Numbers in Dream/Jesus Dream Synchronicities and Child Abuse Dream

This post won’t be very long but I was strongly guided to include a couple of dreams and synchronicities which might be derived from the information in them. Both dreams took place inside of a mall setting. I have experienced countless dreams about being in a mall and I’ve learned that this can be interpreted as representing choices in life due to the multiplicity of stores. These were two separate dreams which occurred not long after one another. The first was a child abuse dream:

January 18th, 2020 02:57 AM

Child abuse dream. I was at the mall with a couple of friends who were security guards when an older man with several different children walks into the same shop we were in.

He didn’t look friendly and one of the little boys, who looked no older than 4-5 or so, came up to me and mouthed “help me” silently. He did this two or three times and I notified my friends immediately.

They detained him on suspicion of child abuse. They searched his stuff and found evidence. Later on somehow this man was free and came back to try and kill me when my friends got him again and was able to arrest him this time.

It was very dramatic and sad. This kid looked so miserable and tired; his hair was a mess and there was so much desperation in his eyes.

The next dream was a Jesus dream and appears to contain several synchronicities from the numbers in the dream:


‘Own’ should be ‘Owner’, ‘Him’ should be ‘His’

The number 492 has manifested in previous reports and is the gematria value of my name, ‘The Magic of the Circle’ and ‘The Power of Pi’ all using the same cipher.

492 is divisible by the number 3444 which I was also shown in a Jesus dream on December 22nd, 2018:

December 21st 2018 02:40 AM

Dream where I was dead and unleashed a huge weather storm by unlocking a code left by my father. It was on a receipt = 3444 and the time and date was 11/11 at 11:11. Then we tried manifesting things there. I asked a girl there if her abilities to do magic carried over after death and she said yes. There was a storm that we all took shelter for. I knew I was the Son of God.


In Strong’s Concordance the word assigned to the number 3444 is ‘yeshuah‘ which is a name Jesus is known by which translates to ‘Salvation’.

After doing a little playing around with the dates of the Jesus dream from this morning to the one mentioned above I’ve found that the amount of time between those dates is 393 days:


And amazingly the gematria value of one of the ways of spelling ‘Yeshuah’ (בישועה) in Hebrew is 393:


The word assigned to the number 393 in Strong’s is ‘anatelló‘ and this means “I make to rise, I rise, shine (generally of the sun, and hence met.)” This appears to go along with these synchronicities regarding Jesus.

The number 151 takes position 393 in Pi:


And synchronistically the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’ is 151:


The time I wrote down the dream from this morning was 3:04 AM and the word assigned to this number is ‘anabathmos‘ which means “a going up, an ascent”. This goes along with the other Ascension synchronicities which have been manifesting lately.

If we add the time the dream was documented to the number 492 from the dream (doing this has manifested synchronicities in the past) we get 796:


And the word assigned to this number is ‘astrapé‘ which means “lightning, brightness”. This could go along with the Galactic Superwave or Solar Flash which will be manifesting.

This word ‘astrapé’ is derived from Matthew 24 (again, I’m not big on any religion or any religious texts, these are just the synchronicities I am being guided to) which has to do with the Second Coming:

(Bible Gateway)

27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

The gematria value of this verse is 403, which is the reverse of the time I wrote down the dream from this morning (3:04):


This is everything for now, much love all.

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