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For those who feel guided I have an orgonite shop where you will find jewelry and larger pieces for sale in a variety of shapes and colors!

Here is a nice summary of of the various positive effects of orgonite:


Simple. Easy to make. Works continuously.
Turns negative energy into positive energy.
Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, ends drought.
Helps plants grow better, repel pests & require less water.
Mitigates harmful effects of EMF radiation.
Disarms and repels predatory forms of life.
Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods.
Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares.
Helps awaken your innate psychic senses.

Return policy: I always offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your order. Please notify me within 2-weeks of receiving your order if you wish to return them. Also note that the buyer will have to pay for the return shipping. To do this please e-mail me at

Thanks for checking this out! Anything you buy there helps me tremendously. I no longer hold a job in The Matrix (used to work in a hospital) so this is one of the ways I have found to financially support myself. I have been pouring orgonite since 2015 and have had many incredible stories, attacks and validations which one can find at this link:

Orgonite changes reality for the better and the Cabal has validated this by attacking it and myself in various ‘plausible deniability attacks’, meaning the attack had no trace of who would have executed it so it could be dismissed as a ‘coincidence’.

For those who feel guided I (among many others) have made a video on how to make orgonite at home. It is simple enough although there is a bit of a learning curve with the resin and catalyst. A properly proportioned amount of catalyst is added to the liquid resin and this causes a chemical reaction which causes the resin to harden and squeeze the quartz crystals inside which causes its piezoelectric (small electrical charge) effect to manifest which allows for the transmutation of the absorbed DOR (deadly orgone) by the resin and metal shavings into POR (positive orgone).

The normal dosage of catalyst to resin is about 10 drops per ounce of resin at around 70 degrees outside. The hotter it is outside, the less catalyst you need. The colder it is, the more you need. This is the learning curve with making orgonite but it can be easily tamed with proper calculations of how many ounces of resin your mold will hold and finding out how many drops or CCs or fraction of an ounce you will need for the catalyst. I found a great conversion tool for this:

MEK-P Hardener Calculator For Polyester Resin

Orgone Energy is another name for the living energy which is omnipresent in the Universe. It is the substrate of all reality and it is also known as sexual energy which is what gives us life. The name Orgone was chosen by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who re-discovered this in our modern age, as he found it had to do with the orgasm and sexual energy.

One consequence of being exposed to this type of energy is that someone goes through their karma much faster. It restores balance where there is imbalance, especially regarding weather.

There is so much to know in regards to orgonite and this energy, it is a severely under-researched subject which is begging for more study. Sadly the only ‘public’ researchers are those who make it and share their experiences.

Orgonite is a simple etheric/scalar technology which is way ahead of its time. It is a conversion of sacred and scientific knowledge into a working device which can be easily produced and shared.

Placing one or two muffin-sized ‘towerbusters’ turns the ‘death/cell phone towers’ into POR (positive orgone) generators. Those towers are a big problem for humanity:

(Dailymail) Cell phone tower shut down at elementary school after eight kids are diagnosed with cancer in ‘mysterious’ cluster

“…Eight children have been diagnosed with cancer at the same elementary school – prompting parents’ fears that a cell phone tower could be to blame.

The affected students at Weston Elementary School in Ripon are all under the age of 10, each with different types of cancer: brain, kidney, liver and lymphoma…”

A quick story (one of countless) from a fellow pourer on (forum where people share their experiences with making and sharing orgonite). They had buried a couple of towerbusters near a cell phone tower which wasn’t far from where they lived (they like to place the towers where children are specifically) and some ‘technicians arrived. The guy who buried the orgonite asked the technicians what they were doing with the tower and they replied by saying “the tower isn’t working and we don’t know why”. HA.

Orgonite is one of the ultimate acts of peaceful resistance!

Thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love!

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TruthEarth Blog and The Event Promotional Videos

A wonderful lightworker Arbre Solaire has gone through the trouble of creating a humorous but informational promotional video for this blog:

I have also created a short informational promotional video about The Event that may be of interest to new comers of this blog:

And for those who would like a more in-depth explanation of this information you will find it in the video below:

Victory of the light!

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Current List of Mass Meditations Requested

Many mass meditations are available for those who are interested to participate in. The link to find them is below. They really do work and the more people that join in the more cumulative the effect is.


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Big Fourth of July Jesus Synchronicities

So today I decided I was going to go to town to get some food and then go hiking as I was feeling close to a mental meltdown once again. I have found that completely going into nature takes all of this anxiety and general negativity away.

But of course the Universe had other plans, as it usually always does. When I parked the car at the store I heard a hissing noise and saw that smoke was coming from underneath the car along with coolant pouring out from the same area. Well crap that’s just what I need. I was trying to get away from this kind of stuff!

But then I remembered that everything in my experience at this point happens for very specific reasons, even if sometimes those things ‘appear’ to be negative. In order for certain synchronicities to be possible, something like this must occur.

So I get what I needed from the store and went back to the car and topped the fluids off. But after a few minutes of driving the car started to overheat and I pulled into a government employee only parking lot. Oops. Well when engines begin to overheat the car needs to be turned off as soon as possible so as to not blow the head gasket.

So I called AAA (towing service here in the US) and they dispatched someone. And in the mean time I decided to check out a near-by store which had a Goddess and Full Moon-themed candle next to one another:


After that I decided to walk up the street and come back towards the car. The car was in a parking lot right next to a Salvation Army store with an open bible along with a picture of Jesus in a display window:


The bible was turned to page 358-359 and we know the gematria value of the Hebrew word for ‘Messiah’ (משיח) is 358:



Then, much to my amazement, I realized the point of the car breaking down and the real reason for this entire trip to town. Right next to this display window is a sign which had the sacred number 410 on it. This picture was difficult to capture as the camera couldn’t quite balance the dark and light of sun and shade:




410 is one of the most important numbers one could ever learn about. It appears everywhere in the world and is a KEY number in metaphysics and is especially connected to Jesus. If one wishes to understand the nature of the Universe, the number 410, among others, should be their guide.

410 is the gematria value of ‘Christ’:


4/10 (April 10th) is my birthday:


But it didn’t stop there. Right after taking pictures of the display window, a man came walking down the street with ‘TEAM JESUS’ on his shirt and ‘I LOVE JESUS’ on his hat. He was nice enough to let me take a photo of him:


At the store I had two separate transactions. One for my stuff and the other for my mom. The total for mine was $35.03 and hers was $11.03:


Proof of date for the crumpled receipt:


11:03 happens to be my birth time:


If we subtract 11.03 from the other total 35.03 we get 2400:


This 2400 could be seen as the clock striking the hour if seen as military time. Of course 2400 is not a valid time stamp for a 24-hour clock (it would reset at 0000 after 23:59) but it does fit these synchronicities perfectly anyways.

Additionally as amazing, when the tow truck driver arrived and got the car loaded up, he said he needed to stop at the store to get something to drink and eat which I was okay with of course. He said that he didn’t want any processed food which immediately led into us talking about how poisonous the food supply is here in the United States. This led to us talking about everything else about how the Cabal is controlling this planet.

He asked me to write down some of the things I was saying. Once I get started talking about these things it’s hard to shut me up! Many of you know there is so much to say! So he got a few documentaries to check out, one of them being Above Majestic. He was open to the extraterrestrial stuff which was nice so I figured he could handle that information.

And when we got back home I gave him some orgonite. Just talking to this guy really turned my crappy mood around. It was great. The Universe knows what turns this frown upside down. And hopefully the coolant leak is just an old coolant hose.

So perhaps Issac Kappy and the 4Chan anon were correct with their signatures regarding Jesus:



This particular post number, 30143, goes along with these synchronicities as well:


This number backwards would be 34103 which contains the 410 between two 3s and we know Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years and we saw the gematria value of ‘Christ’ is 410.

And today’s date is 7/4 and we know 74 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus’:


The text notifications from the tow service also had some information in them. The first one was received at 13:43 or 1:43 PM which are the last three digits of this post number in addition to the service request number beginning with 33:


The estimated arrival time was 2:27 PM and we know 22 divided by 7 is how the approximate value of Pi is calculated = 22 / 7 = 3.142. Pi = God/Source.

This is everything for now, much love all!

PS This photo was taken the other day while walking to the park in town. I thought some might identify with its message:



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Huge Cobra Intel Synchronicities, Prophetic Dream, QAnon, Jesus & Other Synchronicities

This synchronicity report is going to contain some seriously epic information for those who feel guided to read all of this. I would again advise discernment with all of these reports and anything you come across here or anywhere else on the Internet. People are free to continue reading or disregard this base on their Free Will.

One of the first things was the epic synchronicity of the two videos titled ‘The Event is Coming 432Hz’ which I was guided to make this last week or so.

Amazingly, the information in those videos was confirmed by Cobra’s most recent report which I will lay out here.

From that report:

(2012portal) ‘Flower of Life’ July 1st, 2019

“…During this time, the Light Forces were clearing one very dangerous layer of plasma anomaly with toplet bombs.

This layer has been successfully removed on June 21st around noon GMT and the danger has been greatly reduced. Although some toplet bombs still exist, and some plasma / quantum fluctuation primary anomaly still needs to be cleared, the positive gamma timeline is now much more secure…”

This was the day I was guided to make the first video, June 21st, which was also the Summer Solstice. This video was uploaded around the same time as the successful removal of that layer of plasma anomaly and toplet bombs (18:27 AZ = 11:27 AM GMT):

thhe event.png

As was already mentioned, the second video was made on June 26th:

the eventisocming.png

After a month of not posting anything QAnon finally posted the next day, June 27th, with some interesting messages:


Even more amazing was the request by the Light Forces for people to use the Flower of Life symbol as much as possible to help negate the non-harmonious geometries put around the planet by the Cabal:


“…One of the main occultists of the dark forces, Michael Aquino, has developed a ritual named “the ceremony of the nine angles” to enforce trapezoidal non-sacred geometries in negative occult rituals and this ritual is widely used by the dark forces since 1970s.

The lattice of non-sacred geometries is the basis of Matrix construct which surrounds the planet.

The antidote to non-sacred geometries is the Flower of Life:

Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life

The Light Forces are now asking everybody to use Flower of Life sacred geometry as much as possible…

In both videos I was guided to use the flower of life symbol. In the first one it was used as a fade out effect in each text in the video:

flower of life.png

And in the second one I had some ‘dead space’ where nothing was happening for several seconds and I decided to use a rotating (clockwise = Goddess spiral) flower of life there:


And I had a dream yesterday morning before Cobra posted his update which seemed to be prophetic:


Cobra’s most recent report from yesterday mentioned taking Chimera spiders to the Galactic Central Sun in addition to some beautiful rainbow cloudships appearing. Both of these things appeared in that dream:


“…Another crop circle hints at Chimera spiders being taken to the Central Sun…”

The plasmatic Chimera spiders are being taken from the Tunnels of Set (dark plasma filaments) into the Galactic Central Sun right now.

The June 21st success of the Light Forces has brought much fresh positive luminous plasma into our Solar System and this positive plasma has excited the mesosphere around planet Earth later that day to produce some awesome noctilucent clouds:

Extreme Noctilucent Clouds over Europe

The Light Forces have communicated that for the first time since 1996 Archon invasion, Ascension archangels are again present in our Solar System.

A few days later, rainbow cloudships began to appear in China…”

And now for some other synchronicities. While in town the other day I stopped to get gas and noticed a sign with the company name ‘Wolfscapes’ on it which was an advertisement for a landscaping company. The wolf is my spirit animal and it appears in the waking and dream state to guide me:


Next are some interesting synchronicities related to QAnon. ‘Q’ is the 17th letter of the English alphabet and if we plug this number into Pi we see it takes position 95:


Very interestingly, the gematria value of the words ‘The King’ (הַמֶּלֶךְ) in Hebrew is 95:


There is a strong connection to these Jesus synchronicities and QAnon which has yet to be explained. It is likely something that will come later on at some point. Anything else would be speculation of course. But several previous synchronicity reports have documented this.

The number 39 has been appearing a lot recently. However, there are only a few synchronicities which could be found in relation to this number. Although I believe what was found is connected to what is happening on this planet.

There are 39 symbols/glyphs on the Stargate from the Stargate SG-1/Atlantis shows:

39 appeared in the view count of the meditation today during the maximum point of the solar eclipse:


And amazingly, if we look up the meaning of the number 39 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see it was posted 8 years ago today:


I have found that the general range of time of pregnancy for the average woman is 38-40 weeks, so this could be seen as a moment in time where The Event/The Golden Age is currently being birthed into existence. That’s how I interpreted this information anyways.

The start time of the meditation here in Arizona was 12:22 PM and if we plug this into Pi we see the sign post/dream number 659 appear in the string of numbers. This number appears in the waking and dream state to let me know the correct path is being taken:


If we plug 39 into Pi we see it takes position 43:


If we multiply 39 x 43 we get 1677, which are the digits of the number 1776, which was the year the Declaration of Independence was signed here in the U.S.:


Additionally as amazing, the 39th prime number is 167, the same digits as above:


The gematria value of 39 spelled out ‘Thirty Nine’ is 410, another big number in these works:


The number 716 takes position 39 in Pi and July 16th (7/16) is the date of the upcoming Full Moon:


The identification number of QAnon’s ‘Be ready.’ intel drop is 3350:


Interestingly, the time the meaning of the number 39 was posted on the Angel’s Numbers website is 3:35 PM:


Today, July 2nd, is known as the midpoint of the year. A very beautiful convergence of the solar eclipse to occur today:


Pi AKA God/Source appeared in digits of this particular post number:


While checking Twitter for various reasons I came across a re-Tweet of Trump talking about the coming ‘storm’. This video had 410 views as of the time of the below screenshot:


And I would like to conclude this report with some information that I advise extreme discernment with. Right after QAnon posted the intel drop ‘Be ready’ and ‘FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. PATRIOTS FIGHT’ several international military organizations tweeted out the word ‘ready’ in their tweets in various forms. If you visit the website where this is posted you can see it zoomed in:


Seems like we are in for some very exciting times. Many of us are ready and are beyond the point of exhaustion… so bring on The Event! This is everything for now, much love all!

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Epic Prophetic Dream Synchronicities, David Wilcock Article Synchronicities, Victory of the Light/Stargate/Jesus/4Chan/Issac Kappy/QAnon Synchronicities & More

There have been some seriously amazing synchronicities occurring lately which will be shared in this post. As usual it is difficult to determine where to begin as there are several. Please forgive me in advance for the potential length of this post as it is also not known what other synchronicities will be discovered while writing this.

I suppose the biggest synchronicity can be included first. Some might remember that I had a dream featuring a previously appearing number = 2692 in addition to some information about the Full Moon on June 17th. What is also critical for this synchronicity is the time I finished writing it which was 2:22 AM:


In addition to that, some might remember that I got the telepathic download/thought that David Wilcock was going to post a new article soon. This occurred the day before the above dream:


And here is the synchronicity in all its splendid glory.

David just posted a new mega-article or e-Book if you will, as he has categorized it, a couple of days ago on June 25th at 2:22 PM, the same time I documented the dream. That’s not all. The numeric identification number for that particular article contains the number 2692 backwards which was seen in the dream:

Screenshot from David’s Article/e-Book

So in addition to seeing the URL number in the dream I also finished writing it at 2:22 which is the same time David finished writing his article.

2692 appeared on a receipt earlier this year:


2692 is also the gematria value of the phrases ‘The Hour Has Come for the Second Coming’ and ‘Jonathan Patrick Carty Jesus Christ’.

The gematria value of the phrase ‘Victory of the Light’ is also 222 and this number has been continuing to appear A LOT:


Another example is when I went to Cobra’s blog the other day and saw all 2s on the weekly meditation countdown:


It doesn’t stop there. The amount of time which had passed between my dream and David posting his new article is 12 hours and 12 minutes exactly:


This is consistent with this repeating synchronicity of ‘the clock striking the hour’ throughout these works lately. The two twelves could be seen as both hands on a clock pointing up at the twelve mark. This ‘time’s up’ synchronicity also inspired the clock ticking portion of the newest ‘The Event is Coming II 432Hz‘ video.

12 + 12 = 24 and we know if we plug the number 33 (number of years Jesus allegedly lived) into Pi we see it takes position 24:


I would just like to quickly break down how epic this synchronicity is. In order to pull this synchronicity off, countless things had to happen in perfect timing. I had to be given the dream at exactly the right time so as for me to wake up and document it in my sleepy state at the exact right moment.

During this time and for weeks and months before David had to have typed out his 51,000-word e-Book with all its corrections, revisions, re-edits and include time for sleeping, eating and all other daily activities, only for it to be finished at exactly the right time on exactly the correct day. Take a moment to be wowed by how much coordination it must take on the ‘other side’ to manifest such an incredible feat. And that’s just ONE example of countless hundreds in The Jesus Synchronicities, let alone the entire Universe.

Additionally as amazing, the Stargate Command YouTube channel, which live streams episodes of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis every Wednesday, chose an episode whose title, ‘A Matter of Time’, goes along with these synchronicities PERFECTLY:


The gematria value of ‘A Matter of Time’ is 56 and if we plug this into Pi we see our sign post/dream number 659 appear right after it. This number appears in the waking and dream state to let me know I am on the right track:



So here is a wild Jesus synchronicity. My family and I went to Home Depot to get some cabinets for their house and my mom was nice enough to let me use her car so I wouldn’t have to go to eat with them at a certain restaurant (vegan here and strict about my diet). When I got in the car and started driving I turned up the radio and noticed it was on the Christian music channel which I thought was strange.

My mom is not religious and made an effort to protect us kids from religion so this is why I thought it was so odd. But I guess it’s better than the garbage on the other more mainstream channels. But even so she is a cowgirl kind of person so she could have easily had it on one of those stations. In any case, one of the first lyrics I hear from the song playing is ‘Your name is Jesus’. I caught some of this on video. It’s a little hard to hear but it’s just in the beginning of the video and it sort of loses signal in parts:

This is the case in my daily life since October 7th, 2017. Everywhere I go, no matter where it is, there are Jesus-related things; bumper stickers, license plates, songs and it has been literally non-stop since that day.

Jesus-related everything appears in my dreams as well, so no matter what I do, no matter where I go, even if I don’t want it to be happening, the reminder is constantly there. Such is the case with another Jesus-related dream I had recently where I was supervising the organization of all knowledge pertaining to Jesus:


Spelling Correction: ‘Writing’ Should Be ‘Written’

I had no concept of time or why this was being done or if it correlated to these synchronicity reports perhaps. I can’t say for sure of course but perhaps it is a synchronicity that has yet to be pieced together, as we have found at the beginning of this article and several previous synchronicity reports. I get a piece of the synchronicity now and then the other parts manifest later on in the most glorious manner possible.

Interestingly if we plug the time I finished writing that dream, 4:42, into Pi we see our sign post/dream number 659 in the string of numbers:


David also writes about Jesus a few times in section 3 of his latest article/e-Book.

The next synchronicity pertains to QAnon. Recently I was strongly guided to make two videos titled ‘The Event is Coming 432Hz’. As with many of these videos they sometimes preclude actual events which are depicted in the videos themselves. The second one was uploaded yesterday evening on June 26th.

the eventisocming.png

After a month of not posting anything QAnon finally posted today June 27th with some interesting messages:


While searching for footage to use for that video I found that one of the channels uses a rainbow-colored wolf as its logo and at the end of the video itself. The wolf is my spirit animal and it appears in the waking and dream state to guide me. Wherever the wolf appears, in ANY form, that is a sign that the correct path is being taken:


659 appears again in the URL of the last place QAnon posted on 8Chan before they started posting again today:

I also found an interesting connection between the late Hollywood actor Issac Kappy’s last Instagram post before his mysterious death and an anonymous post by someone on the internet forum 4Chan.

In Issac’s Instagram post on May 12th, 2019, a day before his death, he mentioned Jesus several times in addition to signing the post with a date July 4th, 2019 and the words ‘Return of the King, Return to THE LIGHT’:


And the anonymous poster, whose intel I shared in a previous post, which was uplifting at least and sadly deleted from 4Chan, signed their intel drop with the same information on May 29th, 2019:


VERY interestingly, the amount of days between these two similar messages is 17 days and we know ‘Q’ is the 17th letter of the alphabet:


I am not trying to say anything is or isn’t going to happen on that day. I don’t know anymore about what is going to happen or when than you reading this. I get information in dreams and synchronicities but I haven’t had anything as of the time of this writing which would point to a date of any kind. Focusing on defeating evil and doing our missions should be priority number one. The impulse to begin Event operations will come from Source since that is the being which can see all of the moving parts here.

Here is something interesting. Recently German Chancellor and Hitler’s daughter Angela Merkel was found shaking violently during a national song and meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. It really picks up at the 0:20 second mark:

It was claimed that she needed water and was dehydrated but not many, including myself, believed this. Some said it was the shakes of a panic attack.

The same thing occurred again just recently: 

Honestly it’s hard to say what it might be. Panic makes sense due to how things are going on the planet right now. The walls are closing in on the Cabal, and Cobra did recently say that the feeling of utter dread has been propagating within Cabal ranks due to no negative reinforcements coming to planet Earth to help them:


“…Sources connected to the Cosmic Central Race have communicated that the feeling of deep despair that pervades the surface of the planet is actually an AI distress signal, emitted by the Cabal, because after our meditation on January 21st their mathematical future forecast models are predicting their defeat with 100% certainty.

Therefore they are generating an SOS call to all remaining darkness of the Universe to come and help them against the inevitable defeat. As no dark reinforcements are arriving to planet Earth from beyond our Solar System, the feeling of utter dread and panic has begun to propagate from top Cabal handlers such as Chimera and Black Nobility families down to Cabal middlemen and minions as they being to realize that their plans are not coming to fruition…

The slow painful death they have inflicted upon others is now happening to them.

The magic number 5558 appeared again recently while in town. I was walking back to the car when I had parked next to a sign with 5558 backwards as part of a phone number:


Here is some information about that number which Benjamin Fulford brought out originally:

(Goldfish Report Number 281)

“Benjamin Fulford: [5558] It’s an esoteric number that appears at key times, I don’t want to go into it, it’s not something that you can explain verbally.

At certain points certain numbers appear, they seem to indicate that we’re at a certain point on some kind of complex unfolding mathematical equation that we experience as reality…

[Host] Steve: Is it to do with cycles as well?

Benjamin Fulford: Yeah it’s do with what they call a cusp event where, it’s known as a fractal phase change, so for example, an example we can understand is when the sperm hits the egg and then you’re going to get this incredible expansion to a new human being, it’s something like that that’s happening to the planet Earth, that much I can say.”

I’m continuing to be guided to drink a gallon or more of water everyday in addition to seeing the blue dots/lights in my peripheral and main field of vision.  They have intensified recently which is interesting.

Also, while checking on the critters yesterday a cute little lady bug landed on my glasses on the inside of them while I was wearing them. Great aim! I have read that this is a sign of good luck:


Adding this later on. Some might see the numbers 5118 on the bridge of the glasses in the above photo. AMAZINGLY when I went to plug this into Pi I saw it takes position 444, another number I have been getting A LOT lately. Just GLORIOUS!


And we know the gematria value of ‘The King’ and ‘Jesus’ is 444 using the same cipher:

And finally, this particular post number is 30080:


If we plug 30080 into Pi backwards we see our sign post/dream number 659 appearing in the string of numbers once again:


If we plug 30080 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 72600 which contains today’s date 6/27 backwards:


This is everything for now, much love everyone!

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New Video: The Event is Coming II 432Hz

When I heard the song used in this video I knew it would be used for something and apparently that something was this particular video which is sort of a sequel to the first ‘The Event is Coming 432Hz‘. This one is much softer and not as Hollywood movie trailer-style. Perhaps it can be seen as the feminine balance to the first masculine one. I hope those who feel guided to see it will enjoy it!


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New Video: The Event is Coming 432Hz

This video was inspired spontaneously (as many of them are these days) when I heard a song from a wonderful composer Thomas Bergersen which was just re-uploaded today. It is more like a short trailer but is hopefully still useful and uplifting to those who feel guided to see it. Much love everyone!


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Big Victory of the Light Synchronicities, Full Moon Dream Synchronicities, Gaia Portal Synchronicities, Second Coming Synchronicities, Resistance Movement Dream & Other Dreams/Synchronicities

So I wasn’t planning on writing anything today because I felt like there weren’t enough big events which occurred that would warrant a synchronicity report. However, after having an epiphany while taking a cold shower moments ago, I figured I would include what this was.

So some might remember that there were a lot of synchronicities surrounding today’s date June 17th which is also a Full Moon:

And as I am doing this research there are some seriously amazing things popping up! Let’s start with the dream which occurred a few days ago:


This is amazing. So YouTube notified me today that exactly two years have passed since I uploaded the video ‘Victory of the Light 432Hz’. Cobra was also kind enough to post this on his blog some time ago:


Amazingly, the time that I documented the previously mentioned dream was 2:22 AM (see screenshot from earlier) and the gematria value of ‘Victory of the Light’ happens to be 222. This number 222 has been appearing a lot lately:


That phrase also contains 17 letters, which are the digits of today’s date amazingly!

Today’s Gaia Portal message also echos these synchronicities. The second line is “Premonitions fulfilled.” This appears to be synchronistic with the dream previously mentioned. The third line is ‘The Light has “won” which also goes along with these synchronicities perfectly. Although we all know that it’s not really over until it’s over:


The famous actress, socialite, artist (using this word loosely) and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt died today at the ripe old age of 95:


Based on previous research by others she created some really sickening and evil art which one can find here if they have the stomach for it.

A local news station published the following article today about the Former Vice President of Walt Disney Michael Laney being sentenced to 6 years in prison for child rape:


“PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) — A former vice president for the Walt Disney Company has been sentenced to more than 6 years in prison following a child sex abuse investigation.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said Michael Laney, 73, was sentenced on Friday to 81 months in prison.

Along with his prison sentence, Laney will have to register as a sex offender and pay a $4,000 fine.

Laney was found guilty of four counts of first-degree sexual abuse on May 7.

Evidence presented during trial showed that in March 2017, a young girl disclosed she had been sexually abused by the Laney. The disclosure was first reported to law enforcement in Washington state where the victim lived at the time of her disclosure.

The Portland Police Bureau assumed the investigation after it was determined that the abuse had occurred in Portland starting in approximately 2009 when the victim was about 7 years old, the attorney’s office said…”

Additionally as interesting, the former Egyptian President and leader of the evil Muslim Brotherhood group Mohamed Morsi died in court today. This group was attempting to stop Cobra’s group from doing their meditation on December 21st, 2012 which set us on a guaranteed positive time line:


“…Nothing could stop us. Not one month of constant energetic attacks on me and other key people in our group, not two false flag attempts by the Cabal to close down the Giza complex, one with a terrorist bomb and one with a man with knives, trying to sneak into the Giza plateau, not all spies and agents of the Muslim Brotherhood which have received instructions from the government to immediatelly stop any group attempting to meditate.

We opened the Portal in the face of all darkness and this is the true Victory of the Light. Our small group of 50 to 60 people inside the Kephren pyramid was the only positive group that was doing any activations inside pyramids on that day. Details of how we managed to do that will one day make a great novel that will surpass the Da Vinci Code, except that it is a real story.

Unfortunately I can not tell it yet because that could endanger many Light warriors, some of them belonging to White Nobility, some to Resistance and some to Guardians that are keeping the mysteries of the pyramids safe for generations, that helped us along the way to achieve the impossible. I would also like to add that we were physically safe all the time…”


“Egypt’s former president Mohamed Morsi has died suddenly following a court appearance in Cairo, according to Egyptian state television. He was 67.

The former president and Muslim Brotherhood leader collapsed after a trial session in an espionage lawsuit on Monday for alleged contact with Hamas. He had reportedly been given permission from the presiding judge to address the court before he fainted.

Morsi came to power after Hosni Mubarak was deposed in mass Arab Spring protests in 2011. However, he ruled for only a year after being elected to the post before he was toppled by the military following mass protests in 2013….”

There have been more numbers appearing which have led to more Jesus-related synchronicities. The number 656 has been appearing more and more lately and I have been dismissing it because it is such an unusual number, like many of them, but these numbers tend to manifest the most important knowledge. While driving back from town today I was following a truck with 656 on the license plate. I didn’t get any pictures of this number because I didn’t think of it as very important.

After doing some further research on this number I discovered it is the gematria value of the Greek word for ‘Messiah’ (Μεσσιας):


On a hunch I decided to add the gematria value of the Hebrew word for ‘Messiah’ (משיח) (358) with the Greek gematria value above and I got a familiar number = 1014:


This happens to be the gematria value of the phrase ‘The Golden Age is Near’:


I would like to share a couple of dreams which some might find of interest, or perhaps not. It is up to you.

One day I asked for contact with the Galactic Confederation and/or the Resistance Movement and interestingly I was given a dream about the RM a couple of days later. I had forgotten about this request for contact so the dream was a nice surprise. Although I am very hesitant about even posting it since I am hoping that it isn’t some kind of manifestation of my own mind and/or confirmation bias. So I share it with the disclaimer of discernment as with all of the information people find on this blog.


The next dream was quite a long and interesting one as it was a peace deal I brokered in the Middle East successfully. Totally crazy sounding, right?

June 14, 2019 01:53 AM

Attempted to broker peace deal between United States and Arabic countries. I was in what looked like an airport terminal. The air was dense with conflict. I wanted peace with this group so I approached them with the help of a translator whom I barely successfully convinced to help me with the talks.

I told her I only knew a little bit of Arabic (this is true in real life, I have a strong connection to Arabic culture) and very much needed her assistance. After walking around an area and trying to find the leader of this group I did so and tried to organize a talk. It was very informal yet it was official. We walked around while I attempted to sway this group to do this.

The group leader came up to me with a pocket knife and tried to grab my right wrist a few times. I winced of course because I didn’t know what she was going to do, but she cut my wrist a bit and it started to bleed. I took my wrist and rubbed it against my chest where my heart is and said something profound, proving my desire for this to happen.

She was shocked and I asked what she wanted for this (the talks/peace deal). She said to raise the value of her country’s currency. So I went to a near-by man in the State Department (John Kirby I think) and told him bluntly what they wanted and they agreed to the initial request. The currency will be revalued in 5 weeks. This was the foot in the door. It was incredibly exciting. The talk was successful and ‘mostly’ non-violent.

I remember her walking away after that. The people of her country didn’t possess great reverence for the United States, but now there might be the beginnings of a new relationship.

I think there was another foreign country with which I did a deal with but don’t remember now. It wasn’t as difficult. I do remember someone asking me something about a country and I told them Syria. I think it was someone in the State Department.

That particular dream was very interesting because I hadn’t had a dream like that before. It seemed almost (keyword being ‘almost’, not sure what it really was) like a memory now that I think about it. The details of everything and everyone involved were compellingly realistic.

After doing a little research I discovered that the State Department’s job is to actually handle diplomatic matters with other countries and governments:


And this morning I had some very strange dreams where in a couple of them there were clocks everywhere. The clocks had carried over from one dream into the next. I don’t remember any other details about those dreams except the abundance of clocks:


Recently I had ordered some boxes from the post office and I was amazed when I saw the name of the company which shipped them = Victory Packaging:


Additionally as amazing, the number of the photo which was assigned by my phone is 8555 which is the sacred 5558 backwards which Benjamin Fulford talked about:


(Goldfish Report Number 281)

“Benjamin Fulford: [5558] It’s an esoteric number that appears at key times, I don’t want to go into it, it’s not something that you can explain verbally.

At certain points certain numbers appear, they seem to indicate that we’re at a certain point on some kind of complex unfolding mathematical equation that we experience as reality…

[Host] Steve: Is it to do with cycles as well?

Benjamin Fulford: Yeah it’s do with what they call a cusp event where, it’s known as a fractal phase change, so for example, an example we can understand is when the sperm hits the egg and then you’re going to get this incredible expansion to a new human being, it’s something like that that’s happening to the planet Earth, that much I can say.”

What is more amazing about this number is that when we plug it into Pi we see it takes position 2359, which, if seen as military time would be 11:59 or one minute to midnight or that the clock was about to strike the hour. I e-mailed this to Ben some time ago and he replied with “Very interesting.”:



This particular post number is 30047 (which happens to be a prime number):


If we plug 30047 into Pi we see our magic number 410 appear in the string of numbers:


If we reverse the post number from 30047 to 74003 and plug it into Pi we see our sign post/dream number 659 in the string of numbers. Interestingly both 410 and 659 appear 13 places after the post number:


I am continuing to see the little blue dots appear in my vision. I don’t remember if it was today or yesterday but there was a really prominent one which appeared and disappeared like a laser pointer this time. Usually they appear and I go to look at them and then they just go away but this time I saw it blink out. I will try to show you what I see. This is as close as I could make it. The blue is a bit more dark and bright. One moment it’s there, then it’s gone:

And finally while playing around with my little online game today I was prompted to check and see how long I had been playing for (I started this account many years ago but never played again until recently) and amazingly it said 3 days, 14 hours and 44 minutes. So here we see Pi appearing along with the appearance of 44 which has been appearing more lately:


So what I thought was a pretty uneventful day turned out to contain some amazing synchronicities, some of which took 2 years to manifest (the Victory of the Light video).

This is everything for now, much love everyone. Change is coming, can anyone else feel it?

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