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For those who are interested I would share some amazing things here which include synchronicities and dreams. As always I encourage discernment with anything you come across here. Apologies about the length of this article. Synchronistically today is the day of the New Moon.

Something has changed and it seems to be either for the better or for worse. On one hand I’ve started a new medication as of May of this year which I would not share too many details about, only that I think this is interrupting my abilities and telepathic connection. I am not able to see things in my mind’s eye as well anymore and I’m not sure if this is part of the plan or if it’s the medication. It happened really fast which makes me wonder whether or not it’s the medication. I have to take this and I’m nervous that switching to another one might be worse. But regardless, the dreams and synchronicities are still happening and they are huge. Some of them may be overwhelming or perhaps not. I can tell you this, I’m guessing Mr. Rothschild (per my dream, or whoever it was attacking in the comments section of Cobra’s blog) is not going to like this.

This first item will preclude the below synchronicities. My feet were vibrating like crazy on August 24th and I am learning that this is a sign that something is about to happen:

The ‘something’ seems to have been the following series of events. This part of the article will be the star attraction. On August 25th I had a dream where I was at a place like Dave and Busters (like an adult kind of Peter Piper Pizza place with games and food) and was texting someone. I don’t remember the rest of the message but I wrote ‘Christ the Redeemer’ after a forward slash, /, but I don’t remember what the other word was before the forward slash. I think the text message was generally benign. My sleep schedule has been kind of whack lately and I’ve been waking up later in the day which is why the dreams are written down later than usual:

So I did some digging into this title, ‘Christ the Redeemer’, and found some interesting things. I’m usually hesitant to share Jesus dreams and synchronicities but they keep happening regardless of what I or anyone says or thinks about them.

Christ the Redeemer‘ is the name of a large statue of Jesus in Brazil:

The time the dream was written down was 11:57 AM and then we had a big M-Class solar flare 54 minutes later at 12:51 PM Arizona Time:

And here is where it gets amazing. The statue was built on a mountain top whose elevation is 2,310 feet:


“…In 1921 the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro proposed that a statue of Christ be built on the 2,310-foot (704-metre) summit, which, because of its commanding height, would make it visible from anywhere in Rio…”

If we look up the meaning of the number 2310 on the Angel’s Numbers website, a spirit world favorite, we see that the time it was posted was 12:51 PM, the exact same time as the solar flare here in Arizona, 12:51 PM:

What’s even more amazing is the picture I included in the last article (on the right below), which is as close to what I saw in an early morning telepathic communication on July 26th, looks similar to the statue (left picture below):

And so people can’t claim that I added the above right picture to my blog post after the fact can find the archived version of the blog post here. Once a capture of a blog post is taken is cannot be altered, edited or modified in any way.

Here is the telepathic communication which happened the morning of July 23rd where I saw the above image of Jesus:

And now here is an amazing magic number 410 synchronicity.

On August 20th I got the song ‘Domino‘ by Jessie J in my head which has some lyrics about the sun:

“…Rock my world until the sunlight…”

I was watching a commercial that had the word ‘sun’ in it and thought this might be important. I also got ‘M-Class’ telepathically which I wrote down. This was at 3:35 PM on August 20th:

The M-Class flare on August 25th, the one previously mentioned here which happened at 12:51 PM, was the first one to happen on that day. I decided to see how much time had passed between the email and the flare and amazingly it was 117 hours (and 16 minutes):

All of these things are connected to the magic 410.

August 20th, which can be written as 8/20, is the result of 410+410=820.

August 25th was the date the meaning of the number 410 was published on the Angels Numbers website:

And the meaning of the number 117 (the amount of hours between the two dates) was published at 4:10 PM on the Angels Numbers website:

Very interestingly, today, August 27th, is the day of the New Moon starting at 1:17 AM here in Arizona:

August 25th was the day I experienced a taste of the wonderful peaceful, blissful, effortless, calming and benevolent energy which I think is going to be the norm after The Event:

The Higher Ups have telepathically emphasized this next synchronicity connected to the above pleasant feelings.

The biggest solar flare we have had in a while was a huge M7 on August 26th, the day after the above email was documented:

[Adding this next part September 1st, late in the evening. I have made a time conversion error with the above synchronicity and have deleted the erroneous data. I used 4:14 AM instead of 5:14 AM. I apologize about this. What’s amazing is that the result of this is just as amazing as the incorrect one. The amount of time between the email and flare was 44,100 seconds so here we see the magic 410 appearing:

[End of addition information.]

On August 11th my TV needed to be upgraded and it was upgraded to a version which included the magic 410:

It is probably not the best idea to include this next Jesus synchronicity and I have no proof or documentation that it happened because I generally try to ignore them. But I was hanging out with my neighbors and one of them is a guy just a little bit younger than me who I think would make a great Ascended Master one day and I’ve even told him about Ascension and hopefully planted a seed there. But anyways we were talking and ‘somehow’ the subject of Jesus came up. I never bring up this subject as I try not to think about it. So he starts using me as an example in something he was trying to explain (he is and will make a great teacher in the future).

Multiple times he said, and this isn’t exactly the right words, but it was basically him saying to me “You’re Jesus. Let’s say you’re Jesus.” He repeated this a few times and the next thing kind of shocked me. He then referenced a bible verse I was familiar with which was about a woman being given living water. He repeated this as well and I remembered that this bible verse is from John 4:10 so here was this magic number appearing once again. 4/10 is my birthday. I was a bit upset because I have repeatedly told the Universe no more Jesus synchronicities or dreams. But it has not listened and they continue regardless of my demands. There have been many others and they become more prominent and regular the more positive I am. I have no control over this. But for what it’s worth these things are extremely positive and mind-blowing when they happen.

Over the course of the few weeks I didn’t have this laptop and hotspot I originally though I would immediately get it when it became available. Like of course I would want to be connected to the world. But as the time got closer to the day when it would be available I started thinking maybe I don’t want to pick it up. Maybe I don’t want to write anymore and document these things. In the early morning telepathic communication I got that I needed to stay and come back which I thought was silly because I thought oh yeah I will definitely get the laptop:

Interestingly the Anchor is one of the oldest Christian symbols. “A simple anchor, for the first 300 years or so of the church, was one of the main symbols of the Christian faith.”

But the Higher Ups couldn’t force me to walk several miles to pick up a laptop and hotspot. Plus it’s been raining a lot (thankfully). So I understood the message better and decided I would get the laptop and continue to document these things of my own free will.

Interestingly the day I decided to go to the library and get the laptop was August 15th and I would go the next day August 16th and I had until the 17th to pick it up. I waited until the last minute to decide:

Interestingly the same day, August 16th, we had the biggest solar flare we’ve had in a while. Solar activity increased into M-Class range the day of the decision and then the next day when picking up the laptop is when solar activity peaked. The last M-Class flare to happen was on July 16th:

The first black divider is August 15th where the activity starts to increase and then in the next black divider it peaks the next day August 16th where we had an M5 solar flare:

Interestingly on August 23rd I had a dream about seeing ‘X’ on the spaceweather website which I use to get information about solar activity. The X was where the solar flare information was except it was just an X and nothing else. So I’m interpreting this as perhaps not predicting an X-Class flare but that a certain upcoming flare would be very important as X = highest class possible for a flare. If it’s the M-Class flare that happened a couple of days later on August 25th at 12:51 PM I would say that was a very important one as it related to the above Jesus dream.

And now for a prophetic Cobra dream which came true. The dream happened on August 10th and while I don’t understand all the details in the dream, it was still prophetic. I think there are details that are for Cobra to understand. Basically Cobra and I were hanging out and he was talking a lot more than usual. In other dreams he didn’t say much but this time he was a chatty Kathy:

August 10th, 2022 03:45 PM

Had long cobra Dream. I remember being at this gathering somewhere I think and we had a shared room with a couple of beds.

He brought a lady with him and she wasn’t doing so good. She looked older and I think her name was Barbara.

She had to stay in bed because she wasn’t well. She was very kind but didn’t say much.

I remember this dream was special because cobra and I talked a lot and it wasn’t awkward like before. It was as if a new thing was starting. 

We played outside for a while but I forgot what we did. It was very fun and it was a beautiful day.

I remember being in the room and he was in his bed and I said happy birthday in Serbian. Srechan Rodzendan. I think his birthday was four days earlier.

I don’t know when his real birthday is. It was very nice to be able to talk more openly. I don’t remember much else. Very positive dream.

And then later on I remembered that I saw in the dream that he added my video ‘Time to Come Home III 432Hz‘ at the end of the article:

And although Cobra didn’t post my video at the end of his article, which I didn’t think was going to happen, I theorize the video was complimenting the overall message of the update as very positive. In the video it’s basically about getting ready because it’s almost time and Cobra began the article with: “Many things are happening behind the scenes and as much as I would like to report them, it is simply too dangerous at this senior stage of the Plan” and finished the article with: “And the light will finally come.”

That dream happened on August 10th and then on August 15th Cobra posted the Planetary Situation Update:

This article was a bit different because Cobra shared a lot more information than usual which would go along well with the dream as he was talking a lot.

I had a dream this morning which included seeing someone scrolling through Cobra’s blog in a restaurant setting which I thought was amazing:

August 27th, 2022 11:40 AM

Had strange dream where people from my childhood were adults and I was sitting at a table with them at a restaurant. I was kind of shocked to see one of them.

I remembered them right away. I think myself and someone else walk around this property which wasn’t just a restaurant I think. It was a long dream.

Towards the end I held the door open for people and it was kind of crowded. It was a mixture of families with kids.

I remember looking into one seating area and I saw someone on Cobra’s website which was exciting. I hadn’t seen that before and thought this was great. 

At one point I remember going into this area through a gate and there was a beautiful water pond structure which was very nice.

In one section it was shallow and the water was pink somehow and there was a brick that was not in the right place so the water was going where it wasn’t supposed to.

I tried to fix it and it kind of helped and then someone else tried to fix it and I think it didn’t work at first and I don’t remember if it was resolved.

We walked around and left through another gate. There was a nail in the hinge part of the gate that I put back in after closing the gate.

We walked back towards the front of the property where the restaurant was and this is where we tried to leave and held the door open for people. There was more but I don’t remember much else.

This next part isn’t going to be for everyone but I will share it anyway. On August 17th the Higher Ups kept using my eyes to point at the song ‘On the Floor’ by Jennifer Lopez. I didn’t write this down but it was pretty persistent and I was able to go back into my history and see when I did that:

Very amazingly on August 19th, two days after being guided to watch that video, I went to watch the new episode of RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race and I watched in amazement as the first performer danced to ‘On the Floor’. This wasn’t announced anywhere in advance or included in a preview which I already saw and didn’t see the first performer featured there.

I like this show because of the creativity and the wisdom from RuPaul and while no one is perfect I think he might be a Starseed. I just enjoy it and don’t really care what anyone thinks about that. In this show one of the celebrities names herself ‘Chakra 7’ which I thought was a great way to spread metaphysical knowledge to the general population.

Here is a couple of dreams that pertain to Sherman who posts in the comment section of Cobra’s blog which I interpreted to be generally benevolent:

August 26th, 2022 12:57 PM

Two Sherman dreams. 

The first one was about visiting Sherman and going to her house. I will use feminine pronouns because Sherman identifies as a woman [or female if you will]. 

I was thinking quietly to myself that Sherman was very good looking as a guy but didn’t say it out loud. I remember she wasn’t in the best mood.

We had talked a little bit and I don’t remember how I got there. I think it’s because I learned that somehow she was in Arizona which is where I live except I don’t think that’s where she actually lives.

In any case, I saw what I think were her siblings which looked just like her. I think I met her mom who was very nice. I think there were like 2 or 4 siblings living there.

They seemed nice as well but I didn’t talk much to them. Sherman seemed preoccupied and with a lot on her mind when I was there.

I also remember at one point that Sherman and another sibling I think had some places where there were these parasitic worms living under their skin. Sherman had one on her leg and I saw some very whiter pus come out of it.

Another sibling had more than one and I think I saw them pull one out. It was like a meal worm looking thing. This could be part of the dream because I watched parasite removal videos on YouTube recently.

There was another woman there and I’m not sure what her relation was to the family but she had some kind of Slavic background because she spoke to me in a language that sounded Slavic but I couldn’t make it out.

So I asked her a couple of times and I think I corrected myself the second time to make it sound nicer. 

She didn’t tell me where she was from but I said ‘Da li imaš boli’ which is Serbian for ‘do you have pain’ and she said it while I was saying it which told me she understood it and maybe she spoke that language.

She wore something which didn’t really cover her upper body well. I think Sherman went into her room and I think she was in there with someone.

I think I tried to call for her by the door because I was going to head out and I think I heard them in the room but thought maybe they didn’t feel like coming out. I thought maybe they were having some fun time. 

Their house was quaint and although I didn’t see the whole thing I think it was enough space for them, perhaps a bit smaller when all those people are there at once. I think they had dogs but I don’t remember now.

And the second dream which took place at Sherman’s house but I was just outside the house with someone else:

August 26th, 2022 01:06 PM

Second dream.

In the second dream I had come back to Sherman’s place and there was a lady friend with me but I don’t remember who she was now. 

She had a backpack on I think. Details are fading. I remember trying to think about how I had known to get in touch with Sherman so I could visit. 

I was thinking back a few steps and remember what had happened which led to the visit. I think I saw them somewhere which prompted me to reach out I think. 

Don’t remember much about that. We had walked to the back of the house and I don’t think we talked to anyone. I don’t remember why I was there again.

I had to come back for something I think. Maybe car wasn’t running right. It was a nice property and view.

I remember being really weak while we were tying to leave. I could barely walk and thought my iron level might be low again. I was struggling a lot to walk and just stand up.

An older gentleman there was talking to me when I was down and said something about rabbits that didn’t make any sense. I don’t know if he was in his right mind or not.

When I finally got up we walked over to the front of the house and I looked in her backpack. I think I was trying to remember how I had got to meet Sherman in the first place.

I remember going through my lady friend’s large backpack and unzipped the wrong compartment and I think I saw something spraying out in there. Don’t remember much else.

The part about needing iron turned out to be true. It’s something I have to stay on top of. I hadn’t taken iron in a while and recently I started feeling very tired and sleeping a lot. Had headaches and just felt not good. So I took the iron yesterday evening and it’s getting better.

I’ve noticed a strange pattern recently and that is that I keep encountering things telling me I’ve won something. That I’ve gotten 1st place in something but I don’t know what. Ascension perhaps? That’d be nice, although to be honest I feel like I would want to go higher than that and maybe even just return to the Source. I don’t know yet but I think I’ll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

One strange example are these weird glitches that have been happening with my video game console that a relative got for me. I was playing Mario Kart 64 and I had pressed some buttons trying to get the controller to work and it suddenly ‘glitched’ to me winning 1st place, even though I hadn’t even started the race yet. I’ve had this console since April this year and it has done it twice now just recently.

I know that the Higher Ups can cause things like this to happen. It is definitely within the realm of possibility for them and I’ve witnessed it before. Although I also think it could have been perhaps because of solar activity as this affects electronics as well. Either way it only started doing this recently. It happened some weeks before this but I deleted my documentation of it because I thought it was just a random glitch. But it happened again and I thought I should pay attention.

In the strange telepathic communication referenced in the beginning of this article it said something about the Rosy Cross and checkerboard which I interpreted as referring to Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry. The day I returned the laptop and hotspot I decided to look around and get some good books as I didn’t have a phone either. I found two books on the Rosicrucians and checked them out.

I learned that Francis Bacon is most likely the creator of Rosicrucianism and that it is a tradition that is upheld by at least 30 or so different groups and societies, including the Freemasons. I learned that they have a manifesto which was published anonymously in 1614. The English translation can be found here for those who are curious. It’s called the ‘Fama Fraternitatis’ or ‘The Story of the Brotherhood’ in English. I am wondering if the religious order I was told about in two dreams was the Rosicrucians. The first was in 2018 and the second was after doing the city council speech on December 21st. I’m not sure of course but I think eventually time will reveal everything. Both dreams featured Pleiadian presence so whatever is happening here, they are directly involved.

Very strangely, while reading one of the books on my bed, I looked over at my closet and saw the hangers were swinging like someone had tapped them. It wasn’t a slight swinging either it was like if I had used my hand to make them noticeably swing but not too hard. I thought some air from my swamp cooler (which is pretty small) was pushing them but the air doesn’t go directly in my room. My door only opens half way because the hinges aren’t on correctly so not a lot of air can really get in from the location of the swamp cooler which is in the living room on the other side of a long wall. I just stared at the hangers to see if they would move again. And they haven’t since that time. This happened while I was reading the Rosicrucian book and didn’t think this was a coincidence.

I didn’t have a phone or laptop to document this so I wrote it down on a library receipt. It was July 27th and when I went out to the kitchen I saw it was 10:40 PM on the microwave clock which was amazing as these were the digits of the magic 410:

Sorry about the bad handwriting.

Another strange glitch was when I was watching ‘Pure Imagination 432Hz‘ and the screen went black and started the final scene where the young man basically becomes this super being which is from a short film titled ‘The Event‘. I found it strange that it started the scene exactly when the ending scene starts and not some random place within that scene or somewhere else in the video.

And in the below screenshot is where the above scene should have started, more towards the end of the video:

Another occurrence which might be a coincidence is that I have been getting spam emails in my inbox that are saying I’ve been chosen. This has happened a couple of times so far and I don’t know how those got past the spam filter because they were obviously spam. I deleted them but maybe I should have kept at least one to share here.

Another example was when I was really sleep deprived but had this strange vision of being selected for something. This message included information that said that a positive outcome might come out of the Russia/Lithuania situation and that has since positively resolved:

One other thing I’ve noticed was that I’m not having dreams about ‘barely’ being on time for something (Cobra posted one of these dreams on his blog some time ago). A while back I kept getting dreams with this same message. I was just barely going to be on time for something and these dreams stopped some time ago so maybe I am ‘on time’ for whatever it was talking about.

I would add a story here which ended very beautifully. I was walking to the store to get some things and noticed a man flying a sign in the parking lot (flying a sign means someone holding up a sign asking for help). He looked rough and I debated on whether or not to use what I had to help him. After debating this in my head while I was shopping I finally checked out and decided to go and ask him what I could help with. I didn’t know what his sign said but I asked him what he needed. He said food, and money to buy food. Okay I can help with food. So I asked him what he liked and suggested this and that and I ‘took his order’ as it were. I put my stuff down by him which he agreed to look after while I went to the store. I picked out what he liked and got him some cookies too, even though he did not ask for them. Eventually I saw his sign and it had a happy face drawn on it.

I get everything together and bring them back to him and we start talking a little bit and one thing leads to another and we get on the subject of how he is a veteran. He knows that the military duped him and that it’s like the Roman Empire. He was very awake and knew about things that you would come across when researching various subjects. Eventually it started to rain pretty good and I was too far away from my place to walk back in that heavy rain and so we took cover by a bank which was covered so we could stay dry. We talked and exchanged stories and he told me about injuries he lives with and so on. Eventually the rain stops and a beautiful rainbow appeared. Two very nicely dressed gentlemen came out of the building at separate times and I almost thought they would call the police on us. Someone could probably mistake me for a homeless person but oh well.

My phone was in my jacket pocket zipped up and I didn’t want to take it out and risk it getting wet so I didn’t get a picture. The rainbow was partially occluded at first and then after a little while more of it was showing. After this I decided to head back and he was getting ready to be picked up. So the rain kind of forced us into a place where we would keep talking which was nice and then we went our separate ways.

I believe that the dream about the Russian soldiers going through the school I was in seemed to be prophetic in that the Russians have decided to continue on into Ukraine and not stop where they were. The dream happened on July 11th and basically I was in a classroom and Russian soldiers were marching in the hallways and they came into the classroom. I said ‘good’ and ‘Good morning’ in Russian to them:

And then July 20th, it was announced that Russia’s goals have changed in Ukraine since the West was giving them so many weapons. The Russians intend to go further into Ukraine:


“…Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that Russia’s goals were more ambitious than Moscow had declared at the start of the war in February, when it claimed its goal was to “liberate” the eastern Donbas border region. Moscow’s war aims now extend to the provinces of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia in southern Ukraine, which are mostly occupied by Russian forces, Lavrov said...”

So perhaps the dream was indicating that Russians would continue on as they were marching through the hallways of the school. Otherwise I’m not sure what the dream could be connected to.

I know I’m doing things out of order here but I would like to share a prophetic dream regarding solar activity which came true but unfortunately I didn’t have a phone or laptop to document it so I wrote it down and guessed the time based on the shadow of the trees here (microwave was reset to zero after we lost power here):

I will convert these chicken scratches to something more legible:

August 7th, 2022 11-12 PM

Seemingly very important dream about something regarding the sun.

I think there was a meeting involving military personnel. I remember being in a room with people from another country, maybe Middle Eastern or Indian.

I remember trying to explain how things work on the sun and wasn’t doing a very good job.

I had this sleeping bag which I unfolded and tried to show people the inside.

That didn’t go quite well and I had to unzip it even more to reveal the red and yellow interior of this thing which I am guessing was a sleeping bag.

I think there were other solar related items or TV screens with depictions of the sun.

I think the people were worried that they might perish because of this.

Don’t remember much else. Something about a wave at some point.

I remembered the part at the end about a wave later on and I’m not quite sure if this is pertaining to the Galactic Superwave or something else but we know the Superwave will interact with our sun causing the activity to increase and is doing so currently.

The next increase in solar activity happened August 15th (charts included earlier in this article) and has been up and down since then so the dream was definitely prophetic. Of course I don’t have documentation of this so people will have to either take my word for it or perhaps just be aware of it without believing if it’s true or not.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking it out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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