More Disclosure in Television Shows

What would be the best way to convey a secret or idea to the mass population in our current paradigm without freaking them out after sharing it?

Why, you change a few details and disguise it as entertainment!

Here is an article I wrote last year with a couple of shows that had some good story lines and a great amount of disclosure.

Here is another one I wrote last year where there is some more T.V. shows with disclosure in them at the bottom of the article.

I have been a fan of the show Futurama for a long time and didn’t think much of the story line which is following the main character Philip J. Fry into the 31st century after being cryogenically frozen for over a thousand years in the year 1999. I have been going through certain T.V. shows with the knowledge I have gained in the last couple years and thought there may be some disclosure somewhere out there. Boy was I blown away at what I found.

We already know through certain sources that the Alliance and the Cabal are doing disclosure through the mass entertainment media; movies, T.V. radio, music videos etc. I didn’t realize this show had so much disclosure in it until I saw an episode the other night. I took many screen shots which I will include here.

The episode seems to be a continuation of a preceding episode which in the second part is titled ‘The Beast with A Billion Backs’. There’s your first hint right there. The Beast. The reason for this title will become more clear as we continue on.

The episode starts off by showing what is called a ‘Cosmic Anomaly’ that has appeared and the characters decide they want to launch an investigation of it:


The Cosmic Anomaly With A Creature From Another Universe Making Its Way Through

Now where have we heard about a Cosmic Anomaly before? Cobra has given us this intel a while back, however this episode was made in 2008, so someone in-the-know definitely gave the artists in this show some information to share with the public.

To quote one of Cobra’s articles:

Primary anomaly is a random wave function, a distortion of Calabi-Yau manifolds, a field of micro black holes, a convoluted field of quantum fluctuations, a semi-conscious field of anti-life which always tries to suppress Light by default. This was brought into existence out of pure potentiality at the creation of the Universe and is the antithesis of the One. It is the primary error in Creation and the primary cause of all suffering. All the remaining primary anomaly of the Universe is now being gathered around the surface profile of this planet, waiting to be finally transformed to allow the final liberation of our planet, which will then become the last point of Light to join the galactic union.

Depiction Of Plasmic Primary Anomaly Entity

Now are you ready for Futurama’s depiction of this creature from the Cosmic Anomaly?


Creature Named Yivo Which Inhabits The Another Universe On The Other Side Of The Cosmic Anomaly

Notice the one ‘all seeing eye’ and the tentacles coming from every area of its body. This is what the Futurama cast sees when they cross over into the Cosmic Anomaly to the other Universe.


Red-Robed Members Of A Secret Society Of Elite Greet Bender As He Stumbles Upon Their Underground Bunker

Meanwhile, one of the characters, Bender, who is an artificial intelligence robot, in his adventure in the episode has stumbled upon a secret society of robots that includes the wealthy elite and even celebrities.

The members of this secret society are depicted as very wealthy and powerful and there are only about 4 of 5 of them. They all sit in front of a fire and discuss ways of killing all humans.


Notice The ‘Kill All Humans’ Plaque Sitting Above The Fireplace While The Elite Members Discuss Regular Matters


This scene is reminiscent of the X-Files reboot where Molder confronts a wealthy rich man, most likely a Rothschild, who explains that the world is sick and humanity is to blame and that they must be destroyed though any means necessary.

Image result for x files reboot old man smoking fireplace

The X-Files Reboot From 2016, Scene Where Molder Confronts Wealthy Man Who Seeks To Depopulate The Planet


Moving on, Bender is upset that his friend Fry wants to see the Cosmic Anomaly more than spend time with him so he decides to enlist the help of the robot devil to complete this task.


Bender Is Making A Deal With The Robot Devil To Help Him Kill All Humans

This is exactly what we hear from whistle blowers and insiders. There is a secret elite of people who see themselves as superior to humanity and that it is their job and duty to eliminate 90% of the population and keep the remaining 10% as slaves to a New World Order. They believe in and actually do regularly sacrifice humans, mostly children, to their god Lucifer/Moloch/Baal/The Devil/Satan. These are all names for the same being i’ve found.

During Bender’s talking with the robot devil, the robot devil asks for only one thing in return. Which is Bender’s first born son. Bender easily agrees and proceeds to throw the child into a pit of fire. I didn’t get a snapshot of this scene but it does happen.

Image result for bilderberg moloch fire ritual

Bilderberg Meeting Where An Alleged Ritual Involving A Human Sacrifice Using Fire Is Performed

Sound familiar??


Depiction Of The Cosmic Anomaly Creature Squeezing Through Into Our Space/Time


The Cosmic Anomaly Has Now Penetrated And Controls Every Aspect Of Society After It Crosses Over Into Humanity’s Reality Through The Cosmic Anomaly

The remaining portion of this episode takes place in this church which as you can see has infiltrated and completely controls everything it comes in contact with. It takes one of its tentacles and it then punctures the victims neck and proceeds to control them and the human carries out their wishes.


Fry Is Chosen By The Anomaly To Convince Humanity That It Is A Good Thing And Suggests Everyone To Let The Anomaly Creature Take Control Of Them

It is interesting to see Fry depicted as the pope while being under the influence of this Cosmic Anomaly creature. We have heard from various sources that the Vatican is the source of great evil and some whistle blowers have even claimed witnessing ritualistic human sacrifice within its walls.

[Image: pope122258-500x380.jpg]

The Pope’s Throne Room With Some Demonic-Looking Entities Emerging From Behind Him

I would like to cite an article that I found a while back in where it is explained the Vatican, in cooperation with the University of Arizona and the Jesuits, have built and named a telescope L.U.C.I.F.E.R. here in Arizona which stands for “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extra-galactic Research”.

The Large Binocular Telescope observatory on Mt. Graham. (Credit: NASA)

L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Telescope in Mt. Graham Arizona

Of course in the end of the episode, everyone breaks free of the Anomaly and realizes they were brainwashed by it, the entity is then kicked out of their Universe and the world goes on its way. I am barely scratching the surface on all of this but I felt this episode was significant and portrays the bigger picture here which is that this planet is being controlled by this Anomaly and it reaches every aspect of our lives. Per the intel we have been getting, this is the last planet to be liberated from this Anomaly. And after it is finally cleared there will be no more negativity left in the entire Omniverse.

Just like in the episode, the story line follows the Hero’s Journey, which is written into the fabric of the Universe itself, where the good guys win and the bad guys lose.

Image result for plasma tubes earth

Plasma Tubes Enveloping Earth As Officially Discovered By Cleo Loi, An Astrology Student At The University Of Sydney In Australia


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Situation Update from Cobra and Intel Update From Corey Goode!

Hope everyone is doing well! Cobra has just posted an update on his blog which I will post below. Corey Goode has also posted an intel update of his own on his blog which is too long to post in full but I will provide a link so you can read it. Enjoy!

Cobra’s Situation Update

Corey Goode’s Intel Update

Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Since mid-July, the concentration of toplet plasma bombs has fallen below a certain threshold which allows cracks in the Veil to appear. This means that plasma free of primary anomaly began to appear on the surface of the planet. This allows clearer vertical energetic communication with non-physical spiritual guides that will begin to contact the awakened part of humanity more and more.

Also, as the new cycle began in July, various positive Agartha groups have begun preparations for physical contact with the surface population. These preparations include some exact protocols which I will gradually release through my blog to the surface population.

Complexity wave analysis made by the Resistance Movement estimates about 20% probability that the Rothschilds will surrender before the Event. The Light forces are proceeding with their plans for the planetary liberation and are never waiting for the outcome of the surrender negotiations, those negotiations not being their primary focus.

Soft Disclosure continues.

Mars began to be portrayed as a very friendly planet:

It can be easily reachable with plasma technology:

And plans for Mars orbital station are manifesting into reality:

There are some exciting technology breakthroughs from the East reaching mainstream.

Russia has announced that it intends to develop teleportation systems:

China has announced the development of the space plane:

Some scientists are confirming what our Tachyon chambers were able to demonstrate in practice. A co-founder of string theory in physics has proposed that Tachyons are our direct connection with the source:

And China has launched a quantum communications satellite that uses the same principle as our Tachyon chambers:

Those who are interested in genuine images of secret space program vehicles can find them here:

Mainstream science is finally gaining some understanding of plasma field around the Earth. Here are two good explanations of ultra low frequency plasma waves in the Van Allen belts:

As the plasma anomaly around the Earth is clearing fast, the negative military wants to reinforce it with plasma bombs:

It is interesting to see how Erdogan is lately portrayed as a positive figure in alternative media. Those who doubt that it was Turkish positive military who attempted a coup against Erdogan have forgotten Erdogans’ close connections with the Islamic State:

Erdogan may have suppressed the coup internally but globally he is succumbing to Russian pressure:

The Light forces are gaining victories towards the final liberation of the Syria vortex:

There are many rumors that the system will collapse very soon and they are not based on reality. Here is an easy way to check if the system has collapsed already:

Victory of the Light!

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My Life as a Vegan and How You Can Become One!

I realize this article is going to hit some nerves, and since i’ve been doing that my entire life as an LGBT person, i’m prepared for the slack I will get after publishing this.

Being a vegan is not easy. It isn’t just about eating fruits and veggies and avoiding animal products. There’s a social and psychological factor that isn’t realized until after one changes their diet. It’s not something you can hide for very long. Eventually you will be offered something with meat or dairy in it, and then that’s it, the cat’s out of the bag.

Earth humans have been programmed in many different ways, we are all programmed the same way as I wrote in a previous article titled ‘Divide and Conquer (A Cabal Tool as Old as Time)‘. If anyone even THINKS about stepping out of the norm for ONE second, their own subconscious programming will attempt to get them back in line and obey the mainstream life. 

A few years ago, if someone told me I would be a vegan, I would have laughed at them and said “but where would I get my protein from??”. I had no idea how many times I would be asked this question. It seems to be automatic. This is the raw programming from the meat industry and its overseer the Cabal that you will find when you start to live as a minority. We are programmed through commercials, movies, newspapers, radio, traditions in the family and pretty much anywhere that has a sign.

I am now in several minorities:

  • I’m gay
  • I’m vegan
  • I’m Gluten-Free
  • Only organic whenever possible
  • I research conspiracy theories
  • I am not religious
  • I am Caucasian in Arizona (this is how I learned Spanish hehe)

I would like to dispell some theories about being a vegan. The protein question is a perfect start. Almost all fruits and vegetables have protein in them:

There is a website called Great Vegan Athletes that has a large list of successful and healthy vegan athletes and body builders:


Award-winning vegan bodybuilder, Amanda Reister, poses next to a punching-bag

This is Amanda Riester, Vegan Boxer and Bodybuilder

Here is a little bio about her:

In 2011 she won the Natural North America Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships and in late 2013 she took category first place at the OCB Midwest States Bodybuilding and Figure Contest



This is Torre Washington, Vegan Bodybuilder

Here is a small bio on Torre:

Long-term vegan Torre Washington started competing in bodybuilding in 2009 and got his pro card that same year, winning his second show. Ever since, he has won numerous competitions and placed in the top 3 in all but one of the sixteen he entered.

All you have to do is type in Vegan Bodybuilder in any search engine and you will find endless pages of vegan bodybuilders and athletes. And believe it or not, they are not malnourished! 

Now i’d like to go into the aspect that is the power of your mind. What we hear from several ancient texts and scriptures is that we create our realities. Our thoughts are very very powerful. This has been scientifically proven over and over. If you BELIEVE that you will get sick from eating a vegan diet, guess what? Matter will obey the mind and you will get sick. But if you believe that you will be healthy with a plant-based diet, then that’s what will manifest.

I have had co-workers who dove right in without doing much research and they did get sick, perhaps not because they didn’t believe they could do it, but from a lack of research into the various types of foods there are. I have been asked several times what I eat. I’d like to show you the types of things i’ve eaten:

Vegan/Gluten-Free Jalapeno Poppers

Gluten-Free Vegan Pizza

Mongolian Vegan Soy Curls

This Is What I Made for Thanksgiving

Vegan Corn Dogs

Vegan Corn Dog Bites

So as you can see, there is a vegan and gluten-free version for almost everything. I have made a version of everything I used to eat with great success. It doesn’t even taste that different. But now on to the ethical part of all of this.

Taste is not important for me anymore. As a person’s consciousness rises, they begin to see all things as equal and all beings as precious. And when they learn about how animals are raised and treated in these places, one’s heart cannot help but break in realizing what is going on.

I want to make something clear. I am not interested in converting anyone to any type of anything or way of thinking. Everyone is on their own path and everyone is exactly where they should be in their evolution. I just want to pass on and share information. Then they can decide how they will proceed. I can only be the catalyst.

If you are interested in knowing more about how animals are treated and how animal farming is affecting the planet, I would highly recommend watching Cowspiracy. I have heard many many good things about it and although I haven’t seen it I am already aware of the abuse and of the adverse effects raising animals for food has on our planet.

One quote from the show Star Trek: Enterprise really stuck with me as I became more adjusted into this new way of living and eating:

William T. Riker In Star Trek Enterprise Describing Their Diet To Other Beings

Now I know there are certain beings that require meat, these would be reptilian beings among others. I don’t know for sure but I do think there are beings alive in the general population today with reptilian souls that would require such dietary needs. I do believe though that most of humanity has been programmed by the Cabal to eat meat and dairy and could live without it, as there are many, many alternatives today with much more nutrition and far less chemicals:

This Company Makes A Variety Of ‘Cheese’ Products, These Include Shredded Cheeses (This Cheese Melts And Stretches), Cream Cheese, Sliced Cheese And They Make Their Own Pizza

I would like to share a product with you all that has really been an amazing meat-substitute since giving it up and they are called Soy Curls. I’m not getting paid to talk about them but I would highly recommend trying them if you’re thinking about getting started as a vegan or vegetarian. And of course meat-eaters can have them too, I made some ‘beef’ jerky that my co-workers really liked.

Now there’s a lot of information about Soy that says it has high levels of estrogen and I would say very few products in the United States are totally chemical-free (except food you grow yourself). The Cabal has poisoned almost every corner of this planet in some form or another. So everything in moderation I say.

The company that sells them is called Butler Foods. And you want you could buy a small bag on Amazon just to try it out because the website only sells them in moderate batches. They are organic and don’t use pesticides.


One epiphany I had was when I was thinking about milk. I realized there are so many different types of plant milks out there which taste very good and are way better than regular milk and when I was thinking about where milk came from I thought that’s the breast milk of another animal. Breast milk is for babies. It has everything the baby of that species needs. Why am I drinking another species’ breast milk?!? I wouldn’t drink your mother’s breast milk! What am I doing?!

I broke away from the Cabal’s programming then and there. When you realize you’ve been doing something your whole life and don’t really know why and finally question it, it’s mind blowing and quite liberating! Then there’s the immense shame as I thought of the countless cows who were impregnated over and over and over again to make milk for young that were stripped away from them and used as dairy cows themselves or turned into veal. It’s an evil machine that actually is used by the Cabal as an energy source, much like us. We are energetic batteries for them. But that’s another topic all together. Let’s stick to the one at hand.

I remember crying and crying when I thought of all of the animals I had eaten since birth. I could have eaten a plant-based diet this entire time and I was just being brainwashed into thinking I needed meat and dairy. I then had to forgive myself as I didn’t know any better and was heavily mind-controlled at the time.

Now I want to make another thing clear here, no one is better than anyone, no one is superior to anyone. Everything and everyone is One. Just because I eat differently than someone doesn’t make me better than them. Like I said before, everyone is on their own path of evolution, some people are farther along and some are just beginning. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, i’m just sharing what i’ve experienced and researched.

I think this is everything I wanted to get out. I might be making a video talking about this but I wanted to do an article about it first. If you have any questions about anything or would like any recipes I would recommend just leave me a comment! Much love everyone!!


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New Interview with Cobra and the PrepareForChange Team, Video Update from David Wilcock and Corey Goode!

Hey everyone hope you are all doing well! The Prepare For Change team has completed an interview with Cobra for the month of July. They touched on a lot of good points in the geopolitical sphere.

Here are some highlights:

“Lynn – Well that’s good news.
Benjamin Fulford (Typepad blog) 7-26-16… “The Rothschilds, hiding in Switzerland, have failed to meet the July 25th, 2016 deadline set to them by the White Dragon Society and its allies. The light is green.” He initiated the ‘green light’. Who will perform the “surgical strike”? Do you have any comments Cobra?

COBRA – OK. I will put it this way. There are many forces involved in this situation and I will actually release a report about this very soon and I am not expecting this surgical strike to happen for various reasons. And I will describe some of those reasons in the post.

Lynn –  Several years ago an amateur photographer (astronomer) by the name of John Lenard Walson released photos of several unknown craft that he photographed in Earth orbit. Some of the photos can be found, and there’s a link in the description: Can you comment on these photographs Cobra?

COBRA – Yes, actually his photographs are one of the cleanest images of some of the Solar Warden low orbit space craft. And yes, some of them are photos of the ISS and space shuttle, but some of them are actually a real genuine photographs of low earth orbit Secret Space program (SSP) vehicles.”

Here is the link to the interview transcript.


Then we have an update from David Wilcock where he posted a 2 hour video of his talk at the Conscious Life Expo where he leaked a lot of intel about the history of our solar system and the history of the Cabal. He wrote an article on this also:

Here is the link to his website with the article.


Then we have an update from Corey Goode via his Facebook page:

“I will go further into detail in the report I am working on. The topic of some of the future document dumps came up in recent briefings. I have not been able to verify this with other sources. After receiving an email with a link to comments about Edward Snowden’s possible full data release I decided to make a short comment. It was communicated to me that more “data/document dumps” were being planned for our near future. Also discussed was some of the ways these syndicates plan on interfering with the releases.
More to come,
A chair is pictured on stage as former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. ‘It’s Time’: Whistleblower Edward Snowden Tweets Mysterious Warning…/104391…/snowden-tweet-its-time.html

He then adds a link to a website called The Light Reports. It is unknown if the information is reliable as someone forwarded it to him but it does seem to align with the current situation with the U.S presidential election leaks happening.

Here is the link to the website:

“As many of you may now Snowden has only released less than 2% of the documentation he has. His original intention was to disclose the information he had acquired while with the CIA but was convinced instead, by forces working to liberate humanity, to continue on with a position at NSA in order to acquire the motherland. Does this tweet indicate that the time has come to open Pandora’s box?

When Snowden finally does reveal all he has to show it will be the start of some very positive change here on Earth. Exciting stuff- bring it on Snowden!

UPDATE : Then he Tweets then deletes this”

This is all I have for now. I’m sure there are many amazing things going on behind the scenes and it is for our highest good. I wish everyone a good day and beginning of the week! Much love!

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Update from Cobra and Benjamin Fulford!

Howdy everyone, looks like things are, as usual, getting more and more interesting by the day. I will add nothing to these updates and will post them in full as they aren’t too lengthy. Much love =]


“Terms of Surrender Update

There are some clarifications that need to be made about the terms of surrender.
First, the mass arrest plan is still valid and in full force. The Light forces will not wait for any dark individual or Cabal faction to surrender, they will arrest them as soon as they can do that in a way that is safe for humanity to go through the transition. Those members of the Cabal that surrender before the mass arrests will have more favorable conditions. It is very unlikely that many individual members of the Cabal will surrender before the Event because they fear the revenge from other Cabal members, as they will be perceived as „traitors“.
There is a certain possibility that the Rothschild faction as a whole will surrender and start cooperating before the Event. The Rothschilds are fallen angels from the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation. In the past, many members of the Cabal originating from Rigel have surrendered to the Light when they were shown that Light is stronger than darkness. The Rigelians have a tendency to side with the one that is stronger and many of them, when arrested or faced with strong enough opposition, will actually show signs of relief that finally someone was powerful enough to stop their negative actions. This will be a proof to them that Light is stronger that darkness and will begin to cooperate. The Rigelian race descended from spirit into mater by implantation process, their connection with spirit is still there to a certain extent and many of them will be able to ascend when this duality nightmare is over.
The Jesuits, the Archons and the Chimera all come from negative races from Andromeda Galaxy. They are all fallen angels, meaning that they have descended from spirit into matter by implantation process, and quite many will be able to ascend when the duality is over.
The Chimera group is not involved in the surrender negotiations because no surface positive faction is strong enough to be able to deal with them. The Resistance is dealing with them directly.
The Rockefeller faction is Draconian by its origin and will never surrender, they will fight back with their false flags until they are removed into the Galactic Central Sun. The Draconian race has evolved from dense matter and the more negative members of that race do not have sufficient contact with the spirit to be redeemed.
Second, the Cabal members that surrender willingly will go through a psychological transition to become part of the Light forces and will be treated fairly. They will all be stardusted so if any of them tries something funny before they fully accept the Light, they will be paralyzed immediately and then removed from the planet. During the reconciliation process they will need to fully disclose their past actions and come face to face with people’s anger, but will not be allowed to be treated violently and will not be punished. The biggest punishment for them will be their conscience after they wake up and fully realize what they have done. They will go through a psychological healing process and will live the rest of their lives in service to humanity and Light.
Third, the bounty for the capture of the Cabal members will most likely not work because the other side has put even bigger bounty on some Lightwarriors on the surface of the planet. This reflects a centuries old treaty with the Chimera that says „we will not touch your leaders and you will not touch ours.“ It is expected that this deadlock will continue until the Event when finally the breakthrough will happen and the Chimera will be check-mated.
Victory of the Light!”
And here is the Benjamin Fulford update from today:

“Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak indicted in multi-billion dollar embezzlement scandal, is seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds

By Benjamin Fulford

July 30, 2016

CIA sources in East Asia alerted us to the fact the US Justice Department has indicted Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for embezzling over $1 billion from a fund meant to be used for Malaysian economic development.
The indictment is calling for the seizure of all the profits from the Hollywood hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, because it was financed with embezzled funds. The indictment also mentions Saudi Arabian royals, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank Privee Edmond de Rothschild.
The CIA sources source say Najib has asked for immunity and placement for him and his family in the witness protection program in exchange for testifying about the links between the embezzlement scandal, the Rothschild family and missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370. If so, this could be the case that finally brings down the Rothschild dynasty. The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton branch of the Khazarian mafia is already being brought down in the US so if the Rothschilds are also brought down, this will mean liberation for humanity for the horrors of Babylonian debt slavery.
The indictment can be read here:

More details will be made available in the Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis report due out on Monday, August 1st, 2016.”

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Update from the Resistance Movement!

Hey all we have en update from Cobra and the RM. I will not add anything and post it as is.

Much love everyone!


Taiwan Ascension Conference Report

Our Ascension conference was taking place in Taipei, the home base of many positive Dragon groups. The Blue, the White and the Black were together with us at the conference and the Plum were aware of our presence.
Our group was strong and focused and our physical and non-physical support team was more effective than ever and a certain breakthrough happened on the non-physical planes which indicates that the Veil will disintegrate „soon“.
The opening in the Veil can be seen energetically on this picture of pink sky in Taipei which was taken a few days after the conference:
A certain cycle was completed and we are entering the next phase of the Breakthrough process where things will escalate towards the Compression Breakthrough. More intel about this will be released in the near future, as will intel about surrender negotiations.
Just a few hours before the beginning of the conference, a military coup happened in Turkey. The coup was carried out by the Positive Military in Turkey against Erdogan and was crushed by the US negative military faction as instructed by their Khazarian / Jesuit commanders. Although the coup failed, it has elevated the geopolitical endgame to a totally new level that will lead towards the recognition of the factions that destabilize the Middle East. This will lead to resolution of all military conflicts worldwide and towards planetary peace at the moment of the Compression Breakthrough.
This is what I have received on the day after the coup about the situation in Turkey from a reliable intel source from Middle East:
„The coup was carried out by 60% of the Turkish army, including staff of the air force and even the reserve soldiers came out to the streets to support their colleagues against the dictatorship of Erdogan …

The army tanks entered to the streets in Ankara and Istanbul, the largest Turkish cities, flying army helicopters carrying army personnel taking command of vital infrastructure centers to control them and that was successfully accomplished. Successful control of the TV broadcast building, Ataturk International Airport and the houses of Parliament and the Presidential Palace where Erdogan was, who was taken by military helicopter to the Ankara international airport where he asked to leave the country immediately …

Erdogan approved the demands of the coup leaders under condition of preservation of his life and the lives of his family and he was granted this condition. Then he recorded a Skype voice message on board of the airplane asking supporters of his efforts to go out to the streets to stop this coup ..

No one went out to the streets during the wee hours of the coup and the scene was blurry, those supporting this coup were by the thousands marching next to army tanks greeting the soldiers raising the banner of Turkey and referring to the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Ataturk …

What happened after?

Erdogan flew from Ankara airport out of the country and he asked for asylum to Germany but Germany refused, then to Azerbaijan which closed its borders and so did Iran in the face of Erdogan.

Erdogan had no choice but to return.  A phone call between Obama and Erdogan took place in the plane as stated in the Washington Post, and he asked and was given permission to land in Incirlik US military base in the south of Turkey.

Moments after that, 12 unknown F-16 aircraft in the skies of Ankara and Istanbul intercepted and shot down 25 helicopters of the Turkish army, carrying soldiers and some leaders who were on their way to control the vital centers in the country, and a real war took place in the air between US Air Force and helicopters of the Turkish army… shot down all the Turkish army helicopters and killed most of the soldiers and their number reached more than 800 soldiers and 50 officers… communique from the CIA, demanding them to surrender and stop the coup otherwise they will crush all the Turkish soldiers on the border and in the streets through aerial attack.

The leaders of the coup had no chance but to stop the coup d’état and ordered the soldiers to withdraw from the streets and end the coup .

Do you understand now why many American bases in any country? It Is to prevent what was going to happen last night in Turkey, it’s the same thing in the Gulf states of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE, all surrounded by the rules of the US military to prevent a coup.

You can find a video on YouTube showing the attack on the helicopters of the Turkish air force and them dropping like flies ..more than 24 helicopters loaded with officers and soldiers were shot down in the blink of an eye…

Had it not been for America… Erdogan today would have been a refugee in one of the countries, that is if he was accepted for asylum by any country. If successful, the coup would have ended the suffering of millions of Syrians and Iraqis with terrorism and arms that come from Turkey… just ended the terror of Daesh in the region … stopped the migration of peoples affected by the policy of Erdogan and those who drown in the sea trying to escape it … would have found the leaders of Daesh and al-Nusra themselves detained in Turkey …all this would have happened if the coup succeeded yesterday …but this is not in the best interest of America and the interest of its policies in the region .“

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Interviews with David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Update from Resistance Movement!

Hey all i’ve got some good finds for you here in this post. David Wilcock and Corey Goode were both on Fade to Black radio this past Monday and Tuesday (just like their shows on and they were very interesting as always.



They both discuss current events and the coming changes to our reality. They also talk about the new website

Then we have an update from Cobra titled ‘Terms of Surrender’. It talks about the terms of surrender given to the Cabal and humanity is asked about their opinion of them:

Terms of Surrender

There are Cabal surrender negotiations taking place behind the scenes, and the general population has a right to know what is going on and to communicate their perspective. So here I am putting the terms of surrender for public review and discussion.
The Rockefeller faction will most likely fight until their bitter end, but the rest of the Cabal will surrender when it gets unsafe enough for them. Many positive factions are getting increasingly impatient and increasingly capable of removing the Cabal from the planet.

Whatever is negotiated with Rothschilds must be negotiated with Jesuits and Black nobility families as well. Chimera group is not involved in these negotiations.

The purpose of negotiations is a peaceful transition, and not revenge against the Cabal.
They will get safety:
1. They can get assured that they will not be removed from the planet by any of the Earth based factions.

2. They can keep their kitschy castles and lifestyles, but not more, so that amounts to a few billion US dollars. No trillions in bank accounts that could steer the planetary agenda, no control of the media, no access to advanced overunity technology, no position of power whatsoever. They will be integrated into the new society as the ‘Other side of the coin advisers’ and given a chance to reintegrate as ‘Honorable members of the ‘New Society’ after they accept surrender to the Light.

They will need to mend their ways:
1. They will need to release control over the financial system, the media, the military and the politics worldwide immediately so the Reset can begin peacefully and much needed assistance is given to humanity
2. They will need to appear in front of truth and reconciliation commission such as the ones in South Africa that were quite successful:

3. They will need to coexist with humanity peacefully. One mistake, and they are removed.

These conditions are as favorable as they can possibly get for them. For this reason, many of them will begin to cooperate and actually genuinely accept the Light. Many were forced or born into Illuminati structure against their free will and many are acting out of deep trauma. Those who still refuse to cooperate, will be taken to the Galactic Central Sun after the Event
If they do not cooperate, and cooperate fast, the negotiating conditions may change, because the planetary and cosmic situation will change as the Galactic Central Sun is about to “sneeze”.


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