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For those who are interested there are some really amazing things happening which will be shared here. Discernment is advised and please accept my apologies for the length of this article. I will be returning the laptop and hotspot back to the library so communications/blog posts will be on pause until these things become available again.

I believe I have finally figured out something related to the Rosicrucian synchronicities that happened recently. A lot of it makes so much sense now, it’s so wonderful. I think I understand now the meaning of the ‘wedding’ synchronicities that have been manifesting.

For instance I was guided to the wedding scene from the Little Mermaid which precluded big time solar activity. The other example was getting the song ‘According to Plan’ which is about a parent’s son being part of a glorious wedding. Those are included in this article.

These things didn’t really make much sense until I realized that they are most likely referring to the Rosicrucian concept of Ascension which is also known as the ‘Chymical Wedding’. The process seems to be cleverly disguised as a 7-day story titled ‘The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkruez‘ (it is thought that this person, Christian Rosenkruez, may or may not be the creator of Rosicrucianism) with each day being part of the process. It was published in 1616 but written long before that in 1459, originally in German and written by Johann Valentin Andreae. The teachings also include information about taking one of the four paths which seem to lead to Ascension. This Chymical Wedding story seems to pertain to Jesus, as the character in the story starts this journey the day before Easter, which is the day that commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus.

The first paragraph of the Chemical Wedding includes a possible biblical reference, James 1:17, where the author uses the words ‘Father of Lights’ which only appears once in the bible:


“…This phrase, “Father of Lights” appears only once in the King James Bible and it is in the book of James (Jas 1:17)…”

This number 117 has appeared before and the time the meaning of this number was published on the Angels Numbers website is 4:10 PM:

Very interestingly the gematria value of the name ‘Christian Rosenkreuz’ is both 820 (the result of 410+410 using a cipher that assigns letters to prime numbers, 4/10 my birthday) and 1990 (year I was born, with the other cipher being basic, A=1, B=2…, but increasing exponentially after 10, please see the photos below to get a better idea of the ciphers):

Interestingly on September 1st, I suddenly got a specific tune in my head from ‘Stargate: The Ark of Truth’ movie (you can watch the movie for free here, accompanied by annoying ads, of course). Long story short, it’s basically taking a jab at Christianity (believe or burn in hell) and is concluding the show’s story, which picks up where it left off when the show ended after its 10th season. The team finds the Ark of Truth, which is an advance piece of technology which can brainwash anyone into believing whatever it is programmed to make them believe. I heard the music from the part of the movie where the Ark is opened during the ‘final battle‘ scene (clicking on the link will start the video where the music is about the start) where the powerful priors’ staves glow with light and they realize the error of their ways:

Interestingly, the Ark of Truth movie was released to be downloaded on Amazon on April 10th, 2008:

Perhaps these incredible synchronicities and dreams are similar to an Ark of Truth.

September 4th was an incredible day and I was told about this in advance even though I didn’t know what was going to be happening that day:

Since the Higher Ups had been giving me reliable information about solar activity in advance and had done so many times, I thought the telepathic images were referring to solar flares. These images felt and looked a little bit more different than usual but I didn’t know what they might be referring to. Plus, it was 2:30 in the morning so my brain was already in the process of turning off at that point. They might have used M/X because these symbolize huge events so they could have just been using them to describe a major upcoming event. It’s been more difficult trying to see these images clearly in my mind’s eye recently and I don’t think this will get better, unfortunately.

I wrote down ‘M-Class’ at 2:30 AM and then very interestingly, we had a huge M6.9 earthquake happen 12 minutes later at 2:42 AM Arizona Time. This was no ordinary earthquake and thankfully there was no danger to anyone. Interestingly, the quake happened at 9:42 AM UTC and the date just happened to be 9/4/22, the same digits in the same order.


“The whole world moved on a M6.0+ level in one days time. From one side of the planet to the exact other side. Starting with low end 6 and ending near 7.0… with amplitude (power) increasing along the way. Antipode quakes… earthquakes triggering on the other side of the planet from one another … connected! …”

The time and dates were both 942 and amazingly the meaning of its mirror, 249, was published at 2:49 on the Angels Numbers website:

That was the first amazing thing to happen on September 4th.

I also had a dream where I saw some solar flare data on the website which seemed to show me an M1 and M4 solar flare:

The next day, September 5th, we did indeed get an M1 flare but not an M4 but instead a C4. This might be an example of things coming true in general but in a little bit of a different way in the physical world and I’m not sure why this is. It’s also possible that this is predicting something further into the future:

The amount of the between the dream and the M-Class flare is 1 day and 36 hours:

The only things I could really find here was that the words assigned to this number, 136, in Strong’s Concordance (translation and index of every word in the King James bible), which seemed to compliment each other very well, interestingly. The Hebrew word assigned to this number is ‘Adonay‘ (Lord) (אֲ֝דֹנָ֗י) and the Greek word is ‘Ainos‘ (Praise) (αινον).

Later on in the same day day I was suddenly guided to get a psychic reading where I ‘accidentally’ clicked on a link via the Angels Numbers website. I think I was looking up the meaning of repeating 5s and 8s. I was also guided in the last couple of weeks not to use the couple of dollars I had on an online gift card and wasn’t sure why until the time of this reading. I was telepathically told ‘save’ and had no idea why or what for.

The timing here was perfection. I, interestingly, had a dream on August 20th where I got a phone in the mail and the brand was ‘Blu’:

And after ‘accidentally’ clicking on the Psychic Medium link on the Angels Numbers website I decided to take a leap of faith and get in contact with one just to see what would happen. It was $1.99 for the first 10 minutes which my online gift card worked perfectly for.

I signed up for an account and went with the first person on the list and I couldn’t believe the name of the woman who would be doing the reading… Christina Blu. I was guided to call her instead of a text chat and it didn’t work out at first but then eventually we got connected:

I tried to download an app to record the call but that didn’t end up working out. I thought the content of the call would be important and perhaps it was, but as I learned later on, what was even more important were the timestamps, especially the time the reading was over which was 7:18 PM.

Amazingly, the Greek word assigned to the number 718 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘harmozó‘ (Αρμόζω) which translates to:

  • “to fit, join, to join oneself to (in marriage)…”
  • “I fit, join; mid: (the middle indicating deep personal interest) I espouse, betroth; mid: I take a wife, give in marriage.”

This word appears only once in the bible.

The time I added funds to the account was 7:02 PM:

And then it gets more amazing. At 2:05 AM UTC, September 5th, which would be 7:05 PM the day before, September 4th, we had a big C-Class solar flare. This whole thing was done about 5 minutes before the flare. The flare happened while I was getting the reading. We know 205+205 equals 410 so this magic number was part of this as well:

The woman told me some general things and I already get enough help from the Higher Ups in my everyday life so there wasn’t really much she could tell me that I didn’t already know. I asked her if she was getting anything related to Jesus and she just told me she sees that I am warm and that I’m a protector and then the 10 minutes were up. That didn’t exactly answer my question but I know that everything she said was exactly what I needed to hear.

I now understood better the illustration and symbols used to describe the ‘Chemical Wedding’ AKA Ascension. I also better understood the phrase ‘when two become one’:

The man on the left is standing on a sun, which I believe is supposed to symbolize the Divine Masculine (taking action) and on the right is the woman standing on the crescent moon, which symbolizes the Divine Feminine (receptivity). I think the bird/dove in the middle is supposed to symbolize the Divine force and the goal is to unite these forces within ourselves.

[Adding this next part later on in the evening]:

After trying to figure out the meaning of the bird in the middle I realized the meaning was probably in the words written next to its wing. In Latin it reads: ‘Spiritus a qui vi’ which translates to ‘the spirit from whom you came’. I can’t make out the other word but I think I understand the meaning better now. The Universe does everything in 3s.

[End of additional information.]

I believe these symbols were used to help protect the information from people who would perhaps not use it benevolently.

I decided to look into the day I was born a little bit more and see what kind of solar activity was going on that day (I’m taking the concept of ‘Know Thyself’ all the way). You’d think this would be easy to find but it was much harder than I thought. I eventually found what I was looking for.

On April 10th, 1990 at 4:44 AM Arizona Time, a huge M1.1 solar flare took place and peaked 6 minutes later at 4:50 AM. This body was born almost 7 hours later at 11:03 AM (sorry about the childbirth pain, mom):

In the above line of numbers, the 10 in the third column from the left is the day, April 10th, and the 1144 next to that is the time the flare started in Universal Time. And at the end is the M1.1 which was the intensity of the flare:

I decided to calculate the time between the peak of the flare and the birth time and there was 22,380 seconds between these two events:

Amazingly I plugged this number, 22380, into the Pi calculator, which tells us the position of any number in Pi, and the magic number 410 appears in the string of digits:

April 10th, 1990 was also the day of the maximum point of a Full Moon:

Additionally as interesting, this body was also born at the midpoint of solar cycle 22:

The day before this body was born, April 9th, a major geomagnetic storm had begun:


“…A major geomagnetic storm began on 9 April and resulted in visible aurora at mid U.S. locales….”

[Adding this part an hour after publishing the article]:

I forgot to add that astrologically, my sun is in Aries which is also my birth sign. Astrology is not my forte so maybe someone would know if that’s significant but it seems to go along with all of these solar activity synchronicities and dreams.

[End of additional information.]

September 5th was a huge solar activity day. A massive full-halo CME (coronal mass ejection) erupted from the opposite of the sun:


“…ECHOES FROM A FARSIDE SUNSPOT: There is a sunspot on the farside of the sun so large it is affecting the way the whole sun vibrates. Take a look at this helioseismic map. The large dark region is AR3088, last seen exiting the solar disk about a week ago. It is probably responsible for the major radiation storm described below. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text

MAJOR FARSIDE CME AND RADIATION STORM (UPDATED): Something just exploded on the farside of the sun. NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft recorded a magnificent full-halo CME emerging during the late hours of Sept. 5th:

This is no run of the mill event,” says George Ho of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. “Many science papers will be studying this for years to come…”

I will be doing things out of order again and I apologize about that.

On August 28th I somehow ended up clicking on the music video for ‘Meet Me Halfway‘ which is a song that isn’t really my taste. I didn’t see it on my screen but I ‘accidentally’ clicked on it and it started playing:

In one scene there is an astronaut in front of a very large and bright sun:

I wrote that down on August 28th and then the next day August 29th at 4:07 AM Arizona Time we had a huge M8 solar flare:

The amount of time between the email and flare was 5 hours and 47 minutes:

And if we multiply the digits of 547 together we get 140 which are the digits of the magic 410:

August 29th was a very interesting day. My feet kept vibrating again which meant something was about to happen:

I noticed a couple of people parked in front of our building here with the hood up indicating that something was wrong with their vehicle. I’ve noticed that will people do this occasionally and usually take off not long afterwards. They will check the fluids or something and then be on their way. But these people were there for a while longer than the rest so I thought something must be up.

I go out and ask them if they need help with their car and and the gentleman told me it was overheating. So I asked him if he would let me look at it and he agreed. I don’t think they had much choice and I would learn later on that this situation was so perfectly timed.

Long story short I went through the easy stuff first and did a general inspection of the vehicle which he said he just bought a month before for $4000. I thought that was a lot of money pay for a vehicle that was overheating! Oy. I have worked on cars for almost a decade so I’m pretty comfortable with it. Although not by choice, however, I just couldn’t afford to pay anyone to work on it (I learned by YouTube, service manuals and a lot of trial and error). Overheating can only be so many things and I checked everything I could think of. One of the screws on a radiator hose clamp was way too loose and thought that might be the culprit. The cooling system needs to be pretty much air tight and the pressure at a constant level or it will overheat. I checked everything I could think of before letting them go and everything seemed fine.

The guy was very kind and I tried to explain how things worked while trying to work on them in case he wanted to do more with it on his own in the future. He was so grateful he offered to take me on a free plane ride. I learned that he is a flight instructor and he was taking a new job in Prescott. They were looking for a place to live:

I told them I did everything I could with it and they departed. I told him there were no guarantees that what we did would fix it but I couldn’t really think of anything else it could be with just the basic tools we had. Sometimes people get lucky and it’s something easy.

I texted him the next day and asked how the car did and he said they made it back and that he thinks it is fixed! They drove back to Phoenix, which is about a 2-hour drive, so if it was going to overheat I was hoping it would while it was idling in the front yard so we could continue to check things but that temperature gauge stayed the same at just the right spot with the air conditioning on full blast for several minutes so I think (and hope) it’s all good:

I have also learned that with certain situations like this, divine timing is at play and when the Universe basically serves these opportunities to me on a silver platter, they usually work out amazingly well for the highest good of all involved and generally aren’t difficult, although I’m okay with difficult. I don’t know if I will take him up on his offer about the plane ride. On the other hand, something like this probably won’t happen again and if I do end up going I will probably need to wear a diaper, just in case.

The same day, August 29th, I had a dream about seeing some coded messages on Cobra’s blog and I don’t know if I remembered it correctly but I think I saw three of them:

As of the time of this writing he has posted two coded messages so far, a few days after the above dream:

Something is definitely different and I am really not that afraid of these Jesus synchronicities and dreams anymore. I have tried to ignore them for years but now I am just going to go with the flow and share them anyways. I’m just gonna put them out there and let the chips fall where they may. One of the things I tried to ignore was a dream where I saw some text online I think and one short line, included more than halfway down on the page, were the words ‘The Messiah’ among others but I don’t remember. I think this was July 31st or sometime around there.

I would share the first Jesus dream I had on October 7th, 2017. This was the beginning of the Jesus synchronicities and dreams. They simply ‘turned on’ that day and haven’t turned off since:

I didn’t realize there were two ‘Johns’ in the bible because I really didn’t want to learn anymore about religion. I realized that the verses they were likely referring to in this dream were 1 John 4:4-4:10 which is about God/Source sending its only son to Earth. In the dream I was holding a book in my left arm and it just said ‘John 4:4 to 4:10’ and that’s it.

The time the dream was written down was 3:32 AM and interestingly, the number assigned to the Greek word ‘Messiah‘ (Μεσσίας, Messias) in Strong’s Concordance is 3323.

This Jesus stuff actually makes a lot of sense to me if I am being unbiased and logical. The two biggest obstacles to the surface population waking up and taking control back is that they are severely programmed and are not united. So pretty much everyone on Earth knows who Jesus is and Jesus has a generally positive connotation about him and he has a special status on this planet. I am not sure why Jesus has been so popular over the centuries when there have been other Ascended Masters throughout history teaching the same things but I think this is just the way the cookie crumbled. I am seeing this as very strategic from a bigger picture perspective. I imagine that the horrors of Full Disclosure will put people in a really bad state, despite the energy of the Superwave. If there was some kind of meeting where these things like a Second Coming were being discussed and decided upon, I would totally be on board for it. I would support something that would ultimately be in the highest good of as many people as possible. The other goal is to have as many people take the Ascension path as possible so that would probably be an added bonus. All religious biases aside, I think it’s a genius and brilliant move.

I think the Second Coming would really be the perfect icing on the cake to the Shift of the Ages. I mean, why not? Per the channelings of Eric Klein, recommended by Cobra, Jesus (Sananda) is the Supreme Commander of certain activities here on Earth:


“…Within this Earth sphere of activity I am the supreme commander over all of the Ashtar Command and its activities, and over the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. This is my service. You might say that I am a coordinator of love…”

All of us share a co-creative collective consciousness which means that what the collective consciousness wants and thinks about is what manifests. The Cabal misuse this knowledge via Hollywood among other media to get us to co-create hell on Earth. So logically, if billions of people are thinking about a Second Coming and praying for it to happen, why can’t it happen? Is there anything that would take that event/option off the table? Seems like it’s in the Universe’s purview to be able to pull something like that off. Just my $0.02.

So my last article, which included an amazing Jesus dream and synchronicities, was published on August 27th, which was also the date of the New Moon:

On August 29th, Benjamin Fulford posted his weekly intel report and very interestingly there was information about a supposed Messiah who I think the Cabal had possibly chosen. The part mentioning the Messiah was further into the article which isn’t available for free until Thursday, although some people share the information before Thursday and perhaps they aren’t aware of Ben’s wishes:

(Benjamin Fulford via Era of Light)

“…According to P3 Freemason sources the real purpose of this meeting is to prepare the way for an individual they have designated to play the role of “Messiah.” The Pope plans to travel to North Korea, China and Moscow to try to convince these countries to support this plan…

…According to Russian FSB sources, the Vatican has contacted Russia and North Korea about a papal visit to Kazakhstan, Donbas, Ukraine and Russia in early 2023. They speculate that the visit is intended to encourage support for their new pope and possible “Messiah”…”

On August 31st, Dr. Michael Salla sent out an email notification regarding the Second Coming in an upcoming webinar:

From the email:

  • Jesus of Nazareth’s extraterrestrial connection and his prophesied Second Coming;
  • The Second Coming as depicted in Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic Traditions and the connection to ET life;
  • The Return of Nibiru and the Enki faction of the Anunnaki;
  • The Reaction of the Enlil faction of the Anunnaki to the return of Enki and the Seeders;
  • How Solar Activity is being mitigated by the Seeders in order to wake humanity up in a non-chaotic manner;
  • The Role of the James Webb Space Telescope in revealing the existence of extraterrestrial life and the arrival of the Seeders;
  • Possibility of millions disappearing worldwide as space time portals begin opening, a partial planetary evacuation, and solar flare activity dramatically increasing;
  • Will a false flag alien event be a contrived Second Coming?
  • The relationship between the Second Coming and the Spiritual Awakening of Humanity

A very interesting ‘coincidence’ that I have the Jesus dream and synchronicities a few days before these websites published their information on the subject. Of course I know there are no coincidences in my life and based on these dreams and synchronicities this is something to be extremely excited for.

Speaking of Jesus related material I would share a couple of things here. One is that I had another Jesus dream which was long and didn’t seem terribly important. I saw a decoration on a wall which was just a thick black outline of Jesus’ body that included the thorny crown:

September 1st, 2022 10:27 AM

“A very long dream which I will be shortening happened this morning. I remember being out in nature and this woman was there and we had to catch up to her and detain her for some reason. I forgot why.

We were in some mountainous area when we caught up with her. I remember we were sitting in this lobby of some place, maybe a hotel and the woman noticed a Jesus decoration on the wall.

But the amazing thing was that from where she was sitting there was no way she could see it. It was not in her line of sight.

I was sitting adjacent to her and I could see it but it was in the corner of the wall with other decorations around it.

It was a decorative black outlined Jesus with the thorn crown on his head.

I think I had gone into the back and a guy that worked there asked what I was doing as I wasn’t supposed to be there. I think I wanted to work there or something which also confused him.

Someone was doing something on a computer there and I had gone behind the desk and walked around a little bit. This is all I remember.

The closest image I could find online, which wasn’t totally accurate, was this:

I saw a silhouette of Jesus with the crown and it was just a metallic-looking figure which wasn’t that large.

So after doing a little more digging I found something closer. It was like this except he wasn’t raising his hands and he had a crown of thorns:

Some might recall another Jesus dream I debated on including from an article in January this year. In the dream I saw an animatronic Jesus with some animatronic people behind him and whenever he would move, they would activate. I was standing right in front of him watching this happen.

Looking back I have realized that this was probably prophetic in that in the months after this dream, I have experienced countless prophetic dreams which have come true. This is most likely another way of communicating that this is who I am. One interpretation is that when I get a dream, what it is predicting then happens. And in the dream, whenever Jesus moved, the rest of the people activated and did the same.

I told the Universe to stop giving me Jesus dreams and synchronicities some time ago and have reiterated this too many times to count over the years. So what did they do? They give me Jesus synchronicities indirectly, because I wasn’t specific enough when I said that.

So a relative picks me up a Superman cup from their trip and I start getting a lot of Superman synchronicities all of the sudden. I am not a big fan of superhero movies so I didn’t really know the story very well but as it turns out Superman came to Earth on April 10th (my birthday) and I have since learned that the story of Superman is the story of Jesus.

On September 2nd I started getting ‘Ah Fors’e Lui‘ in my head, which is a song from an Italian opera titled ‘La Traviata’:

The English lyrics seemed to be hinting at this Jesus thing as well. I think they aren’t explicitly referring to Jesus here and are instead singing about romance. I haven’t seen the opera so I don’t know for sure. Perhaps someone reading this would know:

…Ah, maybe he’s the one who

often rejoiced painting my soul

alone amid excitements

with his occult colours

How modest and vigilant he

climbed the sad doorsteps

and lit up a new fever

arousing my love!

Such a love that makes

the whole universe palpitate

mysterious and lofty

crucifixion and delight for my heart…”

Other websites translated the lyrics differently but these were the ones that seemed to make sense in this context.

This one I’m not sure about but will share anyways. For the first time on September 2nd, my laptop suddenly crashed when I was looking up information about the ‘Chemical Wedding’ AKA Ascension:

I thought this might be referring to an economic/stock market crash or something. These things are often ambiguous and could mean anything, really.

I was looking on and came across an article via another website that I thought might be connected to this with the headline reading:

Unfortunately, the above link was having trouble opening so I went to and thankfully someone saved a copy of the article.

Very interestingly, the time between my crash email documentation and the above article is 2,994 minutes:

I couldn’t get a picture of it but the time his article was published was 6:56 PM. If you hover your mouse over the date on the article it will show 6:56.

Amazingly, if we plug in this number 2994 into the Pi calculator, we get our magic 410 surrounded by 1s:

One interpretation of this might be that the Source is in control behind-the-scenes. I’m not certain of that, though.

The newest season of the animated adult cartoon Rick and Morty just aired on September 4th and I discovered the magic 410 lurking in the details. Rick’s house number is 6910:

If we plug 6910 into the Pi calculator backwards, 0196, we see it takes position 10400 which are the digits of the magic 410:

This episode’s title is ‘Solaricks‘ which is a nod to the Soviet science-fiction movie ‘Solaris‘ (interesting that it’s a title which includes ‘solar’, given all of these solar activity synchronicities). The first listed musical score in the film, which is played 4 times throughout the movie, is Bach’s choral prelude, ‘Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (“I call to thee, Lord Jesus Christ”)’.

Another item that might not be for everyone was that I couldn’t stop watching the performance of one the contestants on RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race.

I didn’t write this down but this is documented in my history on August 28th/29th:

I also got ‘winner’ telepathically when I was watching them and thought, ‘oh, you’re telling me the winner of the show?’ But this would be drawing a conclusion which I am learning not to do.

The episode aired on September 3rd, some days after I had been repeatedly re-watching this person’s performance. In this latest episode they ended up in the bottom two and were up for elimination. They had to do a lip sync against the other person to try and stay on the show.

Amazingly, the person that ended up winning the lip sync was the one I kept watching, Thirsty Von Trap, with the other person having to go home, sadly:


“…Ultimately, she [Thirsty Von Trap] takes down Milli in a lip sync to “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson…”

Not long after publishing my last article on August 27th, I started experiencing severe head pain. It started after sharing my last article in the comments section of Cobra’s blog on September 1st. It was like someone was stabbing me in the top right part of my head and it was so severe it made my body jump every time it happened. Every single time. I had trouble sleeping as the pain would jolt me awake. I would say it was a 7 or 8 out of 10 pain:

This morning, September 6th, I was kept awake with my foot vibrating and getting the word ‘sentences’ telepathically. I was then given a list of strange words to write down which I have yet to completely understand. Even though they are so random, the last batches of words they gave me led to real things so I just went with it:

I was going to return the laptop today because it is due today but was guided to wait. I got an email saying these things were due but that I had a few days from the due date to return them. So I called the library and they said returning these things day late would be fine. I find this hard to do because I have never returned anything late but there must be an important reason for this. In any case, I decided to write this down and stay here (where I started writing this article), which was a leap of faith:

In my experience, leaps of faith have paid off big time.

The above email was documented at 11:31 AM and amazingly, we had a C-Class flare happen 2 minutes later at 11:33 AM Arizona Time:

Staying here actually worked out perfectly because my meds will be ready tomorrow and I can just take care of all of this stuff in one trip.

I was strongly guided to this music video which is composed of a record-breaking 1,039 people. They are singing ‘Angels From the Realms of Glory’, featuring David Archuleta, who participated in American Idol season 7. I have had a strange draw to his music lately:

1039 is a prime number and its divisors are 1 and itself and adding these together gets us 1040 so here we see the digits of 410 appearing:

I am being guided to share two videos to conclude this post. One of them is David Archuleta singing ‘Silent Night’ (from the strange telepathic word download from earlier) and the other is ‘The Fall of the Cabal 432Hz’:

[Adding this next part September 7th around noon.]:

I decided to look up the lyrics for ‘Silent Night’ on Google and the first result was a website with the magic 410 in the URL:

[End of additional information.]

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