Disclosures in Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’ Album Anime Series ‘Interstella 5555 The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem’

Most people have probably heard of Daft Punk before. They have been around since the ’90s and they have a great talent for creating music. One of the things that I have noticed while listening to their music and watching their music videos from the ‘Discovery’ album was that the videos seem to be depicting a story line. I had no idea about this as I only listened to a few songs here and there.

But when I sat through the entire music video/anime series for this album I found some interesting disclosures, hinting at a possible connection to the Rothschilds and their evil Luciferian practices, a full disclosure event and more.

The name of the anime ‘movie’ interestingly is ‘Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem‘.

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I will be doing this analysis one video at a time. For each part of the whole ‘movie’, which is split into 14 songs/videos (an album), I will do a short summary and use screenshots to illustrate what I believe are the disclosures.

You can watch the entire ‘movie’ in order with this playlist:

Summary of entire ‘movie’: Benevolent extraterrestrial beings are abducted, physically altered, screen memories implanted (so they don’t remember their previous lives) and small wearable mind-control devices used to suppress their consciousness in order to use them as entertainment (turning them into celebrities) by a wealthy evil French psychopath who ultimately ritually sacrifices people after he has used them up in a giant pit of lava underneath his mansion.

  • Part 1 “One More Time”:

In Part I we find the benevolent group of extraterrestrials enjoying one another and celebrating life on their beautiful and almost ethereal planet. Everything is bliss and everyone is having a wonderful time. Towards the end we see a small group of negative beings who begin an invasion of this planet. Because there is little to no negativity on this planet the people in the watchtower don’t detect these beings until it’s too late.

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  • Part 2 “Aerodynamic”:

In Part 2 we see these negative invaders turning off the power supply to the area where this celebratory gathering is taking place. They deploy a sleeping gas on the crowd and after the group of beings playing the music makes a run for it they are chased down and shot with an arrow equipped with technology which paralyzes them and puts them to sleep. After this they are transported in stasis-looking pods and brought back to the negative beings’ ship.

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  • Part 3 “Digital Love”:

In Part 3 we see a male being, who happens to be a big fan of the benevolent beings’ band, just going about his day. He then gets an alert on his ship that there was an invasion and that the band was abducted. He immediately locks on to the invading ship and goes after it. Then we see a scene where the evil man who ordered the kidnapping of the band looking at the stasis pods and laughing. Their craft then morphs into an airplane and after they land they begin transporting their stolen cargo (the benevolent ETs) into a large warehouse. We also see the benevolent male being who chased after them make a crash landing.


  • Part 4 “Harder Better Faster”:

In Part 4 the benevolent soon-to-be celebrities undergo physical altering (made to look human), mind-control device installation and screen memory placement procedures in an highly-advanced underground technological facility. Their old memories are saved on to disks and kept hidden from them. The wealthy man who ordered the abduction of these beings supervises the entire process. The original footage of them performing on their planet is altered to make them appear human.

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  • Part 5 “Crescendolls”:

In Part 5 we see the once free benevolent beings being flown on a private jet to a record studio where their footage is being seen by what appears to be the record label owner who finds them to be a hit. Their band name would go on to be the ‘Crescendolls’. They become an overnight international success and their pictures and music are played and displayed everywhere. The record company is called the ‘R Company’. These beings are anything but happy and you can see the misery and sadness on their faces as they go through the motions of basically living in captivity. One person’s comment on this video sums it up pretty well:



  • Part 6 “Nightvision”:

In Part 6 we see the group more unhappy than ever as they appear to be quite exhausted from performing and making appearances. They are forced to continue to work despite this intense fatigue. There is hope, however, as the male being from their planet is stealthily gathering information about them and formulates a plan to rescue them.

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  • Part 7 “Superheroes”:

In Part 7 we see the group giving a massive performance with their evil handler conducting their introduction in a football stadium venue. Then we see the benevolent being who came to rescue them land on stage during the performance and use a small device which switches off the mind-control devices behind their ears.

Before this being could switch off the mind-control device on the female being the handler gets in the way with a device which appears to block the anti-mind-control tool and the others decide to flee. The beings are chased by the handlers’ henchmen who appear to be robotic and are shot at with advanced weapons. These henchmen get hit by an oncoming semi-truck and ultimately the benevolent beings get away.


  • Part 8 “High Life”:

In Part 8 we see the remaining captive female being forced to attend a fashion show. After being forced to change into a dress chosen for her the evil handler pops in to check on her and while leaving the room he accidentally drops a business card with the following informationon it: “Darkwood Manor 05/05 5:55”.

The female being along with her bodyguards and handler then attend the Gold Record Awards where the Crescendolls ultimately take the win. While they are on stage one of the band members who is hidden in the audience uses the anti-mind-control device and turns it off on the remaining female band member. She runs off the stage with the other band member and gets in a taxi driven by another member of the group.


  • Part 9 “Something About Us”:

In Part 9 we see the gang drive through a dark and rainy night to a warehouse where the male being who came to rescue them and crash landed is badly injured and lying on a small torn-up mattress. The injured male reaches out his hand to the female and when their hands make contact they are taken to a fantasy where they appear to be back on their planet flying around together with great happiness. This fantasy ends up being the last dying effort by this male being. But before he passed he gave the group a small pyramid-shaped device which projected a hologram of them performing on their planet.

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  • Part 10 “Voyager”:

In Part 10 we see the group finally reunited, with the exception of the brave being who came to try and rescue them. They drive out to a beautiful remote location to bury him. The female being throws a flower into the grave and later on that night the group gathers together while holding hands and several of these flowers start to grow out of the grave.

Then we see a beautiful spiral of golden particles flying upwards and within this spiral the buried male being’s light body emerges, greets them and flies up into space and becomes a beautiful light in the distance. The group then drive back and find a turn on the road for Darkwood Manor. The little pyramid-shaped device that they got turned on and gave them directions to the Manor.

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  • Part 11 “Veridis Quo”:

In Part 11 we see the group driving down a long, dark and winding road to get the Darkwood Manor. With the help of their pyramid device they were able to get past the front door. They make their way through the large manor and discover a secret passage way to a room with a book on a stand in the middle of it. And this is where more of the possible disclosures come in. On the first page is a man named Earl de Darkwood, which is similar to how the Rothschild’s present their names = Jacob de Rothschild, etc.


As the group are looking through the pages of this book they discover that this man, who is possibly an extraterrestrial himself, has been abducting people and turning them into celebrities for hundreds of years trying to get 5,555 records so he can rule the Universe. Here he is with who appears to be a young Mozart:


Then after he is done with them he ritually sacrifices them while wearing robes:


Underneath the manor is a pit of lava which is where these people ended up going after they are used up:


Then they show a memory of the various extraterrestrials this man has taken and turned into celebrities. The group is then discovered and taken to this area of the manor where a large amount of gold records are shown along with a large group of people in dark robes including the evil handler. He is planning on sacrificing the female being, which actually looks like a fire is burning her during one of these scenes:


The evil man then begins to recite some incantations from this book they found which, after sacrificing this female being, would finally put him up to 5,555 records which he would use to rule the Universe. The other band members then start to fight back and after a short struggle the evil man is tackled and falls down off the ledge and into the pit of lava. The other people in robes all jump in after him. The manor begins to shake and fall apart so the group decides to high-tail it out of there.

  • Part 12 “Short Circuit”:

In Part 12 we see the group make their way back to the city and to the record label company building where they plan to break-in and get the disks with all of the memories on them. One of the band members goes in and retrieves them but is caught by security and the others in the van end up getting surrounded by the police. We also see the manifestation of the evil handler in a different form (red tentacles) shoot up towards the sky, indicating that he is not yet dead.

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  • Part 13 “Face to Face”:

After the group is discovered trying to get back into the record label building there is a massive news frenzy in which a ‘full disclosure’ type of event takes place. The police investigate the Darkwood Manor and his plans of abducting extraterrestrials and using them for his evil purposes is exposed world-wide through the mainstream media in addition to the ship of the male being who came to rescue the group. Everything was televised:




The group becomes more popular than ever as they reveal themselves with their natural appearance (blue skin, etc.):


The world decide to help them return to their home planet by using their level of technology to shoot them in the guitar-shaped ship into space.

  • Part 14 “Too Long”:

In Part 14, the final part of this anime series, we see the group finally making their way back home, sadly, minus the male being which helped them to escape their mind-controlled captivity. The world watches on the mainstream media as they continue their journey back home through the square/diamond-shaped portal which connects our solar system with their solar system:


Unfortunately the evil essence of the handler returns with them through the portal. But shortly after he envelopes the group in a black sphere the spirit of the previously dead male being comes back and thwarts the evil being’s attempt to stop their journey:


Then after a while they finally make it back home to their beautiful solar system and home planet where they are greeted by the other beings there. They go on to perform once again and their performance is live streamed back to Earth where the people there dance happily in the street.


Now I am not 100% certain if these were intended disclosures or just part of a well-thought out story line but a lot of this stuff is intel we hear from various sources, especially with the ritual sacrifices and mind-controlled celebrities. But I will let you decide what to think about everything here.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3

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    Don’t know if you’re aware Jonathan but Cobra actually referred to two of these videos in 2014’s post titled “Quarantine Earth Engame”. So I think you’re right to suspect that there was some kind of disclosure in them. Cobra equates the ‘One More Time’ video as being symbolic of when the Archons temporally invaded the Pleiadian star system in 1996. I’ve included Cobra’s article in the address below. Excellent job with this article!


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