Strange Dream Involving David and Corey

Alright so I had no idea how to word the title for this dream, and I debated even posting it because there are parts that sound…superior…But it feels important so despite that I would like to share it here. Much love all!

(October 14th 2018 03:57 AM)

“I was at a large gathering held by David and Corey. They said a large dinosaur-like being would swallow us and then spit us out shortly after and that we would be okay. David talked about how this would be prophesied.

So I was in charge partly of the food and I wasn’t doing a very good job. The people were upset because I was burning things. But then it came time for the Tyrannosaurus Rex-looking being to come and swallow some of us. It wasn’t everybody that got swallowed. It was just a few.

Then the being started briskly traveling around the three rows of tables and taking people into its large mouth. The teeth weren’t sharp. And just before it took me I said out loud that I was scared.

Then I left my body and saw myself going into its mouth. While traveling further back into its mouth there was some kind of protruding opening on the roof of its mouth and it got my face wet with something.

Then I remember standing where the food tables were. I was okay! And I said that the being which swallowed us did so in order to use our genetic material to create other offspring. I remember seeing a tiny being spawn from the large dinosaur’s head.

I also recall briefly talking to an elderly woman who I thought asked about Jesus. I don’t for sure if this is what she said in the dream because I didn’t totally hear her, but in the dream I mumbled to her that I’m sure he is an important part of all this.

And then I woke up. The gathering was some kind of festival involving disclosure and the like. It was amazing. I was so scared about the being swallowing me but I learned that the genetic material being used would seed the new Earth with those it swallowed. That was my impression anyways.”

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    Thank you for sharing this! XO

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