Big Synchronicity Report

Today’s synchronicity report will have a few bits and pieces from here and there. The first is today’s date = 10/14/18 (October 14th). 1014 is a number ‘they’ have been showing me for months now, especially when I was working at the hospital. It recently appeared, along with Pi, on a receipt:


The next big one is when I was reading the late hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s book ‘The Convoluted Universe’ that I rented from the library. Interestingly the books there all start with Pi (314):


And while I was reading this epic download of lost knowledge I found an entry that stated that one of Dolores’ clients told her not to start the past life regression session until exactly 11:16. Then I remember this number appearing very prominently in the past:


1116 is the gematria value of my birthday spelled out (here we see 410 appearing again) and it also appeared on an electric box near my apartment:


Also synchronistically, the meaning for the number 1014 on the Angel’s Numbers website was posted at 11:16:


And this morning I opened my laptop and saw the time was 6:45 AM. The meaning of the number 645 was posted on October 14th:

1014.pngIf we wanted to take it further we can. The meaning for this number was posted at 3:25:


And the meaning for the number 325 was posted at 2:05, which is half of 410:


Cobra recently did a situation update and this was posted at 4:20 PM:


We know 420 takes position 701 in Pi:


And the gematria value of ‘Operation Cobra’ is 701:


If we add 410 to 701 we get 1111:


October 14th is the 287th day of the year. If we enter this into Pi we get 911, another number that appears often. This is also allegedly the Gnostic birthday of Jesus:



And last but not least today’s bible verse is pretty straight forward:


Not sure what that could mean exactly. Sometimes these verses are synchronistically given in order to provide a message or at least information but I didn’t really find any noteworthy synchronicities with the numbers within this verse. So it must just be a message.

Anyways this is everything for now. Much love all!

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Adding this one later. One amazing composer Ivan Torrent (I use his music in some of my videos) has uploaded a video titled ‘Luminous Days’ just a short while ago as of the time of this writing:

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