TruthEarth Blog and The Event Promotional Videos

A wonderful lightworker Arbre Solaire has gone through the trouble of creating a humorous but informational promotional video for this blog:

I have also created a short informational promotional video about The Event that may be of interest to new comers of this blog:

And for those who would like a more in-depth explanation of this information you will find it in the video below:

Victory of the light!

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Current List of Mass Meditations Requested

Many mass meditations are available for those who are interested to participate in. The link to find them is below. They really do work and the more people that join in the more cumulative the effect is.


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Interesting Cobra/Ascended Master Dream, Huge Energetic Attacks Happening After Publishing Hold the Light Videos

This dream happened last night and I finished writing it down at 11:44 PM. When I woke up I tried writing down everything I could remember but there were things I missed because I was too tired to write down the details that were coming back. I’m not sure what all of this means so I will let everyone make up their own minds about it:

For convenience here is the dream written out:

September 23rd, 2021 11:44 PM

Special Cobra dream. I was with someone in the mountains somewhere on Earth I think and we were being tested step-by-step to see if we were ready to take the next steps.

I don’t know who it was with me but it had to do with climbing large mountains and at some point jumping off of them somewhere.

We had to wait for a signal from the Higher Forces to see if we had proven ourselves worthy of going to the next step. It was a lot.

We got pretty far and there was something about hand signals that communicated progress to us. I think our thumbs were up and our palms closed and together or something like that was the last one before I was told I wasn’t ready yet. [It was similar to signing ‘how’ in American Sign Language which I’m currently learning.]

I was told as I was flying down somewhere that if I continued “the canons would be delayed in firing and there would be disruptions and problems. It seemed to be the same for the other person.

This force was connected to Cobra.

We seemed to be in a remote area and it wasn’t bright out but dim with an overcast. They were protecting us from something as a result of going too far before we were ready so we couldn’t go further.

They could see what would happen based on our current consciousness. We were sad. I don’t know who the other person was.

I’m getting that this might be connected to the Ascended Masters as I’m writing this.

There was something else important about this whole thing and I think it had to do with money.

I’m seeing a large horizontal crack all the way in the screen of my mind and I think it was like ice or lightning with a white-ish outline and I think it was black and all crooked and jagged.

So I’m not 100% sure if this is something that will be important in the near future or a personal message or a prophetic dream of some kind but I know I didn’t get all of the details when I woke up to write this down so ultimately time will tell if it means anything.

Since posting the Hold the Light videos and asking for help I’ve experienced some really rotten energetic attacks from somewhere. These were attacks that I thought I wouldn’t experience again and they happened when making videos in the past. It’s basically strong waves of anxiety and horror which come on suddenly and usually right after posting a video. This is one of the reasons why it’s so hard to do them because of the negative consequences that manifest afterwards. The attacks are happening right now as I am writing this. This protection protocol helps:

Despite this I wish to extend a big thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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Amazing Ascended Master/Spirit Guide Synchronicity When Coming Back from CPR Class

For those who are interested I am really happy to share this incredible synchronicity which just happened. I was guided to possibly get back into working in healthcare and one of the hoops that you have to jump through is to get CPR certified.

So I ended up scheduling the wrong class at first and then a woman called and said they had the right class for the next day (instead of a week away!) which I thought was probably divine intervention.

So the class went well and I requested a Lyft ride on the app afterwards. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got in the car and saw a box containing some divination cards with ‘Ascended Masters’ written on it in the storage area behind the seat:

Add to that the time I took the picture was 3:33 PM:

Then as the woman and I were talking (her name is Joy, so there’s another positive layer to this experience) she pulled out another box of cards that had ‘Angel Guide’ on it:

The name of the place I did the class was called ‘New Life CPR’ and I have been divinely-prompted to begin offering psychic readings for others which I might start working on soon.

I think the message is, “everything will be okay, we are watching over you, get ready to start a new life! Be in ‘Joy’!” I think the other message was “you ‘died’ last month (August 2021) and now you are getting spiritual ‘CPR’ (September 2021) and you are going to be revived and made into something new and different.” Just a thought of course not sure if that’s actually a message that was intended.

The woman also experienced her own synchronicity when she dropped me off and noticed the license plate of someone else who is staying here at this AirBnb which I’m staying at (thanks to others who kindly donated per my video request) and the plate was from a location where she had gone to a spiritual conference. So something for her and something for myself.

So for those who need to know this, the Ascended Masters are real, and spirit guides are real and each of you have at least one guide that follows you throughout your life. Your guide(s) love(s) you and just want(s) to help you.

The owner of this AirBnb is pretty awake and recommended a book to me which has information about what’s going on. Seems to be another sign that things are going to be okay and that I’m on the right path.

Things are obviously a bit different now since 2012 of course.

I’ve been seeing ‘Cobra’ in the form of words and pictures here and there so I think a new Cobra post is coming at some point soon. Not sure when though but this has personally helped me during periods of long silence from Cobra.

And I will include a dream where I was talking to someone about the tv show ‘The 4400’ which is about a group of regular people taken from various time periods in a blue sphere of light and returned with abilities to help save planet Earth from an evil Cabal which includes a man who is obviously supposed to be Bill Gates. It told me to write a book but I don’t know about that. I think it was just an article that needed to be written possibly.

There is a reboot of this show which is airing next month October 25th for those who are interested. I don’t know if it will be bad like most tv shows now but we will see:

Here is another strange dream which was about being with some relatives and wanting to be taken seriously so somehow I had a revolver and shot it into the sky a few times ha:

This is everything for now, please continue to hold the light everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

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Personal Update

For those who feel guided and are interested I would like to share a personal update. I have followed my guidance and have given away my vehicle just a little while ago as of the time of this writing to someone who truly deserved it. The Higher Ups helped to make sure it went to the right person at the right time and I hope it serves them well like it did for me. There were a lot of synchronicities throughout this process which let me know everything would be okay.

This has been a gigantic leap of faith the likes of which I have never done before whatever happens next is a mystery. I have no clue if I will end up sleeping outside somewhere or what.

As experience has shown these big changes are synchronized with the activity of celestial objects/alignments and activity of the sun which is quite active right now.

I did have a dream this morning about Cobra saying something about something but I don’t recall now. It wasn’t very long but I think it was significant.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love as always!

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Powerful Death Acceptance Dream, Child Abuse Dream, Wolf Spirit Animal Synchronicity, Cobra Update Dream Comes True & More

I am being guided to share some things that have been happening recently which will be included in this article for those who are interested. It will be mostly personal things so if that is not something that resonates with you then please feel free to disregard this post.

So here is the powerful dream I had this morning which some might find unpleasant but it was a message I needed to hear. For weeks now I have been getting messages of huge positive changes happening and that I need to let go and detach from my personal belongings. By disregarding this guidance and trying to maintain the situation of living out of my car because this is all that I have, I have been apparently been putting off something that needs to happen:

September 6th, 2021 Early Morning

I am in a building somewhere (this building is run-down which I think was supposed to represent my current life and/or vehicle) and it looks abandoned.

I’m with some other people there. I don’t think I know them. Then I think some firemen or officials tell us we have to leave. We are homeless but they don’t want us staying there.

A man appears there, he is new but it takes a little bit to figure out why he’s there. He is shirtless I think. He is doing some surgery on this abdomen inside of a pink basin:

After a while a woman says he’s only 4 days old. He died but he can’t believe it’s happening. He is in denial and keeps trying to save himself through surgery.

He is working on his abdomen and the pink basin fills with green fluid. There’s a problem with the surgery. He repeats this process of working on the abdomen until I realize I’m a departed soul too.

We tried really hard to help him adjust but he couldn’t believe he died. He thought he could save himself. That man is myself.

He kept repeating the surgery and reappearing until the basin filled with green liquid (this seemed to indicate the final complication of the surgery killing him).

I was compassionate with him and tried reason and logic to convince him what was happening. I think I was almost getting through to him. I woke up before that. He had an appendectomy.

[Then I realized what the dream was trying to communicate.]

I am this man who ended up in a run down building who can’t accept that he met his end a while ago. I ‘died’ on August 8th and perhaps 1 month on Earth is 4 days in the spirit world. The people around me are trying to convince me of this but I’m not accepting it. Until now.

I’ve been realizing that my life situation is what it is and now it’s time to let go of it and see what happens. The Higher Ups have always helped me and I believe they have something wonderful waiting for me. But I have to make the proper arrangements first.

Something else that seems to indicate something is changing personally is that when I went to pet our turkey here she didn’t like it like she normally does. Every time I went to pet her she fluffed up her feathers and got upset and/or would get away from me. She is normally very receptive to being pet and will walk towards me. But now she looks at me different and this makes me sad. But maybe she is being influenced to send a message of ‘you don’t belong here anymore’. I have learned through experience that literally anything and everything can be used to communicate with us by the spirit world. Everything is alive, including inanimate objects, albeit they possess limited consciousness.

The second dream I had this morning was a terrible child abuse dream which some may find disturbing:

September 6th, 2021 Early Morning

I was in some store like Walmart and I remember there were some other things leading up to this but I recall a little girl being there and I think we were near the pharmacy. We may have been at a school at first and then it was a store. Trying to remember the details.

At one point I remember being shown a teenage girl in what looked like a minimal looking dress and some madam woman was showing her how to pose in positions on the ground. There were other kids there too but she was focused on this girl and she was treating her so horribly.

I remember becoming enraged at this point after watching this happen and then I said I will start looking for these people because I’m angry as hell.

I remember this blond woman who I think was involved in child abuse/sex trafficking (perhaps being in a store with the kids = sex with children being bought and sold).

She told me she didn’t want me looking into this and I said out loud that rich and famous people were involved in these activities (not all of them of course but a lot more than we think). She scurried away and I didn’t see her after that I think.

I remember another little girl was there and no one seemed to be accompanying them. I picked up one of the little girls and saw she only had a little dress on and nothing underneath. I was curious if she was a victim who got away somehow.

We were next to the children’s clothing aisle which I think was next to the pharmacy where most of this drama took place. I said I would grab her some clothes and would be right back and she started crying so I asked if she wanted to come with me and she said yes.

So I held both of these little girls’ hands and we started to go that way and then I remember my eyes being closed for some reason and I’m still holding their hands and I decided I would hold them tighter for some reason and then I woke up.

The other night I had an incredible wolf spirit animal synchronicity. The wolf introduced itself in a dream in 2015 and became one of my main spirit animals, especially after watching the reboot of the British sci-fi show ‘Doctor Who’ which is about a time-traveling extraterrestrial who goes on adventures around the Universe:

I was driving towards the gym as it was the evening time and this is when I will work out and then shower and get ready for bed.

I noticed a vehicle which had their hood up and went over to see if they needed help and they agreed to let me take a look at it.

It turns out they needed an easy repair to their upper radiator hose which was split in some places and wasn’t holding pressure so the vehicle was overheating. That was hopefully the cause.

So we go to the store to get a new hose clamp because we were able to get away with simply cutting the torn part of the hose away and putting a hose clamp on that.

I told him my name and I couldn’t believe my ears when he said his name was ‘Wolf’. I asked him to repeat this and told him my spirit animal was the wolf and he said that was his spirit animal as well! Amazing!

So we get everything figured out and repaired (hopefully) and we went our separate ways.

Another quick wolf spirit animal synchronicity was when we were at the casino last night for one of my relatives’ birthday and one of my other relatives won 100$ on a Timber Wolf machine. It was a great trip because they all won several times. I got $5 for free from the casino and that went in one spin without winning anything but I knew that there was a reason for this.

As usual I am told before Cobra makes new posts and on August 29th, 2021 I had a dream where I saw coded messages followed by a short update which came true starting the next day:

So the short update seemed to be the monthly mission report. And another update is coming at some point because as I was walking around the library the other day I saw two books with Cobra on them and this has historically precluded a Cobra update.

The Higher Ups did a trust exercise with me the other day (one of countless over the years, they have a lot of patience with me) where I didn’t have much cash left and I needed to make it through a couple of days with minimal food and gas.

Even though I was close to another gas station they energetically guided me to another one across town and told me to spend $13 on gas (13 has been appearing a lot which might indicate a Goddess presence) and spend the last $2 on a scratcher. They pointed at a specific number and I said okay this is food money guys I don’t have anything else.

But I took a leap of faith and bought it anyways and amazingly I broke even and got my $2 dollars back. I said okay I will do better to trust you.

I’ve learned that someone ‘up there’ knows where the winning scratchers are and what the winning lottery numbers are… At least it seems like they do…

So anyways this is everything for now. Thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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A Personal Life Review

If I were to look back on my life, I would say I experienced as much as a person possibly could in the shortest amount of time possible. It was incredible and it was a nightmare and everything in between. It was a beautiful thing ultimately because I know I experienced things that most people couldn’t imagine.

 Imagine ramming someone through a lifetime or more worth of experiences in a fraction of the time. Imagine learning life lessons that some people never learn while they are alive and I have to learn them in a matter of days, weeks or months. In the grand scheme of things it was extremely enlightening because Earth is such a unique place with the opportunity to learn so many things and gain so many perspectives.

Based on my research I’ve learned my life is an example of what God seeks, which is to experience itself in every which way imaginable. To know and experience everything there is to experience. The good, the bad and the ugly. To be of every economic class, to be in every body of color, to know a different side of sexuality, to have cared for others and to be cared for, to experience the foolishness of being young and naïve and also to know wisdom while in a young body.

There is an upside and downside to growing so quickly in such a short amount of time. The downside is that I can’t relate to anyone around me because I have learned the lessons they might still be learning or perhaps haven’t begun to learn. The upside is that this knowledge and wisdom helps me to deal with the daily reality of The Matrix much better. To know how things and people work is a gift that only comes with experience over time. To learn how my own mind works is also a gift that can’t be put into words.

We have heard this phrase ‘Know Thyself’ and it is probably the most underrated two words in the Universe. Because to know yourself and to point the finger at yourself instead of someone else means that you will discover that you are God in human form and that everyone is yourself in a different body. 

These life experiences have taught me how to deeply appreciate myself and others and to not take others, especially family, for granted. Life is short and every second we spend here and what we spend it on matters greatly. 

I’ve learned the most important thing is unconditional love and to know that we are forgiven regardless of our deeds. One of the hardest things I’ve learned is self-forgiveness and self-love which is crucial for positive life experiences.

I’ve loved myself, hated myself and every other emotion you could think of I have directed towards myself at one time. 

Beautiful things are coming to this planet and while it’s unfortunate that not everyone will live to see them on the physical plane there are other planes of existence where these epic changes will take place.

The biggest thing I’ve learned also is the simplicity of the Golden Rule which all religions teach. It is so simple and humans tend to make everything much more complicated than it needs to be. Just helping one another is one of the most important things I’ve experienced. People have helped me unconditionally and I’ve done the same for others. We all have basic needs that have to be met and we can each take part in helping one another do this. The most amazing miracles happened when I was helping others. I promise it’s worth it!

Death is not the end, it is the beginning of something so beautiful. It is a part of life and I don’t fear it. I wish for everyone else to see it the same way. Fear can be thrown in the trash can as it prevented me from doing so many things. I wish I didn’t have so much fear. Everything ended up working out and it was ultimately an experience which I cherish greatly. 

Love. Love. Love.


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Possible Big Jesus Synchronicity, Guardian Angel Synchronicity, Ashtar/Ascension Dream & Other Synchronicities

I did not think I would be writing about the Jesus synchronicities again but after this experience with the strange dying while being alive episode (not sure what else to call it) I feel like maybe I should be.

A possibly amazing synchronicity manifested yesterday while I was eating in my vehicle. I was pondering all of the Jesus synchronicities and dreams I’ve been having over the years which simply started one day and haven’t stopped since. I wondered what would happen if I accepted what these dreams and synchronicities and communicating to me. And just as I was thinking ‘what if what the Jesus synchronicities are communicating to me is real?’ a huge thunder sound happened and it happened to be 4:44 PM:

Then some minutes later I was scrolling through the Telegram app on my phone and I noticed an incredible synchronicity. I am following the Telegram channel of General Michael Flynn (not sure if it is really him posting) and literally at 4:43 PM, a minute before the thunder happened and my thinking of the Jesus synchronicities, he posted this short clip of a huge lightening strike:

Today I noticed one of the people I stop and talk to who was flying his sign (who has a dog that is part wolf so there is my spirit animal appearing) and got him a couple of things and talked to him for a while. It wasn’t until later in the conversation that he told me about a gold coin he found after a lady helped him if I remember properly. He said the coin wasn’t there before on the ground where he found it. It was a coin with an angel on both sides:

I told him this was probably a sign that he was being watched over and that he would be given the money he needs at the right time.

Another interesting dream which kind of made me nervous was a dream communication regarding Ashtar:

What was interesting was that when I went to look up ‘Ashtar’ on Cobra’s blog I found that the first instance manifested on the article titled ‘The Ascension Plan’ and the word ‘Ashtar’ appears right after the words ‘Higher Source’ which were the exact words I wrote down in the dream. I was worried that this dream indicated that my Ascension would take a very long time:

(The Ascension Plan)

“…The Pleiadian fleet began to re-enter the Solar System in 1998 and on May 17th, 1998 received parts of the new Ascension plan from „higher sources“. The Ashtar Command began to re-enter the Solar System in early 1999 and has evacuated the majority of Earth humanity to Pleiades in August 1999…”

Time will tell of course. I expect that denying who you really are is not going to help the Ascension process. If it is true what the Higher Ups are communicating regarding the Jesus Synchronicities then if I continue to deny them then I will probably never Ascend.

On another note our library put out a small section on UFOs which was nice to see:

Here is another Jesus synchronicity which happened when I took a short trip to San Diego last month (July 2021). I was at a bar not far from the beach and suddenly this group of people showed up on the corner and starting singing about Jesus. The synchronicities happens no matter where I go or what I do.

Another one includes a trip to the mall I made the other day here in Prescott and while talking to this owner of a music instrument store another couple comes in and one of them was a magician in Vegas. Later on a man with a blue hat that said ‘Jesus’ on it came in and offered us some banana bread.

I’ve noticed that the more positive I am and the better things go, the more the Jesus synchronicities manifest and the more powerful they become. It happens without me trying. It is completely automatic. I’ve noticed they slow down when I think more negatively and behave negatively.

A quick example of seeing the word ‘Cobra’ before a new Cobra post was this photo I took on July 10th at the library which was a comic book called ‘Spirit’ which featured a character named ‘Cobra’. Cobra’s newest post was made a few days later on July 13th:

Bottom left illustration is where you find the word ‘Cobra’
Screenshot from my Google Photos account showing the date the photos were taken.

My birthday 4/10 continues to appear in the most amazing ways. While at the laundromat last week I saw a gentleman sitting outside and we started talking and he eventually admitted that his vehicle was broken down and that someone was supposedly on their way to help him. I asked him what was wrong since I’m mostly mechanically inclined (don’t know everything about cars but I do know enough to do most jobs) and he tried to tell me what was happening. He got his manual out and as I was flipping to the part of the manual regarding the fuel system he was watching me and said something about it being on page 410. I couldn’t believe my ears! Long story short his vehicle was gone after a couple of days after he got a new fuel filter on there.

He was kind of a difficult person to handle and this situation taught me that not everyone can or wants to be helped and I have to accept this. I also need to re-learn boundaries and making sure I help myself while balancing helping others. Not so easy when so many people need help.

Another possible Jesus synchronicity was when I was invited over to someone’s place yesterday and when I walked into their room for the first time there was a picture of Jesus on the wall:

It is not only myself that are experiencing these Jesus synchronicities but in fact a few lightworkers in high responsible positions have experienced undeniable ones as well. My relatives experienced them too. The synchronicities work just as amazingly and are as huge when other people are around and we are interacting with one another. No doubt there are more miracles/synchronicities (in my experience these terms are interchangeable) on the way.

One last possible Jesus synchronicity here. While I was walking into the library this morning I walked by a car which had 3444 on the license plate which is a number that has appeared before and in my dreams and it is the number assigned to the word ‘Yeshuah‘ in Strong’s Concordance which is an index and translation of every word in the King James Bible.

Anyways this is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love!

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Interesting Information in Dreams/Prophetic Dreams Come True & Other Synchronicities

So this post will feature a series of dreams which some might find of interest if they feel like checking this article out. It will be a combination of possible messages for others and a kind of personal journaling so if that’s not something you’d be interested in then feel free to disregard this post.

Among the seemingly endless amount of synchronistic and divine information manifesting to me on a daily basis I’m regularly informed of Cobra posts before they happen in both dreams and real-time synchronicity. Here are a couple of examples:

The first screenshot was of seeing the word ‘Cobra’ in various places which so far has precluded an update from his blog and the second being the dream. And about a week later he created a new post:

There was another long dream with Cobra that was filled with symbols and events and it happened the same morning that he posted a coded message:

I think one of the reasons for all of these prophetic dreams connected to Cobra’s blog is to emphasize the importance of the information there and to encourage people to take it seriously.

And for the first time ever I had two family reunion dreams:

These dreams coincided with a personal event of moving out of my folks’ place (decision made on the Full Moon interestingly) and living out of my vehicle again and as I found out later a special Mayan calendar date. I moved out on July 26th which was the first day of the new Galactic New Year:–what-the-energies-of-the-mayan-synchronary-say-for-the-coming-times.Sy0SE-nCu.html

The day before, July 25th, is referred to as the ‘day out of time’ and this day was spent getting prepared to leave, all of this without being aware of the Mayan calendar.

Also as interesting is, per Cobra, on July 24th, two days before the date of the beginning of the Mayan new year, the Resistance priestesses did a kundalini activation which helped the protesters in France:

“…On July 24th , Goddess priestesses of the Resistance Movement did a very powerful kundalini activation in the catacombs below Paris…”

Here is a dream that I think should definitely be taken with a grain of salt, although it did manifest on the same day and before Cobra posted his more recent update:

Trump was mentioned in the article interestingly although not related to the Pleiadians:

“…The Resistance has communicate that it is not Trump who will return to the White House at the time of the Event. Rather, a provisional interim government will be formed until new elections can be held as soon as logistically possible after the Event…”

I had another interesting dream on the same morning on August 4th where I saw my brother with a drawing of a lion head against a Universe background which seemed to be connected to extraterrestrials:

Here is a dream from this morning as of the time of this writing which seemed to be about the current financial system, more specifically the current situation regarding inflation (prices of everything going up):

I usually experience dreams where I’m in a classroom (learning/teaching) and this time I was one of the students and I was trying to tell people about the Rothschilds and Rockefellers:

For those who are interested and for what it’s worth, the Jesus Synchronicities and dreams never really stopped happening. They have continued up to present day and the more positive I am and the more helpful I am towards others the more powerful they become. I just haven’t been writing about them because I just have a hard time believing that what they are communicating is true.

And unfortunately because I became quite ill earlier this year (blood infection) and nearly left the physical plane all of my body hair started falling out and eventually I decided to get my hair and beard cut.

I also went through a strange episode which lasted several days where I became so lethargic and depressed I could barely function. It was on August 5-7th that I felt like I was going to die as I had lost pretty much all will to live. Things started to get a little better and then on August 8th (Lion’s Gate Portal) I had a personal breakthrough and felt a lot better. I’ve experienced Dark Nights of the Soul many times before this but this was the first time I experienced the sensation like I was actually dying. Like I knew I was going to die.

August 2020 Energy Update for the Lions Gate Portal — Jana Carrey

I remember that the day before August 8th or before that I had gotten into my vehicle and was driving away and saw a cockroach crawling up the side of my door and I quickly swatted it off (I wasn’t driving very fast so it was probably okay). I thought this could be a sign so I looked up the meaning of seeing a cockroach and found exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. It symbolized exactly what I was going through based on the website I found.

Interestingly this strange dying while alive situation echoed the story of a Stargate SG-1 episode titled ‘Threshold’ where one of the main characters was re-brainwashed by an evil being and had to have his symbiote (a creature which maintains the health of the being which lives in the gut) removed in order to take him to the threshold of death (Rite of M’al Sharran) in order to overcome the programming. The rite eventually worked but it took the character to the brink of death but this resulted in a return to life and loyalty to defeat evil.

Another interesting situation was just the other day when I went to help out a guy flying a sign outside of a grocery store. I gave him a few things and he started telling me about how when he was 16 years old he saw a spaceship land and these beings apparently living in a house next to him. I think he said that they said they were here to study us and that they had been there a while. This guy was pretty sharp and knew a lot about the situation on this planet so I was intrigued by his story. He also mentioned ‘wolves’ a few times and the wolf is my spirit animal so I knew I was on the right path by talking to this gentleman.

During this time I’ve noticed the Universe presenting me with many more opportunities to help others. Like whenever I’m driving somewhere there will be someone with their hood up or someone flying a sign or something that someone left behind that needs to be turned into the lost and found. And I realized doing these things helps me feel better and it helps set an example for others to follow. We are all in this dumpster fire (to word it politely) together.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love, hang in there!

P.S. There is still a need to do mass meditations to help various situations going on if you feel guided:

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Prophetic Dreams Come True, Cobra Publishes Post with ‘R’ Name in Title

So this has come as a personal surprise as I had thought the prophetic dreams I wrote down with the ‘R’ in the title had manifested as something else within a Cobra article (as I have mentioned and documented already many times the prophetic dreams come true but it looks a bit different in reality than what I saw in the dream).

I would also add that I have gotten prophetic dreams which predicted events months in advance. Here is one example:

When I wrote down the dreams where I saw ‘R’ in the title I thought it would be something coming up soon and in the immediate future which was the norm for almost all of the Cobra post dreams I’ve had (usually within days).

But it seems in this case it seemed to be a bit further into the future. Cobra did indeed publish a post with an ‘R’ word in the title:

I would reiterate a portion of the dream regarding this post:

June 8th, 2021 4:10 AM

Dream about a new Cobra post.

It was titled with an ‘R’ name which describes the type of reptilian beings which are causing problems.

Donald Rumsfeld was one of the Unholy Four which are Draco/Human hybrids:

“…From the human side, the program was directed by the unholy four (Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney). The unholy four are actually Draconians who took human incarnations 26,000 years ago and are the four most visible Draco/human hybrids...”

Donald Rumsfeld was working closely with the Draco/Reptilians:

“…After 2004, the remaining Draco/Reptilian forces were working closely with the unholy four to defend planet Earth from the liberating fleet of the Galactic Light forces…”

So in the dream I saw that the ‘R’ name was connected to the reptilians and it turns out it was probably having to do with Rumsfeld’s departure from the physical plane. By the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve received a prophetic dream about a high-level Cabal member dying. Bush Sr. was one of the Unholy Four and in the dream I saw a Cabal member being hanged below me and not long after that dream it was announced that he had died:

And here is an excerpt from the second dream where I saw the post with the ‘R’ name in the title and was happy about the validation:

June 14th, 2021 04:01 AM

“…I also remember being calmly overjoyed at seeing the new Cobra post and several other new ones after the one with the ‘R’ in the title. I saw several as I was scrolling on my phone I believe...”

This doesn’t include the dream I had on June 8th where I saw the dream with the ‘R’ title coming true. A dream where I saw a dream coming true:

Now I would like to say a few things that have been on my mind. While I appreciate that some people may be sharing concern about my well-being, I would like to share that this is unsolicited advice and is not something I have asked for. So I would be grateful if others would refrain from contacting me offering me advice about my life and situation when in reality what I am sharing online, on this blog and not much elsewhere is very limited.

If you were to paint a picture of my situation and life based on what is available on this blog (including previously deleted posts) then you would be left with a stick figure and maybe a stick house with some details. What I share here is at my discretion and isn’t very much at all. I understand that when you share things online you subject yourself to other people’s opinions and this is not something new for me.

So for these reasons I am limiting people’s access to contact me personally by disabling the comments and removing the contact button. Perhaps I will put it back up but for now, for my highest good, I will be taking those things down. More blog posts may or may not be coming.

Thank you for your time and I do wish everyone much love and light!

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Prophetic Cobra Dream Comes True & Other Synchronicities

For those who are interested here is a post about another Cobra dream I had this morning. I am not sure about the Cobra post with the ‘R’ word in the title coming true yet and that may not happen. I’ve learned that sometimes what I see in dreams comes true but not exactly how it is shown to me.

In this case I had a dream this morning which I almost didn’t write down but decided to anyways and it turns out it seemed to be predicting a coded Cobra post from this morning.

I would also note that while I was in town yesterday I was at the library and came across a DVD with the title ‘Black Cobra’ which indicated to me that a new Cobra post was coming soon. This has been happening consistently for a while now and it is quite interesting to see these real time synchronicities prophesize events that actually happen later:

Here is the dream which was entertaining as well as prophetic. I just happened to finish writing this dream down 5 minutes before Cobra posted a coded message on his blog:

June 14th, 2021 04:01 AM

Cobra post dream. I had yet another dream where I saw a new Cobra post with the ‘R’ word in the title. This time the title was ‘Seeing Through R’ and I forgot what the word was. [I couldn’t remember the ‘R’ word after I woke up and also from the previous dream.]

I remember being and working in a hospital in another dimension. I asked repeatedly how the physics of the dimension worked but they weren’t sure.

I remember one of the women there also tell me I needed to have them make me contacts [contact lenses] instead of using my own. She was nice about it.

She asked me my prescription and retrieved a small [rectangular] metal box and then proceeded to poof them into existence [they appeared on top of the metal box].

They were dry and there was residue on them which I cleaned off. I was nervous to put them in as the residue was orange and still on them when I was about to put one in.

I remember something about how the bureaucrats of this dimension had something to do with something I was asking about which I was surprised to hear. I thought surely things were better here.

I think I remember thinking that everything was working on the idea of the Moment of Now and that everyone was accounted for because they are all connected here. They are all One and it’s easy to locate people.

I also remember being calmly overjoyed at seeing the new Cobra post and several other new ones after the one with the ‘R’ in the title. I saw several as I was scrolling on my phone I believe.

I don’t remember anything about the others except that they seemed to be posts which weren’t coded although this was very brief so I’m not sure.

I didn’t care for patients [meaning I wasn’t assigned to take care of them] but was mostly feeling like a tourist who was excited to explore this new experience and dimension.

The people seemed human and were very kind. One of the main highlights was seeing the Cobra post and being validated that it came true. [which it may not in reality or at least not exactly as its described here.]

I don’t recall the content but it was similar to his other ones with sentences and links.

One of the main nurses there who helped with the contacts seemed to be Hispanic and I’m not sure about the others. I think there was one male that was kind of odd and reminded me of a co-worker from the hospital I worked at. I don’t remember much else.

Then five minutes later at 4:06 AM after writing down this dream at 4:01 AM Cobra posted a coded message:

So it seems that this post with ‘R’ in the title may be coming still and based on previous dream experience it may not materialize exactly how it is presented here. Time will tell of course.

In another dream I was able to repeat the same event/series of events over and over again in what seemed to be another example of being able to control time and space, or at least time in this case. This time I kept trying to steal a gold coin for some reason and CNA = certified nurses assistant in the dream:

Some might be interested to see that during the time that Cobra requested per the Light Forces to meditate for the clearing of the underground Chimera bases (May 23rd, 2021), the sun went crazy including the day before the request (and possibly a few days before even that):

And especially the day of the meditation request on May 23rd, 2021:

In any case this is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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Another Cobra Dream & Other Messages in Dreams

Leap of Faith Alert! I am posting this before the dream comes true, assuming it will, which it may not. What was interesting was that the last dream I had before I woke up for the day this morning was one where I actually saw the Cobra dream come true. A dream where I saw another dream come true… That hasn’t happened to me before. A lot of amazing things have happened in dreams over the years, dreams within dreams and so on but this is new.

So I will type out the dream and share the screenshots:

June 8th, 2021 4:10 AM

Dream about a new Cobra post.

It was titled with an ‘R’ name which describes the type of reptilian beings which are causing problems.

I saw the new post with the picture as the thumbnail on my phone and then Cobra and another couple of people and myself went to a place to see these beings.

They were savage and ruthless. They attacked mercilessly and I remember an expletive being used a couple of times to describe them by Cobra.

I saw a list of the beings and then I remember us being on what I think was a mission to explore this area/facility which was almost like an obstacle course with new challenges at every turn.

I remember we had to walk past what I think was part of the Colorado River which was drained down quite a bit suddenly because of these beings. They were working hard to drain it. I remember saying the river did not look like that the last time I saw it which was very recently.

Then I remember there was a small spiral staircase we had to go down and it was flooded with water so we had to swim down and it was quite long with some pockets of air but not enough.

When we go through this obstacle and nearly drowned, we noticed one of our people was still up there and when I went back up they were unconscious. I barely got them back and started CPR and eventually came around.

They were angry and eventually said they didn’t sign up for this and wanted to leave. I think we tried to talk them out of it.

I don’t remember anything after that.

Many of the beings looked like reptilians and I think they were all some kind of creature like that. Cobra was very determined in this dream.

Before this all started the area reminded me of like a Jurassic Park type of setting. I saw the list of beings and what they looked like.

And here is the dream where I saw the above dream come true which I thought was actually real when it was happening. This dream even seemed to foretell when I would be writing it down in the waking world:

And I think at one point there was a part of one of these dreams where I mentioned that there needed to be another mass meditation so I’m going to include it with the same disclaimer that this is a leap of faith and I don’t know if it will actually come true or not.

It’s interesting to note that the time I woke up to write the first dream down was 3:58 AM and Cobra had posted a coded message 22 minutes earlier at 3:36 AM:

So anyways this is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

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