Some Big 410, Pi (314) & Jesus Synchronicities

Just going to be sharing some more things related to the sacred number 410 and Pi (314).

We know that 410 + 314 = 724. So I set out to find what else this number would be connected to.

The meaning of the number 724 on the Angel’s Numbers website was posted on November 19th or 11/19 at 11:19 so here we see this number repeated on the same page for the time and date:



And I found out that the magic reflective/mirror number 373 x 3 equals 1119:


3s and 7s are connected to 410 quite well:

410 – 33 = 377
410 – 37 = 373
410 – 73 = 337

373 is the gematria value of the Greek word ‘Logos’ (λόγος) which is another name for ‘Source’ which is literally translated to ‘Word’:


The second instance of 820 leads us to 373 in Pi and we know 820 is the result of 410 + 410.

And as if to symbolize 2 pillars on opposite sides of this number and position the gematria values of ‘Jesus Christ’ are 925 and 151 (see arrows):



This next part is quite amazing, if we subtract 151 from 925 we get 774:


And when we plug this particular post number into Pi (26420) (all even numbers interestingly) we see it comes right before 774:



Interestingly 774 is a combination of the gematria values of ‘Jesus’ (74) ‘Christ’ (77):

This is everything for now, much love all!

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