attractive the artwork was.

I didn’t have my own so I ended up using theirs. I’m not sure what it was called or what the character’s names were or anything but that it was a surprise hit.

On May 7th I heard the song from the video ‘A Positive Divine Message 432Hz‘ but at a specific point in the song. It was the part of the video where there was information about the Island of Light Communities that will be established after The Event (some are already in development) which is where certain people will go to complete the Ascension process:

The time I documented this was 07:57 PM and then 56 minutes later at 8:53 PM (UTC converted to AZ time) we had a C-Class solar flare:

The other interesting part about that particular scene was that it was taken from an episode of ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ Season 2 Episode 12 (Epiphany) where the main character goes into a portal and can’t get out. He eventually finds himself in a community of people who are on the path to Ascension and ultimately helps them by overcoming their fears which they created themselves. A more detailed analysis of this episode can be found here which includes the episode to watch for free.

This wasn’t included in the last post because I was guided not to include it but during the possible telepathic communication with Semjase I was given some uplifting and prophetic information:

I believe this next story which is connected to this possible communication with Semjase is another example of what you put out into the Universe comes back to you.

My neighbor, who speaks mostly Spanish but enough English to get by, had come over May 5th and I was showing him cards that you’d have in a wallet and he saw my food stamp card and expressed that he needed help with this. So we tried calling and I couldn’t get an answer because I wasn’t his authorized representative. So I just asked the woman if he needed to apply again and she said yes.

So we do the whole application process online and he, supposedly, will be getting approved by this upcoming Friday (hopefully). Amazingly they waived the interview so we didn’t have to do that. He asked for help with applying for jobs too and we were able to do quite a few and he showed me a link in a text to schedule an interview which he did and that was just today May 10th.

The Semjase message from April 29th said I would be getting some money. Fast forward to the day after I helped my neighbor which was May 6th I started to walk to the store and on the way there I found $12 dollars on the ground. Wow! So this appears to have been not only a prophetic message but another example of how good deeds come back to you in some form. I don’t know for sure if it’s Semjase or not but this was really amazing either way. I wish there was a way to know for sure that it’s her.

The Higher Ups have been getting a lot better about communicating that an attack is going to happen. They can’t prevent them from happening but over the last several months they have been using our communication system (one example is using my eyes to point at things) to communicate that an attack is going to happen. I decided to write this down because it seemed important:

I didn’t connect these two events earlier but perhaps the attack warning from that day was for the upcoming night which was hell:

Very strangely the other night which I think was May 6th going into the 7th (the night after publishing the previous article interestingly) I got some knocks on my front door. They woke me up out of a dead sleep and I was not happy. They kept knocking and I decided to ignore them. I went to the window and looked out quickly and saw an SUV which seemed to be a police vehicle. The person was using a flashlight to try and look inside my place.

I was getting pretty mad and thought that if I answered the door I would say something I would regret. Fast forward to last night my neighbor added some information to this event and said that night they heard footsteps in the gravel and apparently only knocked on my door. They said it was like 1 AM.

Then today the relative that took me to get the glasses told me about how there was an alert about an altercation which was located exactly at this building I’m in. Okay there was no altercation and the people here get along just fine. And at 1 in the morning? Oh boy I was so mad.

Assuming this was some kind of attack it’s definitely not the first. Terrible things would happen while I was working on videos and especially meditation videos.

One thing I forgot which I hope is a coincidence is about a couple of weeks after moving in here I noticed my water was off one evening. I went out to investigate and it turns out the person on the other side of me had an end part of a pipe burst and water went everywhere.

This is another pattern I’ve noticed which is that wherever I live/visit for the past couple of years or so there is some kind of water event (pipe bursting or something) that causes problems and damage. I believe that at least some of these things are retaliation due to the timing and because water problems can cause a lot of damage which is what they want to do. They want lightworkers/light warriors to stop and just go away and die (and suffer as much as possible during the process). But we will not go away and die, one way or another we will be victorious.

On May 7th they put the song ‘One Step at a Time’ by American Idol winner Jordin Sparks which is about just letting things happen in their time (possibly connected to the X1 solar flare):

The next dream from May 9th was absolutely so much fun I was actually a bit upset that I had to wake up here in the physical world. It was basically this gentleman and myself on some kind of levitating platform and everything I would think would manifest almost instantly:

May 9th, 2022 09:30 AM

Dream were I went with a gentleman to a mall-type setting to get some things for him I think. There was some kind of platform we rode on kind of like from Tomorrowland.

I remember it tilted at one point and I slid down and off and was hanging on to the edge for dear life!

I remember at one point we were enclosed in some kind of space, possibly on this platform and anything I would think of manifested quickly, within about a couple of seconds. This was so much fun!

I remember him telling me to lock the door gate and I looked at the little hole where you’d put a lock.

I thought about putting a zip tie in there and the next thing I know I heard some noises and realized I over did it.

Suddenly the other side of the gate had a zip tie in it, the fence had a bunch of them sticking out and when I looked down at myself I had them around my wrists! This was so cool.

I changed the landscape and did so much more with just thought.

We spent what seemed like a long time there. I remember we were done and some spooky people came in through a door for something. They were dressed up and one of them looked at me.

Then I was with two other people, a woman I used to work with I think and they wanted to ride this platform and be part of a story like a holodeck I think.

It seemed like it was going to be a great time. It was exciting. I’m not sure what story though, they seemed to have a serious demeanor. Don’t remember much else. Don’t know where we were or the time.

Another song they put in my head which took a little while to figure out was ‘Crescendolls’ by Daft Punk:

This is the part of the hour-long ‘movie’, which has no dialogue, titled ‘Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem‘, where the benevolent extraterrestrials, who were kidnapped by an evil wealthy French mogul (possibly Rothschild), are finished being programmed in his underground base and are ready to get a record deal and start their public career. They are shown in this part of the movie as being totally miserable, being mistreated and, with their memories and physical appearances changed, not knowing who they really are. I’m not quite sure of this meaning of this synchronicity:

Last night , May 9th, I went to go hangout with the neighbors and after a while one of them starting singing the big bad wolf song (Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf). They did this a few times and I thought this might be a wolf spirit animal synchronicity.

Earlier the same day I noticed a brown spider hanging out in the crack of the front door and thought it might be a brown recluse (very poisonous). After looking at it and checking out pictures on Google it turned out to be a wolf spider. It decided to make a break for it and went into the bedroom as fast as it could. Sorry wolfie, love ya but you gotta go outside. Maybe it was predicting the neighbor singing the big bad wolf song later in the evening.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

PS Hopefully this neutral and g-rated humorous video won’t offend:

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Big Solar Flare Synchronicities, Being a Guide Dream, Blue Dawn Video Synchronicity, Lots of Special Dreams, Prophetic Erik Prince Dream & More

For those souls who are interested there are some interesting things happening which will be shared here. Discernment is advised as usual.

I will start with an interesting dream about being a guide for a gentleman who seemed to be going through the death process. For convenience the dream has been typed out below the screenshot:

May 1st, 2022 07:18 AM

Dream where I was helping a gentleman through the death process. I remember only parts of this. I remember trying to fly at one point and was able to go up a bit but not a lot. I was wondering if I was a spirit or if I was still alive in a body. I couldn’t tell.

I remember this man, I forgot his name, but I think I was supposed to help him because he had died and was confused.

I remember getting into his vehicle while he was in there while he thought he was alone. He saw me and got upset and asked who I was. I don’t remember what I said but I got his name right most of the time and forgot it a couple times and said the wrong name.

I remember he wanted to go back to his house and I knew we shouldn’t go back there. On the way there I was begging him please don’t go back there. I was crying and begging. I think I called him Larry but that wasn’t his real name.

We eventually got to his house and I knew this was going to be bad. I tried to warn him, I begged. But he insisted.

I remember trying to go to the bathroom and their cute black dog was in there and was interrupting me so I let it out of the bathroom. I remember that he was going to relive the tragedy.

I saw their other dog get stuck in some kind of machine. I think the dog was brown and like a golden retriever looking breed. The machine moved and the dog was stuck. Then I think the man’s son got involved.

This machine was part of the house and was underwater. I think the man died trying to save his son while his son was trying to save the dog. I didn’t see it but I felt like I knew. Then I don’t remember anything. I couldn’t tell if I was a spirit or if I was still alive it was a bit confusing.

Then on May 2nd the song from ‘The Blue Dawn is Coming 432Hz’ video started playing in my head:

I believe this was precluding a solar flare due to the fact that the beginning of the video begins in darkness and then the sun starts to come into view and then the song starts when the sun reaches its maximum exposure:

That song in my head was documented on May 2nd at 3:31 PM and then a few hours later at 6:38 PM (Universal Time converted to Arizona Time) we had a C-Class solar flare:

About 14 hours after documenting the song message we had an X-Class solar flare. 13:25 in Arizona Time would be 6:25 AM on May 3rd:

On May 3rd I had some amazing dreams that were full of laughter, joy and just so much happiness. I don’t remember much of them but I woke up feeling so great it was very needed:

The same day May 3rd I suddenly heard ‘Venus‘ by Lady Gaga:

I’m not sure about this meaning of this quite yet.

The next amazing thing that has been communicated is to do with solar flares. Once again a benevolent Higher Force is communicating that a solar flare is going to happen and then it does. I let them use my eyes to type out three different kinds of solar flares.

They kept giving me telepathically ‘A’ ‘B’ and I ignored this thinking that those level solar flares are not important. But I think they were trying to communicate the order in which the flares were going to happen which I didn’t document.

The first one was a C-Class which I documented on May 3rd at 1:27 PM:

And then 44 minutes later at 2:11 PM (UTC converted to Arizona Time) we had a C-Class solar flare:

‘They’ typed out ‘M-Class’ on my keyboard (these solar flare messages were documented within a few minutes of each other) and amazingly the next solar flare that happened was an M-Class and after that there were several M-Class flares:

The M-Class message was written out at 1:29 PM and then about 4 hours later at 5:19 PM we had the M-Class solar flare:

They had me type out ‘X-Class’ as well but that hasn’t happened yet as of the time of this writing so this is a leap of faith to write this out before it happens:

On May 3rd they also put the Beauty and the Beast song in my head:

The only thing I can speculate about this song is that there are lyrics regarding the sun. This is drawing a conclusion also and it might not be what is intended to be conveyed:

“Ever just the same

Ever a surprise

Ever as before

Ever just as sure

As the sun will rise

Certain as the sun

(Certain as the sun)

Rising in the east”

I’m not sure what the meaning of this is quite yet either. I never know if any of these things mean anything when I write them down so maybe it’s related to solar activity and maybe it’s related to something else which needs time to manifest.

The next is an interesting dream which I will share below. The first featured a number and the spaces between the numbers were included in the dream = 1 11 11:

There were a few things I looked into regarding this number and I thought of it as a possible countdown from the time the dream was documented = 1 day 11 hours 11 minutes and this would be today, May 5th at 8:25 PM (20:25) which is still about 2 hours away from the time of this writing.

The other thing I thought of is plugging it into the Pi calculator and seeing what came up and I found the third instance of 11111 appearing in Pi appears just before 410 in the string of numbers:

Yesterday on May 4th in the evening time I suddenly found myself humming ‘These Dreams’ by Heart:

I didn’t realize it but this was going to preclude several interesting dreams over the course of the night and into the morning which will be shared below. Although just before those I got a telepathic image along with a mild bodily energy surge. The Higher Ups do this when something they want to communicate is really important. The image was of a character from a ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ episode titled ‘Transfigurations’ which is basically about an human-looking alien who experiences strange symptoms that lead to him transforming into an Ascended Being. You can watch it for free here if you want. The quality isn’t super great but it’s free:

Here is the first dream which was about getting benevolent hidden and metaphysical assistance. I’ve typed it out for convenience:

May 5th, 2022 01:44 AM

Details fading quickly. Dream about being somewhere difficult.

I remember watching someone and there were some kind of special and unique pills left for them. I believe there was three. Two were different from the other I believe.

There were other things happening before this but don’t remember much now. I remember watching two people together after one of them had found the pills and taken them. They were for that person specifically I think.

When the other person was feeling something like cereal, the person that took the pills could feel what they were feeling. They could feel the texture and they were both amazed at this.

I think it was a small but powerful way of letting the person know that someone was watching out for them. I think I was looking at a woman but I’m not entirely sure. [The person seemed androgynous.] I think there were extraterrestrials involved. Important.

This person had long blond hair that I think was pulled back. A good person. Don’t remember who anyone was or where this was or when. I think there was something about languages and another detail I am having trouble remembering.

The next dream was about getting some information from a psychic medium to someone with the name ‘Nuñez’ and I think there was a high ratio of souls coming in to support the people. I think it was 130 souls to 1 person. There were other larger numbers before this but the details faded:

May 5th, 2022 03:56 AM

Dream where there was something about spiritual warfare I think. I remember a woman in the audience I knew and a psychic medium said who here knows Nunez?

Several people raised their hands including the woman I knew. The medium wasn’t supposed to do this because something else was going on in this room full of people but they chose to speak up about this Nunez.

And for some reason I raised my hand and pointed it towards the woman I knew and everyone looked at her. She skeptically said that it probably wasn’t her because so many people had raised their hands.

I remember someone talking about how there are more souls coming in to support the people. It was a large amount and I think the number 130 came up. I don’t know if that was a ratio (130-1) or what but this was good news.

There were things that happened before this that led up to it but don’t remember now. I don’t remember anymore info about Nunez or where we were or what day or time it was. Details fading. 

And then there was a dream later on in the morning which was possibly predicting an X-Class solar flare in addition to being a message about being worried over nothing. This is another mention of an X-Class solar flare that has not yet happened as of the time of this writing so this is another leap of faith to include this:

May 5th, 2022 09:57 AM

I remember a dream about riding around in an RV and this went on for a while. Someone I used to know was driving it at one point and I was afraid of their driving. They kept doing u-turns over and over and it was getting stressful.

I remember driving past a vehicle I think where there was an X1 in the license plate number and thought about how this might be a prophetic thing predicting the intensity of a solar flare that hasn’t happened yet.

I was nervous throughout this dream in general but looking back there was no reason to be. Everything turned out fine.

We had to change the front passenger tire with the spare and then the young guy that was driving parked outside of his dad’s house and had to go help him with stuff.

He was putting away a lot of stuff he had in a trailer or something. Then the dad had some kind of towel around him with rainbows or something light-hearted on him and I asked about it and his wife laughed about it in a good and amusing way. I was worried for nothing.

It’s possible the Erik Prince dream I had was prophetic in regards to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. He was simply there with no context or anything. This was January 9th:

And the invasion of Ukraine happened on February 24th more than a month after the dream. Interestingly, the magic number 410 appears as the time stamp for the following headline from Russia Today:

Cobra mentioned Erik in a recent post:


“…Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, appears to be one of the main forces behind both sides of the conflict in the Russia-Ukraine war:…”

The word ‘fox’ in various forms in addition to images of the animal itself continue to appear regularly interestingly. While looking into any information I could find about Semjase I found this clip from a film where someone named Foxfur has an in-person meeting with her. I don’t know how accurate some of the things they discuss in the film are but it was interesting nonetheless:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

I’ve been guided to this uplifting song recently:

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Spirit Animal Appearance, Possible Prophetic Twitter Buyout Synchronicity, Possible Prophetic French Election Synchronicity, Possible Semjase Telepathic Contact, Prophetic Dream, Prophetic Solar Flare Synchronicities

For those who are interested there are some pretty exciting things in here which I would share along with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment.

My spirit animal, the wolf, has been continuing to appear in the most interesting ways. On April 19th I went outside and saw a van with ‘Wolf’ on it which belonged to a local radio station. I edited it to make sure no one can identify the location:

To reiterate, I had a dream on December 7th, 2018 where I was told I was going to be going on a quest of many perils and benevolent wolf beings would go ahead and make sure the path was safe so I could complete my journey. Since that dream the wolf has appeared in various forms very regularly in the waking and dream state to let me know I was on the right path and put my mind at ease:

December 7th 2018 03:07 AM

Had a dream where I was to go on a quest of many perils. I would be aided by these wolf/dog beings who would go ahead and clear the path for me so I could continue and complete the journey. It was like a video game. They paved steps for me and fought monsters and evil beings for me so I could traverse the path they led for me.

They are very brave beings that are doing this. I remember having to go through the entire above and below ground structure to get to the next level, I don’t know what the end game to this whole thing was. But it was an honor to be able to participate in this quest in any way, because of the sacrifices of those who would volunteer to help.

The time period seemed to be very old, like when fire was used to light the way. I don’t remember there being any technology. It was similar to playing Diablo (computer role play game).

There would always be a next step in where to go next. I think there was another version of me that would appear at times as well. Like in the cave structure. I may have been dressed in a tattered but covering robe.

And to call the last 3-4 years since that dream ‘a quest of many perils’ has been extremely accurate and the understatement of the year. An enormous thank you to those beings doesn’t feel like enough (and to the people who have financially helped out over the years!).

It’s possible that the Higher Ups were communicating and confirming that Elon Musk was going to purchase Twitter before it happened. While online they kept pointing me to investment/stock companies (Schwab in particular) and I thought they wanted me to start trading stocks so I got an account which I learned was not necessary (once again I drew a conclusion when I shouldn’t have). This was on April 18th. Elon made the bid for Twitter on April 14th but it wasn’t clear if that was going to go through. Apologies about the size of the picture below, WordPress wouldn’t let me shrink it for some reason:

Then, per documents from the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), on April 20th, he had secured the funding to buy Twitter.

Then, on April 25th, it was announced that he bought Twitter:

Strangely, on April 21st, I ‘felt’ the word ‘Threnody’ (song by Thomas Bergersen) strongly (felt it and saw it in my mind’s eye and my gut) and decided to write that down:


“A threnody is a wailing ode, song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.”

Per a Facebook post by Thomas Bergersen, he said he wrote the piece as a “musical contemplation on the current unrest in Europe” from 2016.

It’s possible that this synchronicity was regarding the French elections where Macron was announced the winner on April 24th, a few days after writing the song down:

This has resulted in clashes with police and protests:

On April 22nd, I also heard Chopin’s ‘Revolutionary Étude’ again but at a specific point in the piece where it was one of the most dramatic parts. So this may have also been connected to the French election results (part of the title of the piece is French):

There’s a possibility that a part of a recent dream from April 18th featuring Al Capone and tens of thousands of arrests has come true:

There was something about 88 years and while I couldn’t quite figure out the other details yet, on April 23rd, about 6 days after the dream, it was announced that Republican Senator Orrin G. Hatch died at 88 years old:

Interestingly, I calculated that 88 years minus the current year, 2022, would be 1934 and this was the year Al Capone was transferred to Alcatraz prison and it was the same year Orrin Hatch was born. I think there is more to uncover here but I’m not sure about it yet. Maybe the dream was trying to communicate that this guy was as bad as Al Capone. Also as interesting Mr. Hatch was the longest-serving Senator in Utah history. After doing some digging I did find that he took money from Big Pharma and his son is a lobbyist (legal bribery) for the pharmaceutical industry.

I’m not quite sure of the reason for this next song that I got on April 21st (also before the final French election result) but it was the song from ‘Time to Come Home II 432Hz’ (‘Clair de Lune’ by Debussy):

Another strange song that I got on April 23rd suddenly was ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by The Buggles:

After doing some research I learned that this was the first music video played on MTV on August 1st, 1981 at 12:01 AM::


“On 1 August 1981, MTV (Music Television) kicked off its very first episode, blending music and television, and for the first time ever.

The opening credits of the debut episode started with a rocket launch, followed by a video depicting an astronaut on the moon planting an MTV flag…

The very first music video played on MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles...

I’m not sure exactly what this means yet. Perhaps this is a synchronicity that needs time to reveal it’s true meaning.

Okay now on to the solar flare synchronicities. I think it’s so cool that ‘they’, whomever ‘they’ are, are able to communicate in advance that a solar flare is going to happen and then it happens. My educated guess would be that this is The Source/God communicating this because the timing is sometimes so exact I can only theorize that a mind with great intelligence/creativity/love can be the author of such things. These synchronicities are organized/created/done in such a way that they are for the highest good of all concerned.

Although yesterday, April 29th, I kept getting the Katy Perry song ‘Birthday’ in my head which had uplifting lyrics like ‘cover your eyes, I have a surprise’ and so on. They use this song/lyrics sometimes when something really amazing is about to happen. Also, it was Jacob Rothschild’s birthday yesterday (April 29th) so maybe this is a message for him as well:

I don’t know if this is actually what the song was predicting but I suddenly got a telepathic image in my mind along with the word ‘Semjase’ just a few hours after the above screenshot:

The closest image I could find to what I saw was a combination of these. Semjase was not in the image this time but the landscape was similar to the below photos. It was like two hills with forest trees and kind of dim with an opening in the middle of a large sun which was either setting or rising, I couldn’t tell. Perhaps this was also predicting the X-Class solar flare that happened today, April 30th:

I learned before starting this article that today, April 30th, is a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse:

Okay that will dovetail perfectly into the solar flare synchronicities. So on April 27th I felt the Higher Ups put some energy in my body and I knew they wanted to use my eyes to communicate something on the keyboard so I let them. They typed out ‘C-Class Solar Flare’ and ‘X-Class Solar Flare’:

I wrote the C-Class message on April 27th at 7:19 PM and then 48 minutes later at 8:07 PM (Universal Time converted to Arizona Time) we had a C-Class solar flare:

I wrote down the X-Class message at 7:21 PM on April 27th:

Amazingly, and always to my surprise as I never know if these things are going to come true when I write them down, we had an X-Class solar flare today April 30th at 6:47 AM Arizona Time (along with a lot of other solar activity leading up to this):

The magic 410 appears in the details here because this X-Class solar flare originated from sunspot 2994:

(Space Weather)

“…X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: So long, and thanks for the X-flares. Departing sunspot AR2994 unleashed another X1-class solar flare today, April 30th @ 1347UT, as it exited the Earthside of the sun…”

If we plug this number 2994 into the Pi calculator, which tells us the position of any number in Pi, we get 14101, the 410 surrounded by 1s:

The significance of Pi has been emphasized in sci-fi (Stargate SG-1) and by extraterrestrials (encoded in a crop circle):

Another example is from a show I just discovered yesterday called ‘The Lost Symbol‘ which is a prequel to ‘The DaVinci Code’ which was 10 episodes long and unfortunately canceled after one season. They included a reference to the Pi symbol being found on a Freemasonic ring as part of a quest to discover ancient wisdom which can help someone achieve Apotheosis (Ascension):

(The Review Geek)

“…Back at the library, Langdon and Katherine meet back up with Warren and begin looking over the ring’s engravings. Now, given it includes the symbol for Pi, Langdon begins writing out the numbers (he actually knows the first 417 by heart) and uses this to circle letters from the scripture found in Solomon’s safe…”

[Adding this next synchronicity May 1st at 5:50 PM]:

So I realized the possible telepathic contact/image with Semjase seemed to be directing me to some astrological information and might have even been prophetic because of the X-Class solar flare that happened the next day (New Moon and Solar Eclipse simultaneously also on April 30th). I discovered that when the sun goes down tonight, May 1st, there will be a Mercury-Pleiades conjunction.

This recommendation was just added today on I would add here that the conjunction started on April 29th (same day I got the telepathic image), but astrology mostly goes over my head so I’m not looking into these things and only noticed this on SpaceWeather today. I do know that Mercury has to do with communication so that could be another synchronicity regarding this telepathic image and Semjase is from the Pleiades so that is another detail that fits into this synchronicity:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0015-576x1024.png

And in the telepathic image I saw a very large sun that seemed to be rising or setting (setting might make sense due to the recommendation of checking out the conjunction after the sun sets which appeared on the SpaceWeather website the day after the telepathic image). I couldn’t tell, and the area around the image was darkened so maybe that was saying it had to do with space. There’s definitely a lot going on in the solar system these past few days for sure!

[End of additional synchronicity.]

I am being guided to include a story about an important event that happened a couple of years ago or so. Apologies about the grim and negative nature of the story. It was a nice beautiful day and I was either coming back home from the store or walking to the store. I don’t recall if I was guided there or not but I remember noticing a perfectly new razor blade sitting on a rock behind the shed on the property. I remember that the razor blade was not there the day before.

They guided me to pick up the razor blade and then used my eyes to point to the ground. They wanted me to bury the razor blade. So I asked several questions out loud and learned that they wanted me to promise that I would not take my life. At that point I got really worried and thought about how bad my life was going to get that they would want me to promise not to off myself. Looking bad it was bad and so much worse and I’ve thought about doing it so many times. I’m learning that they need this body to be alive and for me to be in it and to complete the journey all the way to the breakthrough. I need to go all the way.

Whenever things would get really bad I would notice a song would be uploaded that day with a title like ‘Stay’ or ‘Please Don’t Go’. Sometimes I would get panic attacks because I know they would probably do some kind of divine intervention to stop me from leaving this body. I would panic because I couldn’t leave no matter how bad things got. But my guess is that the consequences of leaving the physical plane would be somehow very bad although I don’t know what those would be. Again I apologize about the nature of this story and for probably sharing too many personal details but they wanted me to include this anyways.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish you all much love and light!

Synchronistically, this song by the artist ‘Sun Rain’ was just uploaded while writing this article. It goes along perfectly with the activity of the sun today:

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Presidential Dream, Cobra Post/Blue Dawn Synchronicity, Final Battle Synchronicity, Al Capone/Arrests Dream & More

There have been some interesting things happening for those who are interested in checking this out. As always discernment is advised.

I am hesitant to post the following dream because some might find it to be outrageous, which is an opinion I would share. But here it is nonetheless. I believe it was a prophetic dream because it happened early in the morning before some drama occurred in the comments section of Cobra’s blog on April 8th.

In the dream I realized I was briefly the 10th president of the United States and there was a gentleman there who wasn’t being very nice while I was trying to sign some things. I remember thinking how cool it was to be part of history, even just for a little bit:

The 10th presidency was very specific and so I did some research and discovered that Vice President John Tyler became the 10th president after William Harrison, who was the President, died 31 days after taking office. John Tyler was referred to as, ‘His Accidency’, due to the situation. I believe this happened in the dream because I had no intention of replying to this/these individual(s) who regularly insist on attacking my comments on Cobra’s blog in the comments section. The energetic attacks after publishing those comments were severe.

I would reiterate here that just before these strange attacks in the comments section started, I had a dream about being chased by Jacob Rothschild specifically. Of course I’m not sure if that is actually true or not, but when we had a confrontation, he was made of paper, which I interpreted as him being harmless:

I finished writing down the presidency dream at 3:22 AM and then later in the morning after seeing that/those individual(s) comment under my comment choosing to attack, I decided to just address it. If comment section drama/conflict turns your crank, I will share the link here and let you read it for yourself.

I first responded at 11:38 AM and the dream seemed to be prophetic in that I was signing things and was having an altercation with a gentleman. The situation is similar because John Tyler hadn’t intended to become President and after doing some digging I learned that he was the first Vice President to ‘succeed the presidency after the death of his predecessor’:

(White House)

“John Tyler became the tenth President of the United States (1841-1845) when President William Henry Harrison died in April 1841. He was the first Vice President to succeed to the Presidency after the death of his predecessor…

On the other hand I’m excited to share this next prophetic synchronicity which was that on April 14th I suddenly started humming the tune from one of my videos which took a little bit to figure out. Amazingly it was the tune from ‘The Blue Dawn is Coming 432Hz’ where I created some ‘fake’ positive headlines about the liberation of Earth to help people visualize it and help manifest it in reality:

Then on April 16th, two days later, Cobra posted an article titled ‘Apocatastasis’ which was sharing some intel about the situation and the coming breakthrough which one could also call the ‘Blue Dawn’ (dawning of the Age of Aquarius):


“…Most of all this is already cleared, and we are approaching the moment of the apocatastasis:

Apocatastasis is the moment when all quantum and subquantum anomaly will be cleared and all evil consciousness either transformed into the Light or annihilated in the Central Sun…”

Apocatastasis is a Greek word which appears in the Christian bible in Acts 3:21 that translates to ‘reconstitution or restitution’:

(Got Questions)

“…Proponents begin their defense of this position by pointing to the use of the word in Acts 3:21, which says, “For he must remain in heaven until the time for the final restoration [apocatastasis] of all things, as God promised long ago through his holy prophets…

Then, on the same day, Saturday April 16th. one of my relatives sent me a picture of this pamphlet they got in the mail:

Some might be able to guess it was a Christian religion pamphlet containing messages of generally what you’d expect.

There have been some very interesting dreams happening and they have happened after the Divine Intervention meditation we just did on the Full Moon on April 16th.

This morning of April 18th there were some really important dreams and I could tell the Higher Ups really wanted me to write them down but I was so sleepy I thought I could just try to remember the details later but I think some of the info was lost.

The first one had to do with being related/connected (it felt more like related stranegely) to Al Capone for some reason and there were dates involved and a relative that was born in the 1800s along with tens of thousands of arrests coming. I am still trying to figure this one out:

I don’t know if I recalled everything correctly but basically the same/similar story happened the first time I fell asleep and then again later on in the night to seemingly emphasize their importance and make sure I remembered the details in the morning.

In regards to the possible meaning of the 88 years, I learned that 88 years ago from this year, 2022, would be 1934 and this was the year Al Capone was transferred to the Alcatraz prison. Since the dream had a number amount of arrests perhaps it has to do with the arrests of the Cabal:


“…He entered Atlanta penitentiary in May 1932 but was transferred to the new Alcatraz prison in August 1934…”

I thought maybe Al Capone was like a comparison of the Black Nobility since he comes from the House of Capponi:

(World Crime Syndicate)

“…Al Capone was a relative of the Florentine House of Capponi. The Capano family were a nobility of Naples and were related to the Florentine Capponis. The Capano family established themselves in Delaware and still own a large real estate company and have been involved in politics. Members of the Capano family have been Jesuit educated from Boston College and the deceased Thomas Capano was convicted of murder with his brothers assisting him…”

Another dream from the other day was talking to an old best friend from a long time ago and trying to convince him not to join the military and tell him about the current situation on the planet. I tried to ease him into it as I’ve learned the hard way just unloading a bunch of truth on someone is not the best idea, even though we would like everyone to be able to get up to speed that fast:

April 8th 2022 08:32 AM

Best friend dream. I remember we were hanging out in a store I think and then I remember we were on our way back to their house.

I think we drove and they expressed that they were sleepy. It was late like in the early hours of the morning. I remember it was cold and snowy out I think.

Then I think they started to talk about how they want to join the military. I didn’t like this at all and started to ease them into what the real-world situation is right now.

I strongly suggested they don’t join. I told them about the Jesuits, the network of genocidal families who are losing control of the planet and would see it destroyed through wars, biological weapons, famine, etc.

They actually listened because I was their best friend and I was wording it in the right way and gauging their reaction as I went along. They got a big download.

It was an unexpected talk and I didn’t know it was going to go that way. I was just so happy to see them and I miss them.

I remember we were in their room at one point I think. Then I don’t remember anything else.

I’ve learned that all of my knowledge from the physical plane gets carried over to the Astral Plane and there have been many dreams where I teach whoever happens to be there about the situation here and sometimes in graphic detail (pedophilia, satanism, child sacrifice, etc.).

An interesting song that was playing in my head the other day suddenly was the beginning of the song of the video ‘THE FINAL BATTLE 432HZ’ from some time ago. The screenshot below is from today, April 18th:

Another fun one from April 17th was hearing/humming the song from the movie ‘Space Jam’ (the original one). It’s called ‘Get Ready’ by 2 Unlimited:

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event! Let’s get ready to rumble!”

I’m not sure what this means exactly but it sounds interesting! As usual I never know if what I’m writing down means anything or not at the time. Sometimes the prophetic synchronicities/dreams/etc. need time to materialize their true meaning but these sound exciting. The title of the movie is ‘Space Jam’ so maybe it’s about extraterrestrials.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with here but one of my neighbors said there was someone in a white car staring over at our complex. The neighbor went to confront them and asked them what they’re doing there and then they left. This was like a couple weeks ago or so.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light as always!

This beautiful piece by Thomas Bergersen was playing in my head recently and that’s the song I will close this article out with:

PS Don’t forget to laugh once in a while:

PPS Just noticed that this article was published 13 minutes before an M-Class solar flare. The article was published at 9:37 PM and the flare happened at 9:50 PM Arizona time. To check the time the article was published on PC (don’t think this can be done on mobile or tablets) simply hover the mouse over the date under the title at the top of the article:

Arizona is 7 hours minus Universal Time so 04:50 AM on April 19th is 9:50 PM April 18th.
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Prophetic Dreams Come True, Cobra Post, Solar Flare Synchronicity & More

For those who are interested there have been some interesting developments regarding these dreams and synchronicities. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here.

Some might recall that I had a dream where Nancy Pelosi made a strange appearance but without any context or anything. This was March 31st and interestingly, today, April 7th, it was announced that she tested positive for Co.vid:

The other part of this dream, which was seeing a bunch of new videos uploaded by Arbre Solaire, has also come true as the channel has uploaded a handful of videos since the dream happened.

I don’t know if this next dream was of a personal nature or if it had to do with Cobra’s blog but on April 4th I saw a dead body buried in sand with the head sticking out which was covered with sand along with flies flying around. Then the next morning on April 5th Cobra posted a black alert coded message: